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Volume 649 - Judas takes a Wife

 November 24-25, 2001                                                                                                Required Reading

 VCR Alert -  Is anything on tonight? Can't find the TV Guide


"Just imagine, a little black girl who grew up in segregated schools in Birmingham, Ala., who became
 provost at Stanford University. Who became a figure skater. Who became a concert pianist. Who speaks
 four languages, including Russian. But since she is a Republican, Condoleezza Rice is not getting her due...
 if Rice was working for Al Gore, then the nation's first black national security adviser might be on posters
 and on our tongues."
     --Rochelle Riley, Bush promoter, Detroit Free Press

"Just imagine, a little black girl who grew up in segregated schools in Birmingham, Ala., who became provost
 at Stanford University. Who became a figure skater. Who became a concert pianist. Who speaks four languages,
 including Russian. But since she dedicated her life to getting an oil tanker named after her, and getting a man elected
 who wouldn't even call the family of a black consituent after he was dragged to death by some good old Texas boys,
 Condi cries at night about the bad, but very, very profitable career choices she has made."
   -- BartCop,   bartcop.com

 Ann Coulter (R-Sex with Clowns) has written a really nasty (and probably false) story
 about the Spokane airport security guards conspiring to steal her precious K-Mart jewelry.

 Oh, if only the Democrats had allowed foreign-born minimum wagers to search her, instead...

  Click  Here

 Koresh, she's a hateful bitch.

 How many Olson/Coulter/Schlessinger/Schaffly/Noonan clones does the GOP have?

A lady sent me this (actually, she sent the whole dollar).
She said she didn't do it - she got this back as change.

I think I'll get me a Patrick Leahy, ...I mean a rubber stamp,
and stamp me some bills of my own.

From: jjtest@ismi.net

Subject: Your answer about Britney...

You quizzed, "Put another (and hopefully better) way, ...why is this story
                      (that Britney Spears can't sing live) in the news?"

Answer: 'Cause we're gettin back to "normal".

Thank Koresh, eh?


 Tons of good stuff over at today.
  Bono takes on bin Laden,
  Dave on Oprah,
  O'Reilly sued by a John F. Kennedy,
  Madonna is always up to trouble,
  a Survivor review,
  Will Smith as Ali,
  the scoop on Mick Jagger's tom-catting around,
  and the wedding of the traitor, Judas Maximus
  (I understand he got married as cover, like Rock Hudson did) - not that all Greeks are gay.

  Then there's the picture of the girl with the world's longest tongue...

  Marty - how do you get so much stuff on your page - day after day?

 Did you know Betty Bowers is writing speeches for Pickles?

 Click  Here

 What else do we know about the Middle East? Well, they have a lot of genies!
 The Koran (which is their Bible, only it is more full of lies than a Bill Clinton deposition)
 teaches that genies are not angels, but demons of Satan.

 So, Barbara Eden can dress in a cute little pink midriff and seem all sweet and everything all she wants,
 but it is important to remember that she is ultimately going to entice Major Anthony Nelson to eat his young.

 ha ha

 Have you been to  algoreisourpresident.com?

 A  Sammy Hagar fan  sent me a hundred dollar bill.
 He ordered me to go buy a bottle of Chinaco Anejo and a bottle of Cabo Wabo
 (a dreaded reposado) that Sammy Hagar produces.
 One thing I know how to do is follow orders.

 He asked me to give Cabo Wabo a second chance - so I will.

 That will happen later this evening, live in the  bartcop.com  chat room, ...unless I forget


 "Last Sunday Britney Spears did a concert in Las Vegas.
   Everywhere she went people would just stare at her not because of how she looked,
   but because no one in Las Vegas has ever seen a virgin before."
     --Jay Leno

From: Biker Trash


Bart Cop,

The quote, "There should be limits to freedom" has brought something to mind
that I would like to share with all the good people on your site.

I have been in touch with 'Discovery Channel' concerning a program entitled, 'ANCIENT PROPHESIES'.
Possibly, some of the good people had seen this; there are five segment, each discussing events in the near future.

One segment in particular was disturbing, and I did not give it much thought until the (s)election came about.
In this segment, two US Army enlisted men decided to play with a ouija board. Questions were posed to
the ouija, and the 'replies' caused the men to stop their questions.

When the men were interviewed they both stated they were frightened by the 'replies', to wit, upon asking
about elections (President Clinton had just been elected), the ouija 'stated' George Bush is president,
and would declare Martial Law; there will be a world war.

When 'ouija' was informed Clinton was President, ouija 'replied', year 2000.

I am a logical individual and I am involved in legal research, so I dismissed the whole thing as bullshit.
Well, here we are, King George is in, and we are possibly fanning World War III.

Coincidence, or did these men have access to info and were attempting to pass it on to the public through
the 'gloom and doom' media? This would provide them with 'plausible deniability' should they be questioned
about their actions.

Discovery informed me they will rebroadcast the full series sometime in January;
By the way, I don't believe in ouija, nor do I believe in 'ghosts' as you call them.


Seems the trick was knowing Junior would someday be appointed president.
But once you know that, a war and a power grab are relatively easy to predict.
After all, they're not known as the Bush Family Evil Empire for no reason...

Remind us when that show is rebroadcast, would you?

GW Bush on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  by by Robert Lederman

  Click  Here

 The "conspiracy theories" Bush is referring to similarly have three basic premises and many divergent subsets.

 The first is that the attack was known about and was allowed to take place in order to bring about
 certain conditions, including the suspension of our guaranteed civil liberties.

 The second premise is that even if bin Laden and al Queda were immediately responsible for the attack
 that those supporting them are closely connected to the Bush administration and our allies.

 The third premise is that a U.S. built oil pipeline through Afghanistan which has been in the planning stages
 for more than a decade is the real goal of the war and that a U.S. invasion of Afghanistan was in the works
 long before September 11th.

What makes these alternative viewpoints, "conspiracy theories"?
 It certainly isn't a lack of evidence.


"If they surrender to the Northern Alliance, we will kill them all.
  They invaded Afghanistan."
  -- unidentified Northern Alliance commander

 The guy who sent the B-52s wants the Taliban dead so they can't talk.
 He's used to getting everything he wants.

 Not sure how or why, but we got a link on...


 Maybe it was the "cop" in bartcop

Military tribunals flunk test of American values
How unAmerican are secret trials?

 Click  Here

President Bush condemned those involved in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks as people who
"can't stand freedom; they hate our values, they hate what America stands for."

When the president asked Congress and the nation to "uphold the values of America,"
columnist Anthony Lewis said that would be a fair test of Bush's own terrorism policy:
Does it uphold the values of America? We agree that is an appropriate measure.

Bush's executive order giving himself the power to convene military tribunals does not pass.

From: billsterner@earthlink.net

Subject: Vacation-in-Chief Bushie

Again pResident  Bush turns his back on the Military, again.
While Bushie did do a 10 minute PR Photo Op to Kentucky, he did not do what every other
Commander in Chief has done when they put our military men and women in harm's way.
That is going to visit the troops in the war zone on Thanksgiving.

Bush was at Camp David and President Cheney was duck hunting in NY at a private Rod and Gun Club.

As far back as I can remember, Reagan, Bush Sr. and Clinton would visit some troops in the war zone
or at a minimum send the Vice President. In some cases they would only visit an Aircraft Carrier, but they went.

Bushie and Cheney thought more of their vacations than the men they put in HARMS Way.

Now the Bush apologists will 1) attack me, 2) attack Clinton.
But they know Reagan/Bush SR/Clinton would have gone.

No what we have now is a Vacation-in-Chief.
Want bet, Christmas will be the same?

 Bill Sterner

Hey, Kirstie, how is Smirk doing?

The White House is Closed
  by William Rivers Pitt

 Click  Here

  The White House is in all likelihood the most secure building on the face of
 the earth.  Yet today, it's doors are bolted.  The public has been barred,
 we are told, to defend against terrorist attacks.

 The same people, most notably the President, who are now barricaded inside
 what was once called the People's House are the same propagandists who
 are urging Americans to get back to normal, to shop, and to fly on airplanes.
 The President himself will soon appear in television commercials extolling
 the joys of commercial airline travel.

Cleopatra and Osama
  by Maureen Dowd    She hates everybody - this time, it's Laura Bush's hypocrisy

 Holy Jesus!
 Maureen Dowd has written a column that's not totally worthless!
 I'm so shocked - I may give money to the church.

 Click  Here

 The Saudi religious police, the matawain, use sticks to make sure women hide beneath their
 abayas, the long black cloaks. But the Bushes love that royal family and its oil. What does it
 matter if Saudi women can drive, as long as American women can keep driving their S.U.V.'s?

 Millions of Muslim women are still considered property.
 The first lady might think about extending her campaign beyond Afghanistan.

 Click  Here

 Lots of great toons on RB Ham's site...

Snopes to the rescue

Claim:   Green Party activist Nancy Oden was denied permission to fly because she
               represents a political party that opposes the bombing of Afghanistan.

Status:   False.

I was sent this story by a lot of people, but it sounded "funny," so I didn't run it.
Snopes says it never happened, at least not the way Oden told it.


The way I understand it - we have the will Atta left behind because
they did not put his bags on the plane that he flew into the WTC.

I wonder why that is?

Did the  Bush Family Evil Empire  figure that diary would be a good propaganda tool?
But that can't be

...since the B.F.E.E. didn't know Atta was going to crash the plane,


So how did the airport officials know to hold his luggage from the plane?

Wait - let me guess...

It was just a coincidence that it happened, and a stroke of luck for young Bush
that of all the bags in Logan airport, the one bag that could help young Bush was
accidentally and inadvertantly left off the plane so his diary could be read hours later.

Do I have my facts straight?
Is this really what happened?

BartCop TV is here - sorta...

"Bartcop, Part 1"  to be on local access channel in Houston, Houston MediaSource (HMS).
 It will air this coming Tuesday, November 27, at 7:30pm (Central).

I haven't seen this show. It's was a phone interview (pre 9/11) and I probably should've taped my half
to remember what the hell I said, but hey - when you're telling the truth you don't need to keep track, right?
The only question I remember (it was an hour interview) was when they asked me to explain Ann Coulter
blowing Ronald McDonald and I just said, "Let's not go there," to much laughter from the panelists.
Maybe they'll show the pic of Coulter & her clown when the question comes up.

So, if you're in the Houston area and near a TV next Tuesday you might catch that.

 Don't let the bastards take complete control.
 Save a little bit of America so we can tell the kids what freedom used to be like.

 The way things are going, it may be all we have left.

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