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Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 617 - When Doves Attack

 October 17, 2001

  VCR Alert - Enterprise and West Wing.  Let's hope West Wing finds its feet.

 Ding Dong, the witch is dead?


 DR. Laura Schlessinger is no longer heard in New York.
 The L.A.-based shrew is gone from WABC, the flagship station of the ABC Radio Network.
 On Sept. 11, her 11 p.m.-to-1 a.m. timeslot was taken over by Paul Alexander and John Batchelor,
 political and military experts who had been doing a weekend show. We'd heard the decision was final,
 but WABC director Phil Boyce said, "I can't tell the future. We're been re-evaluating every week."

Aide: Watts Lost Temper At Airport
  Tuesday October 9, 2001 2:10 AM

An aide to Uncle O.J. Watts said that the congressman lost his temper when he
stuffed a parking ticket for violating airport security rules under an officer's badge.

 Full Story

 This happened while I was on vacation, and since I didn't have access to British papers,
 I didn't know it happened. I only read American newspapers on vacation, so there was
 NO CHANCE to read something bad about the GOP.

From: timcantrill@yahoo.co.uk

Subject: My compliments on your site

And here we Brits were, thinking that EVERY American was so spin-whipped by your totalitarian regime that
you couldn't possibly construct any form of criticism against your own "govern"ment...

Well done, as a Brit with a social/political conscience I'd like to applaud your site for making public
(well, as public as the internet ever gets) some of the appalling injustices committed by your leaders,
in particular the obviously-corrupt Bush administrations and the rigging of those elections which led them to power.

Most of the people I know over here COULDN'T BELIEVE that Bush jr. got in, it just seems ludicrous,
especially given that the majority of people actually voted for his opponent. There aren't enough hours in
the day for me to say all i've got to say about this inbred, corrupt, fascist fuckwit.

Here's hoping that one day the people of America will wake from their slumber and do something to get rid of
these idiots, and appoint a truly worthy administration.  Your site is certainly making a contribution to the education
of the (no offense intended) poorly-educated, badly-misguided American public.

Thank you, more power to you.

Tim Cantrill

Tim, we're all doing what we can.


Unemployed Journalists in Bondage,
Whoring for Ari, a Death in Fresno,
and the Poor Under-Represented Conservative Media
 By Warren Pease

 Click  Here

 At the very least, this kind of behavior should bring about the death knell of the "liberal media" mythos.
 Does anyone really think Rush Limbaugh, the $250 million fat boy, along with the thousands of imitative
 motor-mouths he's spawned, aren't given a mainstream media outlet for their points of view, such as they are?
 What would you call three solid hours a day on the radio, plus TV face time?
 Some might call it bliss; I'd call it revolting.
 Nobody, however, can call it under-representation.

 Chicken Little Media
     By Michael Kelly

  Click  Here

 Ten years ago, during the anteceding days to what can now be seen as the first phase of a long war,
 President George H. W. Bush suffered a small crisis of confidence. Margaret Thatcher, reportedly
 took the president aside.  George, she famously said, this is no time to go wobbly.

 This is still no time to go wobbly. Also, it is no time for the American media to revert to the hysterical,
 silly, fear-mongering, self-centered, juvenile and ninnyish form that has made them so widely mistrusted
 and so cordially detested.

 For some great info on the crooked Reagan years and the taxes raised by Ronnie Red-Ink,

 Click  Here  to see what my late friend Steve Kangas had to say.

  Click  Here

 Gene Lyons

 I'm not sure exactly how to phrase this, but it's possible that bartcop.com
 is now your premier source for Gene Lyons commentaries on the www.

 Gene's paper, The Arkansas Democrat Gazzette has gone subscription-only,
 and how many people outside of Arkansas will pay to read that paper?

 If you're not familiar with Mr. Lyons, he's the author of several books, including
 The Hunting of the President with Joe Conason.
 Here's a quick sample of his current column.

[The GOP] sang a different song in 1998, when Clinton made a move against bin Laden.
Then the panting voyeurs hollered that it messed up the focus on the electron microscope
Kenneth Starr had inserted into the president's undershorts.      It'd be instructive to know
how many FBI agents wasted the Clinton years investigating Democrats for imaginary crimes
instead of pursuing America's real enemies.

Hey, that's my kind of writer!

If you like reading Gene Lyons, check here for his latest every Wednesday.

 Have you been to Bart Cook lately?

 When Doves Attack

  Click  Here

  This isn't pretty.
  There are feathers all over the place.


"The federal government should consider aviation security as a national security issue, and provide
  substantial funding for capital improvements.  The Commission believes that terrorist attacks on
  civilian aviation are directed towards the United States, and that there should be an ongoing federal
  commitment to reducing the threats that they pose."
   -- Gore Commision final report, February 12, 1997

U.S. Sent Guns to bin Laden in 1980s

 Click  Here

 WASHINGTON (AP) -- More than a decade ago, the U.S. government sent 25 high-powered
 sniper rifles to a group of Muslim fighters in Afghanistan that included Osama bin Laden,
 according to court testimony and the guns' maker.

From: warp@ix.netcom.com

Subject: Limbaugh Gets Hopeful Prognosis
Experimental drugs and new technology may stem and even reverse the talk-show host's hearing loss, specialists say.


"The doctors said Thursday that Limbaugh's rapid hearing loss is not related to high doses of Vicodin or other
painkillers, a phenomenon House Institute researchers have been studying and announced last month."

Hm. This was inserted into the middle of the article.
No reason why.
Makes ya wonder if they're just lying or if they read  bartcop.com

Whatever the case, the whole thing is very suspicious.
Wow. A miracle cure?
Very curious, indeed.

Duke Energy's 3Q Earnings Up 46 Percent

Duke Energy Corp. surpassed Wall Street's estimates with a 46 percent increase
in third-quarter profits. Net income for the quarter was $796 million.

Bush's super-rich oil buddies are laughing all the way to the federal treasury.
$796 million is 4/5 of the way to a BILLION dollars in profit,
yet Bush has asked the children work for free and give the money to him.

The Bush Family Evil Empire is taking over everything

They can't be trusted.

From: bootie516@msn.com

Subject: Bush's 10/11 speech


I know I am a little late commenting on this, but I have been away from my computer (I was in California too!).
Did you or anyone else see how Bush chuckled to himself after saying "syria" and "seriously" in the same sentence?!?

I could not BELIEVE it when I saw him do that.  I was watching in my dorm (at UNH) with some friends
and we were all stunned.  WHAT A MORON!  Who in their right mind would get a kick out of that?

Obviously it got through his thick head for the first time while he was reading LIVE, the practice sessions
with Ms. Hughes weren't enough.  And this is the man in charge of our collective fate?  I think not.

Your Fellow American,
Not so Free and Not so Proud,

Alicia, I missed that speech, but I have a nephew who just learned to tie his shoes
so I'm familiar with the adolescent snicker of perceived accomplishment.

Clinton asked Congress for stronger anti-terrorism laws in 1996
 They just laughed at him.


"We need to keep this country together right now. We need to focus on this terrorism issue,"
 Clinton said during a White House news conference.

 But while the president pushed for quick legislation, Republican lawmakers hardened their stance
 against some of the proposed anti-terrorism measures.

From: mgoblue2@home.com

Subject:  Update to yesterday's challenge

hmmm...bush's first 10 months include.......

return to debt
return to recession
6000 dead in NYC
a new war
crashing stock prices
having to "watch what we say"
lies from his press secretary
tax goodies to political doners
rising unemployment
falling incomes
fear in the streets
fear from the mail
bailouts for corporations
no help for the poorest of the taxpayers
from Rhodes scholar to inarticulate "C" student

This off the top of my head, Gosh I can hardly wait for the other 3 years and 2 months.

Yep, that Clinton was just horrible!

Charles Stanton

Charles, good one.
By the way, if I was a psychotic, religiously-insane ditto-monkey like that fella yesterday,
I'd go ahead and accuse Clinton/Reno of killing Vern's kids, too.

...if I was a psychotic, religiously-insane ditto-monkey like that fella yesterday.

The media and Mr. Bush
    by Barry Grey

 Click  Here

 In its efforts to portray George W. Bush in the most flattering possible light, the liberal press in the US
 has jettisoned whatever shreds of decorum and journalistic integrity it previously retained. In the course of
 the past month, testimonials to Bush’s astounding metamorphosis from mediocrity to greatness have become
 almost commonplace in the pages of such journals as the New York Times and the Washington Post.

 The Times was particularly pleased with Bush’s talk of humanitarian aid to the “impoverished people of Afghanistan.”
 It described as “heartfelt” Bush’s most sickening display of hypocrisy—his appeal for American children to send
 donations to the children of Afghanistan.

 This is true, yet Rush and his Ditto-monkey brigade continue to insist that the whore Post
 and the whore Times are Clinton allies, hell-bent on lying to protect Clinton's evil deeds.


 Subject: I need help!


 First let me say how much I LOVE your site!  I read it everyday.

 Now, I need help from the wise Bartcop!  (I'm not against licking boots!)
 I have this conservative "friend"--I'm trying everyday to straighten him out--we've had this
 ongoing "discussion" and I hope you can help.

 During the campaign, on the Sunday morning Cokie is a Whore show, I HEARD George Will
 admit that Red Ink Reagan "raised taxes".  He didn't dispute it, so it must have been true (?)

 My conservative "friend" needs proof....and if  there's anyone around who could help me, it's you.
 I've looked all over......everything you read about Reagan is all butt  kissing.....
 George Will didn't dispute it, why can't I find the facts??
 Can you help me destroy  a conservative??   :)


 I love getting mail like this.
 I sent LDRS an audio file of the vulgar Pigboy admitting that Red-Ink raised Taxes.
 I can't print the URL (Perkel would kill me) but if anyone wants to hear it, I'll e-mail it to you.
 (It's 300K, not too big)

 LDRS's reply:

This is JUST what I need!
Bartcop, you da man!!!


From: JDCole9378@msn.com

Subject: The sad state of affairs in our National Pasttime

I have to agree 100% with you about baseball.  This choke by Oakland will be historic, mark my words;
A's fans will talk for years about "that series with the Yanks in 2001."  I was unable to watch after the
seventh inning (and Oakland's THIRD f***ing error of the night).

The way I see it, baseball needs to do three things NOW (other than avoid a lockout at the end of the season):

1) A revenue-sharing plan.  Do it like the NFL, for starters - a 60/40 home/visitor split of ticket sales.
Similar deals with local TV/radio ad revenues.  Face it, people, without the other team, there's nothing to watch.

2) Salary cap.  Duh.

3) Get rid of the Expos and the Devil Rays and realign.  This will put Cleveland in the AL East (making it much
more competitive out there) and put the Rangers in the AL Central, where they won't have to play games that
are broadcast back home at o' dark thirty.  Plus, to even out the two leagues, it puts the Rockies in the AL West.
They belong there anyway.  Who needs to see a pitcher hit at Coors?

I also used to love baseball.  I hope I can love it again someday.

I have more solutions here: http://www.geocities.com/jdcole1978/rants/fixingbaseball.html



 Of course, the official gasbag of the kook right is Rush Limbaugh.
 He took to The Wall Street Journal's editorial page to savage "the Taliban? al-Qaeda? global terrorists?"
 Naaaah. He attacked Bill Clinton. Even the slaughter of thousands of innocent souls doesn't deter Lardbutt
 from going after Clinton. He even tried to blame the former president for the September 11 crisis.

 But the truth is that Clinton tripled the budget for counterterrorism, increased FBI counterterror manpower
 by 500 percent, tried repeatedly to capture or kill Osama bin Laden (efforts the right wing denounced at the time),
 asked for new law-enforcement tools (which the GOP-controlled Congress denied), and appointed Al Gore to
 propose sweeping improvements in airport security (which the GOP Congress failed to enact fully).
  -- Paul Begala, who's hard to find these days

From: jay@the-dailyrant.com

Subject: Challenge


You've got it all wrong. Nobody has to prove you wrong. Proving a negative is illogical.
For instance, you say that Rush's deal that he signed is a hoax.

It is not up to a Limbaugh fan to prove you wrong by presenting you with a copy of the contract.
It is up to YOU to prove the allegation.

You have made all kinds of wild accusations without presenting any evidence to support it.
It is not up to the readers who disagree to gather evidence to show that you are wrong,
but for you to provide verifiable evidence that you are right.

Jay Caruso

Jay, is that how it works?
Someone makes a wild claim and it's up to the listener to prove it's not true?

So, ...if I claim I can lift 5,000 pounds, it's up to you to prove I can't?

Which school of logic did you go to?

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 Learning Disabilities

 Click  Here

From: out_the_door_in_2004@hotmail.com

Subject: Has Bush proposed any programs that didn't put big money in his pockets?

Don't limit the list to government programs or to his friends and campaign contributors.
How about ALL THE THINGS he has done to enrich HIMSELF!

1.  Buying stake in Texas Rangers with Daddy's friends' money
2.  Screwing people in Arlington, Texas by taking their land via eminent domain to build a
     tax payer funded baseball stadium (that the tax payers don't even own), then selling his stake
     in the team and the stadium to net a cool $12 million.
3.  Selling of his Harken Energy stock right before it the stock tanked
    (as a director of the company, this is called insider trading).

I'm sure there is a VERY long list that readers can add too.

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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