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Volume 540 - The Sliman Rules

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 "It's our job in congress to turn this economy around."
    -- Denny Hastert, (R-Nevercheatedthatswhyhesspeaker)

  Hey, Dumbass, when the economy was the very best in our history,
  your candidate promised "to take America in a different direction," remember?

 Greens aren't the problem

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 Too brutal for an excerpt.
 Read the whole thing.


Subject: The "liberal" legacy...

We should be grateful to a Colorado high school girl for demonstrating
what America has become in the age of Clinton.

Her story, broadcast on ABC's 20/20, concerned a threatened school slaughter.
hen a male friend confided to her that he was thinking of shooting some classmates,
she told no one about it. After he began to talk about killing her along with others,
she informed on him, which led to his arrest and judicial confinement at his parents' home.
Asked by 20/20's Connie Chung why she had initially remained silent about a possible
massacre of her fellow students, she replied: "I didn't like them. I didn't care if he killed them."

This sort of remark became so familiar during the Clinton years
that we might fail to grasp its true significance.

Before the Clinton era (how long ago that now seems), most Americans seemed to take it for granted
that there were more important things in life than material goods and conveniences.

When our political leaders see morality and honesty in government as a matter of indifference,
is it surprising that young people see the murder of their schoolmates as a matter of indifference?

Peter Sliman

Peter, no, what's surprising is that you don't work for the RNC.
With that kind of major league bungling, I wish you headed the entire Republican party.

You have assigned some nutsac's idiocy to Clinton, because he, (unlike your boy) won two legitimate elections.
You can't do that.
That's a horseshit Rush Limbaugh tactic.

I'm going to remember this issue, Volume 540, as "The Sliman Rules."

Using your rules, anything that happens between now and Smirk's firing in 2004
is his fault personally, and I'm going to hold Smirk to your "rules of blame."

Every mass murder, every baby-killing, every torture slaying in the Bush years is the fault
of Smirk, personally, because he showed them the way with his immoral grab for power.
Those are "The Sliman Rules."

Hell, if nothing else, let's remember that James Byrd was dragged to death under Gov Smirk.
That stuff didn't happen when Ann Richards was governor, so it must've Bush's lack of morals
that made those conservative Republicans murder James Byrd, right Peter?

I'm going to make you eat that again and again.

 Rules of Engagement
     This movie really pissed me off

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 Spoilers, spoilers

 Remember all the crap the GOP gave Clinton for shutting off automobile access to
 the White House via Pennsylvania Avenue, thus limiting people from "America's house,"
 when the Secret Service recommended concrete barricades be put up?

 Pigboy screamed the loudest, saying Clinton needed those barricades
 "because he was so hated by the American public."

 Why hasn't the dignified and honorable president removed these ugly obstacles
 and given the people's house back to them?


Subject: Liberal Press?

Why aren't there any liberal commentators?  Liberals don't own the Media...
In my area of Southern California, we have one radio commentator Michael Jackson.

He is the only liberal radio man on the whole dam radio...I am so sick of Fat Ass Limbaugh..
All he does is say I - me - myself me me.  Can you believe that here in this large area of LA and
Orange County, we don't have any liberal or libertarians on the radio except Michael and in the
afternoon we have Gloria Alred and some dewey conservative, named Mark something.

Another thing I am upset about is why is this Australian Guy Murdock in
charge of the Fox news.  I don't want Australian views on the USA.


Bege, you are correct.
Liberals have perhaps 20 percent of the media.
I don't like to say nice things about Rush the vulgar Pigboy, but at least he's American.

The Republican hate machine is owned by three entities:

Rush, the vulgar lying Nazi Pigboy
Rupert Murdoch, the Australian gossip rag kingpin who hounded Princess Diana to her death
The Moonies (Bush Family Evil Empire) who own the Washington Times

 I couldn't find any "Tiger Woo   is blowing another tournament" stories on Yahoo today.

 Does that mean he's not playing this weekend?


 "The ten commandments of Nikolai Lenin...the guiding principles of communism,
   among them that promises are like pie crust, made to be broken."
     -- Von Reagan, Jan 19, 1983 to reporters.

 Soviet scholars claim that no such commandments exist,
 and point out that Lenin's name was Vladimir.

House Reinstates Clinton Arsenic Rules

The Republican-controlled House voted yesterday to reinstate the tougher standard
for arsenic in drinking water that had been issued by the Clinton administration.
The action was a rebuke to Bush, who suspended the guidelines and ordered a review.

So, that leaves President Stupid the only pro-arsenic politician in Washington.

ha ha

 Have you had a chance to visit the new RFK page?

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 I was surprised at some things I read.

 One more issue remained, one that neither Noguchi, the LAPD, nor the witnesses at the crime scene could
 explain – and one that continues to haunt theorists and historians of the assassination to this day. The shot
 that both Noguchi and the Los Angeles conclude killed Kennedy – the one that entered the back of his
 neck, fragmented upon impact and lodged in his brain stem – was fired so close that it left thick powder
 burns on the skin. Coroner Noguchi estimates (and the LAPD concurs) that the shot was fired at a range
 no more distant than one-and-a-half inches. Yet, according to all witnesses, Sirhan Sirhan shot in front of
 Kennedy and, as far as anyone knew, the senator never had the chance to turn his back towards his hunter.

 Even though Noguchi remained tight-lipped and diplomatic at the time, in his biography that he penned a
 decade later – entitled Coroner -- he wrote, "Until more is precisely known…the existence of a second
 gunman remains a possibility. Thus, I have never said that Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy."


 "The Republicans stroke platitudes until they purr like epigrams."
     -- Adlai Stevenson, before he died.

From: Isaac Peterson

On August 2nd, Vince Bugliosi will be speaking and autographing copies of
The Betrayal of America at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland California.

There will probably be a question and answer period afterwards,
so you have a chance of getting to talk to Vince. Also attending will
be the lovely Tally Briggs, James Higdon and Isaac Peterson.

Grand Lake Theater is at 3200 Grand Ave. in Oakland and the event begins
at 7 P.M. Ticket information is available by calling the theater at 510-452-3556.

 Did you know?

 This leader has been cited in the history books as a progressive leader but in fact
 was a white supremacist who personally vetoed a clause on racial equality in the
 Covenant of the League of Nations. He also used his power as president to segregate
 the federal government. He closed the Democratic Party to African Americans for more
 than two decades, and attempted to curtail civil rights for blacks though a legislative
 program that Congress refused to pass.

 Answer: Woodrow Wilson

"Successful" test of the missile defense was a sham

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"A U.S. anti-missile weapon was able to destroy a test warhead in space on July 14 partly because
 a beacon on the target signaled its location during much of the flight, defense officials said on Friday.
 The officials confirmed a report by Defense Week that the ''hit-to-kill'' weapon was guided to the
 vicinity of the speeding warhead high over the Pacific Ocean by signals from the electronic beacon
 in a successful, highly publicized test."

 So, if we can just get China & Russia to install homing beacons on the missles they fire at us
 our silly-ass "Star Wars" thing might work?

 Good thinking, Smirky.

 Barbara Ann

 Sadly, it's the last weekend this year for great corn.
 By next weekend, the corn will look like (shudder) Kroger corn.

 On the way back from getting the year's last corn, I heard Barbara Ann on the radio.
 That was a big song from The Beach Boys - but do you know it's place in history?
 (I know you yonger and hipper readers are saying,  "We never heard of that song, Grandpa!"
 so I'll tell you a little bit about it.

 The song goes "Ba ba ba - ba ba bra Ann,  Ba ba ba - ba ba bra Ann,"
 which sounds a whole lot like "Bomb, bomb, bomb, Bomb bomb Iran."

 Twenty one years ago this summer, Carter was president and Iran held our people hostage.
 Carter's second priority was the lives of those hostages.
 His first priority was the dignity of the United States of America.

 I think the hostages were taken Nov 4, 1999 (I need a staff).
 By the summer of 1980, Iran wanted to get rid of the hostages almost as much as Carter
 wanted them to come home. Several times, Carter and his staff were close to making a deal
 to get them released. Whatever deal Carter was preparing to make, he was America's elected
 leader and the deal was his to make.

 Meanwhile, the Bush Family Evil Empire was plotting against our government.
 Former head spook George Herbert Herbert Bush and future head spook Bill Casey sent
 word thru those back channels that old money always has, and made Iran a better, secret deal.

 If Iran would hold those hostages until after the election, they could get a much higher bounty.
 By teaming up with Reagan & Bush and holding the hostages longer, they'd be able
 to buy stolen weapons from the future - Stinger missles - from the United States.

 At the time, Iran was at war with Iraq, and this hostage mess was more than Iran wanted,
 but they made that illegal deal and Reagan and Bush rode that dishonest sham into the White House.

 Now - do you know how Reagan got the nicknames "Cowboy" and "Mad Bomber?"

 Every speech Ronald Reagan gave that summer had this phrase:
 "When I'm president, we're not going to have this hostage problem, anymore,"
 which is code for "I'll bomb Iran into the Stone Age the minute I'm sworn in."
 Americans were tired of being jerked around by a religiously insane country, and many people
 wanted a tough man to get in there and do the job.

 Reagan promised he'd handle it like John Wayne,
 but in real life he handled it like Benedict fucking Arnold.

 After a full year of "Bomb bomb Iran," Reagan and Bush turned pussy and sold us out to get elected.

 Can you believe Reagan and Bush?
 Can you believe the gall of those lying sons of bitches?

 Reagan and Bush were playing the mad-bomber card while illegally making a secret deal
 with the enemy to sell them stolen weapons from the futire.  Then they stonewalled, lied and
 eventually pardoned their way out of having to face up to their crimes to the American people


 ...and they call Bill Clinton a liar?

 What's happened to Jesse Ventura?

 I haven't heard a word about him since the XFL folded.
 He's still governor, right?

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Condit's Wife's furious phone call with Chandra

The NATIONAL ENQUIRER says Condit's wife attacked Chandra days before
her disappearance after a furious phone call between the two.

A call between Carolyn Condit and Chandra has been discovered in which Chandra told
the wife that Gary Condit was going to dump her, and start a new life with Levy.

"Investigators got phone records that show a phone call from Condit's home in California to his
apartment in Washington that was over five minutes long. Condit said that he did not talk to his
wife during that phone call because he wasn't in the apartment at the time."

Gary Condit is said to have become enraged that Levy broke a cardinal rule of his and picked up
the phone at his D.C. apartment, and confronted his wife over the encounter.

Investigators have pieced together that Chandra was at Condit's apartment at the time and saw
on the Caller ID that an incoming call was coming from Condit's California home and that
Chandra boldly picked up the receiver and that a 'blow-up phone call' ensued.

It was after that call, apparently, that Carolyn Condit took off for Washington on April 28.

Detectives now want to give Condit's wife a lie detector test because, according to a Justice
Dept source, she is "now being looked at as a key to the whole investigation."
Carolyn Condit has refused to take the exam.

Bill Clinton Greets Well-Wishers in New York

Former President Clinton greets well-wishers waving at him from an upper window
as he walks on 125th Street in the Harlem neighborhood of New York, near his office.
Clinton moves into his office this week. Starting July 30, Clinton will work in Harlem
whenever he's not traveling, spokeswoman Julia Payne said.

How do crowds react to the unelected boy king?

Oh, God, why do you punish us this way?

Condit Fire Sale
 Shemo vs BartCop

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 Blaming Clinton for Chandra
  Conservatives are using Condit to renew their attacks on Clinton.
  The Democrats' refusal to speak up has made the job much easier.

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 Take one-time Dan Burton aide Barbara Olson. In her now-regular slot on "Larry King Live,"
 Olson can scarcely find a thread of the Condit saga that doesn't remind her of similar misdeeds
 practiced by the odious former president.

 The Condit team's character assassination of Chandra Levy? Just like Bill Clinton.
 "We have seen this before, the character assassination. We went through this with Bill Clinton."
 Condit's creepy pasted-on smile? "The television cameras really do show you something about people.
 You can see into hypocrisy. You can see a lot through a television camera -- we saw that with Bill Clinton."
 Condit aide Mike Dayton helping arrange trysts for his boss? Been there, done that.
 "This is a very sad déjà vu," Olson said Thursday night, "to what we had with Clinton and the troopers."

 Will the Democrats ever remember how to stand up and fight?

 Planet of the Apes


 Moynihan Plays Patsy for Bush’s Pension Plan
  by Joe Conason

 Click  Here

 In other words, Mr. Bush and, by extension, his pliant friend Mr. Moynihan are mounting
 a kind of fraud. Under one shell is Social Security, supposedly going bankrupt according
 to one set of macroeconomic forecasts; under another shell is the tax cut, supposedly
 prudent and affordable according to another, virtually opposite set of numbers.
 Simply put, both cannot be true.

 I just heard Jack's interview with C-Span

 Y'all know Jack over at  right?

 You can see/hear it at
 Once you get there, you can drag the cursor to 27 minutes - that's where he starts.

 Thanks for the mention, Jack!

 A bunch of people beat up the Whore Street Journal for having the opinion
 that the people who protest Weak & Stupid's stupidity deserve to be shot in the head.

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 Boy, those guys earn their name every day...

 The New and Improved New World Order
  by RB Ham

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Subject: My non tax refund

Dear BC,

I was highly incensed, but not altogether surprised, to get a letter from the
IRS which stated that I would not be receiving a tax refund.
I knew in my heart it was a ploy, and this just proves it.

However, as I read the e-mails from your readers who also say they won't be getting a refund,
I started to wonder about a conspiracy.
How'd they know I was planning to send you some of my big bucks?
(And and the spca, too, just for the record.)

If "they" keep us from re-allocating ALL THAT $$$ (whew, it's just a HUUUEUEUGE amount, right?)
because "they" figured out we intended to send it to folks like you, it could DEFINITELY be a conspiracy.
I'll have to find out if my religious right wingnut dad and brother got THEIR refunds.

Your fan,

Sofie, the CIA can do anything they want,
kinda like Smirk's wild daughters.

 Letter to Barbara Olson

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