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Before we name more schools & airports after Ronald Reagan, 
can we get a look at what Bush is hiding in Reagan's files?

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Volume 676 - Blame the Vegans

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  VCR Alert - Not sure why, but U2 is with Peter Jennings tonight on ABC.


 "I want to salute Reverend Moon, the founder of the Washington Times
   and of the new paper here.  The editors of the Washington Times tell me  that
   never once has the man with the vision interfered  with the running of the paper."
      -- Poppy Bush, 11/24/96, taking $100,000 to give the Moonie Empire "credibility."

 Whore of the Year

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  Media Whores Online (one of the most important and often quoted political sites on the www)
  is polling for Whore of the Year.   Koresh, there are so many to choose from.

 Remember - it's your duty to vote.

 Remember Peter Roff?
   ...that Moonie reporter who said  bartcop.com  was ...imperfect?

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From: jeremiasd@earthlink.net

Subject: doing the math RE India/Pakistan

This has been bugging me for a few days now...
India and Pakistan are at each other's throats over the attack on India's Parliament on 12/13, OK,
I get that much from the news. Now, what I am still waiting to see if someone in the Alleged News Media
will *ever* pick up on is this:

*This latest bin Laden tape is supposedly made around 12/11,
  indicating that there's at least a chance that he was alive then;

*Rummy's admitted that one of the places he doesn't know if bin Laden is hiding is Pakistan;

*And lo, here's this attack on India from Pakistani whackjob terrorists on 12/13...

Is it just me, or is somebody somewhere missing something important here, maybe?
Like, maybe bin Laden got over the border to a safehouse of Pakistani whackjobs
and is now trying to incite a war between the handiest nuclear neighbors he can find?

Am I the only person out here who's paying any attention, here?

...Oh, wait, what am I saying, I *am* the only person who's paying attention,
the Sock Monkey's on vacation AGAIN and Rummy can't even find Dick Cheney, let alone bin Laden...

If you're a hot babe, send in your picture
with your sign and we'll print it.
No nudity, please.

 Is George Bush a Moonie?

  Click  Here

  Is there any doubt?
  The Bush allegiance goes to:

  The Bush Family Evil Empire
  The Moonies
  Tha Carlyle Group
  The Republican Party
  The Constitution (what's left of it)

From: DDacookie123@aol.com

Subject: Your site that sells your Tequilla

THE Tequila you obviously own, or at least own a stake of )
which by the way, on a scale of one to ten on of real Tequila expert's scale its a 6 at best

Please these fake self serving e-mails to your self are tiresome.
What do you think we are all as stupid as Clarence Thomas ???

ha ha

The way I talk about Chinaco Anejo, they should give me a piece - I agree.
If you're a "real" tequila expert, why didn't you name your favorite?

As far as the intelligence of the readers, the only ones I worry about are the ones
who think I have time to send fake e-mails to myself about how great Chinaco is.
Besides, the last guy who wrote told me he gave his away to the VFW.
You think I'd write myself a letter that crazy?

Be sure and catch my Christmas in Agave Wonderland Special,
which should be up tonight or New Year's Day.

...and lemme know what tequila you think is better.

 Happy Birthday to...

  Eliza Dushku is just 21                    Heidi Fleiss is just 36

 Monkees Davey Jones is 55, Mike Nesmith is 59
 Matt Lauer is 44, Patti Smith is 55,
 Tiger Woods is still under the BartCop Hex

 Bush Polls that Count
   by Bruce S. Ticker

  Click  Here

 Ya gotta wonder where the heck these Bush performance polls are being conducted.
 In two recent polls, President Bush rivaled Washington and Lincoln for reverence from the people.

 ...when you own the press, and the other party fears you, what other choice is there?

 The media leans left?...

  Click  Here

 Check the number of Major Daily Newspaper Endorsements for President

 138 endorsed Bush and only 52 endorsed Gore.

 Facts like these are ignored by disinformation specialists like the vulgar Pigboy and Fox News.

Who was the dumbest ass of 2001?
Which supermodel has admitted lying about implants?
What's Rosie O'Donnell doing with Janet Reno?

Better click on

 Got a mention over at Conspiracyplanet.com

 Click  Here

 Thanks to RB Ham for the spot

Yeah, Funnyboy's got a whole bunch of theories.
They just might land him in front of a military tribunal, too.
You think you'll get mercy from me, Funnyboy?
I've got my eye on you, Funnyboy.

 Did a Vegan diet cause John Walker to join the Taliban?
  The National Review's Rob Long says yes.

  Click  Here

 Who is John Walker really? Depends on where you're coming from.
  For Court TV anchor Nancy Grace: "He was the crown jewel for the Taliban!" and for that, he should fry.

 Good article - they explain how CCN and Fox Whore News et al have convicted this drugged out loser
 who hasn't even seen a lawyer and might not get one for his secret trial before they secretly kill him.

 I'm so old, I remember when the press used to report the NEWS,
 instead of endless, red-meat, nonsensical, breathless speculation for eager ditto-monkeys.

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