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 November 19, 2001                                                                                              Required Reading

 VCR Alert - MNF, Supermodels on Regis, Comics on Weakest Link, Biography is doing Nazi-turned-Hero Rudy,
  and since it's sweep weeks, Jill Hennessey is buried alive on Jordan, J-Lo & Green Day on Leno, Neon Deion on Dave


 "I've been trying to tame our press corps ever since I got into politics, and I've failed miserably."
   -- George W. Bush, trying to explain away his endless honeymoon with the whore press

From: Dave.Hardison@co.orange.fl.us

Subject: Safeweb Finally Dies

SafeWeb gave me an error message this morning that their West Coast ISP filed for Chapter 11,
and the East Coast can't handle the load.  That's a shame.  I blame Bush, but then I blame Bush for
everything, including the fact that the Seminoles can't seem to win anymore.

I still read BartCop at home, of course, but it is not the same as reading while pretending to work.


Dave, hate to hear that...
I'm printing this so maybe someone will contact you
with the name of another Freedom of Speech service.

 Laura Schlessinger (R-Whore) has taken to having Clinton-bashing guests on her show,
 because there's more money in bashing Clinton than helping inbreds run their lives.
 She saw the money the vulgar Pigboy was making and said, "I need more of that!"

 Today (probably Friday in your town) she has on Star Parker, (R-Tom) a black Clinton basher.
 They're going on and on about the horrors of sucking an innocent baby into a sink,
 of course leaving out the part where Bush's wife and mother are both "baby killers."

 You see, giving out the true facts would hurt their money-grubbing,
 so they only give out selected facts that will increase their money Niagra.

 Hey, Laura - since Barbara Olson's death, there's a clown who needs regular sex.
 There's some free french fries in it for you - ...and I know how you love money...



 "We need to recognize that concrete information told with honesty and
    specificity and integrity is important to the ultimate success of this conflict,"
         -- Karl Rove, with a straight face, on Bush's "none of your business" war

 From: CE491@aol.com

 Subject:  Adolf W. Bushler rides a bay gelding

 I perused Newsmax.com, and not a word, not a damn word, about Herr Bushler and his
 SS lieutenant John Ashelgruber giving the Charmin paper mill our sacred Bill of Rights.
 Nothing.  Zero, zilch, nada, to quote the deaf Nazi.
 Sieg Heil.

 I checked FreeRepublic.com.  Nothing.  I guess the Freepers only care about (yawn)
 Clinton's underwear and Buddhist temple.  Free Republic, dedidated to the Bill of Rights.(?)
 Then Bushler does what he's doing, and they don't say a damn thing!!!

 I tuned into Fox last week for 20 minutes, and lo and behold, Geraldo Rivera was snickering
 and telling Sheppard Smith "You're right, Shep.  That Clinton.....he was a liar and a sex maniac.
 Yeah, I am glad I came here to Fox; I like fair and balanced, Shep."

 He would push his mother in front of the Pelham 123 subway train if that would get him a good story.

In 32 states, oral sex is a felony.
Are you a dangerous felon?

 He's watching... and you'd better not forget it.


 “Two words: who cares? The American people are more concerned about
   our nation’s security and economy than any umpteenth recount of an election
   that was decided over a year ago.”
     --  Katie Baur, spokeswoman for Gov. Jeb Bush,
          on public apathy at the results of the Florida ballots

 From: karengoodrich@bak.rr.com

 Subject:  Laura on the radio

 The big laugh is Laura Bush doing her husbands bidding Saturday morning on his radio gig.
 She is going to "tell" us about how badly Afghan women are treated. Well thank you Laura.
 Some of us have known this story for a number of years, but it would appear that she has
 just discovered that life as a woman in Afghanistan was not too great.  It seems that George
 and the boys are trotting out Laura, Karen Hughes, Mary Matalin and Cheri Blair to tell us
 how badly these women are treated.  Now this is a laugh, have we ever heard Laura or
 any of the others ever speak out for womens rights, in the US or Afghanistan?

 It goes without saying that the plight of Afghanistan women is horrible
 however I don't need Laura Bush to educate me.


 Karen, remember when America had an elected First lady?
 Oh, the press crucified her here in America, but when Hillary traveled overseas,
 the poor people would walk a dozen miles with no shoes just for a chance to see her.

 Hillary Clinton inspired women all over the world,
 but Pickles Bush isn't allowed to have her own opinions
 because her dim-witted husband leads the America Taliban.

 BartCop:  Hey, Pickles, what's your position on abortion rights?

 Pickles: "Mhhhmmhhhhmmmfggfhhfmmm."

 I say "Take that muzzle off, Pickles.
            Take that Burqa off, too.
            Speak out as though you were an equal in America's Taliban."

   "Free Laura Bush"

 C'mon, help me out here. Let's get a chant going...

   "Free Laura Bush"
   "Free Laura Bush"
   "Say no to the American Taliban!"

  "Free Laura Bush"
  "Free Laura Bush"
  "Say no to the American Taliban!"

 [Look, they're starting the wave]

 "Free Laura Bush"
 "Free Laura Bush"
 "Say no to the American Taliban!"

 [Look, they're turning over cop cars]

"Free Laura Bush"
"Free Laura Bush"
"Say no to the American Taliban!"

 Pray for the women in the American Taliban.
 Ask the school children in your town to each send a dollar to free the American Taliban women.
 Send that dollar to PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK  74155 and we'll free those poor women.

 Tom Tomorrow

You can see the whole cartoon if you  Click  Here

From: asasuperfly@yahoo.com

Subject: Airline Security Threats CENSORED!

A couple of days ago, I investigated the possibility of the recent airplane falling apart less than 2
minutes flying out from JFK Airport being hit by an American made Stinger Missile. Along with biological
weapon websites being pulled off of search engines, the capabilities of the Stinger Missile has been
pulled AND when I posted a link on the http://gwbush.com web site the post soon failed and
then the entire website crashed. Post this website at your own risk because people in our own
Government don't want anyone to see how vulnerable our commercial airplanes are.

Click  Here

This will soon be classified information along with the News Reports in your archives showing how George
Bush Sr. gave two planeloads of these deadly and portable weapons to Hizbollah terrorists.


Osama cornered near Kandahar

 Click  Here

A British newspaper, quoting defence sources, reported on Sunday that British and US
special forces had cornered Bin Laden in an 80-sq km area south-east of Kandahar.

The Sunday Telegraph said British and US commandos had been dropped by helicopter
across the southern approach to the area to prevent Bin Laden from escaping into Pakistan.

 It's my understanding our special forces have a NYPD nightstick with them.
 When they find bin Laden, they're going to have a "Giuliani party" with his ass.

 The vulgar Pigboy told his listeners they should boycott papers that run Doonesbury
 because of Sunday's hysterical send up of President Bush Laden

 Go figure.
 America's premier verbal terrorist is against the free expression of ideas, and this is
 after nine years of broadcasting slanderous lies he fabricated against Bill & Hillary Clinton .

 Swear to God...

 All the crimes that the Bush Family Evil Empire has committed
 and are committing right before our very eyes,

 ...and out entire government went after Clinton over sex?

 Chased Julie Hiatt Steele out of her house over Clinton's sex life?
 Threw Susan McDougal in jail over Clinton's sex life?

 What the fuck is wrong with this country?

From: czeitlin@pacbell.net

Subject: I wonder...


In response to today's "I wonder..." section -- yes, there is a reason these guys are not afraid of
the U.S. kicking their asses (or worse). Here's what they've seen in the last 20 years:

o Terrorists took over the US Embassy in Iran. They were rewarded
   with (illegal) arms sales and were never punished.

o Terrorists wanted US soldiers out of Lebanon, so they blew up the Marine barracks and killed 230.
   The US military withdrew and no terrorists were ever punished, though we did indiscriminately shell
   civilians (nice touch).

o Terrorists wanted hundreds of their pals, imprisoned by Israel, released, so they hijacked a TWA plane
   and kept it on the tarmac for two weeks. Word was sent -- hush-hush, of course -- to the hijackers that
   they would get what they wanted. They released the passengers, and Israel later (and without publicity)
   released the prisoners as the terrorists had demanded.

The above were under Ronnie "We will never negotiate with terrorists" Reagan.
Looks to me like Terrorists 3, US 0.

More recently, we've had the disaster in Somalia, because bin Laden wanted us out of there and he arranged
to have some of our soldiers killed and dragged around in public. Amid much screaming from the R's that this
was all Clinton's fault (though GHW Bush had sent our troops in the first place and had no "exit strategy"),
we again did as they wished and pulled out. Terror 4, US 0.. So they were undefeated heading into Sep. 11.

Bin Laden has formed the belief -- and he doesn't seem to be the kind of guy who's likely to revise his opinions
after further reflection -- that the US is easily beaten, that we turn tail and run at the first sign of trouble.
Up till now, he's been right, at least in view of the last 20 years.

As you said, we've gotten Sadaam out of Kuwait, Slobodan's on trial, and the Taliban is on the run.
But all those were accomplished with minimal (or zero) loss of American lives, so in that sense,
they were not tests of our determination. The real test will come when our people start to get killed
in large numbers, and this may happen when the hunt for bin Laden gets going on the ground.
I'm pretty sure he's in for an unpleasant surprise.


Cary, don't forget - Saint Reagan kept his coat on while arming terrorist nations, so he's considered
 a great president by some, and his crimes were overlooked, then buried with Poppy Bush pardons.

 Click  Here

 Sweep weeks are almost over - aren't you glad?

 Don't let the bastards win.

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 The way things are going, it may be all we have left.

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