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Julie Hiatt

Volume 645 - Heaven Tonight

 November 20, 2001                                                                                            Required Reading

 VCR Alert -  J-Lo live in concert (Will she wear something nasty? "It's her first time ever," says NBC...)
  Frasier, NYPD Blue and they say the third installment of 24 is a monster!  Julia Roberts and Shelby Lynne on Dave.


 I am going to support Gov. Bush during this crisis and I will stand behind Gov. Bush until this war has ended.
 And if he does a good job we may even elect him for the first time in 2004.
      -- George Carlin

Yasmine Bleeth Could Face Eight Years in Jail

Yasmine Bleeth is about to become the sexiest convict in cellblock D.
She's facing eight years in jail if she is convicted on drug charges.

The 33-year-old star was caught with four syringes containing liquid cocaine, in September.
She has also been charged with operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs.

The day after her arrest, her hotel room was searched and police say,
more cocaine and narcotic paraphernalia were found in the room.

Bleeth pleaded innocent of the charges in a court appearance in Romulus, Michigan last Friday.

 I'm back in court again today.

 Click  Here

 Lots of good stuff over at today.
 Michael Dare tears Weak & Stupid a new one, there's some Pickles-speak,
 the Elizabeth Hurley story will shock you.
 and be sure to check out The Vidiot's hueueueueueuge page on all things TV.

 Don't forget Michele's Thanksgiving Special at 
 As Ed McMahon used to say, everything you ever wanted to know about having a great
 Thanksgiving meal is on her page - check it out.

 If you haven't seen the Doonesbury that's so goddamn funny (and true) that it made
 the vulgar Pigboy call for a boycott against all papers who run Doonesbury,

 Click  Here

From: Jffwelch@netscape.net

Subject: vcr spurt

On one hand you ask your readers whether or not they are happy that sweeps week is almost over.
Then on the other hand you have a vcr alert, urging I assume, that your readers tape the weakest link, regis,
deion sanders and jlo -- some of the most brain dead and IQ destroying television ever to hit the airwaves.

Come to think of it, you urge your readers to not only watch, but tape damn near everything.

Considering the nice pics you post at the top, why not have a hiking trail alert, or a good book alert?
May I recommend anything by Kurt Vonnegut?
Again, WTF?

That sweep weeks remark was about fundraising.
I hate playing the whore.

...and books?
What are they?

 Click  Here

The site that set out to bring the media to their knees
- but found they were already there.


"The national government will maintain and defend the foundations on which the power of our nation rests.
  It will offer strong protection to Christianity as the very basis of our collective morality.  Today Christians
  stand at the head of our country. We want to fill our culture again with the Christian spirit.  We want to
  burn out all the recent immoral developments in literature, in the theatre, and in the press - in short,
  we want to burn out the poison of immorality which has entered into our whole life and culture
  as a result of liberal excess during the past few years."

  Who said that?
   It was either John Ashcroft or Adolph Hitler

From:   bcarter@moorefans.com

Subject: Since bart asked about this

"The director kept the camera rolling and I did a strip-tease for the crew members...
  No one will see it. But I'll know it's there"
  -- West Wing's Allison Janney, on last week's "I'm Too Sexy" dance

 Terrorist acts in America took place
 after unsuccessful negotiations with Kabul
  This is what the Russians are saying.

  Click  Here

 “Only a month before the terror attack the American government had active contacts with the Taliban.
  America wishes to get  hold of Kazakhstan’s rich oil reserves and it hoped to build an oil pipeline for
  that via Afghanistan, which is a neighbouring country to the republic of Kazakhstan. The failure of
  negotiations is directly connected with the attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon.”

  Is that why we can't see the evidence?
  Because this is another Bush Family Evil Empire bumgle?
  Bush's greed for more oil killed those all those people?
  And then he shreds the constitution to hide his involvement?

 The ballot that altered U.S. history
    by Randy Schultz, Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

  Click  Here

 The wrong man became president of the United States in January.
 That isn't an opinion. It's a fact.
 History will draw its conclusions as to whether the country benefited from the mistake.

 We can't forget what happened that night.
 After the networks called the election for Gore, Weak & Connected called reporters
 to his hotel room and said, "I will NOT lose Florida, you watch and see."

 Bush knew the fix was in, and there was no way he could lose in his brother's state.

 ...it was Hitler.

From: jhess@smithtown.k12.ny.us

Subject: Do THEY read BartCop? Example MXXIII

Dear BartCop,

You suggested offering the Afghans $1 billion for Bin Laden's juevos.
Rumsfeld is only putting up $25 million, probably some change that fell out of the Cheney's couch.

War Spin Theory/Prediction from Left Field:
Bin Laden is already captured and/or dead.  After a month of Smirk and Rummy and Ari avoiding saying
his name like the plague, yesterday it was if they were having a contest to see who could mention him more.
If the GOP knows one thing, it's how to stack the deck in their favor and reap the political benefits.
Not that I don't want the f*cker to buy it, I just hate when Karl Rove has a good idea.


 I don't want to get all droopy on you,
 but today is the 25th anniversary of my marriage to the best lady I've ever met.

 On November 20, 1976, she formally agreed to spent her life with me.
 That's the biggest ego-boost I've ever had.    I got real lucky.
 Funny, she said it was my humor that won her over, not my good looks...

 I'm not trying to screw with the minds of those who haven't had my good luck,
 I just couldn't let this day pass and not mention it.

Media Whores in Tom Jefferson's time

Click  Here

Honor and dignitude?

  More Proof
 US planned war in Afghanistan long before September 11

  Click  Here

 The American media has conducted a systematic cover-up of the real
 economic and strategic interests that underlie the war against Afghanistan,
 in order to sustain the pretense that the war emerged overnight,
 full-blown, in response to the terrorist attacks of September 11.

 Remember how they screamed, "Where's the outrage?" when Clinton had sex?
 Now, the Bush Family Evil Empire is raping the country like crazy, but the press isn't interested.

From: dsc999@webtv.net

Subject: Patrick Leahy

I have to say this about Senator Leahy.  He is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
He has been moving Judges very slowly.  He also is one of the few civil libritarians in the Senate.
He also is pro gun which I don't like but you do.  He is by no means perfect but I think
you are way off base to call him worthless.

Dave Conroy

Dave, it appears as tho we have different opinions of Senator Rubber Stamp.
How can you like the guy who said, "John Ashcroft will make an excellent Attorney General?"

Leahy was the Democrat who stood between religious insanity having the force of law or not.
...and he chose to let the religiously-insane bastard become the top cop in America.

Teri the ghost chaser's newest report

Click  Here

Larry Flynt Sues Defense Department

Larry Flynt has sued the Defense Department for the right to send reporters to the front lines in Afghanistan.

Flynt asked a federal court in Washington to force the agency to loosen its restrictions on media coverage.

"The actions of American soldiers on the ground in Afghanistan are of great interest and concern to American citizens,"
his attorney said in the lawsuit filed last week.

The Pentagon turned down Flynt's request to allow writers to accompany troops on combat missions because of
"the highly dangerous and unique nature" of the operations, according to a letter Flynt said he received this month
from Pentagon spokeswoman Victoria Clarke.

From:  Whamo42@Altavista.com

Subject: Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Can anyone explain to me why the President did not lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier this year.
This is more than just a ceremonial duty for the nation's first citizen, it's an obligation to all of us who served and
paid the ultimate price and in ways that didn't leave enough of them recognize.  We don't know who they are for
what they did.  Is it too much to ask for our President to honor them each year?  Even if that President ran and hid
when he was called to serve?

Personally, I think it would have been the least he could do, especially because he did not serve.
It seems to me, somebody paid the price for him, and he don't think a thing of it.

Love your stuff.  Keep it up.


Paying tribute to the Unknown Soldier won't put a single dollar in the pockets of the Bush Family Evil Empire,
and it won't produce any oil and it won't result in a tax cut for the super-rich.

In the Christian fundamentalist mind, sex in the missionary position
with the intent of procreation, is the only sex that God approves of.

Are you mocking God by enjoying sex?

 He's watching... and you'd better not forget it.

 It wouldn't hurt to check out  http://www.mikejasper.com

 From: DENNISC@iadb.org

 Subject: First bartcop.com, now ABC

 First bartcop.com drops pictures of babes and now ABC is being investigated
 for showing The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.  This thing is getting out of hand.


 Of course, one program that probably won't be showing up alongside Disney's list of "core values"
 anytime soon was last Thursday's lingerie babefest, The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

 While the spectacle seemed like a harmless (but skimpy) November sweeps stunt, the FCC now says it will look into
 whether ABC broke broadcast indecency standards by airing all those G-strings on prime-time television.
 (Investigators will no doubt need to oh-so-closely examine that footage to determine if any flesh-baring rules were broken.)

 FCC commissioner Michael Copps told reporters Friday he received 50 emailed complaints from viewers,
 and asked the FCC's enforcement bureau to look into the highly important matter.

 Dennis, the only reason I'm not running Birthday Greetings to fine looking women
 is it takes time to look them up and time is such a thief these days.

 However, today's Bo Derek's birthday.

 She looks pretty good for 55.
 One of the finest asses you'll ever see on a Nazi.

From: zachor@easystreet.com

Subject: Shut Up and Let Me Be King

From your page:

>"We're looking like a third world country with military tribunals and holding people without charges.
> It doesn't sound like America, and a year or two from now, we'll be saying, 'Why did we let this happen?' "
> --James Zogby, president of the Arab American Institute.

> Hey, James, some of us are asking that question right now,
> but our hammers are so small that nobody notices.

I don't know when I've been so frustrated. The Resident puts all Presidential Papers after Carter under wraps
so no one who doesn't already know can make connections, directs Ashcroft to nullify our Death With Dignity act
here in Oregon against the wishes of a State that twice voted for it, is setting up a military kangaroo court and
giving himself sweeping powers - all without any senate discussion or approval and against the will of much of

It's too bad we don't have two political parties, anymore.
We have the Republicans and the rubber-stamp Democrats.

 Anybody know how that contest came out at The Nation?

 I wonder if we came in 286th or 287th...

 From:  JONL309@yahoo.com

 Subject:Bart's turkey recipe

 One turkey, salt, pepper, one bottle Chinaco.

 Directions: Put salt and pepper on turkey.

 Put in the damn oven.
 Drink the chinaco.

 Try to remember to get the turkey out

 Pete Hisey

 Saw it in the bartcop.com chat room

 what's weird is that the people of kabul are now enjoying their freedom,
 while our freedoms are going down the toilet

From:  abowen@jackelec.com

For some reason or other, I can not pull up "Bartcop" beyond November 9.
Any idea as to why??

Feel that I might missing some good  info.

Nick, perhaps Mr. Ashcroft thinks  bartcop.com  is too subversive...

 I wish my IQ was higher than 64.
 I wish I didn't have a sordid past.
 I wish I didn't have the attention span of a ferret on coffee.
 I wish I had a budget to push my "funny" ideas.

 Don't let the bastards win.

 Support  bartcop.com
 The way things are going, it may be all we have left.

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