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Volume 597 - Pigs Fly

 September 19, 2001                                                                            A medal for the firemen

 VCR Alert - THE West Wing is on tonight. 

 Watch This

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 From: ENRAMSAY@aol.com

 Subject: very weird

 My Mom sent this to me this morning....very disturbing if true....

 I was just watching Cspan 2 and they carried a program out of Arlington, VA
 of the Arabic national television.  It was excellent.  One very disturbing piece of
 information was brought out that the footage of the children dancing in the streets
 of Palestine has been traced to footage from 1991 and it was released from Brazil.
 Have you heard anything about this?

 Several people have written, but it's not the kind of story I like to run
 without some kind of facts to go behind it.
 I wrote to CNN and asked them to clarify and didn't hear anything back.

 But now, so many people are talking about it, the rumor has become news.

 Click  Here

 Is this just another case of CNN being an unprincipled whore?
 Could be.

 Maybe someone offered them $50 to run it - who knows?

From: (withheld)

Subject: Clinton: 'do whatever is necessary'

I had to keep from crying when I watched this.
The President was sharp.

He had facts and figures at the tip of his tongue -- such as that people from 40 other countries
lost their lives at the WTC.   Facts that Usurper Boy would never, ever know.

Bill, please come back!  Run for Mayor of NYC, dammit!
We need you on the national stage!

** Clinton: 'do whatever is necessary' **
Former president Bill Clinton discusses his efforts to 'get'
Osama Bin Laden in 1998 with NBC's Tom Brokaw.

 Click Here

From: taupe6@earthlink.net

Subject: Bartcop's "Why five thousand Americans paid the Ultimate Price"

Excellent commentary Bartcop.
The zipper inquisition was not only absurd, it was precious time wasted.

The gov't should have been concentrating on adopting VP Al Gore's commission
recommendations to increase airline security to international levels.

At the time I actually thought President Clinton was wagging the dog when he w
ent after bin Laden, because I was so gullible to Media/GOP spin.
No more.

I apoligize in retrospect for doubting him, our last elected President who was doing
the job the GOP was unwilling to do because it distracted from zippers.


Myra, it gets better, or worse, depending on which letter's after your name,
but remember that "aspirin factory" Clinton bombed that they scoffed at?

Another term for "aspirin factory" is "pharmaceutical plant."
That's where a terrorist nation can make fun things like anthrax.

Of course, the GOP and the whore media laughed it off.
"What could be more harmless than an aspirin factory?
  Clinton only took those steps to distract us.
  That innocent aspirin factory in Sudan didn't need to be hit.
  It was just Billyboy Clinton spinning his lies."

Yeah, an aspirin factory is about as harmless as a box cutter.


From:  jerrygn@iopener.net

Subject: Blazing Saddles

I've ventured into some forums recently, mostly liberal forums, and it's
amazing how some nincompoop conservative will be there calling liberals
socialists, communists, or stupid.  I couldn't resist calling one such intellect "imbelic."
It got me to thinking about the movie "Blazing Saddles."

If you recall, it's the story of a black sheriff coming to a redneck western town.
Cleavon Little is the sheriff and Gene Wilder is a down and out gunfighter he befriends.
As the sheriff is walking down the street he tips his hat to a little old lady and her response is,
"Up yours, nigger."

Gene Wilder tries to console him.  It was something like,

"What did you expect?  These are small town people.
 These are people of the land. These are people of the soil. You know--MORONS."

To me that just about says it all.

Or, put another way, "Bush voters"
He won most of the rocks & coyote states.


  "You want a quick end to this, send Kathie Lee over there."
      -- Regis, offering Dave a solution to the coming war.

 Dave from the Heart

  Click  Here

 "... we have no reason to expect a television personality to provide leadership,
  to console, to inspire, to challenge the gloom with a flicker of light.

  But Monday night, David Letterman did all of that. He went back to work, gracing a
  shaken America and battered New Yorkers with as extraordinary an hour of
  television as has ever been broadcast."

 Then here's a great account of a huge Dave fan who saw the show live, and a transcript
 of the opening monolog. This is how you do a trip report - details and details.

 Click  Here

 You don't want to miss this.

 Afghan Taliban Sees Holy War Against U.S

  Click  Here

 Funny, I see one, too.

 They want to make it easy on us.
 Just like Saddam, they're doing everything completely wrong.

 Tomorrow, they'll say "American blood will run as a river,"
 and they'll get our boys all kinds of ready to attack.
 When the Marines go Luca Brasi on the Taliban,
 they're going to get flat-out medieval on their asses.

 If they'd spent any time on  bartcop.com  they'd know
 we have invisible flying warships headed their way.

 Dear Bartcop....
 by  avedon@cix.compulink.co.uk

 Click  Here

From: dogfolks@cape.com

Subject: Washington National Airport

Here's what they should do with RR National Airport:

Make it into an air defense base......but with government helicopters to shuttle members of Congress
and any and all other government types who might qualify for a pass onto the property, to Dulles.

The military could charge for the service, and the VIPs could still have a convenient place to park,
and a quick way out of town. AND, the RR fans could have a MILITARY base named for him.

 Israel suspects Iraq more than bin Laden

 Click  Here


 I'm hearing (from people who didn't tape it) that Dave's opening segment Monday night
 was as good and as real as television has been in the last few years.

 Did you tape it?
 If you have a good clean copy of Dave's opening Monday night,
 and have a way to make a second good copy, could you e-mail me?

 I could PayPal you 5-10 dollars or owe you a favor or trade you some tape.
 (I have everything from 1980 till I started writing this page)

 So, seriously, if you can quickly send a good copy to my PO Box,
 that'd be great and you can name your price.

      e-mail me

 BTW, you can see and hear a poor copy of Dave's Monday monolog at

 Go to the DaveTV section and click on "Big Show highlight"    (Thanks to Vern)
 Don't wait, they could take it down any minute.

 "They say these were religious zealots that did this,
   and if you live to be 1000 years old,
   will that make any goddamn sense?"

 His monolog was fantastic.   I'd sure like a tape of that.

 Presidential Medal of Freedom for WTC Emergency Personnel

  Click  Here

 We, the undersigned, respectfully request that President George W. Bush award the
 Presidential Medal of Freedom to the brave fire, police and emergency rescue personnel
 who rushed to the aid of the victims of the World Trade Center attacks on 11 September, 2001.

 I generally avoid these online petitions, but those firemen are the very best.
 When everyone else is running to safety, they run towards the danger.

 It's free, they gave their lives - sign it.

From: peregrin@yahoo.com

Subject: Crazy Talk

I don't understand why you call "crazy" anyone who suspects that the Bush Family Evil Empire is
ultimately responsible for the terrorist attack last week.  We are speaking of a cabal responsible for:

keeping US hostages from coming home, not just to win an election, but for good media timing afterward,
selling weapons to countries which are supposed to be our enemies,
starting a war to cover up a colossal military blunder (the TRUE "wag the dog," as you have pointed out),
acting in collusion with our enemies,
profiteering during times of war and crisis,
manufacturing crises for the singular purpose of profiteering,
and who don't give a rat's ass how many people they hurt or kill, so long as they come out on top.

Can we prove that the Bushies are behind this?
Probably not, at least at this time, but we should
keep our eyes & ears open.  It fits their M.O. to a T.

That being said, I want to assure you that you have not lost this reader, even if you do slap the "crazy
talk" label on me.  Nor do I disagree with your stance regarding the action this country needs to take.
We absolutely DO need to swiftly punish those responsible -- ALL those responsible, and any who harbor them.
To do less is to wear the pink tutu, and if anyone thinks that reacting with violence will beget more violence
upon us, then they have obviously never seen a bully in action.  They are the parents who tell their
children, "Just ignore him, dear," and all the while the kids are getting the snot beat out of them --
precisely because they won't fight back.

However, even if we do conclusively prove that bin Laden was responsible for the attack, we should not
assume that he was the only one and that the trail ends there.  It may be "crazy talk," but it would not
surprise me in the least should this particular trail lead all the way back to Texas.

John, I fully agree the Bush Family Evil Empire was "ultimately" behind bin Laden,
just like they were behind Noriega and Islamic Jihad.

The "crazy talk" is saying W knew the WTC was going to be attacked last Tuesday
and let it happen just to solidify his illegal hold on the White House.

But as soon as I say that, this report comes in...


This is really, really wild stuff.

 Right now, ABC Radio is running the "scoop" than bin Laden bought short shares
 on the companies who insure the World Trade Centers.

 If they were regular readers of  bartcop.com  they would've known that
 That was Breaking News way back in Volume 591 - Raining All Over the World

From: realmuddro@hotmail.com

Subject: thought #1 after my first sip of chinaco anejo: "god bless bartcop!"


i just got back from dropping 43$ on a bottle of chinaco anejo.
after a sip, i was reminded of just how right you almost always are.

i always thought of tequila as alcoholic sweat before this. that's because my
only experience was crap like cuervo.

i love the tingling and the tastes of flowers, vanilla (is it supposed to taste like that?
maybe im trippin), and spices! awesome. you sure know how to pick em, my friend!

by the way, i was wondering if you'd have any insight into what kind
of preparations i might make if i were considering shipping a bottle
of chinaco anejo to someone else? have you ever tried this?

the way i feel right now, you ought to probably tell me where i can send
a nice gift this coming christmas (or tell me when your birthday is).
you have certainly given all of us so much, you deserve a gift now and then...

thanks again!


Muddro, safety first!
God gets very angry of you don't capitalize His name.
What are you, crazy?
Do you know what kind of power He has?
Worse than Hillary's, His temper is.

...and what's this "almost" always right? :)

But the flowers, the vanilla, the spices - isn't that cool?
People taste chocolate, baked apples, papaya and oak.
Chinaco Anejo is better than Willy Wonka for flavors.

Dunno about shipping.
These days - probably get you a visit from the FBI.

My birthday was last week, the day after WTC.
Last year's birthday wasn't so hot, either.
I should tell that story sometime...

Falwell and Robertson say they didn't say what we heard
   by Willster1@aol.com

 Click  Here  to read the stupid and clumsy lies these "Christians" are selling.

 Click  Here  to hear the truth in their own words.

Here comes the "American crusade"

 Bush's bumbling mouth has made the war more difficult.
 Today he called the coming war "a crusade," a particularly inflammatory word for Muslims.
 Even our Muslim friends had to back away.

 Powell had to go and smooth it over.  He probably said in private,
"Don't mind him, He's an idiot.  Cheney and I are in running things."

 His Father bumbled us into the Gulf War, now Junior is going to start WWIII.
 This is too serious to have this clown in charge.
 He doesn't have the slightest clue what he's doing.

 It's official.
Pigs Fly 
 Earth now spinning clockwise, to scientist's bewilderment.

 What I said yesterday,

> Quotes

> "People talk about Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson saying "this was our fault."
>   ...Barbara Lee voted against funding this war. She's the extremist."
>     --the vulgar Pigboy, first hour

> Hey Rush, take a stand once in your life, would you?

> You see, this way, Rush can say, "I talked about Falwell & Robertson,"
> but Rush has the talent to say things without saying them
> like how lazy and stupid the dumb niggers are,
> and he also can talk about things and never say a word,
> like he did just then.

 That was true as hell, but I didn't hear the rest of the show.
 You're about to hear Rush turn on the religiously-insane.

 If you love Rush Limbaugh, or you hate Rush Limbaugh,
 you need to hear him tell Falwell and Robertson off.

 Click Here

 All I can say is I was profoundly embarrassed and disappointed by their comments.
 They can try to take them back all they want, but the bottom line is that their words are indefensible.

 This is a Rush I've never heard before.
 This is Rush telling the truth for the first time.
 Maybe he's read some  bartcop.com  and figured out that now that he has his $300 million in the bank
 he's finally free to tell the truth and he can stop whoring for the Insanity Brigade, but I doubt it.

 Then again, maybe someone gave him $100 to turn on his friends.
 Whores follow the money.

 But, facts are facts.
 Since you can read those words from Rush's website (and more)
 and you can hear his words (and more) on his website, that means it probably happened.

 ...when the sun came up yesterday,
 ...what were the Vegas odds that pigs would fly?

 Mark your calendars.
 September 18th, 2001, Rush told the truth.

From: boaz@gamma.usfca.edu

Subject: Dave


It wasn't so much what Dave said as the humility with which he said it that made last night's show special.
I don't recall him saying anything particularly eloquent or new, but the fact that he was visibly shaken
(looking almost nevous) and humbled gave me, and I'm sure millions of other viewers, a feeling of connectness
...kind of like he was talking right to you personally. His subjects were Guiliani's heroism, the firefighters,
police officers, and other rescue workers' heroism, and the nonsensical nature of the motive of the attack
(I think he said something like "They tell us that these attacks on innocent people were the result of
religious fanaticism. If I'm alive for 1000 years, that will never make sense to me.")

I do recall one thing he said that choked me up. He spoke of a small town in Northern Montana
(can't recall the name), population 1600- mostly poor ranchers and farmers- who, on Sunday night,
held a raffle in the high school auditorium to raise money for New York City.
He said "that is what makes America great" or something to that effect.

I gotta say, the thought of those 1600 people- most of whom have probably never been
to New York and who are struggling to stay afloat in their tiny community- raising money
for the world's most prosperous city - was something pretty spectacular.

Take care,

Cynthia, thanks.
I can't wait to see that tape.

US: Belarus Election Fatally Flawed

Bush spokesman calls the Belarus President "Europe's last dictator"
and accused him of stealing his country's Sept. 9 election.

Monday, Ari Fleischer said Bush regrets the "severely flawed" election and
believes it cannot be internationally recognized because it was not free or fair.

ha ha
Make him stop!

"Not only did Alexander Lukashenko, Europe's last dictator, steal the elections from the
Belarussian people, for the moment, he also stole their opportunity to return to a path
toward democracy and free- market economy," Fleischer said with a straight face.

So, ... George and Ari say imposters who steal elections shouldn't be recognized?

That sounds like good advice to me....

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Republican Newscasters Are Predictable & Boring

Did you notice how the Republican newscasters, Brit Hume, Tony Snow, Brian Williams,
and Tim Russert kept trying to give Bush credit for his handling of the situation last week.

Bush acted like a coward and hid, while Clinton hurried back to NY from Australia.
Clinton gave a lot of comfort to those bewildered and distressed,
while Bush showed up late, trembled, wept and prayed.

I like Clinton's leadership better.
Jim in Rochester, MI

Now that Airline Travel has virtually stopped, there should be a plentiful supply of oil.
If it really is a Free Market (as Republicans tell us), we should see gas prices and
heating oil prices coming down this winter.

Is anybody taking bets?

What excuses do they think they will use to keep the price unnaturally high?
Maybe another "refinery fire" in Illinois?
We're getting screwed by the Oil man and the Vice Oil man.

From:  marc@perkel.com

Subject: Dead or Alive?

I agree with President Bush that we should go after the terrorists.  Wanted - Dead or Alive!
And I agree that we should go after those who harbor terrorists and those who provide support
and fundiung to them. "The people who feed them will be held accountable," says President Bush.

But the part that I don't quite understand is that it turns out that the Bush Administration has given
The Taliban 43 million dollars this year making us possibly the biggest funder of this terrorist organization.

What does that mean?
I am so confused!

Is Bush saying we should go after him?

ha ha


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