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Julie Hiatt

Volume 632 - Get Busy with the Fizzy

Mirna, you are an opprobrious,lying whore.
sincerely, suarna

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 November 3-4, 2001

 VCR Alert - The Emmys, Yankees win the World Series, Alias, The Practice, and Uprising is on NBC
                               but there are a lot of people who don't want to see the message Uprising is sending.

 That Yankee Magic
    by  Maureen Dowd       She hates everybody - today it's the CIA

 Click  Here
We spend $300 billion a year on planes and bombs and military marvels but still can't faze

Taliban warriors who pop up out of the charred earth and mock us as ineffectual.

We spend $30 billion a year on the C.I.A., F.B.I., N.S.A. and D.I.A. but still can't find O.B.L.,
his sleepers or the anthrax killers. (Robert Mueller begs us to help the F.B.I. find clues.
Was it Colonel Mustard in the library with the spores on the candlestick?)

 The latest from R.B. Ham

 Click  Here

 Bush - stay away from New York
  from USA TODAY Letters to the editor

 As a New Yorker, I'm getting tired of President Bush constantly using New York City
 as a backdrop for a photo-opportunity.  A few weeks ago he came to "ground zero"
 and walked around the burial site. In my view, he came to get a phot of himself with
 a worker and the U.S. flag.

 Now, this admitted Yankee basher comes to Yankee Stadium for another meaningless
 photo opportunity. As a result, because of the tightened security, fans who arrived early
 could not enter the stadium until the game began.

 Reba Shimansky
 Brooklyn, NY

    New York, I am The Oil King.
Worship me or freeze this winter.

I'll tell you another reason why I don't like President Weak & Stupid.
Did you see the way he handled the...

Eh?  ...what's that?  ...who's there?

Excuse me, ...Mr. Bart?

Why, it's Rudy the Raccoon, from northern California.
How are you, Rudy?

Hi, Mr. Bart.
I wanted to apologize for my bad behavior when you were in California.
There was no excuse for what I did.
After I drank that Chinaco, ...I guess I just lost my head.

I share the blame, Rudy.
I shouldn't have given you any alcohol.
I wasn't thinking...

My friends have been teasing me - I didn't know you were going to print the whole story.

Well, Rudy, we pretty much print everything around here.
But, what's up?  Is there something I can do for you?

Ummm, I have a date tonight,  ...and that Chinaco is good stuff, Mr. Bart!
I was wondering,  ...could have some more?

I don't think so, Rudy.
You don't seem to handle your alcohol very well.

OK, I guess I understand. Sorry I caused so much trouble.

Don't apologize to me, apologize to your girlfriend.
She's still speaking to you?

Sure - she's the one who asked me to contact you.
She wants to try some Chinaco, too.

I don't think so, Rudy.
Maybe when you two get a little older...

OK, thanks Mr. Bart. Goodbye!

...bye, Rudy.

Justice for Sale

President Weak & Crooked has sold Get out of Jail Free cards to convicted criminals in exchange
for continued huge donations to his campaign.  Not only will these convicted criminals not pay any penalty,
they will be allowed to continue with their crimes even after having been found guilty, thanks to Bush.

Remember, Marc Rich was not a convicted criminal and did not donate to any political campaign,
yet that was worthy of hundreds of pundit hours (thousands on Fox News) and multiple investigations.
But when Bush let's convicted criminals, who have made huge donations to his campaign, off the hook,
that's not worth investigating?

Gee, it's almost like a double-standard exists.
Of course we can't expect Bush's Justice Dept to investigate themselves.
Where are Dan Burton, Larry Klayman, Bob Barr and Henry Hyde when we need them?
What we need is an Independent Prosecutor.
I suggest Harold Ickes.

The convicted criminals are, of course, Bill Gates and his Microsoft Board who have been found to have
committed crimes by four federal judges.  To make such a finding the Judge must find, beyond a reasonable doubt,
that the criminals knew it was a crime and conspired to commit their crimes willfully, deliberately and with criminal intent.
Why bother to have a trial if the guilty can make a donation to Bush and cut a deal?

Isn't that the same thing Bush and his tobacco lawyers have done with the big tobacco settlement?
They donated multi-millions to the GOP and Bush has ordered his tobacco lawyers to settle the case.
Why bother to have a trial if the guilty can make a donation to Bush and cut a deal?

Basically, Bill Gates has said, "I'm the richest man in the world, I don't have to obey the law."

And Bush says,  "I agree, just keep those donations coming in.  Let the kiddies take care of the
Afghan children, while me and Uncle Dick will continue to raise millions for 2004.  I'm giving my
oil buddies hundreds of millions in tax breaks.   Remember, the kickback on tax cuts is 5 percent."

 ...and of course, the press looks the other way because Mr Rove has given them orders.

 I'm so old, I remember when the press use to write about government abuses.


 "This anthrax thing has the whole city of New York on edge.
   Yesterday on my way to work, I was driving thru Central Park
   and I saw a squirrel rubbing Cipro on his nuts."
       -- Dave

 If the CIA and the government weren't involved in the September 11th attacks,
 what were they doing?


 Chopper down in Afghanistan

 One of our choppers crashes in Afghanistan, injuring men but they are recovered.

 Meanwhile, the Air Force swoops in to destroy the chopper so the enemy can't learn anything
 from it and use it against us, because we all know how jammed-packed with secrets a chopper is.

 But earlier this year, when our super-spy plane from the future landed in China, Bush awarded
 those men medals for heroism and valor for allowing that plane to be inspected by the Chinese.

 Why is the chopper in need of destruction, but handing over the super-spy plane from the future
 got medals for the men who gave it to the Chinese instead of destroying it?

 ...or was it all part of Bush's plan to enrich the Bush Family Evil Empire?
 Did Bush give China that plane as part of a quid pro quo?

 Remember, Poppy Bush was our ambassador to China and when you're
 a former(?) head of the CIA, is anything out of the realm of possibility?

 ...but, as always, if Clinton's zipper isn't involved, it can't be a serious crime.

From: trixy-cybele@az.rmci.net

Subject: Vaginas across the nation, sir, are OUTRAGED  

BartCop wrote:
>I'll bet he reads  bartcop.com  and was just dressing up as a Senate Democrat.

Hey hey now.... that's a bit low!  I'm willing to bet if there were MORE actual vaginas in the Congress,
we wouldn't be seeing the same magnitude of cowardice and bootlicking that we have now.
It's just a hunch.  Vaginas kick ass.

Vagina in 2004!
rock on bc,



The Afghan Tornado

Our computers are the best in the world.

The Vietnam era had the "Puff the Magic Dragon" gun ships.
The latest version of this weapon is the AC-30 with its 105mm cannons and Gattling guns.

Computer controls allow for constant, concentrated targeting while the aircraft lumbers in circles.
This time-lapse photo shows the pounding those cave monkeys are taking.
Every fifth shell is a tracer, but the other four are all business.

 Does Aaron Sorkin read  bartcop.com ?

 On last Tuesday's West Wing episode, Toby and Sam were discussing their chances of
 getting a bill passed in congress.    Sam asks, "How could we lose votes since yesterday?"

 Toby's reply:  "Low in the polls president tells chicken-ass Democrats to vote against
                           a tax cut in an election cycle - what could possibly have gone wrong?"
  Click  Here  to hear Toby.  (tiny clip)

 The word "Democrat" has become synonymous with "surrender," "scared," and "weak."

 How did the Democrats turn into a party of spineless geldings?

Groucho Marx Ruled Freedonia With More Grace
  by Daniel Ruth

 Click  Here

"Dear reader, this is the Florida Legislature we're talking about.
 You'd probably find more intelligent life in an anthrax spore."

 I can't rid myself of the nagging conclusion this state is governed by complete, unmitigated morons. "
 The governor, more out of public view than Dick Cheney, said he was confused.
 This probably passes for progress on the Planet Bush. "

 I'm getting mail saying I'm making a "big thing" out of nothing concerning the "coffin" letter sent to
 Julie Hiatt Steele - that there was "no threat" in the letter and I'm just getting hysterical for no reason.

 Hey, guys, I know a good way to test your theory:
 I can't tell you how to test your theory because I don't want a visit from the FBI
 and the Secret Service, but if you think reeeeal hard, you might figure it out.

 If you can receive e-mail in prison, I'll write to you.

 ...and I'm not saying every goofy letter sent to Julie needs special attention,
 but mail that mentions coffins, funerals, her health and the afterlife will be evaluated.

 A cool place to visit


 One center of power for the Bush Family Evil Empire is the Carlisle Group.
 Of course, to read anything about these billionaires who run the White House and the world,
 you need to read a newspaper from another country, because the American whore press
 has orders from Mr Rove to remain silent about the Carlisle Group and what it's doing.

 Click  Here

 But since the start of the "war on terrorism", the firm - unofficially valued at $3.5 billion
 - has taken on an added significance. Carlyle has become the thread which indirectly links
 American military policy in Afghanistan to the personal financial fortunes of its celebrity employees,
 not least the current president's father. And, until earlier this month, Carlyle provided another
 curious link to the Afghan crisis: among the firm's multi-million-dollar investors were
 members of the family of Osama bin Laden.

 Ever notice how their pattern works?
 Reagan & Bush create Saddam Hussein and then they had to root him out (sorta)
 Reagan & Bush create Manuel Noriega and then they had to root him out.
 Reagan & Bush create Osama bin Laden and now we have to root him out.

 They make their money playing both sides, just like Prescott Bush did with Hitler.
 If you play both sides, you're guaranteed to make a lot of serious money.

 They put these thugs in power by selling them weapons and financing their illegal power grabs
 then secretly and non-secretly they sell the weapons and finance their ultimate overthrow.
 It doesn't matter to them hom many America lives are lost in the "transaction,"
 as long as the Bush Family Evil Empire gets bigger and stronger - follow the money.

 Meanwhile, the American whore press is following Clinton, hoping to catch him stealing a glance
 at some starlet's cleavage so they can write "an important" Page One story for Rupert Murdoch's
 newspapers so Rush and Fox News can have a "scandal" to follow for the next week.

 It's almost depressing, knowing the Bush Family Evil Empire owns all American media.
 Murdoch is about to control ALL satellite television communications in America,
 and with Colin Powell's son appointed as head of the FCC, how can he fail?

 How long before they purchase the UK media?

 How long before they conrtrol all Internet Service Providers?

 Some interesting reading at  http://www.ulster.net/~babs7/index.html

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