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Volume 665 - The BartCop Mob Takes Over

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 December 13, 2001   Part II    Click  Here for Part I               Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 Neil Young,  Matt Stone and Trey Parker behind Bush
   ...but "Dogma'' director Kevin Smith remains silent

  Full Story

  In Brief:

 Young  - "These are our rights and we can get them back."

 Gee, Neil, how optimistic of you...
 It used to be "Tin soldiers and Nixon coming."
 Now it's "Don't worry, we'll get our rights back - someday..."

 Stone & Parker - "We are proud Republicans, ...it's true."

 Kevin Smith - "                                            ."

 I need a drink, and not tequila.

 K-Drag Restaurant Round-Up

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 Featuring reviews for Denny's, The Delta Cafe and Peppers.


Subject: Let's not forget...

Since President Bush took office in January 2001:

The national debt has increased at an average rate of $723.11 per second,
or $62.5 Million per day, or $1 Billion every 384 hours and 9 minutes.

(Based on the latest data from the Bureau of the Public Debt,
 U.S. Dept. of the Treasury.  The Public Debt to the Penny)

It is noted, however, the greatest growth in the national debt occurred under Reagan (R)
(23.6% per year) followed by Ford (R) (14.1% per year) and Bush (R) (13.5% per year).

LDRS, thanks for that, but that last statistic is misleading.
The reason Clinton's not on the "greatest growth" list is because he never crashed the economy.
Reagan was once king of the "longest growth spurt" (before Clinton kicked his ass)
because in 1981-82 the economy went down so far the only direction is could go was up.

Think of the economy as a car going down the highway.
If you cause the car to slow to 20 MPH, it's easy to say,
"I raised our speed 200 percent" if you can manage to get the car to 40 MPH.

What Clinton did was take a car going 45 MPH and made it go so fast,
Officer Greenspan pulled him over for a speed warning SIX TIMES in just one year.

God sent Bill Clinton to reverse the Reagan Error,
but then Scalia sent Weak & Stupid to screw up His divine work.

(Yeah, I misread the question - sue me)

   by Cliff Downing

   Click Here

Arrest free?  Since 1976?
That's a bit presumptive, don't you think?
How about 'no reported arrests' since 1976?
Don't forget - he owns the press.

From: (withheld)

Subject: It's Time For the Hex!

I sent you an earlier e-mail, but I realize what a backlog you have,
so I'm not upset if you didn't get a chance to read it.

Basically, I want to propose that we bring out the Bartcop Hex to put a stop to John Ashcroft.
The effectiveness of the Hex has already been conclusively demonstrated, as far as I'm concerned,
via its effect on Tiger Woods.  But although it is perfectly valid to use the Hex against annoying,
inescapable sports stars, isn't it time we used it for something more important?

Let's Hex John Ashcroft!  Heaven knows he and Cheney need to be stopped, and since we
are NOT in the business of encouraging assassination or violent uprising, the Hex seems like
the best possible tool.  And while the Shrub seems like the most tempting target, he'll fall apart
without his puppeteers Ashcroft and Cheney.

If nothing else, it'd seriously freak him out - although by all accounts, he isn't the hardest person
in the world to freak out.  (Hell, you could just bring a calico cat to all of his public appearances
- which is  itself a good idea.)

Thanks, and keep fighting the good fight!

Pope Buck

I must use the BartCop Hex wisely.

When the timing is right, I will get him.


"An imperial presidency or an imperial justice department
  conflicts with the democratic principles of our nation,''
   -- Henry Waxman (D-Fighter)

 Testosterone-Charged Bartcop Mob
 Takes Over Comedy Polling Headquarters
   By Bill Brasin     Bush Watch Writer

   Click  Here

  In the lead by thousands of votes but fearing a sudden surge in voting by Bush Watch and Free Republic,
  an unruly mob of Bartcop supporters took over the offices of About.Com's Comedy Division and demanded
  that Daniel Kurtzman, head of the 2001 Political Dot Comedy Voting Awards  be removed from his post
  unless he allowed Bartcop representatives to monitor and possibly challenge all votes favoring Bush Watch
  and Free Republic coming into the office's vote counting computers from the Comedy Division's voting booths
  that have been set up on its web site.

How's that voting going?

 BartCop                       (18642)   59%

 Bush Watch                  (4553)   14%

 Free Republic               (4888)   15%

 Lucianne.com                   (466)   1%

 Media Whores Online  (2691)   8%

 BushWatch & The Freepers (odd couple, eh?) have organizedand are coming on strong.
 I wouldn't mind BushWatch or MWO winning, but we can't let those Freepers steal this, right?

 Click  Here  to vote for  bartcop.com

 If the Freepers win, it'll be like Florida all over again.

 Headline in the New York Whore Times...

Skepticism in Senate Panel Over Accord With Microsoft
 Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee voiced deep skepticism
 about the Bush administration's proposed settlement of the antitrust case against Microsoft.

 Oh, please!
 They cave on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, but they'll fight hard to punish Microsoft?


  On tape released by Pentagon, Osama bin Laden says hijackers "were trained"
  and says plan not revealed to them until "just before they boarded the planes."

 Already we're hearing different interpretations of what bin Laden said on the tape.
 Personally, I don't know anybody I can trust that speaks Arabic,
 so we'll have to rely on the usual suspects to tell us what bin Laden really said.

   Excerpt from Biker Trash's e-mail:
 On MSNBC, Joseph Bodansky(Russian author w knowledge of BL) was repeatedly interrupted
 by the hosts when he made corrections to the Arabic translation. One point; when the issue
 concerning the individuals on the planes was brought up, they all were aware they were going to die.
 This is counter to the bullshit the media stated that BL was contemptuous of the lives of his men,
 and that they had "no idea they were on a suicide mission". Bodansky pointed this fact out and,
 of course, he was cut off. Each time Bodansky started to counter the pre-spun garbage from
 the media, he was interrupted. Why have the man on at all?

Answer to "Guess the Slur" question of Dec. 12
  From the Quizmaster

According to Bill O'Reilly, Hillary cares so little for her constituents, she didn't even
attend one single funeral for anyone killed in the World Trade Center attacks.

O'Reilly expressed his revulsion at Hillary's callousness while guest-whoring on
the Don Imus show.  Imus was also very, very appalled.

You and I both know that if Hillary had in fact attended funerals then O'Reilly and Imus would have been
highly critical of her for attending the funerals of people she didn't even know just so she could pretend she cares.

Despite their great concern for New Yorkers, however, neither Imus nor O'Reilly seemed the least bit bothered
that the W. administration is cutting disaster aid to New York by more than half of their original promise.
W. originally pledged $40 billion in aid--with the possibility of more if needed (he said NYC would have a
'blank check' for rebuilding and aid to displaced workers and businesses)--but are now fighting hard to keep
the aid package under $20 billion.  Hillary is fighting very hard to try to make George W. Bush keep his promise,
but we all know that can be a very difficult task.


Cheney 'Escapes' From Hiding for Fundraiser

 Click  Here

 Vice Oil man Cheney managed to escape his "secure, undisclosed location" for about 20 hours
 last week  long enough to raise half a million dollars in Texas and Oklahoma for GOP House candidates.

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 Bush Invokes Executive Privilege

  Click  Here

President Bush invoked executive privilege for the first time Thursday to keep Congress
from seeing documents of prosecutors' decision-making in cases ranging from a decades-old
Boston murder to the Clinton-era fund-raising probe.

"I believe congressional access to these documents would be contrary to the national interest,''
 Bush wrote in a memo ordering Ashcroft to withhold the documents from a House investigative
 committee that subpoenaed them.

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