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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 618 - A Cup of Coffee

 October 18, 2001

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  By the way, I think tomorrow is when our own Tally Briggs is on Providence.
  Will she be wearing the  bartcop.com  t-shirt and win the car?  Tune in and see... 

 I see where President Weak & Stupid is in China.

 Is he there to apologize again for our plane landing without permission?

 Tell me he left the checkbook here...


Planned Parenthood Offices Nationwide Receive
Envelopes Containing Unknown White Powder
Law Enforcement Agents are Testing Letters For Traces of Anthrax

Yep, our domestic Taliban is guilty of this latest round of terrorism.
These are white-power, ditto-monkey, religiously insane tobacco whores.
These Republican clinic bombers have been murdering people for years,
with the consent of the GOP and organized religion.

Three Arguments Against the War
by Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

1. The policy of bombing increases the risk of further terrorism against the United States.
    This is an uncontested claim.

 Y'know, it's rare when someone destroys all their credibility in the first two sentences.
 I'll contest the hell out of that horseshit.
 To proclaim your dovey ideas are "uncontested?"
 That makes me think you two are ditto-monkeys.

 Where is it written that surrender is the best way to handle terrorists?
 ...and it took two of you to come up with something that stupid?

2. The bombing is intensifying a humanitarian nightmare in Afghanistan.

 That might be half-true on a short-term basis.
 When you go to the dentist to have a rotten tooth pulled - sure - it's hurts a lot more
 for a few minutes, and then you begin to heal. People keep whining about what a total
 shithole Afghanistan has become - fine. We're changing the landscape.
 Maybe the next ruling bastards won't be a whole lot better, but they'll be different,
 and with difference comes the potential for a better life for every Afghan.

3. There are better ways to seek justice.
    * Convene a meeting of the UN Security Council.
    * Request a tribunal to arrest those responsible.
    * Establish an international military or police force

 Oh, jeepers, why not ask Bob Dole to appoint a Blue Ribbon Committee, too?
 Meeting and tribunals and hand-holding are all very nice.
 Let's have a retreat where we can all take off our shoes.
 Maybe we could get Maya Angelou to write a poem.
 Susan Sarandon could bake cookies, too.

 Why don't you say what you mean, that you want the US military to dismantle itself
 so every punk-ass religio-nut in the world can take American out one building at a time?

 Holy Koresh, how did I wind up in the party of Quick Surrender?

 I went to their website.   http://www.corporatepredators.org

 That explains everything. These guys are Naderites.
 They'll give the quick surrender on everything but Ralph's ego.

  Quick Dove Talk
     by Ted Rall

 According to most reports, Egyptians are the main suspects for September 11th.
 So why are we attacking Afghanistan? American intelligence should work with the Egyptian
 government to track down any members of Gama'at al-Islamiyya who had anything to do
 with the New York and Washington attacks and put them on trial for mass murder.
 Arresting murderers ought to take precedence over bombing the places where they trained.

 Is Ted just being a left-wing wacko? Or are we both laboring under false information?
 Tony Blair said bin Laden wired money directly to the Sunshine something bank in Florida
 so that never-been-laid swipe of shit Atta could kill 6,000 Americans and get his 72 virgins.
 (Religion is always the problem.)

 The Taliban have admitted being bin Laden's umbrella, so that's proof enough for me.
 (I'm assuming Blair is telling the truth)    So what's Ted's problem?

 If Atta and his buddies fly to Hamburg and turn into religio-ditto-monkeys, then go to
 Afghanistan to train under Liceboy bin laden, why should we ask Egypt to help us?
 Bin Laden produced the attack on New York, like Paramount produces Frasier.
 If we wanted to kill Frasier, we'd take out Paramount, right?

 Ted, write to me - explain where I'm wrong. 

 From: (withheld)

 Subject:  What do you think of the new Zogby poll?


 Well, ...the new Zogby poll has respondents, even Democrats, saying they'd
 rather have Weak & Stupid fronting for Cheney than have Clinton in charge.

 Certainly, this is as valid as Smirky's 90 percent approval rating - which it not at all.

 When people see a poll like that, they assume bin Laden will see it, so they figure now's
 not the time to display their disgust with the Failure in Thief and his theft of democracy.

 The idea that Democrats would rather have the man they voted against is goofy.

 Besides, John Zogby is a WHORE and his poll results are FOR SALE.

 BartCop's Stock Tips

 We usually don't mess with stocks, but this is a hot tip!
 This new start-up company is expecting to have oil-like profits this year.

 Their stock symbol on the NYSE is  K T I
 Buy as many shares of  KTI  as you can afford.

 It stands for Kevlar Turbans Inc.

Do you believe in astrology?
 Our resident Astrologer, Geneva Clark, has some insights
 as to why the vulgar Pigboy was stricken deaf by God.

 Click  Here

 Mercury opposing Uranus, with his Mid-Heaven in Scorpio shows us Rush's biting sarcasm, something that
 has gotten him both the attention he craves, as well as the contempt of listeners who aren't so enthralled at
 his peculiar observations. Saturn, in the 8th, on either end of the oppostion, shows this hearing loss is
 irreversable, and that he has exhausted adaptive options like hearing aids, or medications.

  by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 A more subtle controversialist than Kelly (although who isn't?), Appleyard even goes so far
 as to concede that America and Americans have been known to make mistakes before
 demanding to know "whose side are you really on?"
 Put that way, of course, there's only one conceivable answer: not Osama bin Laden's.

From: vnemeth@home.com

Subject: Bill Clinton

Wonder if the more you found out about Bill Clinton
the more you felt impelled to support him when he was still President.


VN, not sure how to take that question.
Like everybody, I'm a little jumpy...

I greatly admire people who refused to buckle under the pressure,
people like Clinton, Susan McDougal and Julie Hiatt Steele.

I think I would've broken years before what any of them went thru.
Hell, you take my Chinaco away and I'll talk, I'll tell you anything you want to hear..

But don't get me wrong - if Clinton was into some serious crime like selling weapons
to terrorists and then asking others to lie and then having to pardon them, no,
I could never forgive him for that.

But what a whole lot of people need to remember is that nobody in history has ever had their lives
so totally and thoroughly investigated as Bill and Hillary Clinton, and what did they find?

...that sometimes men cheat on the wives, and that powerful men have more options.

Meanwhile, Atta and Al-Shiari are racking up frequent flying rewards every week.

Thanks to the FBI
Thanks to the GOP
Thanks to the Supreme Court
Thanks to the vulgar Pigboy and Fox News.
Thanks to "Clinton's lapdog media"
Thanks to Dan Burton, Newt, Henry Hyde, Tom Delay, Trent Lott, Dick Armey, Ken Starr
and that whole pack of sexually starved Republicans - the House Managers.

Thanks for spending so many millions and so many years chasing Clinton's cock
when you should've been doing your goddamn jobs and protecting American citizens.

...is that what you meant?


 Remember September 7th, 2001?
 That's the day Jeb declared martial law in Florida - four days before the WTC.

 Also on that day, this happened:

FBI Terrorism Task Force Raids Arab Web Hosting Firm
 By Tim McDonald
 NewsFactor Network
 September 7, 2001

 The FBI said the raid on InfoCom Corporation, which hosts Arab Web sites, was part of a
 two-year investigation, but the agency would not disclose further details.

 An 80-member FBI terrorism task force raided the offices of InfoCom Corporation,
 a Texas-based company that hosts a broad array of Arab Web sites,
 including the Arab world's leading news channel.

 The FBI said the action was part of a two-year investigation by the North Texas Joint
 Terrorism Task Force, but declined to give specific reasons for the raid on the
 company in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

 Let me see... Texas and Florida...
 Do they have anything in common?

 TV Roundup

 Enterprise had its best show so far last night.
 One of the guys got pregnant by an alien and there was fun to be had.

 West Wing wasn't great, but it was good and the last few minutes seemed to signal
 that the real shows will be starting next week. But then again, the real shows are about
 Bartlet's upcoming impeachment, so let's hope Sorkin has a plan that's going to work.

 By the way, just to piss off a lot of people who didn't like my
 "If the Afghans want to be free why aren't they willing to fight for it?" rant, NBC has a
 "special movie event" coming about how a lone village fought back against the Nazi's.

 From the previews, it looks like what I've been saying the Afghans should do.
 The previews showed townspeople (even women) throwing gas bombs on the Nazi's
 from their roofs as they stormtrooped thru their town.  To me, that looks like a people
 who refused to be conquered. People who refused to bend over for anybody.

 Sounds like the boys at NBC might be reading  bartcop.com

From: Alex.Mnatsakanov@cendant.com

Subject:  CNN Breaking News

Now they have anthrax at CBS.
Isn't it convenient how FOX hasn't gotten it yet?
Makes me wonder!


Alex, I'll tell you what's going on...

The anthrax is being sent my whites-only, ditto-monkey militia types.
Fox News won't be getting any anthrax - they're on the same team.

Just those "Clinton allies," tha major networks, will get the anthrax.

Polled over
 by Arianna Huffington

 President Bush's 92 percent public approval rating has as much staying power as one of the snack packs
 dropped on Afghanistan. But the meaningless poll data has cowed the Democrats into silence.

 The latest polls show President Bush enjoying a 92 percent approval rating. Or, as Cokie
 Roberts gushed on “This Week”: “He’s at the highest approval rating of any president in
 history... Franklin Roosevelt didn’t hit this level.”

 But FDR shouldn’t feel too bad. Even the pollsters admit that, as the fine print in this week’s
 Washington Post/ABC News poll put it, “results of overnight polls that attempt to measure
 opinions about fast-changing news events should be interpreted with extra caution.” In other
 words, the results are meaningless.

 But tell that to our “leaders” in Congress, where Bush’s chart-topping approval rating has given him
 almost complete protection against any criticism of his domestic agenda. The Democratic leadership
 has been cowed into silence -- even as the president is attempting to Trojan-horse his highly-partisan
 political agenda -- including drilling in the Arctic, building a missile shield, and even more corporate
 tax cuts -- through the gate of this tragedy. Nothing about Sept. 11 made any of these policies less misguided.
 But in an effort to stand up to countries without free and democratic debate, the first thing we did was
 get rid of free and democratic debate.

 Isn't that the damn truth?

 When, exactly, did Arianna leave the dark side?
 Is she still Republican, just anti-Bush Family Evil Empire?
 Or has she come over to the side of the people?

 I'm really getting fed up with the spineless pink-tutu Democrats.
 They've been so terribly afraid for so many years.
 If it wasn't for Bill Clinton, we would've lost the last FIVE presidential elections in a row,
 and the only reason we won in 1976 was because Ford pardoned Nixon.

 We're the party that's too afraid to fight.
 We're the party that sacrificed Democracy for a Thanksgiving weekend.
 We're the party that has the faith of the voters, but we're too scared to stand up.
 The Democrats are scared shitless of Karl Rove and they're paralyzed with fear.
 When Clinton's two terms were constitutionally over, the Democrats stabbed him in the back
 and turned into fourth-grade girls, whining and crying at the drop of the hat.

 There are twenty Republicans with more courage than ANY Democrat right now.
 Jesus, you take a retiring loser like Phil Gramm - if he turned Democrat he'd suddenly be
 the front-runner for the president in 2004 because he's not a spineless weenie.

 Please - whatever you do - don't send the spineless pink-tutu Democrats any money
 until one of them musters the courage to stand up to President Weak & Stupid.

 There are two parties in America:
 The party of fascism and the party of spineless cowards.

 Koresh, I'm depressed.
 I wish there was somewhere else I could go.

From: abbau@msn.com

Subject: JC Watts was screaming about a bomb at the cop


According to the Oklahoman when OJ Watts was assaulting a police officer
at the airport and complaining about the new regulations at airports he also said,
according to his Chief of Staff, Pam Pryor, "What if i had a bomb?"

Isn't that a federal offense?  Can you imagine the fate of any other black man
who was threatening a cop and using the word bomb at an airport?
They would have made the Rodney King video look like an ice cream social.


John, true, but Uncle O.J. has special privileges.
Oreo O.J. is the only black Republican in congress.
He's the fourth most powerful man in America.

He can do whatever he wants - except become president.

   by RB Ham

 Click  Here

From: SGMJAG83@aol.com

Subject: Ask Bartcop


Would I be correct in assuming that
(a) El Chango going to China is a Nixonian initiative which could alter the course of history, or
(b) an attempt to cover another "Chicken Run" away from where the action is?


Karl Rove and Karen Hughes know Weak & Stupid's poll numbers aren't real.
They're trying to add something to his resume to cover, "Ran and hid on Sept 11th"

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