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Before we name more schools & airports after Ronald Reagan, 
can we get a look at what Bush is hiding in Reagan's files?

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Volume 667 - The Bush/bin Laden Gravy Train

On a dark spring night, nine weeks behind schedule, the MNS Indestructible,
a Class C Submersible Deepswimmer, departs Sancrist Isle with a crew of twenty
and a callous disregard for the inevitable.Armed with top secret devices,
a band of intrepid gnome explorers sets out on a legendary journey to... Read more

 December 15-17, 2001                                                                    Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)

 John Ashcroft is hunting you down.

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Bush advisers cashed in on Saudi gravy train

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Many of the same American corporate executives who have reaped millions of dollars
from arms and oil deals with the Saudi monarchy have served or currently serve at the
highest levels of U.S. government, public records show.

Nowhere is the revolving U.S.-Saudi money wheel more evident than within President Bush's
own coterie of foreign policy advisers, starting with the president's father, George H.W. Bush.

Bush & Rove & Scalia didn't steal the White House to make America a better place.
They stole the White House to make themselves not mere millions, but billions.

...and we were sooooo concerned that Clinton might have a girlfriend?

We spent years and years and millions and millions chasing Clinton's zipper,
and now the biggest theft in history doesn't even rate a mention on the nightly news.

I Am a Patriot
 by: Frederick H. Winterberg III

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If being a patriot means hanging an American flag from the antenna of one's car
 or from the flagpole in front of one's house, then I don't qualify.

If being a patriot means standing behind the president, *no matter what he and
his administration do*, then I guess I'm out on that count too.

If being a patriot is not voicing your opinion because it goes against what the
government is saying, I lose again.

If being a patriot means giving up my civil liberties, then I guess I'm out of luck.

From: johngsturm@yahoo.com

Subject: Hi Bartcop

I've be reading your page for quite a while but this is my first email to you.
I'm glad you were able to get to it (a reasonable assumption at this point, eh?).

I don't know if the OBL video is real or not.  It certainly seems legit but then again if it were a hoax
it wouldn't be a very good one if it didn't seem legit.  For now I assume it is legit.  However just because
he said that he said "Be patient" doesn't mean a damn thing.  If he didn't do it it is entirely possible that he
took credit for it in a private setting.  So I don't believe that the "Be patient" comment is all that conclusive.

Just my thoughts.

Keep on rockin'

John, I considered that - that bin Laden might just be bragging to the idiots who follow him,
but taking "credit" for downing the WTC is about as healthy as taking credit for running over
John Gotti's grandchild with your car.

Thanks for writing

 The Right Sort
  by Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

Since the September 11 attacks, some 500 suspects have been detained. The FBI thought it
a good idea to check whether any of them had bought weapons. But the justice department,
under attorney general John Ashcroft, is refusing to deliver the relevant records.
In other words, discovering whether or not the detainees have purchased guns is somehow
considered a greater violation of their civil liberties than locking them up in jail without charge.

I haven't heard anyone try to defend this, have you?
Of course, it's indefensible, I'd just like to hear the attempt.


 "Oliver North says he is very upset that John Walker could come back to this country
  and cash in on his celebrity status. He hates to see someone who did something wrong
  get rewarded by writing a book or getting a TV show out of it"
     --Jay Leno

 Celebrity Mail

 From:  Helen Thomas

 Subject:  Re: Hey from BartCop

 Thanks-helen thomas

 Bushwatch surges ahead by 40,000 votes
  Small-time BartCop Treehouse stunned by Texas-based conglomerate Bushwatch's amazing surge.
  Katherine Harris, Tony Scalia "unavailable" for comment

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Stuck in New Jersey!
Part I   by Christian Livemore

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Madness in Honolulu
  by Hunter S. Thompson

 Click  Here

 I was sitting here in this elegant beachfront Suite in the Kahala Oriental Mandarin hotel,
 thinking of nothing at all except the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and the incredible
 language skills of George Bush, when my brain locked up and I veered off on some
 meatball rap about the upcoming Miami/Nebraska game. Who knows why?
 It means nothing at all, absolutely nothing -- except to both teams, who will pocket
 $15,000,000 each showing up in Pasadena on Jan 1. Suck on that nut, bubba. Ho ho.


From:   rdier@worldnet.att.net

 Subject: Cabo Wabo vs Chinaco Anejo

 Bartcop...After hitting 3 of the state liquor stores here in
 Seattle,Washington, that had carried Chinaco in the past, I came up zilch.....

 Seeing a few bottles of Cabo Wabo on the shelf I decided to give it a go.
 CW is a tasty Tequila, however I feel it is far from being the sipping Tequila Chinaco Anejo is.
 Though both are marketed as made from 100% Blue Agave', the definitive answer is found in the kitchen.
 Chinaco Anejo has a superior body, fragrance and unmatched smoothness.
 I would heartily suggest Cabo Wabo as an excellent mixing or snapping Tequila.
 Clean, crisp and smoother than Cuervo Gold, but given the $50+/- $5 price tag for either CA or CW,
 I would choose Chinaco Anejo hands down everytime..@ that price you want to sip.....NOT  mix.....


 Robert, I heartily concur.
 I don't hate Cabo Wabo, but it'll be years before I try it again.
 The Cabo Wabo is several dollars more than the Chinaco.
 I mean, why buy hamburger if prime rib costs less?

  A retort by Geneva Clark

 Click  Here

 Today'shas Jenna Bush getting into films?
 And Rosie O'Donnell has a new "touchstone," - President Weak & Stupid.

 You learn all kinds of fun stuff at 

'We've got a dictatorial president and a Justice Department that does
 not want Congress involved. ... Your guy's acting like he's king.''
 'His dad was at a 90 percent approval rating and he lost, and
  the same thing can happen to him,''Burton added, jabbing his finger
  and glaring at Carl Thorsen, a deputy assistant attorney general who was
  attempting to introduce a superior who was testifying.

 Full Story

Holy Koresh!
First Bob Barr, and now Dan Burton telling King George he's a farce.

 Greg Palast Interview

 Click  Here

 While doing research for Tequilafest 2001, I was
 told that the reason Porfidio Cactus Bottle is no longer available in the US
 has nothing to do with the agave shortage...

 She told me Porfidio was caught putting sugar in the "100 percent pure agave" tequila
 and are being sanctioned for violating the 100 percent rule.

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Bin Laden videotape was result of a sting
 The CIA may have set up the terrorist leader to incriminate himself

 Click  Here

Ashcroft creates interagency force on security leaks
Fear of the truth getting out haunts Field Marshall Ashcroft

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Capitol Hill Anthrax Matches Army's Stocks
5 Labs Can Trace Spores to Ft. Detrick

 Click  Here

Would Bush authorize anthrax to be used against his political enemies?
Would the Army sent anthrax to just Democrats without permission?

Keeping an eye on those wild conspiracy theories...

A view from Australia...
  by Chris Gibson

 Click  Here

 Was the bin Laden tape produced by the CIA?

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