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Volume 612 - The Bleat Goes On

 October 4, 2001

 VCR Alert - Friends, which had a good premier, is on. Mrs. BC thinks Bruce Willis (R-Violent) is the father
  because the audience squeals when they reveal his identity - and what's up with Joey proposing to Phoebe?
  The always good CSI is on, plus ER contends with a pack of heavy metal roadies.  Do we care?

 I'd like to recognize Brad Pierce (who isn't listed in the phone book) for the hueueueuge contribution.
 There was no note, but I assume it's to go towards JHS's computer.

 Thanks a lot, Brad.

 Today's issue was another short one.
 I had to go to the courthouse and sue three people that pissed me off.
 In my business, there's the easy way and there's the hard way
 and I can't believe how many people would rather do it the hard way.

 The clerk asked if October 31 was a good court date for me.


 I asked if I could wear a costume, she said, "It depends on the judge."
 I asked which judge I was getting and she said she didn't know, the judge was being replaced.
 Perfect - that's all I need is another judge that knows less than I do about the law.

 But hell, since it's Halloween, I'll dye my hair brown, put some age spots on my hands,
 wear a swastika on my sleeve and go as Ted Olson.

 Damn, I forgot a birthday.

 Chuck bin Laden, head of the NRA turned 76 today.
 Take a bow, Moses.

From: jaymarcus@mac.com

Subject: Correction to earlier email...

On West Wing, an analogy was made which compared Islamic Extremists
and Islam with the KKK and Christianity. I think it is important to note that
though the KKK is repulsive to reasonable humans, they are still very well
attended and protected in much of the U.S. (particularly in the south, but
chaptered all over.) Many "Americans" would fight to the death to protect
them if they were ever frontally attacked as well.
J. Marcus


Dude, you're telling me?
I live in Okkklahoma, home of Jungle Jim Inhofe.
BTW, nice page


 "No, ....in the world."
  -- Menachem Begin, when asked if he was the number one terrorist in Israel.

From: pkgrunden@earthlink.net

Subject: Oil war (excerpt)

 Full Story

...I want to know why this war was declared within a week of the announcement that
Chevron and Texaco had been cleared for merger by the Federal Trade Commission.
"ChevronTexaco will have a combined enterprise market value of more than $100 billion,
assets of $83 billion, net proved reserves of 11.5 billion barrels of oil equivalent (BOE),
daily production of 2.7 million BOE and operations throughout the world," boasts the press release of Sept. 7.

Among the global assets counted in the ChevronTexaco merger is a 45 percent interest in 9 billion barrels
of reserves in the Tengiz oil field of Kazakhstan, not very far from Afghanistan. ExxonMobil owns a
25 percent interest in the Tengiz field, bringing total US shares to 70 percent of the recoverable reserves.
The Center for Public Integrity reports the area has been of longstanding interest to Dick Cheney who once
served on the Kazakhstan Oil Advisory Board, along with executives from Chevron and Texaco.

As the reflexes of US power flex toward Central Asia during this national emergency,
I want to be clear about the interests that direct them. If this is an oil war, why don't they tell us?

Our allies tell us Smirk told them last summer he would invade Afghanistan in October.
The WTC attack seems to be more of Smirk's "good luck."
Now they don't have to dummy up an excuse.

Yes, with the Oil Man and the Vice Oil man, it's ALL about oil - always.

No More Death
  by englishstudents@yahoo.com

 Click  Here

 Remember that devisive Napster debate we had about a year ago?
 I lost a bunch of readers over that, some long-time contributors, too.

 I wrote, again and again, "Stealing is wrong but the technology is here, and,
 human nature being what it is, song-swapping can never be stopped."

 Then I'd get swamped with, "But stealing is wrong."

 I'm getting that same tactic with bin Laden.
 "Why do you want to murder innocent women & children?"

 In two days we'll be landing in San Francisco.
 I need this vacation real bad.
 I need this vacation from the computer.

 My goal is to get on that plane before another dove asks me
 why I'm so eager to murder those innocent women and children.

 The Howard Fineman Diet
 Gore loyalists are relieved that Bush is the man
 Read this and you're guaranteed to lose your lunch

 Click  Here

 The idea that a Gore "loyalist" would stab his boss
 in the back is typical Democrat behavior.

 Press Self-Censorship
   by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

        So far the most blatant self-censorship, however, has involved not
military secrets but political ones. A press consortium including the New
York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and CNN has postponed
indefinitely publishing the results of its long-awaited Florida election
recount. Its analysis of some 200,000 disputed ballots from the
presidential election was due out Sept. 17, but Times reporter Richard
Berke explained that the "move might have stoked...partisan tensions" and
"now seems utterly irrelevant." Translation: No point making George W. Bush
look smaller at a time Americans want him to stand tall.

From: derek@NTI4.com

Subject: Americanism means democracy

BC, I keep hearing the same things from the people you call “Doves” over and over.
Yeah, some of them want peace and love with fanatical murderers.
Let’s call them the Stupid Lobby. But most are questioning government actions.

Word has leaked out that Smirk lost Florida by a large margin.
He is an illegitimate and illegal president. That information is being suppressed.
And he wants to start a genocidal war in Afghanistan.
Some of us think he is a Hitler.

Are you saying that we should rally around this un-American creep?

It would seem we have three options:
1. Rally around the weak and stupid un-American creep
2. Wait four (or eight or twelve) years to rally around a legally elected president
3. Forgive and forget because we'll only make them angry

We're at war, and in war you don't always have rosy options.
I've stated (certainly not enough times) that I want to see the proof before the first American
POWs are tortured and killed but we may have to stand behind Weak & Stupid for a while.

If you know of other options, don't hesitate to offer them.

 It's all Jane Fonda's Fault
  by David Hackworth

  Click  Here

A picture of Ted Rall

 I didn't set out to run a picture of Ted Rall, I was trying to catch a screen grab of the
 almost-constant giant purple crawl the K-Drag ABC affiliate is running whenever Bill Maher speaks.

 "The opinions expressed by Bill Maher ARE NOT THE SAME as the opinions of KTUL in Tulsa."

 Wait, there it goes again.

 What horseshit!

 When Jerry Falwell blames liberals, gays and the ACLU for the WTC, they don't run a disclaimer.
 When Tim Russert repeats "Clinton's cock, Clinton's cock," for three years, they don't run a disclaimer.
 When Bob Jones says Catholic priests wear cassocks to hide their tails, they don't run a disclaimer.

 But suddenly Bill Maher is totally radioactive because he misspoke two weeks ago?

 Is September 11th the day Free Speech died?

There's a rumor going around...

 It says that Smirk can't reveal the proof he has against bin Laden
 because much of the proof is dated before September 11th.

 The rumor is we'll never see the proof because it makes Smirk look bad.
 Another free pass - and the press refuses to ask any questions.

 Tom Ridge - Tarnished Star
  There's something screwy about Ridge's Bronze star

  Click  Here

 Like Bob Kerrey, Ridge won his Bronze Star for an operation that seems to have been little more
 than outright murder by ambush which was almost immediately sanitized as an act of heroism.
 Ridge's own account has made the operation seem like a firefight between US troops and regulars
 of the North Vietnamese Army.

 But in fact it appears that on March 30, 1970 Ridge and his squad sneaked up on a group of
 Vietnamese who were having lunch under a tree near the hamlet of Vinh Lac 4 and opened fire on them.
 The subsequent incident report claimed that one 25-30 year old man wearing "a blue uniform" was killed.
 They recovered a rifle, a grenade, US Army ammo pouch and "15 bushels of potatoes and a small amount of rice".
 The report says the lethal shots were fired from the unlikely distance of "500 meters".

Bush and Rumsfeld
 by erniedimicco@yahoo.com

 Click  Here

The West Wing wasn't what I was looking for.

I don't like that out-of-character stuff.
I like pretending the president is not a weak and stupid crook.

I didn't think the show got good until Charlie started talking about the gangs,
but he got cut off a minute later when the president got hungry for apples.

I liked Hillary's explanation of Isaac and Ishmael.
Of course, she was lying because Bill Clinton invented sex in 1998.

It was impressive work - just not what I was hoping for.
I wanted to see Bartlet pounding a desk with his fist.
I wanted to see that Bartlet rage - and why we can't act on it.

...and how does making Leo the bad guy cheer is up?

I know it was a script-writer's trick to make Leo "one of us,"
but why couldn't the over-eager FBI guy be the bigot?

Next week will be regular - should be a home run.

USA Today's Robert Bianco agrees totally.
Click  Here

I missed most of Enterprise  Was it good?

The Angie Harmon-less Show had another depressing night.
It was basically the Bob Kerrey story.

"I shot up a village in Vietnam and I want to give my medals back."

Instead of torture and death and back-stabbing and double-crossing and murder
can't we get some good, old-fashioned hot & nasty sex on the television anymore?

Pacifist Humor
 by Margaret Shemo

 Click  Here

Some mosh pit give & take.

 Happy Birthday to...

     Rachel Lee Cook is 21                        Alicia Silverstone is 25

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 It had everything.

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