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Volume 600 ...and the Flag was Still There

 September 22, 2001                                                                                    A medal for the firemen


 "The first casualty of War is always Truth.
 "In wartime, the Truth is so precious that it
   should always be surrounded by a bodyguard of Lies."
   -- Winston Churchill

 'West Wing' to Air Attack Episode

 "The West Wing'' will respond to the East Coast terrorist attacks with an
 out-of-sequence special episode written by Aaron Sorkin, the network said Friday.
 Production on the episode, titled ``Isaac and Ishmael,'' has begun and post-production
 will be hurried to make the Oct. 3 broadcast.

"Aaron is a brilliant writer who has something he wants to say. We have great faith
 in his abilities to interpret last week's events in a manner that will make this an
 important hour of television,'' NBC Entertainment President Jeff Zucker said.

Details of the story were not released, but the network said it will deal with
"some of the questions and issues currently facing the world in the wake''
 of the Sept. 11 attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Center.

The drama's planned season premiere, ``Manchester, Part I,''
has been moved to Oct. 10 to accommodate this special show.

Get Ready
  by BartCop

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From: Nick Barlow senior  bartcop.com  foreign correspondent.

Subject: A tale of Presidential courage  ...from France

Don't know if it made the US news (probably not) but there was an  explosion
(probably accidental, don't panic yet) at a petrochemical factory in Toulouse, France today. E
ighteen people dead, many more injured and lots of property damage in the surrounding area.


What got me about this story is this line:
French President Jacques Chirac and Prime Minister Lionel Jospin both visited the scene.

Let's look at that againin a time of heightened security about terrorism, a petrochemical plant explodes
(and according to some reports it's where they process the fuel for the European Ariane rockets).
Do the French equivalent of the secret service keep the two most important political leaders of the country away?

Maybe they tried, but Chirac and Jospin must have over-ruled the visit to a site
where there was probably still potential for further explosions.

Interesting, isn't it?


Nick, yes.
When you compare President Weak & Stupid to any other leader,
he comes off likes a scared child who needs his daddy very, very much.

Review of Last Night's Big Show

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 There's a wild page called whatreallyhappened.com

 I say it's "wild" because it's full of government conspiracy theories.
 It asks questions like, "How did the Sept 11 gang get so good at fake identities
 and where did they get the "White House codes" Ari Fliesher talked about?

 Remember the USS LIberty that the Israelis blew up in 1967 and then said,
 "Whoops, my bad," afterwards?    This site claims the curvivors are telling a different story.

 They ask a lot of questions I can't answer, so maybe there's something there.
 The closer to the top, the more real the conspiracies seem.

 Example: Why was our unelected government been telling other nations we were
 preparing to invade Afghanistan months ago?


 ...and if the hijackers had fake IDs, how do we know even tha country they're from?

 I want to see that proof before you send America to war, Mr. President.

 Of course, since it's a conspiracy page, they also have the Clinton Body Count
 and "Who killed Vince Foster?" stuff, but it's still worth a look.

 If somebody, like you, were to read, investigate and write about this page,
 I'd be inclined to publish your findings.

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Palpatine Cheney and Darth Rumsfeld
Still the Beltway-Based Powers Behind the Throne
By Tamara "peu d'ange" Baker   at   americanpolitics.com

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 The Party's Over, folks.
   by the real Hunter S. Thompson

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 That's why I live out here in the mountains with a flag on my porch and loud Wagner music
 blaring out of my speakers. I feel lucky, and I have plenty of ammunition. That is God's will,
 they say, and that is also why I shoot into the darkness at anything that moves.
 Sooner or later, I will hit something Evil, and feel no Guilt. It might be Osama Bin Laden.
 Who knows? And where is Adolf Hitler, now that we finally need him?
 It is bad business to go into War without a target.

 Former FBI Terror Expert Died at the WTC

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 The body of John P. O'Neill,  was recovered Friday from the rubble of the WTC.
 O'Neill just retired from the FBI and was head of security for the World Trade Center.

 O'Neill, 50, was the chief of international terrorism operations for the FBI.
 He supervised on-site investigations of the bombing of the USS Cole
 and the 1998 attacks on the U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.


 "If Bush can't even prevent his own daughters from getting bombed
   what hope is there for the rest of us?"
    -- Atrios, in the bartcop.com chat room

FCC Commissioner ‘Saddened & Dismayed’ Over Stern Show Remarks

Michael Copps claims he has received hundreds of e-mail complaints about Sept. 14's Howard Stern Show
after  sidekick Robin Quivers asked, "Are the hookers finding that there is a drop-off in business?" A Stern show
guest then suggested that prostitutes donate their services and "give oral sex to those firemen" involved in the
World Trade Center rescue. Stern replied, "I am calling on all hookers and strippers ..."

In a bit that followed, listeners heard voices with mock Arab accents say, "I would like to bomb your vagina
with my power pack," and similar remarks. "Most of Stern's programming last week seemed sensitive to
the tragedy and supportive of encouraging a positive reaction to the disaster we had experienced," Copps said.
"So it was all the more surprising that remarks were made, from whatever motivation, that so crudely distorted
and demeaned the essential nobility of what our people were coming together to accomplish. Americans are a
tolerant people, but hundreds of complaints coming to me in recent days demonstrate heartfelt revulsion over
statements that were, to many, offensive and indecent."

Excuse me, but did Mayor Giuliani specifically request that things get "back to normal?"
Did he not specifically ask comedians and show biz people to start entertaining again?
How long before Attorney General John Ashcroft (R-Religiously-Insane) uses his Bible for
guidance to determine that Howard Stern's brand of comedy is illegal under federal law?

Who's next, then?


 Right, Left and Just Wrong
      by Joe Conason

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 Just so nobody could misunderstand his meaning, Mr. Falwell berated “the pagans and the abortionists
 and the feminists and  the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle,
 the ACLU, People for the American Way …. I point the finger in their face and say, ‘You helped this happen.’”

 Informed that their remarks had repelled even the most conservative figures in the White House,
 they reverted to damage control. Mr. Falwell falsely claimed that he had been quoted “out of context.”
 Then he apologized, rather feebly, but did not withdraw those statements, which he described as
 too theologically subtle for comprehension by secular Americans.

 Mr. Robertson suddenly pretended to be among those who didn’t comprehend Mr. Falwell’s meaning.
 He joined in the chorus of condemnation, saying he had “not fully understood” his guest’s “severe and harsh” comments.

 It is worth pointing out here that the Mayor of New York, whose leadership has been so admirable,
 currently lives as the roommate of a gay couple—and that one of the heroic passengers who resisted
 the hijackers on the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania was a gay rugby player named Mark Bingham.

 Chopper Creek Digital Production Services

 Someday this will be less important, but if you'd like a super-clear copy of Dave's opening remarks
on his first show back, you can download the MP3 at   http://www.choppercreek.com/letterman/

 It looks like he has the whole Letterman show, but the opening is latesho1.mp3

Inside Corporate America    by  Greg Palast

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Pat Robertson's Gold
    by Colbert I. King    Washington Post

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 To hear Robertson tell it, one of the abominations prompting God to hide his face from
 America is this country's self-indulgence, pursuit of financial gain and focus on wealth.

 Which is the subject of today's column, and the basis for this humble question:
 What, pray tell, does the Good Lord make of Pat Robertson's gold-mining venture
 in Liberia with Charles Taylor, international pariah and one of the most ruthless,
 greedy and terror-producing heads of state in all of sub-Saharan Africa?

 Pat Roberston is raking in millions of untaxed dollars because America doesn't ask churches
 to account for their money the way every other BUSINESS is America is forced to do.

 Tax the Churches
 Tax the Businesses owned by the Churches
 Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are unpatriotic crooks,
 raking in millions from the sick, the stupid, the scared and the old.
 And they're hiding behind a cloak of religion that masks their true intentions.

 That ought to piss you off as much as it does me.

 I thought the Tribute to the Heroes was very well done.

 Springsteen set the tone with his determination in "City in Ruins."
 I've never been a big Tom Petty fan, but the second he started playing,
 I knew the song was "I Won't Back Down," which made me a fan.
 I was afraid every song would be "woe is us," and Petty made me proud.

 Oddly, they never listed the performers, so I was clueless when a group
 started playing Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here."
 Someone said it was Fred Durst and the guy from the Goo Goo Dolls.

 It was strange seeing a no-bullshit show.  There wasn't even an audience.
 U2 from London was OK, another well-chosen song for the evening.
 Someone said that was Clapton playing with them - was it really?
 I would've guessed Dave Edmunds or Dave Stewart.

 ...and how about that Neil Young "Imagine?"
 That song has become so big that it's almost a cliche, but I can't think
 of anybody who could've done a better job than Neil last night.

 Mariah Carey pulled off her song just fine. She seemed OK, after all.
 How challenging to come out of the nut house into this mad, mad world,
 then sing a song you wrote about the hero that's in all of us.

 Next was Bon Jovi with the best "Living on a Prayer" I've ever heard.
 That violin seemed like a perfect fit.

 Next was Sheryl Crow with another song I didn't know.
 I really, really liked this song.
 It had a monotone vocal where the music seemed to hug the singer.
 It started building and building, and I thought it might explode into greatness,
 but it just leveled off and maybe that was best for this show, this night.

 Then Sting seemed to bring the evening down, but it might've been a nice song.
 Julia Roberts had the toughest time getting thru her hero story.
 When she said, "...but the flag was still there," I got a tear.

 Eddie Vedder continued Sting's quieting pace, then Chris Rock did a carefully-worded tribute,
 not wanting to screw anything up at this important event.
 When Chris said, "Heroes don't give up," you knew his heart was in it.

 To close the show, Clint Eastwood spoke with a steeled determination that
 the pundits all claimed Bush had in his "tell-no-secrets" speech the night before.
"Oh, they left us wounded, but renewed in strength, and we'll stand and we will not yield."
 I don't know if he would make a better president than the unelected Bush,
 but "weak and stupid" aren't words I'd use to describe Clint Eastwood.

 But wasn't the best part of the night hearing from Muhammed Ali?
 I haven't heard that many words from Muhammed in a dozen years.

"I've been a Muslim for 20 years, and I'm against killing, violence — and all Muslims
 are against it, Islam is peace, against killing, murder, and the terrorist. The people that
 do it in the name of Islam are wrong. And if I had a chance, I'd do something about it."

 You tell 'em, Champ!

 It was a hell of a show, but let's hope we never see another one like it.

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