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Volume 613 - Checklist

 October 5, 2001

 VCR Alert - Dark Angel, Thieves and Pasadena, which I have't seen yet.   Then Jessica Alba on Leno
  Also, on The Discovery Channel tonight - The Seven Wonders of Las Vegas

 Checklist for vacation to San Francisco:

 1. Locate spirits store in San Fran that carries Chinaco Anejo.
     Beverages & More sells God's sunshine for $44, not a bad price.

 Ok, now that everything has been taken care of, here's the deal:

 We're flying out early in the morning.
 We're going to get to the airport extra early.
 Usually I sit by the window, but tomoro I'll sit by the aisle, up front.

 First thing I'm going to do is get the pillow and a blanket from the
 overhead compartment and have that with me in case Hadji has a knife.

 Last time I flew, I had two bottles of Chinaco in my carry on, but I doubt they'll let
 me on with 'em this time, since they could be broken and used as a very effective weapon.
 I'm a great geographist - I always know where we are and what we're flying over.
 As we get near major cities, I'll be scanning the aisles.
 Swear to Koresh, if Hadji says one word, I'm going Rocky Calmus on him.

 I bought a small red binder notebook to take notes for the Trip Report, so I'll write
 something about Hadji before I take him out. Tell the people digging thru the rubble
 to look for a small, red notebook for details of the dead-ass hijackers.

 Don't think this is some wild-ass hero planning I'm doing.
 I'm just an atheist playing the odds.

The Real American Traitors
    by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 Strong stuff by a good writer and new contributor to  bartcop.com

From: Tony_Walters@bmc.com

Subject: A question about the attack on Afghanistan

First off, let me say I love your site.  Keep up the good work.

You said in the last (Thursday) article that Bush told (our) Allies that we
were going to attack Afghanistan in October, before the September 11th attacks.
Can you give me some sources for that?

No, but it's true.
I'm pretty sure it was in one of those BBC stories or Guardian stories.
Actually, I thought the story was so well known I didn't need to attribute it.

If anyone has that story, could you post it on the forum? (Chat & Post)

Maybe Nick Marlow remembers seeing in in a UK paper...

 From the Associated Press
 October 4, 2001, 5:27 PM EDT

WASHINGTON -- Clearly, President Bush didn't mean it.

Winding up a speech Thursday, Bush said America will be tough and resolute
to defeat terrorists so future generations can live in peace.

 "And there is no doubt in my mind, not one doubt in my mind, that we will fail," the president said.

His audience at the Labor Department did not react.

What a moron.
What an idiot.

"We will fail," says Weak & Stupid

"How Churchillian," the Republicans keep screaming.

That's why Cheney has to pre-approve every word in his script.
He can't be trusted near a microphone or a camera.

He's a moron.
He's an idiot.

But wait, there's more...

From a CBS News story

Asked if he was worried about deficit spending, the president reminded reporters that while campaigning,
he said the only time deficit spending was justified was during a national emergency, recession, or war.
He said all three requirements had been met.

...and all 3 have been caused (at least partially) by himself and his GOP buddies.
It seems he was ready to spend borrowed money before he was even in office.

He's a moron.
He's an idiot.
He was not elected by anybody.
The partisan whore court appointed him against our wishes.

 One of my stalkers, Jolly Roger, has spent a lot of time working up a parody page of  bartcop.com

 Click  Here

 It must've taken him a long, long time, and I'd hate all that work to go to waste, so check it out
 if you want to see what this page would look like if it was written by a crazed ditto-monkey.

 Why I Fired Ann Coulter
   by Jonah Goldberg, son of The Bat

  Click  Here

From: Christopher.Lyman@lawson.com

Subject: Northern Air Lodge

Hey BC!

Remember when you thanked Northern Air Lodge in Ely, Minnesota for supporting Julia Hyatt Steele?
It so happens that my wife and I were thinking of a weekend getaway when we saw that, so we decided
to reward Northern Air's enlightened attitude by booking a cabin there.  Ely is 'way up north, and it won't
be that much fun in mid-October - can't swim in the lake and there's no snow for cross country skiing
- but it's the principle that counts! :-)

You know what Bush's real problem is?  He's a Pretend President.
The best we can hope from him is Pretend Results.

All the best,

Chris, I'll bet you get treated like a king!
Enjoy the solitude.
Listen to the blood running thru your ears.
Shake hands with a moose.
Breathe the fresh air - and no Chris Matthews!!!

When you get back, would you write and tell us about your stay?

 Friends was surprisingly good last night.
 Two funny shows in a row? They must have new writers.

 The only bad news was finding out Ross, a bigger dweeb than Tim Russert, is the father.
 And what a stupid, stupid way to tell us. After teasing us all week about the donor's identity,
 the Don Pardo announcer guy confirms it as the credits rolled.
 That's a really, really stupid way to get a non-laugh.

 The C.S.I. was great, as expected. Nobody killed the comely coed.
 She accidentally fell down the trash chute and ended up getting compacted in the Vegas trash.

 If any C.S.I. people are reading this, you need Tally Briggs on your show.
 But she doesn't want to play a corpse, so let her be the guilty one, OK?

 If you want to see her work, she's on Providence Oct 19th.

From: ElPood@aol.com

Subject: One more thing about San Francisco...

Bartcop -

I forgot to mention one more thing - the Castro Street fair is this Sunday.
If you aren't familiar with it, the Castro is SF's largest gay community.
The fair is always worth at least one look-see.


I'm there!

 Vic the Racist is ragging me about Leon Panetta on Fox News last night.

 He said when asked if Clinton was responsible for thew WTC, Panetta said,
 "Yes, Clinton never took care of business he just worried about politics.
    It's Clinton's fault we're in this mess"

 Now, I know that's just a Vic rumor, but I believe it.
 Panetta never passes up a chance to screw over his old friend, the last elected President.

 Stephanopolous, Dee Dee Myers, Robert Reich, Al Gore - it seems like they all
 just stand in line to wait their turn to push that knife into his back.

 If they have a legitimate beef - why the hell don't they say what it is?

 I sure like this cartoon.

I think we should let it run another day.

 Happy Birthday to...

              Karen Allen is 50                            Josie Bisset is 31                             Barry Switzer is 64

 Barry Switzer, author of the Barry Switzer Factor

 Also, Jose Jimenez is 77
 Larry (3 Stooges) Fine would've been 99 today, same for Ray Croc
 The Head Boomtown Rat is 47

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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