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Volume 646 - Liberty is Dying

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 November 21, 2001                                                                                                      Required Reading

 VCR Alert -  Enterprise, West Wing and Law & Order.
  Does anyone know how I can get copies of TV shows like the real critics do so I can write about them before they air?
  I wanted to write about last week's West Wing, but if I take notes while the show is on I'll miss something,
  and it's hard to watch the tape the next day because all the Thursday shows are on.


 "Foreign terrorists who commit war crimes against the United States do not deserve
   the protections of the American Constitution, particularly when there could be very serious
   and important reasons related to not bringing them back to the United States for justice."
   -- John Ashcroft, Sieg Heil

  ...and those important reason are what?
  That they might reveal what the Bush Family Evil Empire has been up to?

 Senator Rubber Stamp strikes again

 The Senate unanimously confirmed Terry Wooten as a federal judge for Carolina on Thursday,
 effectively rejecting an allegation he illegally slipped confidential FBI files to David Brock,
 the recipient of Wooten's illegal files, and author of a book who tried to discredit critics of
 the smartest black man on the Crooked Court, Clarence "Slappy" Thomas.

 The Senate's 980 vote came hours after President Dumbshit's nomination of Wooten sailed through
 the Judiciary Committee, 190, unopposed by the trembling, scared bunny Democrats.

 Chairman Patrick Leahy, Vermont's best-known back-stabber, gave Wooten his seal of approval
 and oral sex, saying he accepted his denial of the charge at a confirmation hearing in August.

 "I found Terry Wooten credible,'' Senator Rubber Stamp said. "His denials were emphatic
   and unequivocal. He was under oath, and Republicans don't lie under oath.  President Bush
   is my hero and I'll confirm every Nazi lawbreaking bastard he tells me to.''

 Happy Birthday to...

      Kate Hudson's mom is 56          Deborah Shelton (with whom I have not had sex) is 49

Don't Forget the Oil Thing
   by The Die Hard

 Click  Here

 Jim Jefford's honesty threatened Cheney with investigations into his price gouging, and suddenly prices dropped.
 Cheney's as well as Dumbshit's puppet masters in the oil companies were Not Happy.  "Get us back to 500%
 profits NOW," they growled.  "I don't care how you do it!"

 So we have a trumped-up war with everyone who wears a turban -- and, just incidentally,
 sits on oil supplies that the Evil Empire has large interests in.

Graphic by the Wizard of Whimsy

 BartCop at the Mexican Embassy

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 In War, It's Power to the President

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 On a wide variety of fronts, the administration has moved to seize power that it has shared with
 other branches of government. In foreign policy, Bush announced vast cuts in the U.S. nuclear
 arsenal but resisted putting the cuts in a treaty ­ thereby averting a Senate ratification vote.
 In domestic policy, the administration proposed reorganizing the INS without the congressional
 action lawmakers sought. And in legal policy, the administration seized the judiciary's power as
 Bush signed an order allowing terrorists to be tried in military tribunals.


  "One of the greatest tragedies in human history
    was the hijacking of morality by religion."
      -- Arthur C Clarke

Conspiracy Theory or common sense?
  by Eric R. Theiner

 Click  Here

 OBL's people killed soldiers in Somalia in an attempt to embarrass Clinton just like the Iranians held onto
 the hostages until Reagan was sworn in. It wasn't Clinton's operation, but it was on Clinton's watch and
 that was good enough. It was around that time that "Tim Osman" visited a number of Bush's oil buddies,
 wasn't it? Funny how a terrorist is on such good terms with the American oil industry at the same time that
 his organization is killing our troops. (My timing may be a little skewed, but I find it hard to believe that
 attitudes would change that much on either side over a year or two.)

 In normal times, this would seem to be random craziness, but we have to remember one indisputable fact:
 bin Laden gave Bush legitimacy (seemingly) and gave Bush a reason to ignore the Constuitution
 and took his less than 50 percent approval into the nineties.

 That's something that all the oil, gold and cash in the Bush Family Evil Empire couldn't buy.
 bin Laden has done more for Bush than Katherine Harris
 and the thugs on the Supreme Court combined.
 I think that's why Bush is pushing for secret trials, so bin Laden's truth can never come out.

 Did you read the piece that said Bush insisted that ONLY HE be allowed to determine who has these secret trials?
 That's a whole lot of unconstitutional power for some unelected son of a bitch to shove down our throat.

 When this war is over, expect the Bush Family Evil Empire
 to have the exclusive rights to that Afghanistan pipeline.

From: robb@blackvault.com

Subject: Jack Ruby and Ashcroft

So Ashcroft says he's supporting the secret military trials in an effort to spare the country the trauma of televised trials.

Ruby said he shot Oswald to spare Jackie having to go through a trial.

Guess what, Johnny:  At this point in history, less than 10 percent of Americans believe Oswald acted alone.
It didn't wash then, and it won't wash now.

John Ashcroft is a lying son of a bitch.
(Is that still legal to say? Did I just commit a crime that "aids terra?")

The son of a bitch wants secret trials to disguise Bush's bungling of this whole deal.
I think bin Laden was getting revenge on Bush for screwing his family in a secret deal.
and Bush is using the American military to get revenge for the Bush Family Evil Empire.

Secret trials my ass!

They think they can't get twelve New Yorkers to convict?
How weak can their case possibly be?

...and the Democrats lay there and say, "Thank you, Mr Bush, may I have another?"

 Lots of good stuff over at today.
 Helena Handbasket, STP live in Las Vegas, Aaliyah news and more.

 Don't forget Michele's Thanksgiving Special at 
 As Ed McMahon used to say, everything you ever wanted to know about having a great
 Thanksgiving meal is on her page - check it out.

 Blessings and Bombings
   by Maureen Dowd    She hates everybody - this time it's conservatives - I think.

 Click  Here

 After Sept. 11, Mr. Bush promised $20 billion to New York for reconstruction, but the White House
 says the city has gotten enough for now, though only about half of it may be in hand. No bailouts for big
 business was a Bush principle, but the White House speedily funneled money to the airlines and limited
 payouts for insurance companies, both politically powerful industries.

 Mr. Bush definitely has a talent for holding opposed ideas in his mind.
 But then, he did start as a compassionate conservative.

Count the votes, not the lawyers
   by Gene Lyons

 Click  Here

 The journalists, however, have no excuse for manipulating their own survey for transparently political ends.
 Enhancing Bush's "legitimacy" isn't the media's job any more than it was Justice Antonin Scalia's, who brought
 the expression into the disputed election to begin with.  Nor is their task to let the five offending justices of the
 U.S. Supreme Court off the constitutional hook by pretending that they magically intuited how the vote would
 have turned out under various scenarios. "The trouble with Bush v. Gore," as Jonathan Chait wrote in The New
 Republic "was that it distorted the law to bring about a desired political outcome." End of story.

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Liberty Is Dying, Liberal by Liberal

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 The war on terrorism, like the war on drugs, is being used to justify the destruction of individual privacy rights.
 Feingold, in voting against the largely unchallenged USA Patriot Act, the anti-terrorism bill, said: "Under this bill,
 the government can compel the personal records of anyone--perhaps someone who works with or lives next door
 to or went to school with or sat on an airplane with ... the target of the investigation." That's a witch hunt.

 A witch hunt?
 In America?

 The GOP could never be involved in a witch hunt, could they?


 "Even Osama bin Laden's soul could be saved if he converted
   to Christianity, but he still would deserve to be killed."
      --Jerry Falwell,  a.k.a. Ann Coulter with a penis

 Who is sending the anthrax letters?

 We know it's the American Taliban, (R-Religiously Insane) but that Leahy letter tells us it's a
 ditto-monkey who doesn't know that Patrick Leahy (I-Rubber Stamp) is Bush's personal toady.

From: ScottDavs@aol.com

Subject: Surplus Gone

Deficits to last through 2004.
Do democrats have an issue with this?



Hell, no.
The Democrats are too goddamn pitifully weak and scared.
They can't do anything about anything.
The only thing a Democrat knows how to do is kiss Bush's ass and stick a knife in Clinton's back.

In America, you're either a weak moron in a pink tutu or a Nazi bastard.

What President Gore would do . . .

  Click  Here

 Great stuff, thanks Kurt

 Return of the Crotch-Sniffers

  Click  Here

 The MRC is fascinated by a former Clinton aide's sex life.
 Plus: NewsMax not only runs wildly inaccurate polls, they've cobbled together an infomercial.

 Assault on Liberty
   by Alan M. Dershowitz

  Click  Here

 Nor will the suspect have any real opportunity to defend himself, since the ordinary rules of evidence
 will not be followed. The commission will be allowed to base its decision on any evidence that would
 "have probative value to a reasonable person." Translated from the legalese, this means that hearsay,
 coerced confessions, and fruits of illegal searches can be considered, and that cross-examinations will
 not always be allowed. It also means that the prosecution need not even disclose the sources of its
 hearsay if such disclosure would reveal a "state secret"a broad term nowhere defined.

 This is all on the scared bunny Democrats.
 Madmen will seize as much power as they can - all of the time.
 With the Democrats too afraid to defend themselves, their party or their country,
 Bush is running wild, destroying the Constitution and plundering the Treasury.

If they refuse to work
why are Democrats cashing their paychecks ?

There's only one true God.
John Ashcroft knows the true God
Are you mocking God by disagreeing with John Ashcroft?

 He's watching... and you'd better not forget it.

 Don't let the bastards win.

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