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Julie Hiatt

Volume 675 - When I Look to the West

cross country skiing, snowmobiling, the snow-covered forest
a moose,  your cabin's fireplace, a long hot sauna
maybe a shot of Chinaco

 December 29, 2001                                                                              Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "The Jewish religion teaches people to be responsible, to be open-minded and to care about others.
   And I hope that people see that in me as I do my job."
     -- Ari Fleisher, hoping to Christ somebody buys that lie.

 I wonder how many secret trials Bush has had so far?

 I wonder how many secret executions Bush has carried out?

  I mean, if they're secret, they're not going to announce anything, right?
  The Democrats allow him to execute anyone he suspects might be a terrorist.

  Emporer Bush has total and absolute power.
  ...and the gelding Democrats are labotomy-happy about it.

 Unka Dick says I'm the President.
 So if I'm the president, how come
 I don't have a cool hat like Frankie, here?

 For a nice Zeppelin/Lord of the Rings page

  Click  Here

 Zep lyric - The Queen of Light took her bow, and then she turned to go,
                 The Prince of Peace embraced the gloom, and walked the night alone.

 Tolkien Link -   The Queen of Light is Eowyn, who bids Aragorn goodbye and then turns to join the Rohan army.
                         The Prince of Peace is Aragorn, and he embraces the gloom of the Paths of the Dead.

 Deep stuff, huh?
 Today's lyrics are all "I popped a cap in the skank bitch's ass."

 Thanks to PiccoloGT15@aol.com, HDMech12@aol.com, billsterner@earthlink.net,
  joeve@bellsouth.net, rds1@csinet.net, a.kostis@cavtel.net,

 Then there's this:

 Stairway to Middle Earth

  Click  Here

 I wrote the above about two years ago and after reading  the trilogy again, I have found
 even more evidence for Tolkien in "Stairway."  The above still holds true, but in a more specific context,
 the lines above are from The Hobbit where Gandalf, the thirteen dwarfs and Bilbo are coming down from
 the Misty Mountains after murdering the Great Goblin. The party makes their way to the home of Beorn,
 the Skin Changer on the edge of Mirkwood. Bilbo more than once wishes he was back home (the West)
 over the Misty Mountains.

 Which corresponds to the lines above. Leaving Beorn's house, they are given ponies and a horse,
 for Gandalf to ride, to the gates of Mirkwood. Beorn loves his animals and indeed, he would let no harm
 come to them. He and his creatures are seen by Bilbo off to the side of the trail, watching them at night in secret.
 Upon reaching the gate, Gandalf confirms Bilbo's suspicions. These are "Those who stand looking."

 Deeeeep stuff...

 Thanks to vance everson

From: sfselzer@hotmail.com

Subject: Military Tribunals

"Whatever the procedures are for the military tribunals, our system
  will be more fair than the system of bin Laden and the Taliban."
     -- President Bunnypants at the Pretend Ponderosa

So anything the junta does from now on is hunky dory
because it's better than OBL and the Taliban?

Hey Georgie, saying that your system of justice is better than the Taliban's system of justice ain't saying a lot.
That's like saying kicking someone in the nuts is better than gouging their eyes out.

And the whore media lets him get away with this crap.


 http://members.aol.com/gopbias  is always a good read.

 Nebraska Woman Returns Sister's Ashes to Wal-Mart

   Click  Here

 A Nebraska woman who received an ornate box for Christmas and returned it to Wal-Mart
 without looking inside discovered later it contained the ashes of her recently deceased sister.

From: jklie@ilhawaii.net

Subject: Be Careful out There...

Geez BC, if I were you I'd be a little less trusting of bottles of Chinaco arriving in my mailbox.......
I don't want to spoil your fun but one of these days some right wing nutcase is liable to poison you
( Gee Honey, look at the color of this batch!) and then claim it as an act of patriotism.

Lest this sound paranoid I'll refer you back to the Democrats/Liberal (hah!) Media only anthrax letters.


JK, thanks for that.
I'm hip to the danger, but it'd take the real CIA to fool me.
I've become familiar with the tamper-proof seal on God's handblown.


...but then again, Smirk Daddy is still running the CIA...

...you have a point.


"I don't spend a lot of time looking in the mirror,
  except when I comb my hair.''
    -- President Weak, Stupid and Crooked, explaining why
        he doesn't know even the very basics about American history.


  re: Love those cell phones

  Click  Here

 Over ten years, I've tried them all.  GTE's service started good, deteriated into crap.
 AT&T was outrageous.  On a six phone account, we uncovered massive overbilling - charging us
 for equipment never purchased, actually _duplicating_ monthly charges over and over again.
 I don't think in the year we used them I ever got a single correct bill.  I spent _hours_ on the phone
 with them trying to keep the account in order, to no avail.
 Nextel - coverage so poor was not considered for out needs.

 Re: Depardieu
   by Jim Walley

  Click  Here

 "Just before the Academy Awards ceremony, TIME Magazine ran a profile that mistakenly
  suggested that he might have "participated" in a rape at the age of nine. The claim was based
  on an interview carried out 13 years earlier and was the result of an incorrect translation.
  Depardieu, though the clear favorite, did not win the Oscar."

The Unelected Fraud enjoys some breast of Reba

The GOP's whore court would've put Clinton before a firing squad if
he'd been caught oogling some aging former celebrity's pale breasts.

Nostradamus Predicted Geraldo's Stupid Career Move
 Eerily Presaged Pistol-Packing Anchor's Afghan Boondoggle

  Click  Here

 "It's highly unusual for Nostradamus to single out someone by name
  and call him a bogus jerk," said Dr. Thomas Crogan of the University of Minnesota.
 "But let's face it, Geraldo was asking for it."

From: ScottDavs@aol.com

Subject: Conservatives Own the Radio Waves

Will they own the bookshelves as well?

BestSelling Books

 1.  The No-Spin Zone by Bill O'Reilly
 7.  Final Days by Barbara Olson
11. Bias by Bernard Goldberg
15. When Character Was King by Peggy Noonan

WSJ 12/28/01

You bet your ass they do.

I could write a book, "How to save your parents from dying," and it wouldn't sell ten copies.
But some right-wing conservative "Christian" could fabricate a smoky sex story and call it,

"Where was Clinton's Cock on 10/2/86?" and sell seven million copies.

They won't buy the truth.

They don't want the facts.

They want a story, and The Continuing Tales of Clinton's Zipper
 is the only story the religio-frauds are willing to shell out the big bucks for.

 Happy Birthday to...


                              Pat Benatar's husband is 46                 Paula Poundstone is 42                             Mary Tyler Moore is 65

 Also, ransom note writer Patsy Ramsey is 55 and still hasn't confessed.

From: rds1@csinet.net

Subject: Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz synchs...


While I'm ranting about parallel universes, have you ever... ahhh... gotten buzzed
and put Dark Side of The Moon on with The Wizard of Oz going on your VCR?

Check out this site for synchs in DSOM and Oz.........
Twist one up and sip some nectar.
It's way cool.
Specially when Dorothy wakes up.


The Dark Side of the Rainbow

Dude, you must've missed  Volume 100.

I tackled the Dark Side of Oz and almost lost the page from the uproar.
July 1997 was a dark time at  bartcop.com

It's the only time I tried to write something with a plot,
 it came off worse than Bob Patterson.


 "Listen, I'll give you a hint, I liked coming to the ranch before September the 11th.
   I like coming to the ranch after September the 11th.''
   -- President Never-had-a-worry-in-his-life

 He played Gameboy before those people died,
 and he's playing Gameboy now that they're gone.

 Is this why Usurperboy is so popular with the masses?
 Because he didn't let the terrorists win?

 Lissen up, bin Laden!
 Nobody is gonna keep Emporer George away from his Gameboy.

  by Rude Rich

 Click  Here

 You'd better not click on there today.
 There's a picture of Anna Kournakova coming out of her top.

 So better not click on

 Glad I didn't say that

"When the talk turned to his vacation at 'Prairie Chapel,' President Bush grew considerably more animated,
  describing how he was awake well before dawn and "spent a little quality time with the first lady.''

  Click Here

 ha ha

 Smirk got laid!

 Let's hear it for the most powerful man on the planet,
 describing to the press how he managed to get some "quality time" with Pickles.

 When bluntly asked by reporters how Pickles was in the sack, Smirk smirked and said,
 "Dead or alive is fine with me.''

Think so, smart guy?
I'm the Central Scrutinizer.
When I'm through with you,
you'll have a jail cell,
a closed mouth and
God's truth, Funnyboy

 Choosing Rudy mythed the point

  Click  Here

 And that's what TIME - and much of the nation's media - did.
 It cast Giuliani as the hero and bin Laden as the villain in the year's biggest story,
 the destruction and redemption of New York City.

 That's how the media work, crafting stories that help reinforce myths and
 affirm popular perceptions. That's the real definition of news.
 This is blindness to reality.

 Let me be clearer: TIME choked.

 Oh, they did not.

 "Choking" is when you're unable to deliver under pressure.
 They gleefully took that extra nickle for their dignity and credibility.

 They are whores, not chokers.

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