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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 616 - This Isn't Baseball

 October 16, 2001

  VCR Alert  Smallville on the WB, the last Boat Load o Whores, and ...Frasier?


 "There is America, full of fear from its north to its south,
    from its east to its west. Thank God for that."
     --The other unelected oil man, Osama

 Hey, asshole, it's real easy to hide in your Afghani cave and call the Americans flying commercial jets "fearful."
 If you want to experience real fear, visit Oklahoma and we'll show you a whole new level.

 By the way, Liceboy, all this whining about how bad we're hurting the starving Afghanis?
 You knew we were going to strike back, but you did it anyway.

 How do you explain that to the other Muslims?

 What's wrong with this picture?

 "Give me your dollars so my oil pals can give me millions."

 Bush congratulates the school children for mowing lawns and donating their hard-earned dollars
 to the Red Cross while he is still sitting on his $150M campaign war chest.

 Will Bush sacrifice any of it like the hard-working school kids?
 Will he do what he's asking these children to do?

 Why does Bush need a $150M campaign war chest?

 He tells us that he's changed the tone and has united America behind him,
 so why is he asking children to sacrifice while he sits on his $150M campaign war chest??

The Bush Family Evil Empire cannot be trusted.

 Taliban: U.S. Bombs Hit Kabul Red Cross


 Remember when our fighting men bombed the Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia?
 Remember how Pigboy and the whore media insisted it was because Bill Clinton
 was a bungling screw-up and should be held personally responsible?

 I choose not to go there.

Muslim allies break ranks with US
 Muslim allies Saudi Arabia and Pakistan break ranks with US over bombing

 Click  Here

 Smirk, you're going to screw this up like everything else you've ever touched, right?
 Oh, well, if we have a full scale World War - at least the price of oil will rise.

 The Yankees vs the Braves
  An angry rant by BartCop

 Click  Here

 Baseball as sport no longer exists.
 Baseball has become another whore - like the news media.

 The Yankees have already won, just like last year and the year before.
 It has already been decided.
 It's in the script.
 The trick is making it look like a different outcome is possible.

From: twright@ziplink.net

Subject: a W program that doesn't put $ into the hands of the rich

Instead it generates a White House slush fund!

Yes, that $1 children's fund.
1.  It's all cash.
2.  It's all coming to the White House.
3.  There will be no accountability.

I don't think it's going to W's rich friends. It might even go to the people of Afghanistan.
But, I'll bet a quarter that some of it gets used for covert operations somewhere.


 Chilling details from the flight recorders on Sept 11th.

 Click  Here

 Cutting through the background noise in the cockpit of Flight 93, the crew would have heard the sound
 of an electronic "ping" like one that might announce the arrival of e-mail message on a home computer.
 It was a text message coming by radio, from a flight dispatcher near Chicago.
 In green letters on a black background, it said, "Beware, cockpit intrusion."


 "You know, if you find a person that you've never seen before
    getting in a crop-duster that doesn't belong to you, report it."
    -- The stupidest man in 225 years of presidential history

 Hey, Loser!
 There are NO crop-dusters that "belong to me," so that means
 ANYONE that I see in a crop-duster should be reported?

 Uncle Dick didn't write that idiotic statement, did he?
 No, Smirky, you went off-script and you sounded like a total moron.
 Eyes on the ball, George, eyes on the ball!

 I'll bet Mr. Rove was furious.

 Hueueueuege Concert this Saturday
  VH-1 says there will be no repeats

  McCartney, Jagger, Clapton, The Who, Elton John and Bono
   (The English?   That means this will rock!)

 Click  Here   for the full story

From: dmc85388@pegasus.cc.ucf.edu

Subject: reason why Rush is going deaf

According to Jerry Falwell, the WTC was bombed because we are homo, heinous people,
and God was fed up.  Well why doesn't he apply this logic to the Rush situation:

Rush is going deaf because he is a heinous liar and evil doer, and God is fed up.
Makes sense!  Would like to hear Jerry comment on my logic.


 Here's the audio of Pigboy on Mediawhoresonline.com


  Rush plugs MWO

 Click  Here

 Very short, only 129K


 "Media Whores Online - you ever heard of that one?   ...I haven't either."
     --Rush with the funniest line of the new millenium.

  ha ha

 You can't write comedy that real.

 The Wisdom of Ann Coulter
      from the Washington Monthly

 "I'll do anything for free fries"

 Click  Here

 "If you don't hate Clinton and the people who labored to keep him in office, you don't love your country."
    ---George Magazine, 7/99


That swarthy, unsavory-looking man fidgeting in the seat next to you is probably an air marshal.
    -Ironic Times, 10/8/2001


 I'm flooded with ditto-monkeys saying my liberalmedia rant is all nonsense.
 It's unusual to get this much mail about a months-old rant.

 Is this blowback from JQ's mention on El Pigbo's show yesterday?
 I think it is.
 She wrote and said she was getting slammed by Monkey Mail.

 She graciously lists her site as being "in association with  bartcop.com"

 (kicks dirt...)
 I remember when she was just starting out...

 Challenge Mail
  Koresh help me, I love the challenge mail

 Click  Here

Toon by the Wizard of Whimsy


"Though neither I nor anyone can tell you there will not be another terrorist attack
  on U.S. soil, it will be all right. They still can't win unless we give them permission.
  We are not about to give them permission."
    --Bill Clinton, America's last elected leader

 Click  Here


 "You can call this the bin Laden Economy."
    -- Karl Rove's script for our economic mess.

But, Karl, how was the econony before September 11th?


Sure, bin Laden had an impact, and it's a bigger boom to the Dubya myth
than John Hinckley's donation to the Reagan myth.

Julie Hiatt Steele's Mail Bag

Click  Here

From: Bernie

Subject: It is all my fault!


It is all my fault!!!!!!
Rush says he started going deaf in May.
That is the exact time that I got in my legendary "Mega Bartcop Dittoes, Pigboy" call.

I think what happened was the hearing of the name "Bartcop" started the famous "Bartcop Hex".
Next thing you know the pigboy is deaf and dumb. I think Rush knows this and I must admit
I still fear for my life from the ditto-monkeys so don't print my e-mail address. Ha, ha.


 Have you been to  lately?

 Marty has tons of stuff over there.
 Bob Dylan,
 'Who Said It?' - was it Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or bin Laden?
 Brian Wilson,
 Elton & Bono join the big NY concert on 10/20
 plus WHO'S GOING TO HELL THIS WEEK?, a personal favorite by Michael Dare,

 ...and tons more!

 Speaking of Entertainment news - what's happened to Frasier this year?
 The first show was pretty bad, trying to find out what makes Frasier tick
 instead of giving us some comedy.
 Then I missed the second show (can't find the tape)
 The third show was just awful, and when has a Frasier ever been just awful?

 It was about how Frasier's Dad was shot years ago.
 Who gives a flying fig about why his Dad is sad, deep down?
 This is supposed to be a COMEDY show, guys.

 Need some help?

 When the former funniest show on TV needs help from The Treehouse Kid,
 you know things are looking reeeeeeealy bad.

 Smirk May Expel Brit Widowed by bin Laden
  "She has no oil, so what good is she?"

 Full Story

 A British mother widowed by the World Trade Centre terrorism is being threatened
 with deportation from America as an illegal alien.

 Deena Gilbey, 37, lost her husband, Paul, in the inferno of the south tower on September 11,
 and with him, according to the INS, she lost her right to live in the United States.

 That George Bush is a compassionate son of a bitch, isn't he?


 "Have you seen bin Laden on T.V. with his fancy Rolex watch?
   Why does this guy need a watch? He lives in a cave! A cave!
   It's either night or it's day. He lives in a cave!
   We'll see how well that Timex works when it's hit by a cruise missile."
     -- Dave

New Solutions for an Old War
  by William Rivers Pitt

 Click  Here

NJ Governor Demands Dr. Laura Apologize

Acting Gov. Don DiFrancesco has demanded an apology from radio hag
Dr. Laura Schlessinger for suggesting that New Jersey be handed over to terrorists.

The Unloved made the remark during an Oct. 1 broadcast in answer to a listener's question
about responding to terrorists' demands, according to the acting governor.

DiFrancesco sent a letter to The Unloved on Friday demanding an apology for what he called
"a crude and inappropriate comment"

"If you were in touch with the general public, you would know that nearly 40 percent of the employees
 in the World Trade Center lived in New Jersey and nearly 1,000 New Jerseyans are missing," DiFrancesco wrote.

Asked what to do about terrorists' demands, Laura said: "You can try giving them New Jersey."

 The Worried Shrimp's Link List

 Click  Here


 "We are getting more and more insight into the life of Osama bin Laden.
   Today the Saudi ambassador said that bin Laden had an unhappy childhood.
   You think his childhood was unhappy, wait 'til we deliver his mid-life crisis."
      -- Jay Leno

 None that Matter
  by Cokie Roberts, the stupidest whore in Washington

 Click  Here  ...and bring your barf bag.

From: imk-01@home.com

Subject: Rush's deafness

Hello Bartcop,
I have another theory about Rush's deafness.

In a few months or so, I predict that Rush is going to really find God, having all this time prayed andread
the Bible with one of the right wing's major religious figures, and in the process, his hearing suddenly becomes
miraculously healed. As a result, his listeners become even more convinced that Rush speaks for God.

What do you think? Could they really do this?

Ilkka Kokkarinen
Mississauga, ON

Sure, and Cokie, Sean, Rush and Laura will swear on the lives of their children
that God intervened to show that He loves Rush Limbaugh and wants him to lead us.

Hey, Bush's CIA boys can arrange this...


 If you, the reader, take one thing away from  bartcop.com  take this:

 The American press is not here to be fair.
 The American press is not here to tell the truth.
 The American press is not here to report the facts.
 The American press is not here to do the right thing.
 The American press is not here to provide a public service.
 The American press is not here to be a paradigm of honesty.
 The American press is not here to help checks and balances.
 The American press is not here to explain the issues of the day.
 The American press is not here to be the citizen's watchdog in Washington.

 The American press exists to make money, like a crack whore.
 That's the only reason they exist.

 Right now, the Bush-truth story won't sell any papers for them,
 but the Clinton-did-it stories sell faster than Cokie Roberts.

 Remember those invisible flying warships I mentioned seeing at Area 51?
 I finally got a picture, it was really hard to get this smuggled out.

 We're at war, and loose lips and all,
 so you didn't get this from me, OK?

  Thanks to Mike C for the smuggle job

From: mikegalos@email.msn.com

Subject: Has Bush ever proposed anything that didn't
            enrich his friends and campaign contributors?

All through the campaign.
Of course, none of those proposals will ever be heard of again.

...I stand corrected.

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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