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Before we name more schools & airports after Ronald Reagan, 
can we get a look at what Bush is hiding in Reagan's files?

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Volume 678 - I'm So Sick of It

 January 3, 2002                                                                                Online Shopping with Amazon.com (see below)


 "The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind
   and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power to them selves
   ....these clergy, in fact, constitute the real anti-Christ."
     -- Thomas Jefferson, ahead of his time

  Thanks for building that wall, Tom.

 Wait a minute...

 If it's Clinton's fault for not reading the tea leaves of the future of terrorism,
 if it was obvious for all to see, (except when a president is distracted by oral sex, they say)
 if The NY Whore Times is right, if Rush Limbaugh is right, if Fox Whore News is right.
 if Dick Morris is right, if Judas Maximus is right, if the Clinton Cock Network is right,
 ...if everybody could see it coming except Clinton,

 ...why didn't Bush create the Office of Homeland Security
 the day he took the oath to his unelected office?

 Why did he wait until AFTER 9-11 if it was so damn obvious to everyone?

 Greg Stinson wants a piece of BartCop

  Click  Here  to see the warm-up

 You won't answer my challenge, just as you won't answer
 my requests for an open, intelligent debate.

 From:  chookiechooks@yahoo.com

 Subject:  Thanks for the commentary

 There are whores, and there are crazy whores.
 This Scot Lehigh (While Clinton Slept) fellow falls into the latter category.

 I sent him the following email:

  Truman Capote, when asked to review the work of Jack Kerouac, commented:
 "This is not writing. This is typing."

 I wish I could be as generous in my response to the absurdity to which you signed
 your name in public regarding the "deep background" of the events of Sept 11.

 Truly -- the only requirement for "journalism" these days is a keyboard and a finger or so.
 And patrons, rather than employers, obviously.

 Most sincerely yours,"


 ha ha

 I'll bet he got a bunch of those.
 I wrote to him three times asking why he gave Bush a pass and he wrote back twice
 Each time, I repeated, "Why did you give Bush a pass?" but he was unwilling or unable to answer.
 Maybe his daddy is a big stockholder at the Boston Globe.

 The Ten Worst Corporations of 2001

  Click  Here

 Some you'd expect, like Enron, Phillip Morris and Exxon,
 and some that might surprise you

 From: Pauline


 Bunnypants said yesterday, "bin laden could be in a cave with the door open,
 he could be in a cave with the door closed, but we will get him."

 What the hell does that mean?


Pauline, I wish I knew, but I don't speak dork.

Maybe Lanny will see this and translate for us...

 Greta Moves to Fox News
   The story in pictures

   Click  Here

 Enron's India Disaster
    by Sam Parry

  Click  Here

 Enron's sudden fall from grace has made it a dirty word in American business.
 But in India, Enron has long been viewed as a heavy-handed company
 expert at manipulating local politicians and overriding the interests of everyday citizens.

 Gee, good thing Enron wasn't manipulating our politicians, right?

From: FanOfKOAM@aol.com

Subject: GOP dead pool


Do you remember who was organizing that "GOP dead pool"?
The prize was a bottle of Chinaco.

I don't think I won; I only correctly predicted 1 GOP death out of 10 (Maureen Reagan), but I'm still curious.
As I recall it was a pretty major bartcop.com contributor.


Fan, I don't remember that contest, but with an IQ of 64,
there's an awful lot that gets past me.


 Media Blame Game Requires a Mirror
    by Smokin' Joe Conason

   Click  Here

 The indefatigable consultant (Dick Morris) evidently convinced the Times reporters that, based on polling
 done in 1996, he strenuously urged his Presidential client to federalize airport security and prosecute a "broader
 war on terrorism." Mr. Morris didnít reveal this prescient proposal anywhere in the 340-plus pages of Behind
 the Oval Office, his memoir of his years advising Mr. Clinton, which scarcely mentions terrorism at all.

 If Mr. Morris did foresee the horrors to come five years ago, he was quite alone in his clairvoyance.
 More likely he is rewriting history to denigrate his old boss and inflate himself, an important duty of his
 current career. In truth, he has been heavily preoccupied during the past several years by smut and
 petty scandal, not by the looming "terrorist threat." And in those obsessions, he wasnít alone at all.

There's so much stuff on BartCop Entertainment page I can't keep up.

Better click onto see what I'm missing

 Happy Birthday to...

           Tia Carrera is 34                          Christy Turlington is 32              Victoria Principal is 43

Also, Robert Loggia (1930)   Judas Maximus is as old as the lies he tells about Clinton,
Cuba Gooding, Jr. (1968)  Stephen Stills (1945) Tommy Morrison (1969) and RR.Tolkien (1892)

 For Bush, Conservatives Have Lowered the Bar
   by Lars Erik Nelson  (Rush hates him - he must be good)

  Click  Here

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Hell To Pay Indeed

Barbara Olson and Rush Limbaugh have made a living
sowing seeds of hate against the best president America has ever had.

I believe that she has now reaped the harvest from her tireless efforts.
Hell to pay - indeed.

Jim in Rochester, MI


 Reporter:  Mr. President, what can Americans expect in the upcoming year,
                    in terms of homeland security? What's next, sir?

 The President: Well, what's next is really a focus on health, a focus on -- in terms of
 making sure the public health systems work. We're reviewing all our visa policies.
 We're looking at our immigration policies. We're looking at border policies,
 both with Canada and with Mexico. And we'll continue doing what we're doing now,
 which is any time we get a lead, we're going to disrupt -- we're going to bring them in
 and give them a chance to protect Americans.


 You're looking at your policies, ...and when you get a lead,
 you'll disrupt and bring them in and give them a chance to protect us?

 Can't the Army or FBI do it instead?
 What motive do the people you're disrupting have to protect us?

 From: stich01@earthlink.net

 Subject: HOT YOUNG BABES...What idiot!

  Click  Here

 If it wasn't for bad taste you wouldn't have any taste at all!
 You're not doing the liberal cause a favor by acting like another fat chauvinist pig.

 BartCop Rebuttal:
  "Am not!"


From:  (withheld)

Subject: Fox and CNN

Is CNN now the Fox for the Blue States while Fox remains the Fox for the Red States?

Greta Van Susteren leaves Fox-Blue to go to Fox-Red and Ann Coulter becomes a legal expert on Fox-Blue.

What the hell is Greta thinking?  It was easy to figure out why Jerry/Geraldo went to Fox-Red,
but I used to enjoy watching Greta.  She would ask pointed and uncomfortable questions and expect an answer.

I also used to like watching Joie Chen tap dance all over that big 3rd World country map populated with
brown folks (respectfully of course) and now she's gone too. I suppose the next thing will be that Judy
Woodruff and Roger Ailes are bumpin' uglies.

Surely these are signs of the Apocalypse.


I, too, am very interested to see if/how Greta changes.
All thru impeachment, she was a voice of sanity.

Whenever Roger Cossack said, "Clinton is the Great Satan who destroyed the Constitution,"
Greta would say, "Oh, please, Roger - he had semi-sex with a woman at work."

But at Fox News, common sense and honesty aren't allowed, so what'll she do?
I expect her to remain a professional with her dignity intact.
But if she turns from a decent on-air personality to gutter whore supreme, like Paula Zahn did,
I will pummel her with the biggest hammer I can muster.

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