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Volume 638 - Big Dog in Cow Town

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 November 10-12, 2001                                                                           Required Reading

 "What's your favorite independent media outlet?"  If you E-mail The Nation letters@thenation.com,
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 VCR Alert -  Monday's kind of a dead night.  Regis, Weakest Link, Crossing Jordan, MFN etc.

  Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "McCaulffe actually said that - I'm not interpretating his words."
     -- Poor sick bastard, first hour today

 Remember last issue?

  It said:
  "Will President Weak & Stupid Wag the Dog to bury the news that he cheated?"

 The Florida news is buried deeper than Jimmy Hoffa.
 Weak & Stupid lives a charmed life, doesn't he?

From: nathan@interaccess.net

Subject: "...toe the line..."

On Sunday's Meet the Press, when asked about the Saudi Prince's criticism of current US policy,
Colin Powell said that 'we don't expect our allies to "toe the line" with everything...'

I guess "you're either with us, or against us" doesn't apply to the Saudi's.



 "If Al Gore has used the correct legal strategy - he would've won."
   -- Pigboy, stupidly giving away the farm

 But Your Strokeness, you just admitted Gore got more votes.
 You just admitted Gore should be president right now, but his decision to count
 four counties instead of all 77 cost him his rightfully elected place as president.

 You really should be taking your stroke medicine.

 You are quite wrong on this prayer thing

  Click  Here

 Creep of the Week

 Click  Here

 A billion dollars a month

 If the war is really costing us a billion dollars a month,
 wouldn't it be cheaper to just offer a billion dollars for bin Laden's head?
 Surely not everybody in bin Laden's circle is a religio-nut.
 Surely some, like Osama, are evil material-secularists and would enjoy spending a billion dollars.

 Koresh, with a billion dollars, an Afghan could make 999 friends millionaires.
 I'll bet a million dollars US goes a loooooong way in Kabul

 This idea makes sense.
 That would be a lot cheaper and a lot safer for our militar..



 ...what's that you say?

 Bush can't get his greedy little hands on the Afghan pipeline without the war?

 (light bulb goes off)

 Damn, you're right.
 I should've thought of that.


From: imk-01@home.com

Subject: A simple question

Hello BartCop,
Can you imagine what would have happened if Bill Clinton, at the end of his presidency,
had sealed his presidential records from scrutiny? I bet I can.

Ilkka Kokkarinen
Mississauga, ON

Yes, the American whore press would've gone ape-shit.
Fox News would start a new channel devoted to "the Clinton abuses."
That way, the lying bastards could fabricate Clinton charges 48/7.

CNN would invent a logo with a beating drum and John Williams music.
The networks would wet themselves for another shot at his cock.
The vulgar Pigboy would be screaming, "I told you so!" at an even higher pitch.
There would be a non-stop parade of  horseshit  bigger than the "crime" of Monica.

...but since it's just the UNELECTED fraud hiding very real crimes, we only hear
from Conason, Lyons, Salon, MWO and other non-whore small voices.

 BTW, I know the plane went down, but there's nothing to say yet.

 Not scared yet?

 On McLaughlin this weekend, Tony Blankly said Weak & Stupid
 and Dick Cheney are keeping at least five miles apart at all times.

 Do you know why?

 Because, Blankly explained, IF bin Laden has these suitcase nukes,
 each one is only good for a blast radius of about two miles.
 (Thank you, God)

 So by staying at least five miles apart at all times, bin Laden would not
 be able to kill the President and VP with a single nuclear explosion

 I think that's scary.

 Please God - protect Dick Cheney.

 Science says prayers work

 Click  Here

Central Control of the News
  by Marc Perkel

 Click  Here



"Our nation simply doesn't have enough oil to drill our way to energy independence or even
  to affect world oil prices…. Increasing our dependence on oil, whether that oil comes from
  the Persian Gulf or the Arctic Refuge, practically guarantees national insecurity. And we
  know that it will bring more habitat destruction, more oil spills, more air pollution, and more
  global warming.  The public health implications will be devastating.  If our nation wants to
  declare energy independence, then we have no choice but to reduce our appetite for oil."
    -- Robert Redford

 Remember 25 years ago Jimmy Carter was pushing for conservation and solar power.
 He even installed solar panels on the roof of the White House, but Reagan ridiculed the idea
 of cheap, independent energy and laughingly tore down the solar panels.

 The oil president isn't going to take ANY steps to secure America's energy independence
 unless his gang of thugs get a piece of the action.

 Why do you think they installed an idiot puppet against our will?
 Is was NOT so he could do what was best for the country.

 The NORC Florida vote tally is in
 ...and the verdict is?

 A vote-by-vote review of untallied ballots in the 2000 Florida election indicates Bush
 would have narrowly prevailed in the partial recounts sought by Al Gore, but Gore
 might have won had he pursued and gained a complete statewide recount.

 Click  Here

 What kind of sloppy reporting is this?
 Bush won, except Gore might've won had they counted all the votes?

 Why bother to work for a year on a final verdict that has a big "but" in it?

 911 call proves Bush at fault for death of Postal Worker

  Full Story

"My breathing is very, very labored,'' Morris said on the 911 tape. ``I don't know if I have been,
 but I suspect that I might have been exposed to anthrax.''

 Morris, 55, was one of two Washington postal workers who died of inhaled anthrax last month,
 During his 911 call, Morris was calm but breathing laboriously as he described a co-worker finding
 an envelope containing powder. He said he hadn't handled the envelope but had been nearby.

 "I couldn't even find out if the stuff was or it wasn't'' anthrax, he said.
 "I was told that it wasn't, but I have a tendency not to believe these people.''

 Trying to protect the illegal fraud, the White House assured doctors that they were NOT
 dealing with anthrax, even tho Cheney started taking Cipro on September 11th, which was
 weeks before the first anthrax letter appeared.

 The Postal service knew about the powder on the letter.
 The Doctor after checking with Bush Administration told him he did not have Anthrax.

 Bush's babysitters were afraid that an Anthrax scare would further harm his crumbling economy and
 thereby his chances to win re-election, so they downplayed the the threat and now the man is dead.

 Clinton lied about sex to hide it from his family, no one dies and we crucified him.
 Bush lies to win elections and people are killed, and he gets fawning praise from the whore press..

 Cinton would have demanded a 500 page detailed report on Anthrax and all of its dangers.
 Then would have stayed up all night studying it.
 President Game Boy left the decisions to others, giving himself deniability - again.

 How many more Americans will die for the enrichment of the Bush Family Evil Empire?

From: geekypsycho@yahoo.com

Subject: That goofy prayer study

Click  Here

 Bush ally Enron Energy caught cooking the books
  Enron was Bush's biggest campaign contributor -  $80 stock falls to $8

 Click  Here

 In an SEC filing yesterday, Enron said financial statements from 1997 through the first half of 2001
 "should not be relied upon'' and that outside businesses run by Enron officials during that period
 should have been included in the company's earnings reports.

 Did you see the Idiot at Saturday's press conference?

 Reporter: Mr. President, if it's true that the United States is against all forms of terrorism,
                   could you please explain your position on Kashmir?

 Weak & Stupid: As you know, Pakistan's education director is a fine woman, a good lady.
                             I'd like to thank you all for the fine questions.

 ...end of press conference.

 The reporter asking the question sounded like he was from India or Pakistan,
 so maybe he didn't know that President Bunnypants can't answer REAL questions.

  Bush Family Evil Empire gets away clean again
 Witness settles for $210,000,
 Boy King's perjury trial avoided

  Full Cover-up

 AUSTIN – A former state funeral home regulator who said she was
 wrongfully fired for investigating a large funeral home chain operated by a
 longtime family friend of George W. Bush has settled her 2-year-old
 whistleblower lawsuit for $210,000.

 What an idiot.
 She could've gotten millions, because the Boy King WILL be protected.
 The Bush Family Evil Empire has too many trillions bet on Smirk's fraudulent presidency
 to let some whistleblower screw it all up with evidence of past crimes.

 But then again, at least she wasn't found dead in a hotel room in Arkansas,
 so maybe she did the right thing, after all.

 Abortion groups threatened

 Click  Here

 More than 200 abortion clinics and abortion rights groups nationwide received
 FedEx packages Thursday containing a powdery substance alleged to be anthrax,
 The FBI is investigating and is treating the threats as a hoax.

 Of course it's a hoax.
 Those packages were sent by people who voted for Bush. And since religiously-insane
 John Ashcroft decides who's a threat and who's not, these terrorists are labeled "pranksters."

 But if a darkie was caught doing the same thing, Ashcroft could put them in jail for life
 without a trail because the senate Democrats gave Ashcroft all the powers we asked for.

What the hell is wrong with the gelding Democrats?

Does the vulgar Pigboy read  bartcop.com?
 His Pigness goes completely insane on the air.

 Click  Here

 In all of history, has there ever been power grab as ruthless and blatant
 as what the  Bush Family Evil Empire  is doing right before our eyes?

 Chelsea speaks - for the first time
  What her day was like September 11th

  Click  Here

 "Once we stopped running, I started praying. I prayed for my country and my city.
  I stopped berating the tax cut and started praying that the president would rise to lead us.
  And I thanked God my mother was a senator representing New York and that Rudy Giuliani
  was our mayor. I have never reacted more viscerally to a leader, particularly not to one I
  had been criticizing just the day before for some insensitivity or other. . . .

 "I realized that I had become a New Yorker. I expect now that I'll always be one."

 Where's the Beef?
  by Sally Slate, as seen on  onlinejournal.com

  Click  Here

 The man who insisted throughout his campaign, "I trust the people,"
 trusts anything but the people. And, once again, gentle readers, Americans
 have been put in the position of being "the last to know," thanks to the
 administration and its public relations arm that parades under the label "U.S. media."

 When Astrologers Retaliate

 Click  Here

 Lots of good stuff over at   today.

 Ideology As Usual
  by Anthony Lewis

  Click  Here

 In another strange example of his priorities, Mr. Ashcroft last month sent federal agents
 to raid a Los Angeles center that supplied marijuana to desperately ill people under a
 state law allowing medical use. Does a wartime Justice Department really have nothing
 better to do than deprive cancer and AIDS patients of relief from their pain?

 This is partly the fault of the gelding Democrats in the Senate.
 They KNEW Ashcroft was religiously insane when they confirmed him.
 Jesus Christ, what were they thinking?

 In effect, Senate Democrats voted to deprive cancer patients their right to die with less pain.

 What the hell is wrong with the gelding Democrats?

 Can't the senate Democrats be arrested for embezzling money?
 They are cashing their paychecks but not showing up for work.

"Unka Dick, has anyone who doesn't own a cropduster
  called in to report seeing any evildoers climb into one?"

 Idea from http://www.thedubyachronicles.com/

 RB Ham has a report
 Big Dog comes to Cow Town

 Click  Here

 Vanessa Marcil, one of the finest babes in all Hollywood, is now on NYPD Blue.

 They uglied her up and gave her librarian hair and a frumpy attitude,
 just like Jolene Blaylock over on UPN's Enterprise.

 A decent-looking woman can't make it in Hollywood.
 You have to be a knockout to get noticed.
 So the knockout gets noticed, gets hired, and then they ugly her up to play a regular-looking person.
 Why not hire a regular-looking person and give the make-up guy the day off?

 But the worst part is - they hire a babe like this for a show that requires the actors to sign
 an agreement to get at least partially nude for the camera, then they show us Dennis Franz's butt.

  The Problems With Bush's Executive Order Burying Presidential Records
     By John Dean - yes, that John Dean

 Click  Here

 The Executive Order suggests that President Bush not only does not want Americans to know
 what he is doing, but he also does not want to worry that historians and others will someday find out.
 Certainly that is the implicit message in his new effort to preclude public access to Presidential papers
 — his, and those of all Presidents since the Reagan-Bush administration. There is, however,
 no justification whatsoever for this latest effort to hide the work of past, present, and future Presidents.

Is George Harrison near death?

Click  Here

Geo. W. Bush Does Not Want the World to Know
his Dad Committed Treason in 10/1980
   by David Southcomb

 Click  Here

 I thought to myself, "You know something does NOT smell right here?!"
Why would the hostages be released the day the Reagan is innaugurated President
 and NOT before the general election little more than 2 months earlier?!

 Mark McGwire says his knees are worn out and he's going to retire.

 I'll never forget the great job Mark did in 1998 when he hit 70 home runs
 and help to distract a nation that was forced to watch the GOP go after
 America's best president with their ridiculous and unnecesary cock hunt.

 The FBI could've been watching out for terrorists, but nooooooooooooo.
 They were busy - hundreds of agents - chasing sluts in Arkansas trailer parks
 to see if any of them needed a few hundred dollars to make a claim against Clinton.

 ...and why did the FBI spend nine years rooting around inside Clinton's zipper?
 Because the sex-obsessed Republican party said, "It's important to the Constitution
 that we investigate every claim, no matter how unfounded, because it's important."

 Meanwhile, bin Laden's gang was very busy with matter THEY thought were important,
 while the FBI was following the Republican's script.

 But those 70 home runs gave people a chance to look away for a few hours.

 Thanks, Mark.
 Baseball and St Louis will always remember the thrills you gave us.

 This got posted with a bad link, and it's damn good, so here it is:

 Bush Tries to Close The Vault of History
  by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Last week Mr. Bush signed a sweeping executive order that, in the name of national security,
 blatantly seeks to revoke the Presidential Records Act of 1978. That law, passed in response to
 the Watergate scandal and Nixon’s subsequent attempt to treat White House documents as his
 private property, granted scholars, journalists and other citizens reasonable access to such materials
 within 12 years after a President departs office. Both substantively and symbolically, it represents
 one of the most important reforms of the post-Nixon era.

 At every stop during the campaign Smirk lied, "I trust the American people"
 He's the most secretive crook the White House has ever had.

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