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Volume 588 - Dumb All Over

 September 13, 2001      Pt 2        

From: mikelx@hotmail.com

Subject: Right-Wing Insanity

You said:
"They're so insane, they can't remember yesterday's slurs."

No shit! I can't tell you how many times I have heard these twits
talk about how ready and prepared our military CURRENTLY is,
when just last week they were telling us how decimated it is.


"Clearly yesterday was an opportunity for George W. Bush to rise to the occasion, and just as clearly,
 he failed to do so. His four-minute "address to the nation" was the most patently inadequate series of
 platitudes I have ever heard in all of my 44 years on this earth. He appeared nervous, unsure, and
 disconnected from the emotions and anger of the American people.

 Most folks I talked to, including some conservative Republicans, were at first stunned, and then angry
 and disgusted. I can't tell you the number of times I heard, "God, I wish we had Bill Clinton back again.
 The news anchors are too polite to say this, but I believe there exists a serious undercurrent of
 discontent in this country right now."
   --Sheila Fyfe

  From today's Seattle Times:
Schell taken aback by invitation's timing
 Aides to Seattle Mayor Paul Schell were stunned yesterday when they opened an envelope containing
 an invitation from Rudy Giuliani for a conference next month in New York on disaster preparedness

 It was to include sessions on terrorism, major-event planning and "major building collapses with implications."

 The location: 7 World Trade Center


"Yesterday, New Yorkers went from standing in line to vote to standing in line to donate blood.
  That speaks volumes about who we are and what we stand for".
    -- Senator Clinton

From: GKosanovich@somnus.com

Subject: Declarations of war

Dear BC,
I agree that the WTC/Pentagon attacks were acts of war but in
deference to the US experience in Viet Nam I would hope we reflect
when the selected administration declares war on an enemy unseen.

What will we do?
Do we drop the 10th Mountain Division into Afghanistan and say attack.
This enemy by its very nature is unseen not unlike the Viet Cong.
It is for this reason I think we should procede in a measured fashion
or history can tragically repeat and remember that Dubya isn't half
the man that even Nixon was (It was physically painful for me to say that).

Greg K.

I suggest we "convince" Kabul to hand him over.

Demands of Leadership
  a NYTimes editorial

  Click  Here

 What matters now is what Mr. Bush plans to do next. The disturbing part of the administration's
 performance on Tuesday was the refusal of the president or any member of his cabinet to field
 questions about the fast-moving and frightening events. For most of the day, while the nation
 watched pictures of the World Trade Center towers toppling, the only visible figure in Washington
 was Karen Hughes, counselor to the president, who declined to take questions.

 Heard it on TV

"The American people have been innoculated.  After the carnage of New York,
  America will accept the sight of bodybags coming home from overseas because
  they know there is a dirty job that has to be done."

 I realize this is the last thing anybody needs to worry about,
 but how are Jay & Dave going to take the stage again?
 Both of them base their monolog on the events of the day,
 but they gotta think of a way to get past this - especially Dave.

 I remember 20 years ago, the first Saturday Night Live after Reagan was shot, they said,
 "Tonight's top story isn't funny, so we're going right to story number two."

 Also, remember last winter, the funeral of the six firefighters in Boston?
 How in the world is New York going to bury 300 firemen?

Scared in NYC
   by  msthing912@yahoo.com

 Click  Here

 The USS Enterprise is heading towards the Persian Gulf

EVERY president grows in office
   by steve@sorryexcuse.com

 Click  Here


"We need more of a response than bombing some aspirin factory
  because we're afraid some night guard might get hurt accidentally."
   -- Caller on El Pigbo's show, mid-way thru second hour

 So, after years of screaming "mad bomber" at Clinton,
 now he's a pussy who was afraid to go far enough?

 They're so insane, they can't remember yesterday's unfounded slurs.

 Al Gore knew what to do
  but they said security was too much trouble...

 Click  Here

 Within the last decade, a major commission headed by then US Vice-President
 Al Gore recommended increasing security to international levels - but the industry
 opposed the idea so strongly that the plan was never adopted, say industry insiders.
 One expert called that "one of the most astounding decisions ever taken."

From: (withheld)

Hi Bartcop. Just want you to know that even the French are not impressed
with Bush's performance on Tuesday. I was watching the French news on SCOLA
which is a satellite feed of overseas news broadcasts.

They showed him announcing the attack in Florida while a newscaster said he looked
stunned and out of his depth. Then they referred to him hopping from base to base and then
running down the rabbit hole as "several hours of indecision". It was not flattering news coverage.

What made it stand out even more was their interview with French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin.
He seemed forceful and intelligent and gave very clear and thoughtful answers. Also, I find it
interesting how the U.S. stations don't do many repeat showings of Bush's various speeches of the last
three days. He just doesn't come across as strong and reassuring rather he seems befuddled and vacuous.

If you decide to print this, please no name and no email address,
I don't want any visit from Lanny the Nut.


E. G. K

EGK, you're right about Bush & the rabbit hole,
and you're right about Lanny the Nut.

Lanny lives and breathes  bartcop.com
I'll bet he reads with one hand free.

 Having multiple strokes today

 "We've lost so much freedom in this country,
   we arrest ten year old boys in school for flashing rubber bands at girls."
       -- Excuse me, Your Porkness, but it's your administration
           warning of stronger restrictions coming out of this.
           Why don't you take your stroke medicine and calm down.

 Another pilot speaks

 Click  Here

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

"We've lost so much freedom in this country already,
  we can only have 1.6 liters of water in our toilets."
    --The vulgar Pigboy, getting to the really important issues of the day

American Express building in New York has collapsed.

From: cross@vassar.edu

Subject: Threat to the Shrub

Not that I am a fan of the shrub by any means, but I heard from another
shrub critic who has family at some low level in the intelligence system
that there did seem to be an additional two planes "missing" and there was
some credible target threat against the Presidency. As you say, it is a
"National Secret" but that may not necessarily be a bad thing. After all,
do we really want everyone to know how the intelligence service gets its
intelligence? You rightly criticized Reagan at one point for revealing that
kind of information, so I think we should keep an open mind on this one,
although I agree that it looked really bad and I am still angry at the fact
that it has taken the shrub three days just to commit to coming to New York.
I mean, what was the problem there?


John, Reagan was a senile old coot who told the Russians we could read
what was on THEIR radar screens. Until he said that at a live press conference
they had no idea we had that capability.

But then again, Reagan was legally elected by the voters.

In this case, Ari, Karen & Karl have gotten "inside the mind of the dead men"
to explain their true motives to help make their fraudulent boy seem courageous.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

"This was not a sneak attack at all."
       --the vulgar Pigboy, end of the first hour

 A Wake-Up Call For The Media Oligarchy?
   by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Hindsight is always 20/20. But we'll forever wonder:
 Would the World Trade Center still be standing today if the Hart-Rudman
 report had been spotlighted instead of swept under the Gary Condit rug?

 We should remember that it was Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris and those partisan thugs
 on the crooked court who installed this weak & stupid man to "lead" us.

 Instead of a capable, experience president, we have a rabbit, afraid of his own shadow,
 and his staff is leaking no-proof "evidence" that Bush was an intended target.
 - how convenient that he now has justified the decision to run and hide

 An open letter to my family, friends and leaders
  by Stephen Sacco

  Click  Here

From: jhess@smithtown.k12.ny.us

Subject: Thank you Rudy

I, too, am a NY Democrat who doesn't like to brush Guiliani's mistakes under the carpet,
but the man has shown true leadership.  He has been tireless. He has been sincere.

You believe that he trusts New Yorkers (and consequently the nation) when he speaks,
doling out any and all information available.  He doesn't talk down to us with idiotic phrases
such as "Amerkins need to understand..." as if he's making some point that we can't possible comprehend.

He doesn't come across sounding like a moron if he doesn't know the answer to a question.
You believe if Rudy doesn't know the answer either nobody does or you know he'll work his ass off
to find it for you.  He doesn't dismiss tough questions as "gotcha" politics, and he doesn't smirk
after answering a question as if just won Final Jeopardy.

Keep it up.
You're raising important issues through your criticism, intelligently, rationally, and patriotically.
We can't expect the mainstream media to bash our president during this time of crisis, nor can we
expect most Americans to accept any sharp criticism of the COC while murderers still live and breathe.
But perhaps indirectly, by continuing to give credit where credit is due to the mayor of New York,
our message of discontent with the Usurper will come through.

From: hc53@peoplepc.com

Subject:  "Credible Evidence"

Someone in the press has got to ask how in the world Rove and Fleischer can make
statements about the INTENT of a target in a hijackers mind and call it "credible evidence".

This is blatant political cover for resident chickenshit! Americans should be infuriated that this administration
has such low regard for the average Americans intelligence that we'll believe anything they tell us.
You know as well as me that their definition of credible is the credibility of this presidents election!


From: jbengtson@novausainc.com

Subject: Thanks, Bartcop

I wanted to thank you for your posts on Tuesday. I was having problems getting through
to any news site but was able to bring you up  immediately. When I saw your statement,
"If we can get through the next 30 minutes, the plane attacks should be over",  it reassured me.
Thanks again.

I was watching Chris the Screamer and Zeus Bennett on MSNBC last night. They were busy wringing
their hands on who to blame this on and Tweety Bird said that the previous administration pardoned
arm dealers ( Marc Rich ) who were supplying various terrorists.

Where the hell were those two cowards during Vietnam ?
Wiping Rush's ass?

Thanks for the space to rant.


JB, thanks.
I'm hearing from a lot of people that the links to news souirces aren't working,
so I may publish more articles instead of providing links.

(Tried to link, wouldn't come up, so I'm printing it)
Orrin Hatch's Glass House Has Bin Laden's Name on It
Utah Republican Should Watch Just Who He Tries to Blame for Yesterday's Horrific Tragedy
By Tamara "Hugs" Baker

Wednesday, September 12, 2001 -- SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA (APJP) -- All I can say is that I'm glad
I didn't see him doing it, or I would have put my fist through the TV screen. Luckily, enough of my friends
and relations had stronger holds on my temper than I did,  so I can report to you the following:

Yesterday, on one of his early TV appearances, Orrin Hatch had the gall
to blame Bill Clinton for the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks.

This is most interesting, as our old "friend" Osama Bin Laden is Suspect #1 for these attacks,
and the glass house in which Senator Hatch resides has Bin Laden's name written all over it.

In a 1998 MSNBC article (http://www.msnbc.com/news/190144.asp) that has been widely recirculated
by Bussflash (http://www.buzzflash.com), Michael Moran details the extensive CIA training which Bin Laden,
as a self-appointed leader of the 1990's Afghani rebels who were to overthrow the Soviet regime, received
-- only to use against us as he did in the Embassy bombings in Africa in 1998 (and as is suspected, in the
terror attacks of September 11, 2001).

By the way: These rebels, or "mujahadeen", are better-known to us today as the Taliban, the world's pariahs,
the guys so nasty that even the Iranians want nothing to do with them.  But, hey, they're anti-Communists, right?

But I digress.

Here's the opening paragraph of Mr. Moran's article:

At the CIA, it happens often enough to have  a code name: Blowback.
Simply defined, this is the term that describes an  agent, an operative
or an operation that has turned on its creators. Osama  bin Laden, our
new public enemy Number 1, is the personification of  blowback. And the
fact that he is viewed as a hero by millions in the  Islamic world
proves again the old adage: Reap what you sow.

Now, what does Orrin Hatch have to do with this?
One heck of a lot, as it turns out:

Indeed, to this day, those involved in the decision to give the  Afghan
rebels access to a fortune in covert funding and top-level combat
weaponry continue to defend that move in the context of the Cold War.
Sen.  Orrin Hatch, a senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence
Committee making  those decisions, told my colleague Robert Windrem that
he would make the  same call again today even knowing what bin Laden
would do subsequently. It  was worth it, he said.

Is it still worth it, Senator Hatch?

The world's economy was already on the brink; now, it may have just been shoved into the abyss,
and is likely to stay there for years to come, thanks to Bin Laden.
Thousands of people in the US died yesterday, on planes, in the Pentagon, and in the World Trade Center.

Is it still worth it, Senator Hatch?

Think about that, the next time you try to push your own guilt off onto somebody else.

 Second report: We aren't alone

 The changing of the Guard at Buckingham place was changed for the first time in its history.
 The American national anthem was played and two minutes of silence followed.
 The American ambassador was present and there were many Americans in the crowd of several thousand.

Attempt to blow up George Washington Bridge crossing thwarted

U.S. security officials on Tuesday night thwarted an attempt to carry out a further terrorist attack
on the George Washington Bridge, which connects New York and New Jersey. Security men stopped
a suspicious van on the bridge, which turned out to be packed with explosives. The van was stopped
as it entered a ramp to approach the bridge. Army Radio reports that U.S.  authorities suspect the
terrorists of planning to blow up the main crossing between New Jersey and New York.


From: Kevin Cunningham

Thanks for being the bi-partisan, calming commentator on Tuesday.
I, too, held off on the "Attack Bush" cartoons.

Once again, the democrats are holding back (This time, out of respect for the nation's victims)
while the republicans plow forward, business as usual with ther hate and attacks and lies.
They are despicable and disgusting for the lies and hate they spew... especially during this tragedy.
So with them lying about Air Force One, handling the situation poorly,
Ann Coultier using a cadaver to personally attack and beat up on Hillary...

That was so stupid it was funny.

Re: Aides Say Bush Was One Target of Hijacked Jet...
This is a lie.
I'm sure you it looked fishy to you...

Did you catch their lie when they said that the White House AND Air Force One were targets as well?
Flight 93 was headed for DC when the passengers heroically overpowered
the terrorists and prevented it from crashing in the White House.
But for Air Force One to be a target, there would've had to have been a FIFTH hijacked plane.
But we all know there wasn't.

So why the lie that Air Force One was targeted?
To gain sympathy and make excuses for why our invisible president was
out of sight, not doing his job, while while his handlers decided what should be done.
This administration started out lying to try and make President Prozac look good
(Clinton vandalized the White House), and now they're lying to make excuses as to why
President No Confidence was hiding Tuesday instead of calming the nation down with reassurances.

That's because they know he's a pathetic excuse for a president.
That's why they put Powell, Hughes, Ari, anybody in front of the camera rather than Junior president.
They only use President Dazed and Confused when they have to... and even then he's a failure.

Is it me, or does everyone else in this tragedy (Guiliani, Powell, Pataki, etc.) look more presidential
and commanding when dealing with the press and reassuring the public, than Bush Jr.- who's spoon fed
his lines as he stammers through them with a dazed, blank and confused look on his face?

Kevin, yes.
Everyone looks more commanding and presidential than Weak & Stupid.

From: neilrmurray@yahoo.com

Subject: Produce the "hard evidence" Ari

Maybe Ari will produce the "hard evidence" at the same time he produces
the evidence of Clinton's administraion trashing the White House.

Aides Say Bush Was One Target of Hijacked Jet
"We are talking about specific and credible intelligence," Mr. Rove said, "not vague suspicions."
 But neither Mr. Rove nor other officials explained why this information was not made public.


I'm sure that "hard evidence" is a "national security secret."

From: dknutson6@home.com

Subject: Some aviation answers


I am a corporate pilot.  I fly a mid-sized business jet.  I can answer a
few of your aviation questions.  Some things I can't answer, because
they are airline related, and I haven't flown for an airline.

1.  As far as dumping fuel, at altitude the fuel vaporizes and would never reach the ground.

2.  As for having a locked, reinforced door, I don't know if this is possible.
There may be issues with fire hazards and routes of escape for the pilots, etc.
There are many reasons that one of the pilots may have to leave the flight deck,
from checking the wings for ice before departure, to dealing with unruly
(not terroristic) passengers, to using the bathroom, etc.  The captain is responsible
for all aspects of the flight.  If he is locked behind a steel door, I don't know
if he could complete all his duties.

3.  The transponder is turned off on the ground so as not to confuse
ground controllers at airports where they have ground radar.  With all
the airplanes in such a small area, it can get very cluttered.  There
are times when you have to recycle the transponder (turn off and on) in
flight when controllers aren't getting a good enough signal.

4.  They probably will start putting air marshals back on the planes,
but most people don't realize that there are about 40,000 flights a day
in the U.S.  These will have to be highly trained law enforcement
officials, and its going to cost a lot of money.  I'm not saying it
shouldn't be done, I just think people don't realize what a job it will be.

I hope I answered a few questions.
If you have any other aviation questions, please ask.

Derek Knutson

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