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Volume 639    Bush = Crook

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 November 13, 2001                                                                        Required Reading

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 VCR Alert - Michael Jackson Egofest, Frasier 200th Anniversary Special, and the amazing 24 on Fox

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "By choosing Afghanistan's government for them,
    we are, in essence, denying them freedom."
     --The vulgar, stupid and un-American Pigboy, second hour

  Jesus, I hate to take Bush's side on anything, but to accuse Weak & Stupid
  of denying Afghanistan freedom because we toppled their religiously insane
  government - a government that murdered men if their beards weren't long enough,
  and women if they dared to show more than their eyes is a new low even for El Pigbo.

     El Pigbo

  Self-serving secrecy

  Click  Here

 Hiding behind a bogus claim of expanding openness, Bush issued new rules that will
 greatly complicate the Presidential Records Act, a post-Watergate law intended to
 ensure the release of administration records 12 years after a president leaves office
 — in this case, those of the Reagan administration. 


 "It seems bin Laden does have the nuclear bomb now.
   Trouble is, he can only deliver it by camel..."
    -- Dave

From: jjtest@ismi.net

Subject: Dizzy From The Spin

Um... let me get this straight. On Friday, the "White House" was
issuing declaratives to the tune of

"...we don't want the Northern Alliance to take Kabul until this issue of
  a new government is decided ... urging the NA to stop short of Kabul...etc"

The next day, as nappy, overgrown beard remnants are blowing through the
streets of Kabul like so much sagebrush... "Kabul falls to the Northern Alliance",
and now we hear "...White House very pleased??!".

Huh? Did they buy a bunch of Norelco stock overnight, or are they normally
this pleased when their "directives" are ignored in wartime?

What did I miss?


I'm with you, JJ. - and great "Norelco" line!

I hate being lied to.
I hate being lied to by my government.
I hate being lied to by my government when we're at war.
I really hate being lied to by an unelected fraud who declared at each campaign stop,
"I trust the people," but now is an administration of lies and illegal cover-ups.

He promised to bring "honor and integrity" to the White House, but instead has brought lies,
deception, cronyism, deceit, incompetence, cowardice, arrogance and partisanship in wartime.

I don't like it one fucking bit.

The Bush Family Evil Empire has turned America into a banana republic where the son of a
previous ruler has forced his way into power, then was "legitimized" by a panel of his daddy's friends.

...with all the romance of the Ton Ton Macute.

 Last night's chat

 If you weren't in the chat room last night, you missed a wild one.
 Among the highlights:

check willey if i vanish and expect an experienced alibi...

From: erikerlandson@yahoo.com

Subject: expect that mistake...

I was just thinking about some things:

1) The Florida recounts were published yesterday

2) A plane crashes yesterday, providing the news media with a classic excuse
    to substitute a personal interest story for genuine national news

3) Your recent comment (paraphrased):  "If somebody makes a mistake, and they
     profit by it, you can expect that mistake to keep happening over and over"

It's funny, before this year I never took conspiracy theories seriously.

Now I'm inventing them...

 Ashcroft's Affront to Democracy

 Click  Here

 It is hard to fathom why Attorney General John Ashcroft would think his recent
 order authorizing the monitoring of conversations between detainees and their
 lawyers would be acceptable in a society that values the rule of law.

 This is the Democrat's gift to the Illegal Idiot.
 Ashcroft is going to use this to go after blacks and gays just like
 he went after Oregon voters and abortion clinics. Ashcroft was insane
 when they confirmed him and he hasn't gotten any saner since.

 Not so vast!
   by James Higdon

   Click  Here

 While conspiracy theories surrounding watershed events are not unusual, I believe that the extreme
 number of theories which we are currently experiencing derive from the fact that we are being provided
 with so little information, that flows from within our national boarders, that we have a need to answer
 our own questions.  The mainstream press, trying to imbue a fratboy Napoleon with God-like virtue
 by selling all the stories that Karl Rove wants sold, and giving the press’ civic responsibility as government
 watch dogs a pass, are failing to provide even enough lies to sustain us against the few facts that are able
 to leak out..  The “Fourth Estate,” still apparently hampered by a few remaining ethics, has failed to
 become the efficient propaganda machine necessary to provide the bastard child with royal legitimacy.

From: kiewicz@mediaone.net

Subject: Scientific Prayer Studies

Bartcop --
The people with the goods on the so-called 'double blind' prayer study
are the folks at csicop (publishers of The Skeptical Inquirer).

Not only was the *one* 'high quality' study *not* entirely double-blind (as any proper, scientific study must be),
but the data was massaged in such a way as to manufacture the desired results ("prayer works").

Actual critical analyses are buried in back issues of The Skeptical Inquirer.

Part of a debate on the issue is available here (indexed to the start of Tessman's CON argument):


Pat Kiewicz
alt.atheism #1154


"Republicans argue that tax cuts for rich people and corporations
  will lead to investments that create more jobs."
       rds1,  bartcop.com  reader

 But Bill Clinton proved that the opposite is true.
 He raised taxes on the wealthiest 1.5 percent and America got the biggest
 economic boom in all of our history - but the GOP says, "We shouldn't count that."

 They like to point out that Reagan had a long periods of sustained growth,
 which is easy to do after you're crashed the economy to 1933 levels.

 Meanwhile, Weak & Stupid starts in with the same horseshit Reagan tried
 and just look what has happened to Bill Clinton's magnificent economy...

From: Edward.J.Arvin@bakernet.com

Subject: RE: O'Reilly

In response to my complaint that O'Reilly is not being held accountable for
making false accusations, ignacious ryley wrote to me:

"...that's because America is tired [of] being politically correct.
We are finally coming full circle.  We should be able to say what we think
without the Flaming Liberals worrying about hurting someone's feelings
or hurting someone with the truth.  It's also because Fox is not a run
by the liberal media like CNN."

I like it when Bartcop writes something really stupid pretending to be a right-winger
hoping they will see just how stupid it sounds.  But this guy has you beat by a mile.
He actually fooled me into believing he was a right-winger.  But if he was really on
the right, he wouldn't be stupid enough to claim it was okay for O'Reilly to lie simply
because O'Reilly is on a right-wing network.



 "There has never been a safer time to fly than right now."
    -- Steve Largent, (R-Jesus Twin) today

From: geekypsycho@yahoo.com

Subject: Can you take your own advice?

Not too long ago you said about Madonna's concert,
"If you hate her, watch the last hour.  If you really hate her, watch the last half-hour."

I hope you do that for the Michael Jackson egofest tonight and tell us what you think.

I wouldn't miss this concert for a lapdance from Josie Maran...

Well, that's a lie, but I'm going to watch!

Do you allow round 2's?
I could ramble on for days about the prayer thing...

The problem with Round Two's is space and time and it's tough to keep track
when you reply to my reply of your reply.  But the chat room's perfect for it.

  Back-stabbing Saudi bastards
 Saudi's feed bin Laden thru the back door

 Click  Here

 The intercepts have demonstrated to analysts that by 1996 Saudi money was supporting
 Osama bin Laden's Al Qaeda and other extremist groups in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen,
 and Central Asia, and throughout the Persian Gulf region. "Ninety-six is the key year,"
 one American intelligence official told me. "Bin Laden hooked up to all the bad guys—it's like
 the Grand Alliance— and had a capability for conducting large-scale operations."
 The Saudi regime, he said, had "gone to the dark side."


 "It's no accident that George Bush is your president."
    -- Crazy Vlad Putin, soulmate to President Weak & Stupid

 Vlad, you got that right.
 It wasn't an accident at all.
 The son of a Bush was forced on us by the lawless clowns on the Supreme Court.
 Partisan whores, bought and paid for by the extremist Ditto-Monkey Party of God.

                                              Illustration courtesy of Wizard of Whimsy


 I am behind on my thank you letters and contributor postings.
 I will attempt to catch up as soon as possible.

 To Carl, who sent the $100 to Julie - I mailed it today,
 please don't stop payment on it.

 This Just In...

 Microsoft Purchases Evil From Satan

  Click  Here

 Redmond, WA - Microsoft in a recent all cash deal has purchased evil from Satan for $2.7 billion.
"We've been after Satan for some time," said CEO Steve Ballmer.
"Negotiations were tough but I think both Microsoft and the Prince of Darkness are happy with this deal."

 Does this mean evil will now crash every twenty minutes?

 I said I took last weekend off - that was a lie.
 I wrote an entire issue Saturday but the whole mother crashed and when it came back up
 there was no Saturday issue. This disturbed me greatly, because it was the best issue ever.

 I haven't lost a whole issue in a while, but it really pisses me off - so much that
 I can't sit down and start writing again because of the steam that's coming off my head.
 So, ...disheartened and angry, I found a bottle of Jack Daniel's and climbed in.

 Bill Gates should be....

 Aw, what the hell, it's almost Christmas.

       The American whore press in their finest hour

 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was cornering the world market on gold,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was manipulating the price of oil,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was giving birth to bin Laden,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was buying California's water rights,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was secretly dealing with Saddam,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was fixing once-free American elections,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was entombing miners to halt work stoppages,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was hiding the felonies that Poppy pardoned away,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was making secret, illegal deals with Islamic Jihad,
 While the Bush Family Evil Empire was buying governorships for Jeb and Smirk,

 ...the press was busy fabricating false stories about Bill Clinton.

 When it was all over, Clinton had given us eight years of peace and prosperity,

 while the Bush Family Evil Empire is now leading back into war and recession.

 Who told you this was going to happen?
 Who predicted this was going to happen?
 Who guaranteed this was going to happen?
 Who put it in writing more than a year ago?


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