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Volume 636 - The Vault of History

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 November 8, 2001

 VCR Alert -  Friends, Survivor, Regis, but C.S.I.  is the star of the night, plus Dave has pet tricks.
 TV Update Island of Whores is on Fox (where else?) plus an Anthrax-in-DC episode of The Agency,
  On that fading soap ER, they have an "Angel of Death" killing patients.   Is this their jump-the-shark episode?
  And if you have a strong enough stomach, The History Channel is telling the story of the USS Indianapolis.
  PLUS - Is President Weak & Crooked going to read something Cheney & Rove wrote tonight?

 Updates below

From the Nation:  Send Us Your Favorite Media Outlet
The Nation wants to know your favorite independent media outlet. As long as it is "witty, socially conscious or
worthy of wider attention. Please e-mail letters@thenation.com, with the subject line "Favorite Media Outlet."
Be sure to include your street address and phone number or it won't count.

Should we get involved in this?  Do we dare attempt to take on the big boys? We may end up in 287th place,
but wouldn't it be fun to try? Send them an email at  letters@thenation.com, and nominate  bartcop.com
...and don't forget your street address and phone number or it won't count.
Free Chinaco and Vegas tickets for everyone if we win!


 "And nations such as Iraq, which have tried to pursue weapons
   of mass destruction, should not think that we will not be concerned
   about these activities, and will not turn our attention to them."
     -- Colin Powell, reversing his long-held position on a wider war.


 "The first phase of the war is against Taleban and terrorist targets in Afghanistan.
   There are no plans at the moment to undertake any other military action."
    -- Colin Powell, reversing his new position on a wider war, on Egyptian TV Tuesday,

 Favorite Media Outlet

 Click  Here

The Enduring Freedom trading cards are in.
President Smirk, working hard to combat "terra"

  As seen on   http://george2.keenspace.com

 Four Oregonians sue religiously-insane Ashcroft

  Click  Here

 "This attorney general is supposed to be figuring out who's responsible for the anthrax,"
  said Gov. John Kitzhaber, a Democrat and a physician.
 "To introduce this divisive issue at this point in time is just, to me, unthinkable."

From: copple@LA.com

Subject:  Teri the ghost chaser


     Shame on you for giving credence to such unproven garbage like ghost chasing
and recording voices of the dead.  Why is it you're so quick to cast aspersions on
anybody's fairytale religious beliefs (as rightly you should), but you would post something
that panders to people who believe in ghosts (another fairytale)?

     Ghosts imply that there's an afterlife, something that you and I both know is nonsense.
And anyone who believes that there are ghosts is deluded, just like anyone who believes in
astrology, crystal power, iridology, reflexology, UFOs and abduction by aliens, etc. ad nauseum.

    Here's a link you should post to your site.  The Skeptical Inquirer:
"To promote and defend reason, science, and freedom of inquiry in all areas of human endeavor."



Are you trying to sell  _me on the idea of science and logic?
Or are you lobbying me that no other views should be heard?
I like to discuss stuff.   I like to argue.  I like to hear other points of view.

I found her report to be entertaining and even a little spooky.
She may be mistaken, but she's not lying and she's not using our money to promote an agenda.
I enjoyed reading her report like I enjoy reading Geneva's Astrology page,
but I wouldn't want public policy based on that which can't be proven.

The masthead on  bartcop.com says:

...and "shame on me" for printing it?


For what it's worth, the ghost-chasing story got more hits
in 24 hours than my trip report got in a week.

Maybe people were interested in that subject, or
maybe I just write lousy trip reports.

PS. I'm going to ask her take me on a ghost hunt.
       Should make a great story for bartcop.com

 West Wing feedback

 Click  Here

Stroke Me, Stroke Me

"I've been all over this country.
  I've seen it from ground level ....and ....from ....way up top."
   -- El Pigbo, stroke victim, first hour

 Well, I guess that's that.
 Rush knows America because he's seen it from the ground (good job, Rush)
 and he's seen it "from ...way up top," which I assume Strokeboy means from the air.

 Can't hardly get more informed than Rush Limbaugh.

From: garic2k@yahoo.com

Subject: Rush and Cheeseburgers...

"I've eaten more than 18,000 quarter-pounders with cheese from McDonalds."

That means if Rush ate 1 Cheeseburger a day, it would take him 49.31 years to accomplish this feat!
Since I doubt if he eats at McDonalds EVERYDAY, and didn't eat any when he was a 'little' baby Rush
and had no teeth; he must put away a tremendous amount of hamburgers at each sitting...

Say he has gone to Mickey D's 3 times a week for the last 20 years...
That means he's had to shovel 5 to 6 burgs down his fat yap at each sitting....

I can only imagine how many Hot Apple Pie's he's put away for desert...
Perhaps he has some fries lodged in his ears??
Could explain his hearing loss if a french fry got lodged into his ear canal
while he stuck his head into the happy meal....

 Is Bush trying to protect dad?
     by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

 It's easy to see why President Bush wants to keep his administration's current secrets, especially in wartime.
 But why is he trying to hide historic White House documents of the Reagan administration that former
 President Ronald Reagan agreed in writing to release to the public?

 Bush Tries to Close The Vault of History
     by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Most Americans will perhaps regard the Bush executive order as a trivial matter, of little or no
 concern at a time when the nation is struggling against murderous enemies abroad (and possibly
 at home). Yet as we ought to have learned during the Cold War, it is precisely at such moments
 that loyalty and patriotism require resistance to the curtailment of basic liberties. The President’s
 attempt to close the vault on history has nothing to do with prosecuting the war against terrorism,
 and everything to do with covering up embarrassments both past and future.

 From: Marty

 Subject: Hot rumor.....chirp

 Heard from a little birdie that Dick Cheney is still defacto head of Halliburton,
 and has been since he took a hiatus to campaign for Bush.
 Anyone wish to prove the birdie wrong is welcome to try.


"We like this war.
  Thus far, we are very satisfied with the progress of the war."
  --   The chief accountant of the Taliban, according to Al Martin (see next story)
        on the allegation that they have spent $38,000 to our $1.5 billion

The Reign of George "Caesar" Bush:
 More Fraud, More War and More Power to the State
   by Al Martin

 Click  Here

 So imagine here are these "elite special commandos" wandering around with all
 these wires and special antennas coming out of their helmets - none of which work.
 They have all this mickey-mouse gadgetry that doesn't work. But finally they stumble
 into a gas station and get a road map. And that's the kind of war this is.

 Al Martin doesn't really do comedy, but this is funny as hell.
 He says the military men he knows can't believe how bungled this "stupid war" is.
 I'll bet you can't make it thru the first three minutes without laughing.

 Rumor no longer  II

 Last night on Dave, Marg Hellenberger said Clinton was NOT going to be on C.S.I.

Does Aaron Sorkin read  bartcop.com?
 We ask, ...for the second week in a row

 Click  Here

 Court Cuts $5 Billion Exxon Valdez Award
   Exxon buys delays in paying for 12-year old severe negligence

  Click  Here

  ...maybe we should just change our name to the Oil States of America.
 This country has become so pro-business in the last year, and the smarmy bastard
 didn't even win the goddamn election. This country never asked to be anti-consumer,
 but we're having to live with the results of the Scalia tampering.

The Power of Prayer in Medicine
 People Who Are Prayed for Fare Better?

 Click  Here

 In one recent study, women at an in vitro fertilization clinic had higher pregnancy rates
 when total strangers were praying for them. Another study finds that people undergoing
 risky cardiovascular surgery have fewer complications when they are the focus of prayer groups.

 You talk about irresponsible crapola!
 Is medical science bowing to the philosophy of the invisible ghosts?
 This is totally unscientific and completely absurd!

 You might as well say red is good luck and blue is bad luck,
 You might as well say 3 is a good number, but 4 is evil.
 You might as well throw out every bit of science and logic if you're going to believe
  that strangers (or anybody) praying for you is going to help anything.

 How does the physics work on a job like this?
 Can those praying be a continent away and still be effective?
 Can they pray for "future" victims, and build up a savings account?
 If it works in medicine, it should work for wars and football too, right?

 So what if Oklahoma plays Texas in football and they both pray for God's help?
 How does God decide which team to root for?

 ...and who does the bookkeeping?
 Did God hire special people to track these prayers from far away?
 The article says prayer groups in Canada and the US were given a picture of a Korean woman
 to pray for - so the prayers are dependent on visuals? What if the wrong photo was used?

 This is too crazy to even be discussed in the third millenium!

 And if prayer groups work, then larger prayer groups work better, right?
 So if Bill Gates's wife is in a car wreck, and he pays the Little Sisters of the Poor in Calcutta a billion
 dollars to get five million people to all pray at once, his wife has a better chance of making it than a poor guy?
 When did money become important to God?
 Did God contribute to the Bush campaign?

 We need to jop this crapola in the bud, as Barney Fife used to say.
 Nip it!

 If you have a friend or relative undergoing surgery and you pray for them,
 I'm not saying you're crazy because the mental benefit YOU get out of praying
 might have some positive effect on YOUR mood, but let's get real on the science.
 When JFK Jr was missing, then untimately found dead, there's no doubt the strong faith
 of the Kennedy family gave them strength, but only because they believed it would.

 I just saw the "new" The Exorcist (review coming) and the doctors explained to
 Regan's mother that if someone believes they are possessed by the Devil, it's possible
 an exorcism might help them because it combats their own irrationality.

 Same thing here. If you think a lucky rabbit's foot will help you pass a test, then take the
 damn rabbit's foot to the test, but don't try to sell me the idea that a dead rabbit's foot makes
 you smarter or helps your mind call up stored memory from the hard drives in your brain.

 America is moving back in time.
 Instread of making progress, we are regressing to what we used to be.
 I don't want to go back, and neither do the majority of people who voted on Nov 7, 2000.

From: Edward.J.Arvin@bakernet.com

Subject: I'm so old...

I remember when a journalist making the kind of blunder O'Reilly did with false accusations
against the WTC fundraiser would result in his immediate discharge, an end to his career
due to blown credibility, and a public apology from those whose soapbox he abused.

O'Reilly's ratings will probably go up.

That's because Fox News is a whore network run by dishonest Nazi pigs.
O'Reilly will probably get a raise from Roger Aisles for "having the courage to tell the lie."

 Bush’s war at home: a creeping coup d’état

  Click  Here

 Fundamental constitutional safeguards—the right of habeas corpus, the right
 of the accused to know the charges against them, the right of arrested persons
 to see a lawyer, even the presumption of innocence—have been set aside for
 millions of immigrants from the Middle East and Central Asia. The right to privacy
 has been all but abolished for the entire population, with government intelligence
 agencies given the green light to plant bugs and wiretaps, monitor financial
 transactions, and conduct other forms of spying, virtually at will.

 This is why the conspiracy theories seem to hold water.
 The unelected idiot now has more power than any president since FDR,
 and FDR was TRUSTED with the presidency FOUR TIMES by the voters.

 Weak & Stupid has never won anything bigger than Governor of Texas,
 but now people can be jailed on the whims of the religioously insane?

 And with Poppy as former(?) head of the CIA, who can trust their own damn eyes?
 And with the press lying and covering up for Bush, we can't trust the news.

Fun and Games
  by  Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

Speaking of the whores of the American press...

 Is it a coincidence that USA Today reports that the O'Reilly Factor led Fox News
 to a ratings victory over CNN the same day the Clooney-O'Reilly clash hits the wires?

 O'Reilly knows he can make ANY wild-ass charge, and anyone who objects
 will be painted as a enemy of Fox News and their "fair & balanced" horseshit.

 A shot of Chinaco for Clooney and anyone who tells the whore press to fuck off.

Urgent Update on Political Persecution
   by Barbara Hartwell

 Click  Here

 The FBI agents told him they know "all about Barbara Hartwell" ( I doubt it, unless they were really CIA,
 DIA or NSA, they couldn't get access to my files ) and that they understood that  what I had been put through
 by the gov't was very wrong. They told Weasel they supported my cause. (Huh?)  But anyway, according to
 Weasel, he made a 'gentleman's agreement' with the agents that as long as he would keep his promise to me
 --not to allow another such incident-- that they would drop all the charges against him. A phone call was made
 and charges have now been dropped.

From: joebacon1@mediaone.net

Bart, I want to hear more BARTCOP RADIO!!!

Joe Bacon

Joe, I think BartCop radio will have to wait until I no longer have a day job.
I can't do it during the day, and I can't really do it from BartCop Manor at night because
I'd have to build a studio to avoid interfering with the homelife and that won't work until
significant dollars are in play, so, maybe that's something that will happen in the future.

...but I think BartCop Radio would be fun as hell.

Of Mice and the GOP
  by Isaac Peterson

 Click  Here

 Why is it, EIGHT WEEKS after the attacks on New York and the Pentagon,
 Smirk is just now getting around to freezing assets of suspected terrorist organizations?

 If I can send e-mail to Japan and back in less than two minutes, why couldn't Weak & Stupid
 pick up a phone and tell the Treasury or the Fed or somebody to freeze those assets on Sept 11th?

 Click  Here

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