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Julie Hiatt

Volume 648 - Sick Again

 November 23, 2001                                                                                                  Required Reading

 VCR Alert -  I saw a Moonlighting yesterday, it reminded me of Thieves, which is on tonight.
  Also, for those of you who like your "rock" pre-recorded, N-Sink has a concert.
  Koresh, is that all that's on?      Might be a good night to catch up on my Garbage.

 It's Not the Black Cats You Have to Watch Out For

  Click  Here

 In the middle of the war on terrorism, he has somehow found time to move to
 overturn Oregon's twice-passed referendum on assisted suicide, to assure that
 an Oregonian in his final days should be forced to agonize as God intended.

 Tell you what - to save everybody time, let's just use SOB-AGRI.
 The Son of a Bitch Attorney General is Religiously Insane.

From:  bmwcruise@earthlink.net

Subject: the ABC Victoria's Secrets Special

Why is it when network television shows WHITE chicks in lingerie it's indecent but when a
National Geographic special shows BLACK chicks with completely bare breasts
(and some of these girls are in their teen years) it's educational.

Now before you say National Geographic is educational and these people are being shown in
their natural habitat and the subject matter is not intended to arouse.....then how come they never
do a special on the native people on the beaches of the French Riviera, or Australia?

Answer:  Because them naked girls is white.

Steven Bennett

Steven, I agree.
Amrica is still a very racist country.
(Note Bush's near victory in 2000.)

I'm afraid those National Geographic natives are considered animals
and everyone knows animals don't need to wear clothes.

 You know, there are a thousand good reasons to not contribute to  bartcop.com
 I'm asking you to do it anyway.

 With the press on the payroll of the Bush Family Evil Empire, voices of dissent barely exist.
 With Bush wiping his ass on the Constitution, we could easily lose the Freedom of Speech.
 How long before Ashcroft sees Freedom of the Press as a luxury we can no longer afford?

 Think it can't happen?

 Did you think we'd be torturing prisoners?
 Did you think we'd monitor talks between SUSPECTS and their lawyers?
 Did you think we'd hold a guy in prison for life without ever being arraigned?
 Did you think we'd be holding secret trials with no stardards of proof so Bush
 could execute business partners who refused to go along with certain Bush deals?

 The son of a bitch stole his way into power and he's stealing America.
 Think about those things when a web site asks for your support.

 And whatever you do - don't give the gelding Democrats another goddamn penny
 until they stand up to the Failure in Theif.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
PayPal to bartcop@bartcop.com
.Support Bartcop.com
POBox 54466.... Tulsa,OK 74155

A letter writer in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noticed that a map of the states
that voted for Gore seemed to correspond with a map of high school graduation rates.

Of the 10 states with the highest graduation rates, 8 voted for Gore.
Of the 10 states with the lowest graduation rates, 9 voted for Bush.

From: a fan

Subject: Why are the words "Poor Darkies" on the bartcop page?

Suggest you take that down immediately.

Dear Fan, it's nice to meet you, too.

It's my wild guess that there are over 5,000  bartcop.com  pages, and with the
long weekend, I'll try to find that passage and see in what context it was used.

I'll take your word for it that it exists.
If it exists, it would be there because I typed it and FTP'd it to Perkel's server.

But, I used the word "nigger" a few days ago.
Shouldn't I take that down, too?

I used "goddamn" and "son of a bitch" describing Bush and Ashcroft today.
Should I take that down, too?

Please make a comprehensive list (with issue numbers title headers) of all the words, stories, pictures
and phrases that might offend somebody on this big blue ball and send that to me, please.

I'm here to make you happy.


 "Catholicism has always been the glam-rock of the big religions..."
    -- Bono on the Tonight Show, explaining why the Pope put on his singlasses

 Dallas lost - and that made it a great Thanksgiving.

 Not only did they lose, but they were losing 26-3 in the fourth quarter when they
 scored 21 unanswered points which made it look like God was granting a Cowboy miracle
 when He changed his mind and crushed their hopes in the final 90 seconds.

 The Last Honest Reporter

     Despite all the Bush Administration's efforts to cover-up, enough information has leaked out so that it can
now be reported why the trials of Bin Laden and the Taliban cannot be seen by the American People.

     Russia has always wanted a pipeline through Afganistan.  In their first meeting, Bush agreed to help Putin
build it (big profits for Haliburton) and they became good friends.

     The Bush Administration attempted to negotiate the rights from the Taliban, giving them money and support,
even meeting with Bin Laden in his Hospital room in Germany.   When they refused, the decision was made to
go to war and eliminate them.

     Even though they knew where to find him and a standing order to capture or kill Bin Laden had been signed
by Clinton, the Bush Administration did not want to do it because they needed him as an excuse for the war with
the Taliban.  With the American media scratching their heads wondering how Bin Laden could have been so stupid
as to attack the World Trade Center (knowing full well how America would respond), it is now clear that Bin Laden
knew that a war against him would be starting any day and, like the Japanese sixty years ago, got off the first blow
while he still could.  Once the War had started the attack on the WTC would not have been possible.

     Bush cannot afford to have Taliban leaders get on the witness stand and tell this story in front of the American
people, ergo the Secret Military Tribunals.  All the witnesses will be dead before they have a chance to speak.

    I would like to see Robert Parry look into this

"Unka Dick says I'm the President.
 If I'm the president, how come I can't
 get me a fancy hat like the nigra boy?

 Do you have a minute to feel sorry for Bill O' Reilly?
 He says he's become so rich and influential that people are taking potshots at him.

 Click  Here

 The more high profile I become – the more vicious and personal the attacks on me get.
 Recently, Matt Drudge actually accused me of wanting to do a radio program to exploit
 Rush Limbaugh's deafness – an erroneous charge so vitriolic it took my breath away.

 Yeah, it must be tough being the wonderkid at the whorest network in Amerika.


  "The United States is not inclined to negotiate surrenders, nor are we in a position,
    with relatively small numbers of forces on the ground, to take prisoners."
      -- Donald Rumsfeld, explaining why Bush's partners in the Taliban have to die

 A Thirsty Evil
    By Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 Have you ever  gone out for a beer and bought a Stella Artois instead of a Bud? Then you, my friend, have engaged in a
 conspiracy to cause "adverse effects" to the economy of the United States. And that makes you one of the evildoers.

 So says the great Oval Object in his latest executive order, in which he grants himself the power to have anyone he
 designates  as a terrorist to be tried by secret military tribunals and executed without appeal. Bush's dread edict
 -- which of course takes effect without any input from that useless appendage of a bygone era, the U.S. Congress
 -- covers anyone who "causes, threatens to cause" or even "has as their aim" to cause "adverse effects" on, among
 other things, the American economy or U.S. foreign policy.

 As always, Bush alone retains the right to decide who is and who is not a terrorist, just as he alone decides what constitutes
 an "adverse effect" on the United States. Could be a bomb, a boycott, a protest, a tariff -- or the wrong beer: it's his call.

 This is true.
 The unelected fraud has total and complete unilateral power to crush all enemies,
 or anyone he thinks might possibly become an enemy sometime in the future,
 such as a popular Democrat - it's his call.

 The spineless gelding Democrats have given him absolute power,
 and the SOB has never won any election bigger than governor of Texas.

 Now that he's illegally taken command of the Imperial States of Amerika,
 we can't do anything about losing the right to vote because he commands
 a loyal military and the press is too afraid of Mr. Rove to call it like it is

 I'm sick - aren't you?


 There are a lot of stalkers who live on this website.
 They live and breathe every word that's written on  bartcop.com
 They wake up every day and jack themselves to orgasm while getting their BartCop fix.

 While they are cleaning themselves up, they scour each published e-mail address and write
 threatening letters to the system administrators of these companies in an effort to get you
 to stop contributing opinions and articles to the fabulous website they are addicted to.

 They are almost as dedicated as those losers who flew planes into the World Trade Centers.
 They sacrifice several hours of each day of their lives in their zeal to terrorize the innocent.
 They have no lives of their own, so they feel they have no choice but to live thru me.

 Be smart - if you send me mail from your sensitive job, get a hotmail or yahoo account
 to save yourself the panic of dealing with the relentless stalkers.

 One other thing - if you answer any mail they send you, you are theirs for life.
 They're like those perverts who breathe into phones while masturbating.
 If you stand there and scream "Who is this?" they will come harder
 and they will know to call you again and again - so don't reply to their mail.

 ...and when you do,  don't  send me a CC of it because the stalkers send me a CC
 as a trophy to let me know they got you to respond to them.

 If you want to play with these jaggoffs, then they are your problem.
 Avoid them like you would Linda Tripp.
 They are very, very, very lonely.

From: BANBB@webtv.net

Subject: King of Afganistan?

226 years after American patriots threw out the king, our solution in Afganistan
is to make their leader the former king.  Doesn't it seem un-American to have a
small group of unelected renegades select a leader based on his father's bloodlines?


Joe, no shit.
I'd hate to live in a country where an unelected king had total power.
...that'd really be a horror story - wouldn't it?

It would make me sick.

  Where Were They When It Counted?
 The Press and the Patriot Act

 Click  Here

 Great article that has these two excerpts:
 "I am very concerned about my good friend John Ashcroft. Having 1000 people locked up
  with no right to habeas corpus is a deep concern." Jeffords said that he felt that his own role
  in swinging the Senate to Democratic control was particularly vindicated because it had
  permitted his fellow senator from Vermont, Democrat Patrick Leahy, to battle the White House's
  increase of police powers, as made legal in the Terrorism bill."
  -- Jim Jeffords, who gave the Democrats power in the Senate

 What kind of moron would expect Sen Rubber Stamp to battle the White House?
 Patrick Leahy lives to please the Unelected Whore and his illegal toadies.

 And this one:
 Russ Feingold, remember, voted back in the spring to let Ashcroft's nomination out
 of the Judiciary Committee, at a time when most of his Democratic colleagues were
 roaring to the news cameras about Ashcroft's racism and contempt for due process.

 But when Ashcroft sent up the Patriot bill, which vindicated every dire prediction of the spring,
 all fell silent except for Feingold, who made a citing assaults on liberty. Under the terms of the hill,
 Feingold warned, the Fourth Amendment as it applies to electronic communications, would be
 effectively eliminated. He flayed the Patriot bill as an assault on "the basic rights that make as
 who we are." It represented, he warned, "a truly breath-taking expansion of police power."

 Why are Democrats so goddamn stupid?

 Everyone in America knew John Ashcroft was religiously insane and had no business
 with any kind of police power, but the ignorant sons of bitches confirmed him anway,
 hoping that the scorpion would stop stinging people once it had total, absolute power.

 Rush Feingold and Pat Leahy are letting Bush and Ashcroft do this to us.
 They stand by and applaud as the Bush Family Evil Empire trashes the Constitution.

 And nobody fucking cares.

 Molly Ivins, Joe Conason, Gene Lyons and a few websites are trying their best,
 but everyone else is under this Bush 90 percent approval spell that is very, very dangerous
 The Democrats are afraid to speak, and the press will say ANYTHING that brings in
 another nickle for their corporate masters - meanwhile civil rights are disappearing.

 I think I now know how  bartcop.com  will end.

 Tons of good stuff over at today.
  I don't know how Marty comes up with all that stuff.

 Great Stuff!
 Thank You, Franklin Delano Bush

 Click  Here

 What Bush said:
 "We are a different country than we were on September the 10th, sadder and less innocent,
  stronger and more united. And in the face of ongoing threats, determined and courageous."

 The truth:
 We are now a more willing sheeple, ready to sacrifice our freedoms for the
 collective soul of a unified nation, though we have yet to define exactly what this
 national unity is beyond its flag-waving, God bless America-singing façade.

 I wish I could find more humor in the destruction of civil rights in America.

 I am trying.


 "We were assured there would be a fight up there.
    Instead, all the liberals just rolled over."
     -- Grover Norquist, Bush toady, chortling about how goddamn easy it was
         to pass that bogus "Patriot Act" after the Democrats totally caved in.

  I'm getting sicker by the minute.

So Bush DID steal the White House
  by Robert Parry   consortiumnews.com

 Click  Here

 Beyond the big newspapers’ false assumptions about the state recount,
 the news stories showed a pro-Bush bias in their choice of
 language and the overall slant of the articles.

 The New York Times, for instance, used the word “would” and even declarative
 statements when referring to Bush prevailing in hypothetical partial recounts.
 By contrast, the word “might” was used when mentioning that Gore topped Bush
 if all ballots were considered.

 Weather Report
      By Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

 Indeed, the Bush administration is now openly considering the use of torture to compel testimony
 from suspected terrorists -- or anyone designated as a suspected terrorist, Slate.com reports.
 True, a few girlie-men are still fretting about "constitutional rights," but the clever dicks in the
 Oval Office have that one sussed: Recalcitrant prisoners can always be exported to friendly
 regimes, like Egypt or Kenya, where they don't bother with such prissy concerns.
 Information "extracted" there can then be used in U.S. trials.

 ...and the gelding Democrats just sit there and applaud the crooked president.

 Click  Here

 Lots of great toons on RB Ham's site...

"There should be limits to freedom."


"While secrecy is necessary to fight a war, it is not necessary to run the country.
   I can assure you from firsthand experience that a President acting secretly usually does not have
   the best interest of Americans in mind. It is his own personal interest that is on his mind instead."
   -- John Dean, who should know.

 Isn't it strange that the Constitution served America well for 225 years,
 but now with the unelected dictator in control, it needs to be "re-interpreted"
 by the religiously-insane members of the Bush Family Evil Empire?

 Don't let the bastards take complete control.

 The way things are going, it may be all we have left.

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