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JFK Conspiracy?


Julie Hiatt Steele

Volume 646 - So Like a Rose

 October 27-28, 2001


 "The flag-waving that began as a heartwarming reminder that we're
   all in this together had turned ugly. It breaks my heart to see Old Glory
   wielded as a weapon to promote partisan GOP politics while other voices
   are told to shut up. Shutting up is fundamentally un-American."
     -- Ted Rall, web toonist

US anthrax scare:
Why the silence on right-wing terrorism?
   By Patrick Martin

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 The media, with the tacit encouragement of the Bush administration and congressional leaders,
 encourages the notion that the anthrax attacks represent a second wave of Middle East-based terrorism,
 There are sporadic attempts to link the anthrax mailings to the Iraqi regime of Saddam Hussein, although
 none of the evidence so far made public substantiates such suspicions. On the contrary, the circumstances
 surrounding the anthrax attacks—the method employed, the targets chosen, previous experience
 —suggest that homegrown American fascists are the perpetrators.

House Zealots Block Anti-Terror Efforts
   by Joe Conason

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 Whenever an obscure professor complains about the war against the Taliban, an alarm is sounded
 from certain quarters about the enemy within, the supposed disloyalty of academics and the uncertain
 patriotism of anybody who lacks enthusiasm for military action. But citizens peaceably exercising their
 right to dissent—no matter how mistaken—are no menace to national security.

 The real menace is posed by some of the country’s most powerful politicians, who remain enthralled
 by a defunct ideology and engorged with corporate campaign contributions.

From: RG

Subject: First ladies

Regarding Hillary's team going 35 MPH,

Remember Laura Bush ran a stop sign and killed her boyfriend.

RG, good point.
When Pickles ran somebody over, she did more than just hurt their shoulder.

Do you know she didn't even get a ticket for running that stop sign
and causing the death of her fiance?

True of False Quiz

1. Yesterday, this guy calls Rush and asks him if he knew that Hedy Lamarr
    invented or developed the basis for what became modern day sonar.

Rush, who seems to be VERY deaf, and VERY quickly, kept saying he couldn't hear
but he started giggling that this guy was trying to get him to bite that Hedy Lamarr had
anything to do with England developing radar in the early days of WWII.

Answer - Hedy Lamarr - true

Several people wrote with documentation on this and several more wrote
to guarantee it was a stupid rumor that only an idiot could believe.

2. A buxom Hollywood bimbo invented or developed the idea for cell phones.
 I mean, why would a cowboy in a fifties western need a cell phone?

Answer - Uncertain.

Several people wrote saying Hedy (that's Hedley!) also was involved
and they sent documentation,  but I recall a completely different story.

The story I heard involved some Jayne Mansfield/Jane Russell-type who was
in a western with (possibly) Gene Autrey. The way I heard it, they were filming a
runaway stagecoach scene for a movie in the California desert and there was no way
the sound man could get a good sound mix because the stagecoach was moving too fast.

The buxom star of the movie had the idea to install towers that were electronically
connected so they could each grab the audio signal as the stagecoach sped past them,
which contributed to the development of the cell phone.

But the Lamarr story has documentation instead of a foggy memory, so a science
and logic man just might have to go with the evidence and give it to Lamarr..

3. The man who perfected American bombing sights in WWII became famous for
being on one of these TV shows - Andy Griffth, Beverly Hillbillys, Green Acres.

Who was he?

Answer - Green Acres (Eddie Albert)

Bartcop exclusive:

The GOP Cipro Scam
Cipro? - Just follow the money.... to the GOP
   by Bill Satyr

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Is Harry Potter the most feminine-looking boy in the world?
Not that there's anything wrong with being extremely feminine-looking...

From: Nick Barlow   Senior Chair at the  bartcop.com  World Desk

Subject:  Just a thought...

I've just been thinking about the Bush Family Evil Empire and
the damage they've been doing to the world over the past seventy years.

Prescott Bush deals with Hitler thus helping to create the biggest war in human history.
George HW Bush as CIA Director, Vice-President and President helps to fund,
arm and train Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden and assorted terrorists in Central
and South America (sorry - 'freedom fighters' - they were on our side, right?)
thus helping to cause millions more deaths.

Now, this means that the Bush family and their trading partners have been responsible for at
least four major wars - WW II, the Iran-Iraq War, the Gulf War and the 'War on Terrorism'.

What I want to know is - which of Shrub's trading partners
will we be at war with in 10-20 years time?


"Masturbation of drinking and fun"
     FOR PUBLICATION  by    The Diva

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Letter to Robert Parry

October Surprise
Idea for a story by BartCop

Robert, I have an idea for a story but I have no resources and few facts so I thought I'd
plant the thought in your mind and maybe you could work it into one of your columns.

Right now we are getting ZERO information from the Bush administration about the war.
They are running the most secret military operation in memory and we're told to "watch what we say"
to prevent helping the enemy in this time of crisis.

But does anyone remember 21 years ago this month?

The term "October Surprise" has come to reflect the secret and illegal ways which Bill Casey and
George Bush contacted the Iranian kidnappers in 1980 and convinced them they would get a better deal
if they waited and dealt with Reagan (the tough Cowboy) than they would dealing with the legitimate
government of Jimmy Carter concerning the release of the hostages.

As we all know, the Iranians agreed with Casey & Bush and were rewarded with planeloads of
sophisticated Stinger missles for going along with the illegal Casey/Bush foreign policy initiative.

But the actual "October Surprise," was literally a surprise attack on Iran that might have freed the
hostages without the illegal transfer of weapons to a terrorist nation.

When this possibility was heard in the Reagan/Bush camp, (this is what I remember but don't have
the resources to confirm) they became afraid that their march to power might be interrupted so they
got word out thru the military to watch for any suspicious troops movements or planes taking off
so they could warn the Ayatollah that an attack was coming - thus no "Surprise."

The way I saw it at the time, Reagan/Bush and our military were conspiring against the legally-elected
Carter administration to doom the "October Surprise" so the hostages could only be "saved" by
Saint Reagan months after they could've come home if the "October Surprise" had been successful.

In this light, with what we now know, can we be sure the helicopters that crashed weren't victims of GOP loyalty?

...but now, we're told to "watch what we say" because it might endanger the troops?

Why wasn't that good advice 21 years ago?

Thank you for your time.
If you have any comment, I'd appreciate reading it.
Or maybe you could just file the thought and it'll come in handy
next time Ari Fliescher explains the dangers of "loose lips."

From: edvoves@infi.net

Subject: say what?

My sister wrote me:

> We're in the middle of this anthrax nightmare, everyone is afraid to open
> their mail, and Bush encourages elementary school children to get Muslim pen pals?


Remember during the campaign, when the whores said that with Bush in office,
the "  grown ups "  will take over foreign policy.... I'm still waiting


The Death of American Spectator Magazine

The conservative magazine survived and prospered for twenty-five years before Bill Clinton
came into its sights. Now the former President is rich and smiling, and the Spectator is dead

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ha ha

These were the scumbags who Paula Jones CLAIMS caused her to come forward
with her unfounded and unprovable nasty-ass lies about our best president ever.


Did she sue the magazine (Spectator) that slandered someone named Paula?
Did she sue the Republican billionaire (Scaife) who financed the pack of lies?
Did she sue the writer (David Brock) who was paid by Scaife to make shit up?
Did she sue the trooper (Ferguson) who slandered someone named Paula?

No, she didn't, because you don't get big headlines when you sue a Republican.
The press won't report a GOP sex scandal when they have proof of one (see Newt)

Instead, she sued our best president ever, which produced a flood of cash and publicity
and she might've succeeded if not for the courage of  Julie Hiatt Steele and Susan McDougal.

A shot of regurgitated Cuervo for the magazine and their puppet, Paula.

From: (withheld)

Subject: What do Hallibuton and Anthrax have in common?


I was doing some reading over at NewsMax (sorry BC, their writing is even funnier than yours)
and I read an article which quoted an ABC news piece linking the Daschle anthrax with Iraq.
According to ABC news,  the anthrax was treated with Bentonite to keep it from clumping
which enhances its effectiveness.

Now I had never heard of bentonite, and since I trust nothing that I see on the NewsMax site
I decided to look it up with google.

Well wouldn't you know it, the very first site that comes up in the search list is www.bentonite.com
and when you go to that site this is what you see right on the top of the page:

"Welcome to Bentonite Performance Minerals!
  a Product and Service Line of Halliburton Energy Services, Inc."

I don't know, but I think I need to make some more tinfoil hats.

Swiped from 

Split in Ranks:
Commissioner Hears the Boos of Firefighters
Hillary wasn't the only one treated badly by the crowd at the concert

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  “The Democrats were just plain outshouted. And Lady Luck rolled the dice and gave them
 the butterfly ballot, the Jews for Buchanan, the election boards that took days off, the hired mob
 to stop the Dade recount, the disenfranchised black voters, the illegally franchised military and
 absentee voters, the Bush cousin to call the election on TV, the Bush co-chairwoman to rush it
 through certification, and the Bush brother to mastermind operation fail-safe by the Florida legislature
 to certify Bush electors no matter who won. Even in Vegas they'd be amazed by luck this rotten;
 the Miami Herald's statisticians estimated that Gore probably outpolled Bush by about 23,000 votes.
 That's why it was so important for the Republicans to stop the count.”
       - Roger Ebert: Chicago Sun Times

 ...and now the illegal Bush Family Evil Empire controls the world.

 Thanks to Patricia Razeghi

Big win for Terrorists
  by Marc Perkel

The terrorists have won another round against America with Bush signing the so-called
“Patriot Act” which suspends the Constitution and eliminates the very freedoms and liberties
that define who we are as a nation. This act gives the government powers similar to Soviet Union
style Communism - with the government reading our mail and listening in on our phone calls.
Nixon’s Watergate break-in would be legal under this new law.

What is America if we are no longer a free nation? What is the point in being an American?
The terrorists set out to destroy our freedom and our way of life and they were successful.

We are no longer the free nation that our forefathers fought and died to defend.
Our liberties are gone!

We are a nation of cowards who have signed away the freedom we inherited
the first time someone bloodied our noses.
What kind of country are we living in where signing away our freedom is called a Patriot Act?

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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