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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 614 - In My Time of Dying

 October 6-13, 2001


 The problems with the server have been fixed, but Friday's issue is on my
 work computer which I can't get to before our flight leaves for California.

 If you didn't have a chance to reach Friday's issue, it was thebest issue in bartcop history!
 If you had a chance to read it, ...sorry, ...it was the best I could do on short notice.

 So we're off to Intelligencia for a week of vacation.
 I need this mental defrag very, very badly.

 But if I die pulling a Rocky Calmus on some suicidal Saudi religio-wacko,

 (That's Rocky in red - sorry to you Seminole fans)

 ...I expect a hundred posthumous tribute pages in my honor.
 I want everybody to distribute my angriest rants against Usuperboy.
 (Of course, if I'm dead, it's not like I'll be in Heaven watching your efforts)

 Remember - tell the recovery people to look for the red notebook.

 Just before I headbutt Hadji to Hell, I'll write my last bartcop.com  issue.
 Perkel knows how to sue the government, so he'll get it & post it.

 ...and, at my funeral, I want Zeppelin's 4/28/77 live version of "In My Time of Dying" played.

If I make it back, I'll post a few seconds of rock's finest night.

If you're looking for some outrage in this week off, check the back issues.
People tell me the issues ending in zero were the best.

So check volumes 90, 120, 230, 340, 450, and 560, etc.

You can get there if you Click  Here

Time for some payback
This is from Volume 540 - Sliman Rules

From: rachael@wnonline.net

Subject: The "liberal" legacy...

We should be grateful to a Colorado high school girl for demonstrating
what America has become in the age of Clinton.

Her story, broadcast on ABC's 20/20, concerned a threatened school slaughter.
hen a male friend confided to her that he was thinking of shooting some classmates,
she told no one about it. After he began to talk about killing her along with others,
she informed on him, which led to his arrest and judicial confinement at his parents' home.
Asked by 20/20's Connie Chung why she had initially remained silent about a possible
massacre of her fellow students, she replied: "I didn't like them. I didn't care if he killed them."

This sort of remark became so familiar during the Clinton years
that we might fail to grasp its true significance.

Before the Clinton era (how long ago that now seems), most Americans seemed to take it for granted
that there were more important things in life than material goods and conveniences.

When our political leaders see morality and honesty in government as a matter of indifference,
is it surprising that young people see the murder of their schoolmates as a matter of indifference?

Peter Sliman

Peter, no, what's surprising is that you don't work for the RNC.
With that kind of major league bungling, I wish you headed the entire Republican party.

You have assigned some nutsac's idiocy to Clinton, because he, (unlike your boy) won two legitimate elections.
You can't do that.
That's a horseshit Rush Limbaugh tactic.

I'm going to remember this issue, Volume 540, as "The Sliman Rules."

Using your rules, anything that happens between now and Smirk's firing in 2004
is his fault personally, and I'm going to hold Smirk to your "rules of blame."

Every mass murder, every baby-killing, every torture slaying in the Bush years is the fault
of Smirk, personally, because he showed them the way with his immoral grab for power.
Those are "The Sliman Rules."

I'm going to make you eat that again and again.


So, using Peter's rules, Weak and Stupid caused the WTC disaster.

Eat it, Peter.
This won't be the last time, either.

 I sure like this cartoon.

I think we should let it run a week.

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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