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Julie Hiatt

Volume 677 - Nothing Left to Lose

 January 1-2, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "If the entire movement, or part of it, faces a situation where the noose is being tightened around it
   and its collapse is a matter of days or hours," some of its key members must escape.  That way,
   those who remain behind can fight to the death without fear that their cause will die with them."
    --  Ayman Zawahiri, Taliban religious conservative

  No, Dude, it's your ass and your cause dies with you.

 The Good Old Days
   by Jack Point

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 Does anyone remember the good old days of America? We had a stable, thriving, economy,
 we led the free world by cooperating with other countries, and we had a strong, capable,
 intelligent leader in the White House?   It should not be too hard to remember these days
 since they were still occurring just over a year ago. Since that time, Bush has trashed all of this
 and has become EXACTLY the kind of "leader" that the majority of Americans thought he would be
 -which is precisely WHY we voted for President Gore.

 People have been asking - what about Julie Hiatt Steele?
 There's a big secret that  I can't tell you, but stay tuned to  bartcop.com.


"The truth is, this new president has done things with relative impunity that would have been huge uproars
  if they had occurred under Clinton. Take it from someone who made a living writing about those uproars. ...
  There is no well-coordinated corps of aggrieved and methodical people who start each day looking for
  ways to expose and undermine a new president." When Clinton changed his mind, critics pounced,
  and news stories depicted each incident as evidence that "slick Willie" had no abiding convictions.

  When Bush changes his mind -- on school vouchers, the size of the tax cut, carbon-dioxide pollution
   he's seen as "shrewd rather than servile."
   --John Harris, Washington Post reporter,who covered Clinton.

 While Clinton slept
  Semi-entertaining horseshit by Scot Lehigh of the Boston Globe,
  Rebuttal by Bartcop

 Click  Here

How, then, could the White House have failed to respond with more force and focus to Aug. 7, 1998, when
truck bombs detonated at US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania killed 244 people and injured thousands more?
Two years earlier, as the Times also reports, political adviser Dick Morris had urged Clinton to launch a
higher-profile antiterrorism effort. The American people would back measures like federalizing airport security
and taking military action against terrorist installations in foreign countries, Morris told Clinton.

 Sean Penn Drips Venom on O'Reilly, Stern

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 "This is not a man sitting on the toilet with a smile on his face. He's a grumpy, self-loathing joke," says Penn.
 "There's a long history of people who capitalize on the lowest common demominator of people's impulses,
  Adolf Hitler being one of them. Not everybody wants to hit the wall in a violent rage and break their knuckles,
  so O'Reilly does it for them. He'll get very rich and get his rocks off that he's powerful."

 Geraldo's comic relief
  Correspondent's coverage breathes life and laughter into war
   by Kathleen Parker

  Click  Here

 "I'm very fit. I still box. I don't smoke," said Geraldo, no doubt struggling
  against his characteristic self-effacing reluctance. "I'd like to find a reporter
  who can outdistance me. I have a 31-inch waist, a 42-inch chest. I'm still real butch."
  Phew. Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  ha ha

 Blame this bad reporting on `the fog of war'

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 Upon arriving in the war zone, Geraldo breathlessly announced that he'd be carrying a gun
 at all times and that he personally would plug Osama bin Laden if the opportunity presented himself.

 During one satellite dispatch, Geraldo frantically ducked for cover, claiming a bullet had narrowly
 missed his noggin. Viewers were left to wonder whether it had been fired by an al Qaeda sniper
 or a disgruntled member of Geraldo's own crew.

 ha ha

 Fox News - they only hire the funniest clowns.


 "So I'm really looking forward to 2002.
   I'm also looking forward to my cheeseburger."

    -- We have the stupidest leader in the history of the world.

 Bush on permanant vacation from now on
   "Why work when we can videoconference?"

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 Getting away doesn't mean the president is out of touch or that he leaves the job behind,
 especially with the United States leading an international war against terrorism that Bush
 says will be protracted and extend well beyond Afghanistan.

 Notice how the obedient American press takes the Rove spin and elevates it to a fact.

"He don't need to go to no office - long as he has a computer nearby..."

 While he is at the ranch, Bush will have daily intelligence, military and FBI briefings, reviewing progress
 at home and abroad, keeping up to date with the latest developments and planning the next steps.
 He can pick up the telephone and be connected to any world leader.
 He has a fleet of helicopters and a jumbo jet at his disposal.
 His aides are just a videoconference away.

 Weak & Stupid is going to play with his Game Boy from now on, and every other day, he'll check in
 with Cheney & Rumsfeld & Mr. Rove to see how the Bush Family Evil Empire war is going.

 We've never had a president this lazy before.
 By comparison, he makes the Reagan administration seem awake.

From: (withheld)

Subject: I know who was involved in 9-11


I know who was directly involved in the terrorist attacks.
There were clues right under our noses all along, but yet the big boys ignored them!
It was the GROCERY STORE CHAINS and dairy producers that were behind it all!
They had prior knowledge that the attacks were going to take place.
How do I know?

Well, a week or so before the attacks, I distinctly remember seeing packages of meat, dairy,
and bakery products, etc. plainly stamped with "Buy on or before 9-11-01"

They CLEARLY knew something was going to happen,
and were subtly trying to unload their merchandise before then!!!!
I'll let you be the one to get credit for being the first to report it!!!


PS. For the love of Koresh, if you put this up, please don't include my actual e-mail address.
The Grocery Goons will surely want to rub out whoever blows their cover.

Look at these two pictures - what do you see?

 This son of a bitch is scary.
 Atta was a "winner," a leader, an organizer, a planner, a tactician, a thinker, a play-maker.
 He was a cold-hearted, card-counting, slick and smooth secret agent, hiding in the grass
 He's got all the confidence in the world - just look at him.
 He knew when this picture was taken that someday it would
 be shown on every television on Earth, and he's striking a pose.
 He was also smart enough to blend in, and wait for his chance to strike.

  But this guy...

 I see a small-time, punk-ass idiot who may be more stupid than George W. Bush.
 This guy is a pawn, a dupe, a loser, a stooge, a chump, a sap, a fool, a sucker and a patsy.
 He flew to Amsterdam, Germany, Tel Aviv, Egypt, Pakistan, then back to Paris - all in 2001.
 This petty thief couldn't handle sweeping up at a mortuary.
 Matter of fact, he's never held any jobs, so how'd he get the money to fly around?

 Plus, he wouldn't know a package of C4 if it bit him on his Tom Delay.
 I wouldn't ride an escalator with this son of a bitch.
 He couldn't look any more non-stupid if his last name was Bush.

 That makes me wonder:

 What was Reid doing with C4 on that flight from Paris?
 How could a loser like this find C4 when I can't even find decent pot?
 Was he supposed to fail?

 Why didn't he go in the bathroom to lite that fuse?
 Even if he set off the smoke alarm, he would've had several minutes to himself.
 If you say, "He was a test, a dry run, a dress rehearsal," why did he try to lite the fuse?

 If they wanted to see if they could sneak a shoe-bomb on a plane, they had their answer
 the minute those nutty Frenchies passed him thru customs - so why screw up a successful test?

 I hope people smarter than me are working on those questions...

Thanks to The Wizard of Whimsy

 Harper's Magazine Weekly Review

  Click  Here

 A legless man in a wheelchair stole 10 pairs of pants from a Gap store in Vancouver.
 Australian officials were investigating whether sewage could be recycled as drinking water.
 A smoker in Romania used 7,000 cigarette packs to construct his own coffin.
 The Queen of Denmark cracked her ribs.
 Tony Blair witnessed the discovery of a mummy in Egypt
 and was cursed to be eaten by a crocodile, a lion, or a hippo.

 Whore of the Year

  Click  Here

  Media Whores Online (one of the most important and often quoted political sites on the www)
  is polling for Whore of the Year.   Koresh, there are so many to choose from.

  Remember - it's your duty to vote.

  Lower your expectations, it's the...
 Christmas in Vegas Trip Report 
  Don't miss the Pink Taco detour

  Click  Here

  The Borowitz Report:
 Ridge Recalls Every Product in the US
  Issues call after box of nails is contaminated by chunks of ham

  Click  Here

 Bush says "Could be a while before bin Laden found

  Click  Here

 Bush tried to prepare America for a possibly long wait for finding bin Laden on Friday,
 saying he could be hidden in a cave or might have tried to ``slither out'' of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

``I don't know where he is,'' Bush said

 Trust me, mark this to retrieve later - Karl Rove and Karen Hughes estimate bin Laden
 will be found in October of 2004 - just in time for Emperor Bush to be re-"elected."

 Winning With the Military Clinton Left Behind

  Click  Here

 Just over a year ago, Bush and Cheney were campaigning hard on the theme that Clinton and Gore
 had run down the military. Picking up a traditional GOP refrain, they claimed that defense cuts under
 Clinton had gone too far, that the armed forces had been overused badly, that readiness was poor.

 But now Bush stands on the verge of winning a war with the military that Clinton bequeathed him.
 Just as in NATO's 1999 war against Serbia, the United States military has led coalition forces to
 a decisive victory while suffering very few casualties in the process.

 When our boys in uniform said, "Ok, Smirk, we elected you, now where's that help
 you promised us was 'on the way' at every campaign stop?"

 Bush replied, "Well, we need a few years to study it,  ...see what works best."

 Smirk 'n Dick lied when they said the military wasn't ready.
 Smirk 'n Dick beat Afghanistan with Clinton's military.

 Gore and the Democrats KNEW they were lying, but instead of fighting back like they promised
 they just laid there and took it like a party of gelding losers.

 ...how did I end up in a party of pitiful quitters?

 Happy Birthday to...

        Melrose Marcia Cross is 40          OO7's   Famke Janssen is 37      Michelle's sis DeDee Pfeiffer is 36          Catherine McCormack is 39

 Billie Jean Beanblossom is 57 (I don't know either, but what a name!)
 plus, Barry Goldwater, Hank Greenburg and J. Edgar Hoover, Jose Jimenez
 and the fabulous Betsy Ross were born today.

  Citing witchcraft theme,
 New Mexico church burns Harry Potter books

  Click  Here

 As hundreds protested nearby, a church group burned Harry Potter and other books.
 Jack Brock, the Christ Community Church founder and pastor, said the books burned
 Sunday were "a masterpiece of satanic deception."

 Or, we could be seeing a "masterpiece" of media manipulation where Jack Brock has
 figured out how to increase profits with a phoney-baloney counterstrike against an enemy
 that doesn't exist so he can put his church on the map.

 Is there anything lower than a charlatan using people's fear of God's anger to steal money?


 "Texas Sen. Phil Gramm announced his retirement earlier this year and everybody said nice things,
   especially about the fact that he was walking away from his Senate seat while still in his prime.
   Now congressional committees investigating Enronís collapse are wondering whether his decision
   to leave the Senate had anything to do with potential conflicts of interest.    Grammís wife, Wendy,
   was on Enronís board of directors while her husband chaired the Senate Banking Committee,
   whose oversight responsibilities should have caught Enronís troubles."
      --Eleanor Clift

There's so much stuff on BartCop Entertainment page I can't keep up.

Better click onto see what I'm missing.

 Politex Shows Signs of "Partisan War's" Burden
   By BILL BRASIN, Bush Watch Reporter, 12.23.01

  Click  Here

 Describing the demands on Mr. Politex as unimaginable during the campaign, he went on to say,
 "Good grief. He went to bed at night not knowing when the next Bartcop partisan would go into
 a virtual polling booth at About.com with lunch, dinner, and a change of underware,
 and not come out until the blisters on his voting hand turn to callouses.

 Don't forget to visit   www.awolbush.com

  Everyone should go there at least once...

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