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Volume 663 - Patriotic Pam

 December 12, 2001                                                    Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 VCR Alert - Tonight, the best rock band in music, Garbage,  is on Leno.  Shirley's appearance may shock you,
  but if you like music for the music, give it a chance. I predict they'll play "Breaking up the Girl,"  one of the eight or nine
  great songs from their new CD, beautifulgarbage. Also tonight, Enterprise, West Wing, and for you celebrity stalkers
  E! is having the True Hollywood Story on Paula Poundstone. Right after that, Brooke Burke hosts E!'s countdown
  of  the Top 20 Entertainers of 2001. As far as I'm concerned, Brook could take the top spot. Have you seen her?
 Old Bob Dole is on Leno tonight, and Dave has Chris the Screamer.


 "I really respected the way she handled herself the couple of times she came to ground zero.
   She seemed to be sincerely moved by what she was dealing with. Some people didn't have
   as much humanity. They were trying, but they couldn't really give themselves to other people."
      -- Rudy, saying nice things about Hillary

   That made Rush very angry.

 Today's Highlight in History:

 One year ago, on Dec. 12, 2000, a divided U.S. Supreme Court reversed a state court decision
 for recounts in Florida's contested election, transforming George W. Bush into the president-elect.
 (The high court agreed, 7-to-2, to reverse the Florida court's order of a state recount and voted
 5-to-4 that there was no acceptable procedure by which a timely new recount could take place.)

 Get that.
 After stopping the vote, they waited a few days and then ruled there wasn't enough time
 to count the votes, when the crooked sons of bitches could've stayed out of it and let the
 voters decide who they wanted to be their president.

             Thank you for the B-1, George,
        but I specifically asked for a red one.

 Terrorism's First Goal: Repression
   by  Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 After last week's sickening performance by Attorney General John Ashcroft and his former
 colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee,  it's tempting to paraphrase the immortal words
 of Margaret Thatcher: Have the American people gone all wobbly in the face of terrorism,
 or is it just that the politicians think they have? How any self-respecting group of American citizens,
 much less a group of U.S. senators, could sit politely and listen to an intellectual thug like Ashcroft
 equate their concern for constitutional rights to support for Osama bin Laden beggars my poor imagination.
 Only Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina showed any guts at all. .

 The White House connection:
 Saudi `agents' close Bush friends

  Click  Here

 A powerful Washington, D.C., law firm with unusually close ties to the White House
 has earned hefty fees representing controversial Saudi billionaires as well as a
 Texas-based Islamic charity fingered last week as a terrorist front.

 So, the Boston herald decides to print this story?
 Have they been reading  bartcop.com?

 Gee, how could a Saudi organization have "close ties" to the terrorists
 AND the Bush Family Evil Empire's White House at the same time?

 ...you know Bush got his cut before he froze those assets, too.


 "All I want for Christmas is the Constitution."
    -- withheld in Spokane


   Pentagon says B-1 bomber goes down in Indian Ocean; no information on crew.

  We've never had a B-1 go down before, not in wartime.

  Did China order a B-1 from us?
  Did George get extra cash to deliver it?
  Don't forget - his Daddy was ambassador to China, he still has many friends there.

  Will President Weak & Stupid apologize again?

 Does the Bush CIA read  bartcop.com?

   After it was suggested at  bartop.com  that the Bush Administration knew in advance of
terrorist attacks planned for the US, but the CIA claimed they had no such information.
   Our Tinkerbell president (who could never tell a lie) said no one imagined such a thing happening.
   Now, Hardball reports (12/12/01) that the CIA admits it was warned of a  large attack by Bin Laden.

    Score it:   Bartcop.com = True   Bush =  False

Now their claim is;

They didn't know Where or How or When.

But  bartcop.com  has already reported:

      They knew Al Queda was involved with flight schools and that the Russians had told them
it was planes flying into Buildings.  And they were aware of unusual Put Option trading in United
& American Airlines days before the bombing.
     Two days before the 11th Bin Laden told his Mother that something big would happen in 2 days
and that she wouldn't be hearing from him for a while.

So questions remain:

Who is telling the truth?
Can this White House be trusted?
Why do they keep changing their story?
Why can't they just tell the truth up-front?
Why does everything have to be a big secret?
Why doesn't Bush "trust the people," like he claimed in his campaign?

When Clinton lied, it was about sex.
When Bush lies, it's about the Bill of Rights, cornering the market on gold and oil,
and grabbing ultimate power for the Bush Family Evil Empire.

...but the press continues to look to Clinton for a story,
and the Democrats are playing along, hoping Karl Rove throws them a bone.

From: STynefield@Z-TEL.com

Subject: Gold Star Moms and Hillary

I found this on the gold star mothers web sight http://www.goldstarmoms.com
You were right the Newsmax article was horseshit....

"With regard to the NewsMax article concerning our organization, the American Gold Star
  Mothers, Inc., deeply regret the misunderstanding about Senator Hillary Clinton. The two
  mothers who visited Washington did not have an appointment with the Senator and she was
  not in her office on that day. We would appreciate it if the e-mails and negative comments
  about Senator Clinton would cease.
      --  Georgianna Carter-Krell, National President"

Excuse me, but there's no "misunderstanding."
Nothing accidental is happening.
The authors of those never-ending personal slurs know they are false.
The RNC and the NRA and BIG Tobacco want Hillary stopped - and right now.
The Bush Family Evil Empire has to have her stopped - and right now.

Calling Mr. Scaife, calling Mr. Scaife!

One scandal, coming up.

 Don't forget...

 Bush was AWOL for seventeen months,
 ...but we're not supposed to ask about it, because of that "new tone," thing.
 ...and the press has agreed to play along because...

 I forget - why did they roll over for a wartime deserter?

 Why did they decide America didn't need the truth about The Appointee with no spine?
 The wartime deserter running for president wasn't newsworthy?
 I forget.   Why not?
 Maybe there's a clue at  www.awolbush.com

 I think courage under pressure and dedication to country
 would be two important attributes for a president to have,

 ...but if we raise any questions about his fitness for the job - we're helping the terrorists?

"Go ahead, tequila boy.
  You think you're real funny now,
   but you won't be funny for  very long..."

When was the last time the US solved a big crime?

The Lindberg Baby
Were the real kidnappers caught?  Many people say no.

The Boston Strangler
Was DeSalvo guilty?

The Rosenbergs
Were they guilty of giving nuclear secrets to the Russians?

"The Fugitive" Murder (Sam Shepard.in Ohio, was it?)
Recent DNA tests show blood on the window did NOT come from
the doctor who was imprisoned for the crime, meaning the real killer
probably excaped without ever having to face justice.

Don't get me started
The most famous murder in modern history and nobody has a clue.
Click  Here

Don't even suggest we know who killed Bobby.
The slugs that killed him didn't come from Sirhan's gun.
Click  Here

King's family believes Ray was not the triggerman

OK, so we know he did it, but to this day, nobody can say how.
Who bumped into the air conditioner and woke Kato, and where were they going?
Where is the knife, the bloody clothes and the bloody shoes?
The police found no blood in his shower - how'd he pull that off?
He had to have help, right?

Jon Benet
If it wasn't about a dead little girl, this would be a joke.
The killer walked in the front door Christmas day, murdered Jon Benet, and the parents refused
to talk to detectives and the Boulder cops didn't even try Barney Fife's moulage to find the killer.

Wayne Williams
Thirty young black boys died, and Williams was "linked" to what, three of them?

John Hinkley shooting Reagan in 1981
Was Hinkley in DC to meet a member of the Bush Family Evil Empire that day?
Before you laugh it off,  Click  Here
Had Hinkley been successful, who would've benefitted the most from Reagan's death?

The Oklahoma City bombing
The ONLY reason they arrested "less government" Tim was because he was so damn stupid,
he refused to put a license plate on his car.    That's how he got pulled over - no tag!
Otherwise, he might never have been found.

The Olympic Bombing in Atlanta
Richard Jewel did it - no he didn't.
Could it be that religiously insane Eric Rudolph?
The FBI and the local cops have no clue.

The Unabomber
He was caught only because his brother fingered him.
The police were as clueless and impotent as a newborn baby.

Robert Blake's wife
If I ever commit a big crime, I'm doing it in Los Angeles. The last crime they solved was
"Football" Williams's attack on Reginald Denny and they would've bungled that, too,
if it hadn't happened on TV, live in front of a hundred million witnesses.

The Oil president claims the "secret evidence" points to bin Laden, and we should trust him?

The Anthrax letters
Obviously a religiously-insane soul brother to John Ashcroft, attacking Democrats only,
so we won't be finding out who sent those letters. John's too busy busting dying pot smokers.

The list goes on and on.
It seems that the cops can only solve crimes where the guilty falls right in their incompetent laps.

So think about all the little crimes where a confession was conveniently beaten out of someone, usually a black man.
Or the crimes where the evidence proved some guy did it, but the medical examiner was either on drugs
or was being blackmailed by the Macon County Sheriff for having sex with corpses.

It seems hardly a month goes by when we don't hear of a convict being released because
new evidence proves he couldn't possibly have committeed the crime for which he was doing time.

How incompetent can the police and FBI be?

 Run that by me again, Mr. Ridge
   by Helen Thomas, one of the few who's not afraid

  Click  Here

 Administration officials undoubtedly feel they have done their duty in putting us on alert.
 If there is another catastrophe, they can always point to their warnings, nebulous as they are.
 But it would be a big help if, as more details turn up, they would keep us informed.

 Otherwise, the only thing we will continue to fear is fear itself.

 Have you been to the BartCop Store lately?
  There's lots of worthless, over-priced stuff over there.

  ...and it's Koreshmas!

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 If you've ever been connected in any way to the shadowy realm of covert operations,
 even by the proverbial 'six degrees of separation' you'll be familiar with Denver, Colorado.
 It is known among the spooks as Langley West.

 It is also home of the infamous Denver International Airport, replete with it's multilevel
 underground complex and tunnel matrix, and let's not forget the sinister collection of
 artwork depicting Satanic and occult symbols of oppression, enslavement and death.
 And unless you have ice-water running in your veins, the creepy vibes in the airport,
 that God-forsaken place, are guaranteed to send chills of revulsion up your spine.
 Thrills or chills...depending I guess, on your perspective.

 Where can you find information on...

Why Gary Busey (super-Christian and Promise Keeper) beat up his wife.

    Funny, I'm no Promise Keeper and I've never beaten or cheated on my wife.
    What I am doing wrong?

Why is Howard Stern dating Chris Rock and Beth Ostrosky?

Halle Berry talks about what turns her on...

Tim the Whore signs an 11-year deal with NBC to lie about Democrats

You guys might want to read about the
   "My First Time" Britney Spears Life-Size Anatomically Correct Action Figure

 Speaking of that poor girl,  Remember that Elvis costume she
 was supposed to wear on her HBO special?

 Turns out she never did - because somebody stole the outfit two days before the show.
    You can bid on the outfit on Ebay under "Bart souveniers"

 Be sure to check  today.

 The American military is offering the Taliban rank-and-file a chance to live
 if they surrender their top 22 Taliban leaders so Bush can silence them.
 But these guys are holding out for their virgins in the afterlife.

 I suggest we send Pamela Anderson to Afghanistan, and offer them
 sex with a real life American blonde superstar, instead of some vague promise
 about a bunch of virgins after they're dead and dismembered by B-52s.

 Wouldn't that make more sense?

   by Cliff Downing

  Click  Here

 The first minute cost $3.99 and is 99 cents a minute after that. What this
 amounts to is that you don't save any money. Well, I don't know about
 the readers at bartcop.com but it just seems to me that over $1.00 per minute
 is not only nothing to advertise about but telling people watching that it is
 a good deal is nothing short of lying and fraud.


 If you don't read  bartcop.com  every day - the Evil Doers win.

 *BartCop Exclusive*
  Patriotic Pam Does Her Duty
   Takes bin Laden clubbing, getting him drunk

  "Turns out he's a tit man," Pammy told operatives for  bartcop.com
  "He's wet sauerkraut in my hands."

  Now if the CIA can just figure out the coordinates for this cave called "holly  wood."

From: jjelliso@umich.edu

Subject: TIME's person of the year

I agree with your analyisis of TIME's "person of the year."  They won't pick anyone who
might endanger their precious ad revenue.  I think your wife might be right about Giuliani,
but I have a suspicion TIME will completely cave and pick the Smirkster as POTY.

After all, the country hasn't TOTALLY collapsed and he has been intelligible on occasion.
Surely such wondrous achievements will garner the favor of TIME's illustrious POTY committee.


Smirk has already been TIME's pick.
Remember last year?

 The Rove Review: 'Clarity.' 'Compassion.'

 Click  Here

 Rove told his audience about Bush's sense of command on Sept. 11, after Rove
 received word that the first tower of the World Trade Center had been struck.
 "The president came walking in the room, took one look at the television set and said,
 'We're at war. Get me the vice president. Get me the director of the FBI.' "

  ha ha
 He did NOT!

 In Bush's own words, he said he remarked, "That's one bad pilot,"
 He didn't say a goddamn thing about being at war - LIAR!

 This is Horseshit!
 Bush wet his pants, put his caterpiller book in a safe and secure place,
 then started crying while screaming, "Unka Dick, what do I do?"

 Bush was shaking so hard he had to TAPE his reassuring speech to America because
 Hughes & Rove knew in his condition he'd cause more panic with a live transmission.
 President Weak & Stupid was flying from state to state while they washed his pants.
 Meanwhile, Rudy was calm and acting like America's president when it really mattered.

 Jesus, why are you carnival barkers trying to sell us a five-legged cow?
 And why are the press and Democrats lined up for tickets?

 Operation Enduring Handjob  is working as planned.

 Happy Birthday to...

Madchen Amick is 31      Bridget Hall is 24                      ...and Frank would've been 86

 I'm watching everything you do...
 If you're in the wrong religion, we might consider you a threat.

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