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Volume 601 - Aiming High

 September 23, 2001                                                                                   A medal for the firemen


 "I see the patriotic people are buying flags and selling their stocks."
      -- rough quote from Bill Maher.

 Good point.
 The super-rich have had a great time in the last ten days.
 Let's say they had a million shares of stock at $20 each = $20 million.
 As soon as the market opened, they sold that.

 The price continues to fall, and when it falls all the way to $10,
 these same super-rich patriots buy back their million shares for $10,
 so they made ten million dollars by making two phone calls.

 No wonder they wanted Bush to win the election.

 War and recession have always been a buyer's market.
 You can get some real "bargains" when your country is laying off
 a million workers and the fire sale prices are ridiculously low.

 They never had this kind of opportunity under Clinton.
 With Clinton, the stocks kept getting more expensive.
 Who can make money when stock prices are zooming upwards?

 Does Colin Powell read  bartcop.com?

 Colin Powell told Tim Russert (R-Cheerleader) that the Bush Administration
 would "release a white paper" detailing the proof we have on bin Laden.

 Can we trust Colin Powell?
 Does he have the authority to promise that paper?
 Will Karl Rove pull rank on Powell and deny the paper's release??

From: dogfolks@cape.com

Subject: Freedom of Facial Expression

Did you hear pigboy today on Hillary's facial expressions during President Bobbing & Weaving's speech?
For a minute, he sounded almost sane because he said "I have no way of knowing what she was thinking",
and then he proceeded to tell us that Hillary's dour countenance, as well as the reasons for it were,
somehow, nefarious and evil. He even suggested that it was because she saw her chances in 2004 melting away.

Then, he proceeded to solicit email about other Dem's facial expressions, and what THEY meant.
I'll bet he's writing to John Ashcroft right now, asking that he set up an office to keep an eye on
people's facial expressions.

Personally, I think Hillary and any body else with a weird expression
might just have been  completely pooped.

Anne, Bingo!
I'll bet Hillary has been working 20-hour days since the 11th.
I'll also bet President Gameboy hasn't missed a scheduled nap.

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September 21, 2001
   by Mark Fitzsimmons

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 Well I won't back down, no I won't back down
 you could stand me up at the gates of hell
 but I won't back down

 Gonna stand my ground, won't be turned around
 and I'll keep this world from draggin' me down
 gonna stand my ground and I won't back down

 Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
 hey I will stand my ground
 and I won't back down

 Well I know what's right, I got just one life
 in a world that keeps on pushin' me around
 but I'll stand my ground and I won't back down

 One From the Heartland
    by  Isaac Peterson

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Do you think, when Barbara Olson's book comes out, they'll edit out
some of the more extra-hateful comments about Bill & Hillary?

Or will they let Barbara further embarrass herself - to make more money?

From: Alex.Mnatsakanov@cendant.com

Subject: Hillary's reaction...


I don't know if you caught it yesterday, but at one point the camera pointed
to Hillary (when the were all clapping), the look on her face was priceless...

It wasn't that poppy dog look that all dems and republicans had, it wasn't that
"we are so happy you are our pResident" look, it was the same look that I had
watching this speech "Holy crap, listen to this dumbass dragging us  into a war,
Bill would've handled this so much better.."

I hope you caught it...


Alex, I missed it, but you did a great job of describing it :)

 The bad timing award goes to a hip-hop group called Coup.
 They thought a good picture for their album would be the WTC blowing up.

 Here's the picture they're not going to use on their November release.

 Full Story

 I just saw a sickening report on Fox News.

 They hid knives and "bombs" on fifteen people and had them go thru
 airport check in proceedures and only one of the 15 was discovered.

 The airport was Logan, in Boston, where two of the planes were hijacked.

 Whenever the security people had a problem, they erred on the side of danger.
 If they couldn't get a suspicious bag open, they said, "Screw it - go on thru."

 Two weeks from today, we hope to wake up in San Francisco.
 At least that's the plan, unless we die getting there.

From: pjohantg@columbus.rr.com

Subject: This is even creepier...

Using the wingding font,

BUSH turns into BUSH

(Things were good, then comes Mr. Born Again Oil Man, and look where we go...)



ha ha

It's so true!


 The Senate has passed a $15 billion relief bill for the airline industry
 struggling in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

 Hey, if we're going to give them $15 billion, let's make it $15.1 billion
 and have them hire some competent security people so Fox News
 can't board 14 out of 15 planes with knives and bombs.

 GOP Deviant Sex Report
 Giordano Says He's Not Guilty of Child Sex Charges

 BRIDGEPORT, CT  -   Jailed Waterbury Mayor Philip Giordano pleaded not guilty to
 federal child sex charges yesterday as new details of the case emerged.

 Giordano has been held without bond since his July 26 arrest. Prosecutors say he
 conspired with a prostitute to gain access to the children cousins ages 9 and 11
  who are the daughter and niece of the hooker.

 Two civil rights counts were added to charges against him, which include the use
 of an interstate facility to entice a minor into sex. If convicted, the 38-year-old
 married father of three could face life in prison.

 The 14-count federal indictment, unsealed yesterday, reveals that the woman arranged
 for drivers to take the girls to the mayor's law office, city hall office and home for sexual
 encounters.  Federal authorities learned of the alleged sexual misconduct while investigating
 allegations of municipal corruption in Waterbury.

The mayor answered with a loud "not guilty" as the charges were read yesterday.
The mayor's co-defendant pleaded the same to a 12-count indictment at a separate arraignment.

Giordano, a Republican serving his third two-year term, agreed last month to surrender
the power and duties of mayor. He will retain the title until his term expires Dec. 31.

Aiming high: the quest for hypersonic speed
 Jane's looks at the toys of ...the future?   Or do we have them right now?

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 US defence officials believe that air-breathing hypersonic propulsion has the potential
 to revolutionise warfare by providing US forces with the ability to take the fight to
 the adversary more quickly, at greater distances, and with greater firepower.

 Missiles powered by supersonic combustion ramjet (scramjet) engines, travelling at four to
 15 times the speed of sound, would vastly improve US capabilities against mobile targets,
 hardened and deeply buried facilities and the adversary's ability in general to deny US forces
 access to a theatre of operations. Likewise, scramjet-equipped strike aircraft based in the USA
 could strike targets globally within several hours and hypersonic transports and reconnaissance
 aircraft could place any destination within timely reach.


From: cbix@home.com

Subject: Barrick Gold... stock up on war news

Just saw that Barrick Gold, part of the Bush Family Evil Empire, and the
pricks that sued The Guardian, is profiting from this Bush war.

Despite the huge plunge in almost all sectors of the market, the only things going up are Defense contractors
and Barrick Gold!  Their stock went up 9% today.(Friday)  Why? The only reason I can figure is that they're
tight with Bush, so they stand to make out like bandits with this sham war.

What the hell do the traders know that we don't? They obviously know that Barrick, as a big buddy
of Bush, is going to make out like a bandit in this  "war" somehow.  It all smells to high heaven!!
Bad Craziness is happening right under our noses under the cover of "war fever" and we
better damn well snap out of it!!


 Catholics are so dangerous

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"The 77-year-old peace activist Philip F. Berrigan was immediately shifted into solitary confinement
 at a federal penitentiary Sept. 11 when terrorists crashed hijacked airliners into the Pentagon and
 World Trade Center. Berrigan was among a number of 'high-profile' inmates segregated from the
 general population in federal prisons across the nation, according to Internet messages received
 Wednesday at Jonah House, the Roman Catholic anti-war community that Berrigan helped found
 in Baltimore nearly 30 years ago." Other "high-profile" inmates include Leonard Peltier and Marilyn Buck.
 Hey guys, the 60's are ancient history - get over it!

From: vnemeth@home.com

Subject: The Impeachment Charade and the Clinton Zipper Hunt

Wonder if this thought hit you like it did me that you no doubt wished other Americans
saw that impeachment charade involving President Clinton as what it possibly was or part of
an attempt by Republicans to hijack American democracy, the popular will and the American
Presidency by first impeaching Bill Clinton then removing him from office and then having
Al Gore take over as President, impeaching him and removing him from office and that more
Americans did what the guys on Flight 93 did and fought back against the whole impeachment charade.


Valerie, if I understand you correctly, yes, I wish the Democrats would fight back.

From: fred@arisart.com

Subject: Dumbya


Just when I think I'm finished writing for the night sumptin' on your page catches my eye.
In this case it was your line, "Why invest in America when its CEO is Weak and Stupid?"

From the beginning of this junta I thought it would be a great idea for someone (with time on
their hands) to use Dumbya's actual resume to apply for a CEO position (or upper level management)
at ALL of the "Fortunate" 500 Co's. Include things like, "In my last position I took my Co. from $6.4
billion in the black down to near $0 in only 5 years." You would have to change a few names to protect
the innocent, maybe anagram G. W. Bush (B. G. Shug, W. S. Bugh, W. G. Hubs, etc.), make known
the criminal past, spice it all up with a mention of powerful connections, mail it and wait.

The responses would probably make for some interesting reading.


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