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Volume 637 - The Wages of War

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 November 9, 2001

 "What's your favorite independent media outlet?"  If you E-mail The Nation letters@thenation.com,
 with the subject line "Favorite Media Outlet,"and vote for  bartcop.com  you get a weekend in a suite at
 The Venetian in Vegas if we win. Include your street address and phone number or it won't count.  FreeChinaco!
 It's so real, I swear - on the lives of my kids!!    Free Chinaco at The Venetian for all who vote for  bartcop.com

 VCR Alert -  Dark Angel, Thieves and a repeat of Fox's 24, which may be the best of the new shows.


 "Let's roll..."
   -- Weak & Stupid, a cowardly wartime deserter, stealing a line from a real hero,
       delivering it with that same shit-eating smirk that means he thinks he said something cute.

  Yknow, I could learn to really dislike this guy...

 So last night, I got my Strawberry pop and some popcorn and turned the TV to NBC to prepare
 to listen to President Weak & Stupid read whatever script was handed to him by Unka Dick.

 But then Friends popped up.
 So I switched to the other VCR which was on CBS, and Survivor was starting.
 I figured Weak & Stupid couldn't find the studio or something, so I went to the
 Chat & Post section of  bartcop.com  to see if I got the time wrong.

 The posts there were making fun of the generic no-news crap he was saying,
 so I figured he spoke at 7 EDT and I missed it by an hour.

 Turns out, NBC and CBS got a look at the script and said, "This isn't news,"
 and they went on with their regular programming.

 So here we are, a nation at war, and Weak & Stupid has no news for us?
 The White House was billing this as "an update of our progress in the war," and I didn't see it,
 so I'm guessing Smirk said, "We are smoking the evildoers out of their evil holes,"
 and the networks thought that was even more stupid than their crappy shows, so they didn't run it.

From: (withheld)

Subject: HOLY SHIT!

I heard it with my own ears, just now, during the first 20 minutes (approximately minute 17) of today's show (11/9).
Rush said yesterday he had "CAC hour" (which he pronounced "cock hour"), which stands for "Can't Avoid Clinton".

Why didn't he just say "CACC hour"?  Which, as we all know, stand for "Can't Avoid Clinton's Cock"?
Same thing.


Rush can't get thru one hour without Clinton's CAC.
He wants it so bad he can taste it.

Media recount story set to break
 First stories on Florida ballot review will run Monday
 Temporarily lost in the aftermath of Sept. 11, what could be
 one of the biggest news stories of the year is about to break.

 Click  Here

 Will President Weak & Stupid Wag the Dog to bury the news that he cheated?

 George Bush - Nice guy or Bad Seed?

 Click  Here

 I figured something out...

 Remember yesterday's quote from Helen Thomas?

> It's easy to see why President Bush wants to keep his administration's current secrets, especially in wartime.
> But why is he trying to hide historic White House documents of the Reagan administration that former
> President Ronald Reagan agreed in writing to release to the public?

 Reagan didn't mind those papers being shown to the public because he wasn't aware
 that Bush and Casey committed treason by fixing the election with Islamic Jihad's help.

 That's why Reagan saw no need to hide his administration's actions - he wasn't aware of them.
 Reagan probably thought he won the 1980 election fair and square.

 When you think about it - it all ads up.
 Reagan was the same mindless puppet that Weak & Stupid is today.
 Reagan and Smirk both just followed their orders and read from prepared scripts.
 Reagan never had a clue that Bush was secretly plotting with Islamic Jihad to have them hold
 those 50 diplomats until the Bush Family Evil Empire could gets their hooks into the White House.

 If I'm wrong - show me where.

U.S. Will Monitor Calls to Lawyers
Rule on Detainees Called 'Terrifying'

 Click  Here

 The Justice Department has decided to listen in on the conversations of lawyers
 with clients in federal custody, including people who have been detained but not charged
 with any crime, whenever that is deemed necessary to prevent violence or terrorism.

 When the Bush Family Evil Empire gets into a power grab,
 they can't have anything like the U.S. Constitution getting in their way.

 When is somebody going to stand up and say, "ENOUGH?"

From: fred@arisart.com

Subject: Your asset-freezing question

You wrote

>1) "Why is it, EIGHT weeks after the attacks on New York and the Pentagon,
>      Smirk is just now getting around to freezing assets of suspected terrorist organizations?"

>2) "If I can send e-mail to Japan and back in less than two minutes, why couldn't Weak & Stupid
>     pick up a phone and tell the Treasury or the Fed or somebody to freeze those assets on Sept 11th?"

How 'bout,

1) Because it took until October 26th for his daddy's business partners, the bin Laden family,
    to divest themselves of their part of the Carlyle Group?

2) Because too many Bush cronies had to hide their cash investments in terrorism
    before the Feds were turned loose?

Ahh yes, the things that make you go hmmm,


Fred, damn good answer and it makes sense.
Everything the Bush Family Evil Empire does is done under cover.
Bush could've frozen those assets in September or October, but why hurry?
Bush & bin Laden had to split the proceeds first.

I think you're onto something.

We won't ever know the crimes he's pulling because Bush will lock up the records
just like he did with the crimes of Reagan and his CIA daddy.

...son of a bitch.

 Is the Attorney General the New King of the United States?
   by Reggie Rivers

  Click  Here

 Were you aware that the attorney general of the United States now has the power
 to arrest someone without probable cause, hold that person without presenting evidence,
 and ultimately give that person a life sentence without ever having a trial?

 Readers of  bartcop.com  do, but nobody gives a fuck.
 At least, nobody with the power or balls to stand up to these power-hungry thugs.
 I got me a little comedy treehouse, but it's so small and unknown.

 And another thing...

 Bush "won" in 2000 because he cheated and the partisan whore court backed him up.

 Clinton won in 1996 because America wanted more of Clintonomics.

 Clinton won in 1992 because America preferred a dope-smoking, skirt-chasing,
 draft-dodging KGB agent to that terrible, horrible bungler George Bush.

 Bush won in 1988 because they had, so far, buried their felonies with a disinterested press
 and Lee Hamilton acting like a pink tutu Democrat, taking the White House's word that
 Reagan & Bush had done nothing wrong instead of doing his goddamn job and investigating.

 Reagan won in 1984 largely on the fact that Mondale was an IDIOT who told the truth and said
 he was going to raise taxes just like Reagan was going to raise taxes. Reagan swore he wouldn't,
 but, of course, he was lying and then he raised taxes once he had won the election.

 Reagan won in 1980 because Bush made a secret illegal deal with Islamic Jihad.

 Ford lost in 1976 because he pardoned the evil and crooked Nixon.

 Nixon won in 1972 because he had, so far, successfully buried the truth about Watergate.

 Nixon won in 1968 because somebody put a bullet in the brain of Bobby Kennedy.

 Johnson won in 1964 because Goldwater was too right-wing for the voters.
 (Funny how Goldwater is the ONLY Republican I ever heard say,
  "President Clinton is my president and I support him," proving that the hardline right-wingers
   of the sixties were leftists compared to the mad dogs who currently control the GOP)

 Jack Kennedy won in 1960 because people saw Nixon's shifty eyes on the TV debates.

 So that means Dwight Eisenhower was the last Republican to legally win the White House
 without benefit of a murder or covering up a horrible series of crimes against the United States.

 ...and they tell us to "get over it?"

 Spook Stuff

 Click  Here

 I was invited to interview this guy for  bartcop.com
 but I don't know what questions to ask a renegade former CIA agent.

 ...I guess we could've talked Vegas, tequila and rock music...

 I don't like it when people talk about "the New York tragedy."
 It wasn't a tragedy.
 To me, a tragedy is a lightning strike, ...a car wreck, ...an accident.

 New York wasn't an accident.
 It was a goddamn attack!
 Let's call  it an attack.

 ..and I don't want any arguments.

When Osama Bin Ladin Was Tim Osman
    by J. Orlin Grabbe

  Click  Here

 The other man, dressed in Docker's clothing, was not a native Afghan any more than Olberg was.
 He was a 27-year-old Saudi.
 Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Ladin.
 "Tim Osman" was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S.
 and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments.

 The author says this was in the spring of 1986.   Guess who was president then?
 THIS is one of the reasons why Weak & Stupid must hide the sins of his father.
 THIS is why bin Laden will be killed, not put on trial.

 If bin Laden is put on trial, they'll have to show evidence to convict him,
 (unless that fuck Ashcroft has written that out of the Constitution, too)
 but if we can't be trusted with the evidence now, we can't be trusted then, right?

 The gelding Democrats and the whore press are allowing
 Bush to keep his father's crimes hidden.


 We were forced to endure every detail of Clinton's sex life for the last 30 years,
 because every goddamn Republican and pundit said "The people have a right to know."
 but the real crimes of the Bush Family Evil Empire must be hidden and protected?


 Bush Conspiracy

 You getting fed up with the very ugly Bush conspiracy theories that we want to dismiss out of hand,
 because nobody wants to think the Bush Family Evil Empire would actually condone 5,000 murders,
 but how many coincidences can we afford to ignore?

 I need to make a list of say, 20 questions about this Bush conspiracy stuff.
 Let's just do the ones that have URLs to back them up.

 Examples of stuff to get:
Did Jeb really declare martial law in Florida just before 9-11?  Why?      http://proof.com
Did Atta's luggage REALLY fail to make that flight?    If so, why?
Bush family associates corner market on gold - need best one-oage URL
Bush family has exclusive drilling/shipping rights to all the oil in (Bahrain?) - need URL
One page summary of constitutional changes by Bush since 9/11
Why did the FEMA team show up in NY a day early?
SUMMARY of the Bush Empire dealings with Hitler, Noriega, Saddam, bin Laden
     We've all seen the URL, but how credible is the Pakistan official who said Bush told them
     we'd be invading Afghanistan in October? The fact exists, but is it unknown or discarded?

 ...the list goes on, but here's my plan.

 You know me - no attention span
 I can't get deep into subjects, so I became a pretty good "skimmer."
 I know a little bit about a whole lotta stuff, but I can't get deep into anything.

 ...and I, a skimmer, can't even begin to get a grasp of this entire Bush Family Evil Empire story.

 Even with people like Greg Palast and Robert Parry continuing to do great work,
 they just don't have the resources to cover twenty stories - deeply - at a time.

 Neither do I, but if we could assemble a list of twenty (if that'll cover it) things
 that affect Bush & us that we can't get straight answers about.

 And to narrow the scope, let's limit this to CURRENT crimes
 We can do Iran-Contra later, let's figure out what's going on right now.

 If we could assemble a list of SHORT questions/charges about 20 subjects, with URLs
 that list just might get sent around the internet and cause a columnist who gets read
 to ask about a few questions on the list.

 In closing...
 If a list was assembled, a list even Ol' BartCop could understand, it might provide
 some context in this overload of horseshit the White House is having the media feed us.

 I'm not sure about this metaphor, but things are running past me like they did on September 11th.
 There's too much information coming too fast - some true, some false - and the Constitution is getting
 some "needed in this time of war" corrective surgery and I don't want it looking like Michael Jackson
 when we finally wake up and say, "What the hell did we allowed that bastard to do?"

 If you know of something fishy about the Bush Family Evil Empire,
 put your question or allegation in 20-30 words and back it up with a URL.
 and we'll run the list and add it to the Recent Stuff list for easy locating.
 You don't have to send twenty, yourself.  But if you find some Bush crimes with URLs
 (back issues of  bartcop.com  would be a great place to start)

 Let's mount an assault on dishonesty, treason and treachery.
 Let's put together 20 simple questions that need answers.
 Maybe we can get a Bush official to DUCK answering some of these questions.

From: rds1@csinet.net

Subject: NPR-Daniel Schorr-and Smirk's cover up bill !


Don't know if you listened to NPR this afternoon but.......

Yesterday's report regarding the media report on the fraudulent election that is MIA was great.....

And today's Daniel Schorr report on Smirk signing the bill to cover up Raygun, Poppy, Scowcroft,
Powell etc, etc, etc crimes was unbelievably great! I had the GT's 500 watts cranked up louder
than The Rain Song on the drive home just to make sure I was actually hearing Daniel Schorr
talking about Smirk boy covering up Raygun and Smirk Daddy's crimes!

I checked NPR site and today's piece (11-08-01) was not yet posted but
tommorow, type in "Daniel Schorr" in the upper right hand "SEARCH" box
and it should be posted by then.......



    Hi, I'm a frog in a pink tutu.
  I want to join a political party.
  In which party would I fit best?

 Photo by Nic in Australia

 bad language alert on this one, but it's one funny sombitch

  Click  Here

 Thanks to Kai

 Survivor was such a whore last night.

 I prefer Friends, but she likes Survivor.
 Usually we watch Friends and then I surf while she watches the last half of Survivor.
 But this week, they promised a "special, shocking surprise," in the first 15 minutes,
 so we watched that and taped Friends.

 (The whole point was to screw up the viewing schedule for people like us.
  By promising the "special, shocking surprise," in the first 15 minutes,
  they've effectively ruined Friends for those without a VCR.)

 Since the sexually-repressed Republican bastards who run CBS like to force the young girls
 to put unspeakable things in their mouths for their deviant personal sexual satisfaction,
 I cringed at the thought of what the "special, shocking surprise," might be.

  All week, the promos have been tiny, one-second clips of the girls screeching,
 "Omigod," "Oh, no," "Oh, my God, no," and on and on and on.

 In the past, the percerts have made those women eat live grubworms, drink blood,
 eat a chunk of a cow's esophagus and other really gross stuff, so what's up now?

 So, it turns out that the "special, shocking surprise," was three members of one tribe
 were traded to the other team for three of their members.

 Big fucking surprise.
 CBS, you are such a cheating, double-dealing whore.
 That's even worse than the whore promo people at NBC, and that's saying something.
 But at least the whores at NBC deliver.

 Remember the "last five shocking minutes" of West Wing was the sudden and shocking death
 of Mrs. Landingham, understated and superbly delivered by Charlie. "No, she's dead."
 But CBS is a much worse group of whores than NBC.

 I'm not going to forget this, CBS.
 Dave is right - you guys are the worst whores in the business.

From: (withheld)

Subject: Prayer and Well-Being

Hi BC,
Actually, there is research that has strongly suggested that there really is
a correlation between well-being (in the form of health) and having people pray for you.

The evidence was published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, circa 1993.
Just thought you would be interested.


No, no, no, no, no.
If you think I was stubborn on the spy plane, Casey Martin and being a wartime hawk,
you haven't seen anything compared to my intractability on the value of prayer.

Don't think I lost a love one after praying hard and that's how I got this way.
Lots of people have, but I've had nothing like that happen to me in my life.

I'll bet if I had a staff I could show you a dozen cases where people took placebos
and got better because of the power the mind has in positive thinking or whatever.

Besides, if prayer works, why haven't the Cubs won a World Series?

 As you may recall, I think Garbage is the best band in the world right now.
 Their new CD beautifulgarbage is the best CD I've heard since CDs came out,
 but it's dropping like a rock on Billboard's chart - now at #83.

 Sure, everyone has different ideas about what's good music, but this beautifulgarbage
 is a pop album, full of catchy-ass songs that don't leave your head after a single listen,
 but it seems like nobody's heard it.

 I've never heard anything from the new CD on the radio, and this is a group that won
 Grammys or MTV Awards - whatever - for "best album" on their last outting.

 Management seems to have screwed them silly.  The first single they released, Androgeny,
 is a great song, but hardly the song that would hook the listener the fastest.  If I was in charge,
 I would've released Untouchable (click to hear a sample - only 90 second download).
 That song has everything.   (For a full review of the CD, Click  Here)
 Untouchable hooks you faster than Camel no-filters.

 And I think they've only done one TV show, that was Dave and they were on after midnight.
 When the new CD came out, they played 5 gigs (with U2) and then took off for Iceland.
 How many goddamn albums can you sell in Iceland?

 I have no personal stake in this, but I just hate to see the airwaves flooded with horseshit
 while a CD with great adult songs remains unheard by the masses.

From: nuke@dcwis.com

Subject: Bartcop.com Ghost Hunt

I think the ghost hunt idea is a great one.  While you're looking for them,
there's a few ghosts I'd like to see tracked down:

The ghost of Liberal Activism
The ghost of the Separation of Church and State
The ghost of American Democracy
...and many more.  I'm sure you get the idea.

R.K. Thompson

RK, great idea.
I'll ask Teri if she can conjure up the ghost of the Democrat's cajones.

 A shout out to our friends at  http://www.portagedems.org

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