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Volume 647 - Something was Stolen

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 November 22, 2001                                                                                                    Required Reading

 VCR Alert -  Mega-TV today. There's a Buffy marathon on FX, a Columbo marathon on A&E,
  a Homicide marathon on CourtTV, two pro football games, ...and that's just during the daytime.
  Prime time is a **** Friends, Survivor, C.S.I. (new and used) a day with Mick Jagger,
  then Pamela Anderson and U2 entertain the troops on Leno.


 "I have a policy never under any circumstances to go on any Fox talk show.
   I regard Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity as blatant racists!''
    -- Alan Dershowitz, who's not scared like the gelding Democrats

 Big Brother goes Postal
    by Barbara Hartwell

  Click  Here

  Who is Barbara Hartwell?
  And what makes her so dangerous?

  Click  Here

From: JDFRIETZE@ftb.com

Subject: Have an Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving

Hay Bart,

Just wanted to remind you to have an old-fashioned Thanksgiving -
Invite your neighbors over, have them cook you a huge dinner,
then kill them and take all their land!


  a poll from datalounge.com
 Who is running America?

  George W. Bush                  6.6%
  Dick Cheney                      35.4%
  Karen Hughes                     2.1%
  The Oil & Gas Industry    45.9%
  Trent Lott                            1.2%
  Smirk Daddy                       8.8%

Richard Perle and his latest plans for the empire
   by  Brad Pierce

 Click  Here

 Profile in Courage

 Rod Dreher, the film critic turned conservative columnist at the New York Post, has
 taken his Ray Kerrison act across town. Picked to replace Mr. Kerrison after he
 retired in 1999, Mr. Dreher is joining National Review, where he’ll write his column
 three times a week for National Review’s Web site as well as pieces for the magazine.

 Reached for comment, Mr. Dreher told us he was making the move partly out of
 concern for the safety of his 2-year-old son. "One thing that affected this decision
 was the anthrax attacks at the Post," said Mr. Dreher, who was on Cipro for a few
 days after a co-worker was found to be a victim of an anthrax attack.
 "What would I do if I got this stuff and my wife was left alone with our son?"

(The New York Post, of course, famously called Congress "WIMPS!"
 for shutting down due to an anthrax scare.)


 Sent in by Tom Tomorrow

 Thanks, Tom

From: one of seven BartCop stalkers

Subject: Ashcroft synopsizes the whole enchilada...

Attorney general John Ashcroft said: "We simply are not going to tolerate terrorists coming to this country to kill
thousands of innocent Americans. ... We're going to use every tool in the American judicial system and justice system
to protect innocent lives in the United States of America, and this president needs to have those tools."

Now, who can disagree with that ?
What responsible citizen can disagree with it ??

Since you're being 1/4 sane, I'll answer that.
People who appreciate America's Constitution would disagree with that.

Let's look at it two ways:

1. "use every tool."
     Do you realize we could rid the country on all illegal drugs in 30 days if we just allowed every cop
     in America to "use every tool," which would include cavity searches on even the slightest whims?

  I'll bet an example you use when attacking Doves is to say "If I punch your face, would you fight back?"
  I'll try the same tack on you.
  Can I have the keys to your home, and whenever I feel like it I'll search your bedroom?

  Why not?
  Got something to hide?
  If you're innocent, why can't I have total access to your bedroom?
  It's what we call "usuing every tool" in law enforcement.

  Let me guess: "That's different," and you suddenly like the Constitution a little better, don't you?

2. Look where they're going:
    Fuck the Constitution. They say this is "too important" to let the Constitution get in the way.
    What happens when John Ashcroft decides that liberals need to be rounded up, without warrants,
    without lawyers, without a right to face their accuser, without a right to present evidence at their trial
    "to protect innocent lives in the United States of America."

I know what you're thinking - Bush and Ashcroft would never do that.
But we all know what happens when men have absolute power.

What do religiously-insane men do with absolute power?

 Reminder:  I'm not posting this conspiracy stuff just for fun.

 There are a lot of serious questions that nobody is asking,
 and some questions are being answered with stupid and clumsy lies.

 Click  Here  and then tell me this is all bullshit.  You'll have to copy & paste the links.

 Tons of good stuff over at today.
 I don't know how Marty comes up with all that stuff.

 Don't forget Michele's Thanksgiving Special at 
 As Ed McMahon used to say, everything you ever wanted to know about having a great
 Thanksgiving meal is on her page - check it out.

 ...so the reporter from the Times looks at me and says,

  "...thanks for having the decency to be honest!"

From: Can't be with adults BartCop stalker

Subject: Yasmine Bleeth :  a 1%er...

Yasmine has access to "liquid cocaine", a pharmaceutical grade, used by opthalmologists
& eye surgeons...the kind preferred by the richest 1% of the country.

Barfy's defending  the "richest 1%" 'cause she's got a nice rack...

ha ha

Is that what I did?

Wait - first, she does have a nice rack.
If that's the subject, I can win this debate.


I said she'd be the cutest pack of cigarettes on Cellblock D.
But I admit, that's very similar to defending her in a legal setting.

Britney Accused of Faking It

 Britney Spears is under attack from critics claiming she faked the vocals on her live HBO special from Las Vegas.
 According to all sighted people, she's either the greatest ventriloquist in the world or she cheated like a Bush when
 she was supposed to be singing during her money Niagra at Las Vegas's fabulous MGM GRAND hotel.

 A LAS VEGAS REVIEW JOURNAL critic said, "I counted three times when her lips didn't seem to match the music.
 I do think she was singing into her microphone, I just don't think her microphone was patched through to the speakers
 so much. It seemed to me that we were still hearing a prerecorded voice a lot."

 Suspicions were fuelled by how little her energetic dancing seemed to affect her singing.
 The critic also points out, "We also never heard her inhale in between lyrics.
 But when she paused to talk to the crowd, we could suddenly hear her panting like a dog.

 ha ha

 CDRs are going for $60 on e-Bay.

 We dropped in during commercials, and I could tell in a half-second that she wasn't singing.
 She was all hopping around like she was from Kansas City, and she never took an extra breath.
 I mean, who didn't know?

 All these fake groups are fake.
 Doesn't everybody know that?
 I never thought to mention it because I thought everybody knew.
 (They know wrestling is fake, right?)

 au contrere, or however that's spelled, we saw the Jennifer Lopez concert during
 commercials and she was singing every note that I witnessed - which wasn't a lot.
 I'm not Jennifer Lopez's biggest fan, but she's certainly not talentless.
 On the other hand, Britney wears (or not) clothes and the boys pay to watch.

 Did Britney ever wear that little Elvis outfit?  That's why I taped the damn thing.

 I just need to be sure I'm not the only one who knows about these fake groups.
 Put another (and hopefully better) way, ...why is this story in the news?

"Unka Dick, you said I was the president.
  If I'm the president, why am I always reading The Caterpiller Story to children
  while you're doing grown-up stuff back at the White House?"

 Click  Here

 Lots of great toons on RB Ham's site...

 Don't let the bastards win.

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 The way things are going, it may be all we have left.

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