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Volume 666 - I Think We're Alone Now

 December 14, 2001                                                                    Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "It's Christmas time and I love to see the faces of children.
   If you're from out of town, pay good attention to their faces
   because later on you might have to pick them out of a lineup."
      --David Letterman

 Today'shas sex tips from Heidi Fleiss, who ought to know...

  ...and I didn't know Wynona Ryder's godfather was Timothy Leary.

 You learn all kinds of fun stuff at 

 From: neilrmurray@yahoo.com

 Subject: Be Patient...


 Everything I read in the Whore Press these days is the most blatant propaganda, so you are
 going to rush to BELIEVE the puppet masters and their whores about the Bin Ladin video??

 Man, are you confused.

 Neil, I deserve that, because I only said, assuming we can trust the translation TWICE,
 when I know darn good & well I need to repeat it ten times for some people.

 ...but thanks for straightening me out,

 Sopranos Undercover

Jamie Lynn Sigler, "Meadow" of The Sopranos has a song coming out today.

She told reporters if  her song doesn't sell, her next project will be
taking off her clothes for some men's magazine.

...guys, don't buy the record!


 I just realized...when this issue is archived, it'll be Volume 666.

 Will Ashcroft arrest me for being "satanic" and secretly execute me?

 If he does, I expect my sister web sites to avenge me...

 From:  rvlewis@shiloh.com

 Suv\bject: Your web site is dumb

 Just thought I'd send a quick note to let you know how dumb your web site is.

 I'm not sure I've ever seen such a large collection of unsubstantiated, dream-land, contrarian, propagandist
 B.S. before now.   I'm so glad I don't actually know anyone with your views, Democrat, Republican, or other.

 This kind of stuff is precisely why Democrats are generally perceived as ignorant, uneducated fools.
 Keep the site rolling along; it only helps my cause.

 Roger Lewis

 Roger, thanks for the note.
 No, this web site is highly intellijent.

 ...and it might help you to remember that the Democrats won the popular vote
 in '92, '96 and 2000, so if you don't know anyone with my views,  you might
 expand your tight, little circle of friends a little and see what the majority thinks

 As far as my being ignorant and uneducated, care to do a live debate with me?
 I'm sure you could bring me down a notch or two...



 "When the wand beeped, the security lady asked me if it was OK for her
   to feel my breasts to make sure I wasn't hiding anything. This she did
   in front of all these men that were in line.  It was humiliating."
       -- PittsburgH grandmother Marguerite Petito, who was guilty of wearing an underwire bra.

  I wonder if Ashcroft will consider her a terrorist and have her executed?

 Begala at 'Rising From the Ashes'
  author unknown

 Click  Here

 Begala listed what Ashcroft has done to our rights, saying that it was fear-mongering, pure and simple.
 And he ended by attacking Ashcroft's opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee last week,
 where he accused those who criticized the administration as aiding terrorism.
 He said, 'If that's aiding terrorism, then Ashcroft can come up here,
                slap the cuffs on me and take me away, because I ain't gonna stop!'

 From:  bozak@onebox.com

 Subject: okay who believes the tape???

 whats weird is the first two public acknowledgements of bin laden about the wtc was that he didnt do it...
 now all of a sudden they find a tape left in some apt. in jalalabad... that bin laden is doing one huge
 mindfuck on somebody... another thing, why do they hold a tape like  this for a week?
 plus, they admit to only having this tape for a week, yet for the last two months they've told us they had proof...
 apparently the american government has lied to us once again...


 I have no problem with the tape, it's the translation that worries me.
 If he said what they say he said, you can't get much more guilty.

 To me, the most damaging thing he said was "Be patient,"
 after the first plane hit, proving he knew a second plane was coming.
 Johnny Cochran couldn't get him out of this one.

Connect the Enron Dots to Bush

 Click  Here

 Enron is Whitewater in spades. This isn't just some rinky-dink land investment like the one dredged up
 by right-wing enemies to haunt the Clinton White House--but rather it has the makings of the greatest
 presidential scandal since the Teapot Dome.

 The Bush administration has a long and intimate relationship with Enron, whose much-discredited chairman,
 Kenneth L. Lay, was a primary financial backer of George W. Bush's rise to the presidency.

 What did Enron get in return for its contributions?
 This emerging scandal makes Whitewater seem puny in comparison;

 So greedy was Enron that it locked its own workers into a pension plan based on inflated company
 stock values and suspect hidden partnerships, while the top leadership led by Lay made out like bandits.

 Bush should be called as a witness in the congressional hearings scheduled to unravel this mess.
 One thing that should come up in the hearings is Bush's October 1997 telephone call on behalf of Lay
 to Tom Ridge to help Enron crack into the tightly regulated Pennsylvania electricity market.

 The Democrats will NEVER go after the Appointed Fraud.
 Mr. Rove wouldn't like that, and they live to please Mr. Rove.

 From: The Quiz Master

 Subject:Guess the Slur

 Sometime in the past three months, Dick Morris was on Hannity and Colmes.
While gushing about how well W. was handling the war against terra, Dick Morris
 also expressed his delight with the fact that Bill Clinton wasn't Commander-In-Chief.

 Was Dick Morris happy that Clinton was out of the picture because:
 a)  Clinton, having seen opinion polls that show overwhelming desire for a quick response,
      would have acted hastily without considering the consequences of his rash actions...or ...
 b)  Clinton would have analyzed every possibility and scenario, and weeks would have passed by
      before we launched military strikes against the terrorists.

 Republicans should all be able to answer this one correctly, because Clinton couldn't be
 a rash decision maker and an excessive ponderer at the same time.
 They are mutually exclusive traits.

 Can you Guess the Slur?

You'd better not shout, you'd better not cry
You'd better just smile - I'm telling you why:
AG John is coming to town.

He's making a list, checking it twice -
You'll be behind bars if you don't worship Christ.
AG John is coming to town.

He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He's tapped your phone and e-mail box
So salute for goodness sake!

You're innocent but he couldn't care less
He'll torture you 'til you die or confess
AG John is coming to town.

You'd better not toke, you'd better not drink
Just blindly submit - it's treason to think
AG John is coming to town!

Carl Knorr

Ryder Arrested for Drug Possession

The Report:
Actress Winona Ryder was arrested for illegal drug possession and shoplifting clothing
from a Saks Fifth Avenue boutique, police said Thursday.

Security guards at the Wilshire Boulevard store detained her Wednesday after discovering her
trying to steal hair accessories and clothing' valued at $4,760, Lt. Gary Gilmond said.

Police arrested her and later found she was carrying narcotics, he said

Looks pretty bleak, eh?
Then the next paragraph.

Ryder's lawyer Mark Geragos (Susan McDougal's lawyer) denied the allegations.
He said Ryder had a prescription for the painkillers and receipts for the items she allegedly stole.

"It's a misunderstanding on the part of the store,'' he said, adding that Ryder was carrying the items
between store departments.

I've said it a dozen times: When Ashcroft comes for me - get me Mark Garegos!

From: starkenstein@netscape.net

Subject: Neil Young


I've been a Neil Young fan since the mid-70's and have seen him an number of times.

Sometime around 1984 he was on tour with the International Harvesters when he came down to
New Orleans and we got tickets.  At that time, I felt the same way about him that you do about Page and Plant.

The New Orleans paper published an interview with him that touched briefly on politics and it was then
I learned that Neil liked Reagan.  The gist of it was that Neil felt that we needed someone that the world
knew could and would "push the button"? (nuke).

It goes without saying that I was greatly disappointed and decided to only listen to his music and not his opinion.
During this year's 9/11 benefit concert I was rather surprised at his pick of Imagine for his solo performance;
you can't find a more liberal song.  But your quote shows me that nothing has changed with him.

As for Parker and Stone, they're probably afraid of being labeled by the Patriot Police.
After all, they DID do the stinker That's My Bush.


Steve, it makes me wonder why Young wrote "Ohio."
After all, Nixon was to the left of Reagan.

I understand about the "push the button" thing. When the Ayatollah released the hostages,
we all thought it was because they were convinced that Reagan was just crazy enough to do it.

Then we found out that Reagan/Bush had made a secret and illegal deal with terrorists
for them to keep the hostages until Reagan/Bush could assume power over the ignorant voters.

 Al-Jazeera's reacts to the bin Laden video.

 "A researcher in the Islamic affairs confirms to Aljazeera that the tape was fabricated
  and that the words of congratulation which came in it was on the occasion of Bin Laden's marriage."

  ha ha

 Again, assuming we can trust the translation, you don't say "Be patient" to your minions
 after the first plane hits while accepting congratulations on your sixth marriage.

 If Al-Jazeera had said, "Americans got the translation wrong," it might mean something,
 but since they chose to ignore their only way out, he sure looks guilty to me.

From: Kathleen

Subject: $25.00

It's past my first anniversary of reading Bartcop which I found during the 'selection' when Daily Brew
pointed you out. You've saved hope in an insane way, just never ever backing down.
Tom Petty played at Gore's that last night. Am sending the money I used to spend on the
New Republic before they became an appendage of the National Review with their 'idiocy watch.'

I also wrote out the full title of the USA PATRIOT ACT on a postcard and enclosed it with my check as
I think people ought to NOT call it the USA PATRIOT ACT which is just a catchy little acronym some
neo-Goebbels thought up. Packaging and marketing are very important aspects of the "USA PATRIOT" Act.

The FORMAL name is an acronym of the following (it so states on the law)...but the lengthy real title was
configured to be the acronym.

Uniting and
America by
Required to
Intercept and
Terrorism Act

They must have learned from old JG....


Kathleen, thanks for that.
And thanks for the great e-mails and links you've sent the last year.
One thing - my mail to you bounces back.
You might check your settings and see if there's a problem.

 Mark Libbert
 I erased those Amazon links you sent.

 Could you re-send?


"When Dean Martin poured Scotch into an ice bucket it got a riotous laugh because
   people knew he loved to drink. But Clooney, Pitt, Damon and the guy who plays
   Sammy, Don Cheadle, they're just actors playing at being the Rat Pack."
     -- Joey Bishop, old, alone, bitter, lashing out at those still in show business.

 Well of course they're just actors playing at being the Rat Pack.
 Who claimed they were anything more?

 Y'know, I'm old enough to remember the Rat Pack, and I think of them as Frank, Sammy and Dean.
 The best thing Lawford and Bishop ever did was to be associated with those three kings of show business.

 Mother Jones magazine attacked Clinton for terrorism vigilance
   September/October 2000

  Click  Here

 Clinton and his defense secretary both seem to believe that a terrorist disaster of catastrophic
 proportions is not a matter of  if, but when. "There is not a moment to lose," Cohen says,
 conjuring up images of "a plague more monstrous than anything we have experienced."

 Appearing on ABC's "This Week" in November 1997, Cohen plopped a five-pound bag
 of sugar on the table and claimed that an equivalent amount of anthrax could kill 300,000 people.
 Five months later, a team of four experts demonstrated in the Archives of Internal Medicine
 that it would take more than 100 pounds of anthrax to kill far fewer people.

 While the press and the Ditto-Monkey congress had their attention glued to Clinton's zipper,
 he & Cohen were trying to get people to take terrorism seriously.   Nobody would listen.
 Publications like Mother Jones were scolding Clinton for crying wolf on terrorism.

 Check that last sentence - it would take 100 pounds of anthrax to kill far fewer than 300,00 people?
 That's what MoJo's experts used to portray Clinton as the fool.
 Fourteen months later experts agree the single Leahy envelope could've killed 10.000.

 Liberals and Democrats spent more time attacking Clinton than they did the GOP.     Still do.
 That's why I gotta get out of this party.

Keeping an eye on those wild conspiracy theories...


"There is a growing concern among the public that these rapid-fire oversight hearings
  are aimed less at providing information and more at demonizing the administration
  and our attorney general for partisan purposes,"
    -- B'Orin Hatch, December 4, 2001

 Doesn't it figure?
 Hatch helped lead the nine-year safari into Clinton's zipper, and that was "legitimate oversight."
 But when the unelected idiot wants to execute his former business partners without a trial,
 it's the partisan Democrats trying to make political hay?

 ...I have no doubt the gelding Democrats apologized and promised not to do it again.

 Y'know, I'm nearing the end of the road with the Democrats.
 I either want to be elected to congress so I can remind the scared bunnies how to fight
 or I want out of this party.

 I can't stand this constant cowering in fear and endless apologies.
 When Ashcroft called the Democrats terrorist enablers, they just took it.

 Get me outta this party!

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