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Volume 579 - What George Doesn't Know

Lawnmowers, loud music,
leaf-blowers, traffic,
Chris Matthews,
...not at Northern Air Lodge

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 September 8-9, 2001                                                        Important VCR Alert


 The Republicans say there never was a Social Security lockbox.

 If that's true, why did Candidate Weak & Stupid promise not to raid it?

 Now he says he'll only raid it during war and recesssion,
 but those are both guarantees under a Republican administration.

 Think I'm wrong?

 Name a Republican administration (go back 60-70 years)
 that did not have a war and recession on their watch.

 Go ahead,  I'll wait...

 Sunday Morning Moment

 Steffie the Traitor: Will you filibuster the president's energy plan?

 Tom Daschle: We certainly hope to pass our energy plan.

 I don't know about you, but I didn't hear a "Yes," on the filibuster question.
 Sounds like Daschle's gonna let Smirk do whatever he wants to us.

 Does anyone know...

 Is Tom Daschle cashing his paycheck each month?
 Shouldn't he be donating that money to charity, since he's sleeping on the job?


 Football Talk

 "I'm seriously considering a run for Louisiana governor.
   I'm a republican, but if that's going to hurt me - I'll change."
    -- Terry Bradshaw, who I assumed was a Democrat
        because he feels the same way about the vulgar Pigboy that I do.

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 Football Talk II

 "If I become governor of Louisiana,
   first thing I'm gonna do is pardon my mama."
   --  Terry Bradshaw, opening comments on Fox NFL

   Yep, he's a Republican...


 "We're all entitled to grow up.
   George W. Bush had his problems with alcohol.
   I was a Republican. We both got over it."
   --  Carolina Judge Ray Warren, conservative Republican turned Democrat,
        who is considering running for Jesse Helms's Senate seat

From: rjtagt@home.com

Subject: Bartcop Mentioned Today On C-Span

A C-Span caller this morning, Saturday the 8th., requested that C-Span put John Fund
on now that Fund has been exposed as a hypocritical sexual predator.  The caller explained
the circumstances surrounding Fund's sexual escapades.  The C-Span host excitedly
exclaimed that they just had Fund on two weeks ago and then rather rudely demanded
to know from where the caller was getting his information and the caller proudly announced
that Bartcop.com and AmericanPoliticsJournal.com had all the details.

It just goes to show that C-Span is not the "unbiased" medium that they portray themselves to be.
They are part of the "inside the beltway corporate media" also, and when someone challenges
C-Span's "perceived wisdom",  Brian Lamb's minions have been instructed to denigrate any
alternative information and sources.

Please keep up the good work, Bart.  A lot of people out here in the heartland depend on
sources such as you.  They are really steamed about the last "election" and will come together
for the 2002 elections to start setting things right (in the good sense) again.

R. J. Thompson

RJ, thanks for that.

    by Jerry Politex, Editor, Bush Watch

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From:  texliberal@msn.com

Subject: Stop Talking About Chinaco Anejo

Here in Austin, I have seen the cost of Chinaco Anejo go up $10 in the past 6 months.
Yesterday I paid $60 for a bottle!
Don't try to explain this away as a supply problem. It's obvious to me that people here
in Austin read  bartcop.com  and they want to give it a try.

Sincerely yours,
Tex (your ex bartender from The Library in Fayettville, Ar)

Q.  What's between 41 and 43?

A.  Prosperity

ha ha

That from an idea by Max Logan

 by Alan Bisbort

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 They stole the election before it occurred, by clearing the voting rolls of "felons,"
 mistakenly disenfranchising thousands of legal voters in the process

 They stole it during the election, sending storm troopers to Dade County to halt
 a recount they knew would not give them their desired results

 And they stole it after the election, by jimmying around with the absentee ballots,
 counting the ones they wanted and throwing out those they didn't.

I sent two more In the Kitchen with BartCop recipes to Michelle over at 
One was a liquor/ice cream desert, the other was twin killer salad dressings.
I'll bet she has those posted real soon.
She's doing a good job over there.
Have you contributed anything yet?

You lurkers need to get more involved.
Michelle needs more recipes, and
Marty needs more TV writers (the season unofficially starts Monday) over at 
...and Koresh forbid your favorite college football team had a good weekend
and you think others should notice your overlooked and under-ranked team.

Of course, all will fall to Oklahoma, but it's OK to entertain wishful thinking.

 When was the last time you paid a visit to...


  It's loaded with Easter Eggs.

From:   jdoane@worldnet.att.net

Subject: The RepubliKlans killed her

I finally heard it said by someone else on TV yesterday.
I've been saying it for weeks!

I read somewhere on the web that as late as last Feb the Repugs were trying to get Condit
to switch parties. Why not? Hell, he votes Repug most of the time anyway. But anyway,
for whatever reason, he wouldn't flip. Now we all know just by watching the more civilized
members of the Repug/Nazi/Klan on Fox Views just how violent they can be.
Remember the Stop the Count Mob?
(living "deep in the heart of dixie" even they look half civilized when compared)

Even Smirk the Lesser is known for having violent temper tantrums, not that he has ever shown
any good qualities.) Now all that was needed was one member of the R/N/K with a little less
intelligence/integrity that will mindlessly follow orders and refuses to think for themselves to
commit the crime. (In that group there are plenty of qualified candidates.)

If you have read this far it would take a R/N/K to not have figured out what happened.
Condit's son was reported to have said it on TV!
The Republicans had Levy killed!

Would they actually stoop that low?

Allow me to jar your memory: The October Suprise, Barrick Gold (50 odd buried alive),
The betrayal of Barry Seals,  Manuel Noriega,  BCCI,  Iran/Contra,  the Christmas Eve pardons,
The only president to invoke Presidential Privilege to avoid testifying before a Senate subcommittee,
Bush withheld FEMA support for a week after Hurricane Andrew disaster,  the appointment of a president
as part of some bizarre drug rehabilitation program, the disenfranchisement of thousands of voters in Jeb country,
the record of any Republican Senator of a pro-slavery state, on and on ad infinitum ad nasuem.

Why is Condit afraid to say shit?
Why do the Democrats and the media kneel and grovel below the belt of this mob?
Is there a sinister group that pulls the strings of the Repugs?
Are they afraid for the safety of their children/spouse/consorts?

I don't know the answers, I wish I did but I do know that we will never find out
from a media that bends over at the waist and leans 80 degrees to the right.

That's my opinion. I could be wrong.

J. D.

How do they answer their phone?

Republican sex pervert refuses to plead guilty

 Full perverted story

 He named his dogs after Presidents Reagan and Nixon.
 He tirelessly campaigned for Republican candidates.
 He signed on as one of Gov. Bill Owens' re-election coordinators.

 [He is] accused of giving alcohol and marijuana to a 13-year-old girl
  he met through the Internet, using the moniker "coloradofella."

 She told police she allowed him to photograph her topless, but became
 frightened when he tried to take off her pants and asked her to touch him.
 "She began to cry, begging him to leave her alone," an arrest affidavit states.

From: JDWRods@aol.com

Subject: Hey Dick!

Hi Bart...got my very own fund raising request from Dick Gephardt today.
I couldn't figure out how to say what I wanted to before I sent the envelope
back with no check...until I decided to print yer page from yesterday.
It's gonna be be sent in the nice little envelope they provided me.

j.d. wagner

It'd be cool if he got enough of those to think,
"Hey, maybe we should start fighting back!"

What George doesn't know
 The president fails to realize that the only way out
  of this economic slowdown is government spending.
         by Robert Scheer

  Click  Here

 For this president, who's never had to work to pay the rent or a mortgage, unemployment for others
 might even seem like a good thing, a chance for folks to relax as he does. Man, imagine how they would
 have lambasted Bill Clinton if this economic meltdown had occurred on his watch and if he had dared
 to seem so nonplused. The "they" are the talking heads that dominate the ever more illiberal media and
 who are willing to play the fool to help George W. look good. Bush does not look good, the stock market
 is in the toilet, profits are weak or nonexistent, unemployment is on the rise and consumer confidence,
 for good and obvious reasons, is crumbling.

 I think this guy's been reading  bartcop.com

 Bush tells press to "Shut up?"
  How do they take this?

 "...he was joking"

 Breaking with recent tradition, the White House did not allow reporters to
 cover the start of Bush's Oval Office talks with Fox nor has it scheduled a
 formal news conference as is typical for such visits -- saying only that the
 two would likely take a few questions before flying off to Toledo.

 "...he jokingly told reporters"

 Despite media protests, the White House also pulled the plug on the live television
 camera allowing C-SPAN viewers to watch guests dressed in tuxedos and formal gowns
 as they arrive in the state dinner receiving line Wednesday night.

 As the Cabinet Room photo-op wrapped up, reporters again tried to put some questions
 to Bush,  who playfully replied in Spanish, "No puedo oir,''  or "I can't hear.''

 So, Bush gets away with playfully and jokingly telling to press to "fuck off,"
 while he generates money for the Bush Family Evil Empire behind closed doors.

 Well, ...as long is the man raping on the Constitution is smiling, and joking,
 why are all those awful websites trying to give the President a hard time?

 Why can't they just be polite - like the American press?


"The first step is to convince people with resources who care about American democracy
   to do more than kick in money for candidates and causes. These talented, successful
   individuals must be persuaded that information is the key battleground for democracy
   and that little good can come if the American news media continues drifting in the
   direction it has gone since the 1970s."
     -- Robert Perry

   We need nationwide  BartCop Radio.

From: aexia@yahoo.com

Subject: Excuses excuses...

I've noticed something lately. One way you can tell you're on the right side of
an argument is by how conservatives' arguments have slightly shifted over time.

Take global warming for instance.

"There's no such thing as global warming."
to:  "It's not that much of an increase; Nothing to worry about."
to:  "It's all part of earth's temperature cycle."
to:  "Whatever it is, we're not causing it."
to today's refrain:  "Global warming is good for you."

Look at arguments about the economy over the past 10 years.

1991 -- What recession?
1992 -- It's just an economic slowdown.
1993 -- It's all thanks to Bush. Clinton's budget won't take effect for a year.
1994 -- Did we say 1 year? We meant 2 years.
1995 -- The Republican Congress made it all happen.
1996 -- America's doing well in anticipation of getting rid of Clinton.
1997 -- Presidents can't effect the economy. Alan Greenspan runs it.
1998 -- Republican governors up for re-election are responsible for the boom.
1999 -- Clinton's just riding the coattails of Reagan.
2000 -- Clinton's just riding the coattails of Bush Sr.
2001 -- It's Clinton's fault.

Projected arguments for the next four years:
2002 -- Bush is just cleaning up after Clinton's mess.
2003 -- It's the Democratic Congress' fault.
2004 -- Good times are just ahead, if, and only if, you re-elect Bush!
2005 -- This is all thanks to Bush. President Gore had nothing to do with it.

Why It's Our Own Fault Microsoft Went GOP
   by David Hines

 Click  Here

'Doonesbury' Creator Apologizes for Citing Bush IQ Hoax

 Click  Here

  The Doonesbury crew made a joke of this...

"Trudeau takes full responsibility, acknowledging the use of fictional material from an outside source
  instead of simply making it up as he usually does,'' the site says. ``The creator deeply apologizes for
  unsettling anyone who was under the impression that the president is, in fact, quite intelligent.''

 ...buy why should Weak & Stupid get an apology?

 This is horseshit.
 Of course Bush is a moron.
 If he's not, let him answer live questions from reporters on TV.
 That'd put this "unfounded rumor" to sleep forever.

 When will comedians stop apologizing for their "Smirk is stupid" jokes?
 Did any comedian ever apologize for the Clinton smears?
 Turns out all but one was fabricated by vengeful GOP whores,  and nobody ever
 apologized for the years of cheap shots that were based on GOP lies...

 ...meanwhile, Smirk is dumber than spoiled meat,
 and that's a fact,
 and we're supposed to apologize for that?

 Nope, not here, ...not at  bartcop.com

 If I step out of line and can't defend myself, (ha ha) I'll apologize.
 But for calling Bush an installed moron and a crooked fraud?



 "We must usher in the rebirth of a too-long dead political animal.
   Knowing that our very liberty, civil rights, and free-speech are at stake,
   we must bring into resurgence THE FIGHTING LIBERAL."
    -- Tom Paine

 Another web site that refuses to worship the Boy King


 From: rb.ham@home.com

 Subject: Astronaut sees Earth changes
 Commander of space station reports on visible earth changes, impact of global warming.
 Oh, you didn't hear about this in the American press? Funny, that.

 Click  Here

 "It's quite amazing to see how many people actually live down there and how much effect
  they are having on the environment and the land we live on. It is a cause for concern.
  Since my first flight in 1990 and this flight, I have seen changes in what comes out of some of the
  rivers, in land usage. We see areas of the world that are being burned to clear land, so we are
  losing lots of trees. We have to be very careful how we treat this good Earth we live on."

  The vulgar Pigboy would call him "an environmental wacko" for saying that.


 "He's a thug.
   He's dull and dangerous."
       -- President Bartlet on President Weak & Stupid in the new Playboy interview

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