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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 615 - A Hampster Too Far

 October 15, 2001


 "We are starting to learn more about Osama bin Laden.
   He is married to the daughter of a guy named Mullah Muhammed Omar.
   I think her name is Tiffany Omar. Insiders say that the marriage is not working out.
   Apparently they are living in separate caves."
    -- Dave

Voice of the Right can hear no evil
 How the Brits see the vulgar Pigboy

 Click  Here

From: LCarr96624@aol.com

Subject: (no subject)

You are a nut if I ever read after one........

...badge of honor, Dude.

 Mediawhoresonline.com  just got a mention from the vulgar Pigboy!

 Forty minutes into Monday's final hour.
 He even spelled it out.

 Congrats to JQ!

From: mahauck@mailbox.bellatlantic.net

Subject: Like shooting fish in a barrel

Christ, you make it too easy, bartcop. Exhibit B consists of every print journalist that works for
Knight Ridder, Gannett, the NYT, the AP, etc.  that collectively, outweigh your Exhibit A by a mile.
I'd thrown in Tom Brokaw, Dan Blather, Peter Perfect Jennings, , etc. into Exhibit B as very influential
and visible liberal media pundits.  A few years ago a poll was taken among those working in the
mass media and it was revealed that 70%  voted for Democratic candidates.

I think, like so much talk radio, you bring up points simply to stir responses, or, you're just clueless and
ignorant of the obvious. I mean  really, Eleanor Clift and Geraldo as the only liberal TV reporters?
Are you  kidding?

Anthony, you have failed.
You were asked to make a list.
It's silly to think that saying "everybody" is the same as making a list.

If those people were all Clinton supporters, there would've been no Monica "scandal," right?

Remember, all this time, Newt was screwing his secretary and every journalist knew it and I'm sure
because I knew it and printed it on this page in 1998 and I'm in Oklahoma. Those hundreds/thousands
of reporters kept that secret quiet so they could go 24/7 on Clinton. Can't you see that?

Try again.
I'll print it if it makes half-sense.

...and thanks for reading  bartcop.com


 Has Bush proposed any programs that didn't put big money in the pockets of his rich friends?
 Let's make a list:

 1. The tax cut for the super-rich.
 2. The useless Star Wars program that would make his arms-dealing friends super-rich.
 3. Drilling in Alaska.
 4. Beefing up the military (In every way but higher wages for the grunts)

 Has Bush ever proposed anything that didn't enrich his friends and campaign contributors?

 If you know of something, BartCop.

From: kratliff@cimnetsys.com

Subject: Which is it?

Do you want to hear from those who disagree with you or would you like to be proven wrong.
You seem to have some issues with name calling.
Doesn't sound like you really want anyone to disagree with you, you would probably just call them names.

Have a nice day.

Kevin, maybe you're new here (that's not name-calling) but I've been looking for debate partners
for about eight years.   Yes, yes, yes - I would like to be proven wrong - on LOTS of issues.

Are you that guy who can do it?
Send me something that shows where I'm wrong - please.

Put "Challenge" in the header so I'll see it, OK?

Last thing, you've probably never read the transcripts of recent debates, but you can  Click Here
 or Here  or Here to verify there's only friendly name calling during the debates.


 "Carry on" luggage should be carried on.
 We saw people dragging on these hueueueueuege bags with wheels and rollers and extended handles.

 And I don't know how kid stuff works, but strollers on the plane?
 We saw people with, (swear to Koresh) go cart-sized strollers, some with four wheels
 and some with three that looked like mini-motorcycles. A smart hijacker could sharpen
 the steel rods in those strollers and make an effective four-foot spear. I don't like it.
 If you need to take those screaming kids on vacation - rent a car.

 When we fly, the only thing we carry on is her purse and a little bag with cell phones,
 cameras, prescriptions that would be difficult to replace and that kind of thing.

 The lines were hours-long at both airports, and that's partly because they're scrutinizing
 carry-on luggage more than they used to.

From: Dan Calabia

Subject: "Prove me wrong"

Hi schmuck,
Do you know what eyes, ears and intelligence are all about?
Oh, sorry, I didn't realize you are only an anal orifice.
But hey, you can still hold on to whatever tries to escape.
I'm glad to see that virtually anyone in America can get him/herself on a website
and make a complete idiotic ass of him/herself.  Only in America.
Have a nice day - if that's possible where the sun never shines.

Dan, let me get this straight:
You saw a challenge I posted to "prove me wrong," and you thought
that meant I wanted to hear from a foul-mouthed ditto-monkey?

Perhaps you could show whatever it was you read to an older person
and have them explain what the word "challenge" means...

From: tomlynch@bellatlantic.net

Subject: El Pigbo's Deafness


I think you overlooked one potential possibility for El Pigbo's reported deafness.

After listening to him over the last week, I can't help but think that the guy sounds drunk on the air.
He reminds me of a guy I used to work with who was taking large doses of Vicodin for his back pain.
This guy used to have a sharp mind, but after several months of popping Vicodin like they were Pez,
his mind turned to mush.  He was unable to focus or think clearly, and his speech was sometimes slurred
and incoherent, just like Rush.

Anyway, here is the kicker....   Vicodin abuse can lead to sudden and dramatic hearing loss.
Here is a link to a LA Times article which details this link:   Click  Here

So my theory is that Rush got hooked on Vicodin (probably due to a painful cyst on his backside)
and this is what has caused him to go deaf.  It would also explain why he is so reluctant to talk about
what the doctors think is behind his condition.  He doesn't want to admit that he has an addiction.

Tom L

Tom, of course, I can't guarantee I'm exactly right about the Goat Sexer,
but the point is you can't believe the whore media, and you certainly can't believe Pigboy.

 A crazed ditto-monkey wrote to Julie Hiatt Steele
 She set him straight.

 Click  Here

 Don't miss this.

 Why would anybody think Rush is going deaf?

 I don't consider myself a teacher (how could I with an IQ of 64?) but I'm struck
 by how often people, in the post-Clinton age, can believe what they hear from the media.

 Worse than the media, this "story" came from the vulgar Pigboy, a known lying Nazi whore.
 I'd think regular readers would see a report like that and think, "I wonder if that's true?"

 Why on Earth would anybody assign any validity to his claim?

 Rush has made hundreds of millions of dollars by telling the most outrageous lies.
 The reason his audience is bigger than say, Gordon Liddy or Ollie North is that Rush has
 no shame at all and will say anything to get a reaction from Damp Rid-buying ditto-monkeys.

 That's how we got "Chelsea is the White House dog" and "Hillary murdered Vince Foster."
 Rush has the "courage" to say outrageous hoseshit like that - that's why the church-going, Cro-Mag
 "Christians" love him so much, because his personal slurs are so much more vicious than his competition.

 The truth is Rush has parlayed his Porky Pig with Tourettes act in a mountain of cash,
 but he's never been anything more than Johnny One Note with his "Clinton is the anti-Christ" bit.
 Since Clinton is no longer good for three hours a day of pent-up bile from America's premier secular charlatan,
 it's my guess Rush has chosen to retire and is using this horseshit deafness excuse as a cover for bailing out.

 He recently said he started going deaf in May, yet he signed that phoney $280M contract in July.
 If his deafness was real, and if that phoney contract was real, he could be indicted for fraud,
 assuming the local prosecutor wasn't a full-blown ditto-monkey.

 Here's what I think is going on:
 The vulgar Pigboy wants out of radio because his act has gone stale and Gephardt and Dashle just
 haven't had Clinton's success so they're just not worthy of three hours of fabricated hate every day.

 So, how does Rush get out of this without confessing he's Johnny One Note?
 He huddles with Premier or Clear Channel, whoever he has the contract with, (I need a staff) and has them
 draft a contract for $280M that has a stipulation that either party can get out on 30 days notice if Rush fails
 to TRIPLE their after-tax revenue.

 See how easy that was?

 His broadcasting company agrees to sign the contract because how can they miss?
 If Rush fails to TRIPLE their after-tax income, they don't have to pay him.

 Meanwhile, Rush gets to play the victim with his "disability," and shills like Hannity, Gingrich, Harvey and
 Laura the Unloved get to go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and  on and on about how "brave"
 Rush is, and what a "fighter" Rush is but, in the end, his valiant efforts could no longer sustain his show on the
 air so the vulgar Pigboy goes out the hero.

 Gag me.

 C'mon, it took me less than 60 seconds to think of a scenario where Rush gets to claim the biggest
 radio contract in history (one that never had any intention of being paid) while the remaining right-wing
 harlots praise his "greatness" as they compete for his soon to be cut-loose ditto-monkeys.

 Johnny One Note's career is over, and he's getting out prior to the fall. And to insulate himself from
 the Johnny One Note charge, he gets to claim, "Just before I was stricken with this terrible affliction,
 I had just signed the biggest radio contract in history and I was just beginning my meteoric rise
 to greater heights than even I, the Great El Pigbo, could have ever imagined."

 ...and everybody fell for it?

 Well, almost everybody...

From: frances@taconic.net

Subject: Hillary

Hi Bartcop,

Just wanted to tell you, I had brunch with Senator Hillary today.
There were two or three hundred of us and she went from table to table and spoke to almost every one of us.
That is, every one of us Columbia County Democrats -- she is our senator, you know.  Forgive me for bragging.

If you have never been in the same room with Senator Hillary, you are in for a rare treat when she runs for president,
because I am sure she will visit you then.  She sparkles and spoke to us brilliantly for over a half hour without notes.
Can you believe that, she never looked down at notes?  Won't that be great when she becomes president?

I just had to tell somebody.

Welcome back,  we missed you.


Frances, thanks, and you were right to "brag."
If I ever get to meet wither of the Clintons I'll never shut up about it.

And yes, unlike the illegal fraud-moron who stole his way to power
with the help of his daddy's rich friends and the spooks at the CIA,
(who seem much more competent fixing elections than catching terrorists)
the next President Clinton won't need Dick Cheney to write her scripts.

 According to USA Today, one of the most likely causes of sudden deafness is advanced syphillis.

 I guess that explains the hearing aid Clarence "Slappy" Thomas has been wearing?

 Dittoheads take Wisconsin

  Click  Here


 "It's hard to do regular comedy right now because,
  ...you know, ...Bush is smart now."
   -- Jay Leno

 Wrong, Jay.
 Maybe NBC's sponsors don't want you telling the truth,
 but Bush seems to be getting stupider as every day goes by.
 He seems to be growing out of the job he never could do in the first place.

 GOP: Help campaign contributors first, then safety

 Republicans refuse to give Americans the kind of airport security that all of Europe
 and Israel have because they believe more federal workers might end up voting Democratic.
 And there will be no overpaid managers and directors to contribute to their campaigns.

 The House economic stimulus package is loaded with more pork for their fat cat contributors
 but you won't find any stimulus so ordinary workers can get the economy moving again.

 These campaign contributions will then be used to attack the patriotism of jobless Americans
 and the party that speaks for them.

 ...and to point fingers of blame at the Clinton Administration to help hide the fact that the FBI
 spent the last nine years chasing Clinton's zipper instead of rooting out terrorists.

 With this gang of thugs, it's not about helping the country.
 It's about more power for the Bush Family Evil Empire.

 These are the facts, and you heard those facts at  bartcop.com

From: dpingum@yahoo.com

Subject: Hijacked Stem Cells

So President Mensa & gang say they're OK with shooting down
a hijacked jet full of innocent civilians in order to save more lives on the ground.
Horrible, but I guess it makes sense.

So why, then, is it "immoral" to use fetal stem cells in research to save countless lives?
And, as a point of further distinction, unlike the poor passengers in the example above,

Yet another example of inconsistent Conservative moralist "logic" tripping over itself.


Dewey, it's a church thing.
As long as we ignore science and logic to appease invisible ghosts - we're in trouble.

Thinking Out Of The Box
  by RB Ham

 Click  Here


 Marc Perkel set me up with new technology,
 so I may be back in the cartoon business.


 "I wish I had been more forceful arguing my opinion but the White House beat me out."
     -- Caspar Weinberger, saying the blame for the 220 Marine deaths in the barracks
         in Beruit lies squarely with Reagan's political planners and not him.

Note: Weinberger and the Joint Chiefs wanted our Marines living on their ships,
           where they could be protected, but Reagan and his political "geniuses"
           overruled common sense because they thought it would be "symbolic,"
           if the Marines stayed in town where they were eventually killed by a truck bomb.

           If Bill Clinton had made a mistake that killed 220 Marines, Rush and Fox News
           would dedicate an hour of every day to "Clinton's bungling," for the rest of their lives.
           But once again, we see that Americans would rather their sons and daughters
           die under Reagan/Bush than come home under Clinton.

It seems obvious to me
 by Jeff Crook

 Click  Here

 Wouldn't it be easy to install software in all commercial jets that would send
 a silent signal to the air traffic controllers if the plane went radically off course?

 Meet the Press moment

 Former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto, told Russert that she warned Bush Sr. not to support the Taliban.
 She warned Bush that doing so would create a monster that would someday turn on America.

 Did Bush listen?
 No, he was looking for short-term political advantage so he funded the Taliban and bin Laden,
 just like he and Uncle Senile funded Saddam, Noriega and supllied weapons to Islamic Jihad.

 The Bush Family Evil Empire didn't mind sacrificing long-term National Security
 because it meant a little more money and personal power to promote their agenda.

 ...but oh, if Clinton has oral sex the Constitution is under attack?


"You know, if you find a person that you've never seen before
  getting in a crop-duster that doesn't belong to you, report it...."
   -- The most stupid man in America, the appointed moron.

 But, Mr. President - since I don't know ANYONE who owns a crop duster,
 any man getting into a crop duster is a terrorist who should be reported?

 ...this idiot couldn't run a shake machine at McDonalds.

 Trip Report
   by BartCop and Mrs. BartCop

  Click  Here  for Part One

 You want to see the most intricate crop circle yet?

 Click  Here


"I'll tell you this - things were really much better when the mob ran this town.
  They took care of their employees, everyone made money and everyone was happy.
  Back then, the place was one big happy family."
   -- Margie, a blackjack dealer just laid off from her Vegas job.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,  bartcop.com
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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