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Volume 925 - Warrants? We don't need no stinking warrants

Owned by Marc Perkel, who works for the EFF.
They are free speech specialists.

 Weekend    Nov 9-10, 2002 


"Mr Bush, you need a blowjob worse than any President I've ever seen."
       --  Steve in Salt Lake City

 Ashcroft can read your e-mail without a warrant
 (We lost the right to privacy when they overturned the Bill of Rights)

  Think I'm kidding?

   Click  Here

 Get a good encryption program like PGP or set up an account
 with an encrypted provider like Hushmail.com.

 I'm not doing anything illegal, and I can't be blackmailed,
 so I don't mind if they read my e-mail, but I can't speak for you.

 Hey, Funnyboy!
 You haven't read The Patriot Act.
 If I say you're a criminal - you are one!
 That's how it works now.

 You, Perkel, Lyons, MWO, Buzzflash, Conason,
 you're all going to be kept in the same wing of
 my new secret torture complex by Halliburton.
 Who's going to stop us - the Demoncrats?

 Making Bush tell the truth about Iraq
  The media has to be tougher on the president's tendency
  to dissemble about his policies, and then again when he's
  caught -- especially when it comes to war.
         by Brendan Nyhan

  Click  Here

 Bush has been protected by his reputation for honesty, the media's distaste for complex
 policy issues and -- since Sept. 11 -- his status as a wartime president. As a result, the
 administration has gotten a pass when it has used deceptive, even dishonest arguments to
 sell key pieces of its agenda, most notably the tax cut and Bush's plan to create private
 Social Security accounts. And even when serious questions about its arguments have
 been raised, the White House has dissembled wildly rather than admit mistakes or mendacity.

 From: John DP

 Subject: A Few Election Thoughts

 First of all, it is hysterical watching the media and the white house spin the fact that this election
 is a "mandate" for Bush.  Or that this election somehow conveys legitimacy to the unelected fraud.
 Or that there is such a groundswell of support for Mr. Bush that the Democrats need to get out
 of the way.  A total of 41,000 votes would have swung the election another way.

 In fact, only about 21% of registered voters pulled the lever for the Repugnicans last Tuesday night.
 Yes, the evil doers got more than we got, but a broad mandate its not.   Now on the topic of Bush's
 masterful command of the campaign and how the Republicans are such fabulous politicians, that too,
 is bullshit.  In each close Senate race, the winners (Coleman, Talent, Chambliss and Allard) ran as
 Democrats by blurring the line on significant issues like Social Security PRIVATIZATION, while at
 the same time used hateful slash and burn negative advertising against their opponent.

 Take a case in point with Saxby Chambliss in Georgia.  How a man who avoided military service
 (Chambliss) successfully paint a man who volunteered for duty in Viet Nam and who left three of his
 limbs on the battlefield (Cleland) as soft on national defense issues is beyond me.  But obviously not
 beyond the ignorant crackers in Georgia.  So the lesson of the election is if you are a Repugnican and
 you want to win, run like a Democrat and demonize your opponent.  Its the Republican way.

 Another lesson here is to NEVER go along with Bush.  Look at what he did to Jean Carnahan,
 Cleland and others who supported him on his tax cuts for the greedy.  He came back into their states
 and thumped their pink tu tu asses.  Some payback.

 Why in the world would you trust the unelected fraud on ANYTHING is beyond me.
 And finally, the religiously insane kept a pretty low profile during this election, but you can be sure
 their agenda will get a strong hearing up on Capital Hill.  You do not see Jerry Falwall, Ralph Reed
 and the other sanctimonious pricks threatening to split and create a new party like Saint Ralph and
 the Greens.  They take their lumps when they cannot have each and every thing on their agenda,
 but they stick with the Repugnicans like glue.  We could take a lesson.

  Government Hijacked

  Click  Here

 Subject: Canada

 Silverdragon likes Canada because of its health care, but I would kinda prefer someplace where
 you didn't get snowed in 78% of the year.  Me and the cats are kinda leaning towards Providenciales.

 They have great casinos and seafood, and I'll teach y'all to scuba dive.

 die hard

 Hey, not sure where that is, but there's no snow in Mexico and they have fine tequila there.

 Rumor or truth?

 The Pentagon has begun to administer smallpox vaccinations to it's personnel in anticipation of
 the smallpox attack the U.S. will be unleashing through the recently created U.S. Military Department,
 P2OG (Proactive, Preemptive Operations Group). Americans, with national ID tags provided by
 provisions in the Homeland Security Bill will receive the vaccination when the U.S. government
 causes the smallpox outbreak.

 Full Story

 Subject: Don't give up


 I know Tuesday was tough, but we must keep wielding the hammer!
 We lose battles, but with truth, we will win the war!

 Ain't nobody quitting here...


"Big news from Hollywood - Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afleck are getting married.
  Ben will be serving a two-year term."
    -- Dave

 (Just kidding, Ben)

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 Subject: We're going to be rich, right?

 Wednesday morning, I read CNN.com in horror, realizing that a single party had total control
 of the government. I fully expect about 3 or 4 the Supreme Court Justices to retire now so that
 they can be replaced by other conservative justices with no resistance from Congress.

 As the day wore on, I had time to think about the situation. For one, I think the people really need
 to see the results of having an unbalanced government. When a single point of view gets its way,
 the results are probably going to be very bad. For another, I'm sick of that party's whining about
 how they NEVER get their way.

 Ok, boys, have at it. Let's see how good "your way" is for the country.



"In Nevada voters rejected legalized pot. I guess legalized pot would send
  the wrong message to Nevada’s young gamblers and prostitutes.
       -- Conan

 Subject: Last Tuesday

 After Tuesday, I have become very afraid for our country. The first thing that popped into
 mind was "without anyone to keep Bush in check, what is going to happen?"

 Then I realized that no one has been keeping Bush in check. Certainly, it's nice to keep his
 ultraconservative judicial nominees from being affirmed, but the democrats have not taken up
 any strong issue. They let the PATRIOT act pass without a fight, and they even approved
 giving him the power to unilaterally strike (read invade) Iraq. They haven't even tried to
 pass corporate accountability laws!

 Where is the Democratic leadership?

 (They are under a table like Bernie Shaw in Baghdad, wetting their pants and cowering
  in fear that Karl Rove and VP Snarl might not be pleased with their rate of ass-kissing.)

 Hopefully, whoever emerges as the new Democratic leader will have backbone. He or she
 will press issues such as corporate accountability. That person will not be a "yessir" to Bush
 or any other republican, and that person will stand up for what is right.

 It is time for change. The Dems have nothing else to lose... it's time to fight.


Under Bush, America is so arrogant,
we cast our UN votes with the Nazi salute


 I got an e-mail from Toni asking what we had planned for upcoming Issue 1000.
 She suggested a "Best Of" issue with the best bits from the past 924 issues, and she volunteered
 to receive, colate and compile the best stuff from waaay back when  bartcop.com  was funny.

 If you saw a good or funny piece send the name of it and the issue # it was in to Toni at


 If you want your name listed (or not) mention that to her, too.


"Bobby Brown was arrested in Atlanta after being pulled over for speeding and pot possession.
  You can see the Bobby Brown story on VH-1’s "Before They Were Punch Lines.”
         -- Craig Kilborn

 In Search of the Silver Lining

  Click  Here

 Now the Senate has no brakes. George W. Bush Inc. owns all three branches of government
 - as well as the Supreme Court. America has become that truck plunging down Moosic Street
 without any way of stopping. The only difference is that the driver is smiling."

 The Daily Brew has a great article 

  Click  Here

 More than 60% of the American public believes Saddam Hussein was a co-conspirator in the attacks of 9-11,
 despite the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency had issued a report concluding that no connection existed.
 A majority also believe that the so-called "death tax" will apply to them, despite the fact that fewer than 2.5%
 of Americans actually possess sufficient net worth to be eligible. Most Americans believe that the recent
 recession was caused by 9-11, despite the fact that it began prior to the attack. Many Americans believe that
 the deficits projected by the government are unrelated to the tax cuts signed into law by Bush, although both the
 CBO and the GAO have concluded that the tax cuts will greatly exacerbate the problem.

  Joe Conason's Journal

   Click  Here

 That leadership does deserve blame for this defeat. And there is an honorable tradition of demanding
 accountability from those who are responsible. Gephardt deserves credit for removing himself swiftly,
 and let us hope that he doesn't nourish too many illusions about his future. Tom Daschle should probably
 be next, having made the worst use of his best qualities during the past two years. He allowed himself and
 his members to be battered ideologically without fighting back until it was far too late; he resisted bad policy
 without vociferously arguing the Democratic case to the electorate. Quiet toughness is admirable, except
 when the other side is shouting every day.

 Subject: I've found my new Bible

 For years it has been Al Franken's "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot."
 Today, however, I picked up "It's Still the Economy, Stupid" by Paul Begala.

 I'm already over halfway through it. It is a MUST read for all Democrats.
 Using clear, irrefutable logic and facts, Begala goes over the Clinton Miracle
 and shows just who Shrub is the worst thing to happen since, well...his dad.
 B Strong

  click to order

 Who Do I Blame?
      by Rude Rich

   Click  Here

   ...with BartCop rebuttal

Bush promised to get bin Laden.
He vowed "to bring him to justice or bring justice to him."
That's why his approval numbers went to the high eighties.
That was 412 days ago ...and counting

 Subject: Gephardt

 Dear Bart:

 Gephardt is resigning from his leadership position. I have never been one of his supporters
 and I agree that he deserves a lot of the blame for what happened Nov 5. Call me a bleeding heart,
 but I actually feel some compassion for him. He has always been an advocate for civil rights and
 equality and I'm not about to forget that just because I'm angry.

 I think it's time to stop taking cheap shots against him. He did the honorable thing in the end and
 deserves some respect, at least from Democrats. Please remove him from your hit-list.


 Hector, I don't plan to publish Dick Gephardt - Lying Nazi Whore or anything...
 Truth is, Gephardt and Daschle produced last Tuesday's disaster.

 They are like football coaches who didn't win a game the last two years.
 They may be nice guys, but the Democrats can't afford "nice" right now.

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Subject: Voting Machines

You published:

> Diebold - The face of modern ballot tampering
>      by Faun Otter


> how about sun spot activity? With no exit polls, there was no other
> feedback to conflict with the "official" results, this allowed the Diebold
> touch screen machines to change the way election fraud is carried out.

Yeah, well.  We just have to take the word of the voting machine companies.
Thanks to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act you'd be looking at a minimum of 5 years
federal time if you dig into the computer code of those machines to look for the fraud.

99-1 vote in the Senate -- including Saint Wellstone.
Being his constituent, it's a damn shame I long ago threw away
his letter to me defending the rights of those nice media companies.

You could post _that_ on your site.

The sad thing is, the DMCA was just a warm up for what government and industry have
coming down to make sure the internet loses the freedom it has.  Right to bear arms be damned.
America is already armed to the teeth.  But it's important to be educated about _technology_ rights
because a people who can't even communicate with each other are just lone targets.

 Steven S

 How Close is America to Outright Dictatorship?
   by Eric Arnow

  Click  Here

 Most people think America is a democracy, but the evidence is readily available that shows
 Fascist elements in the highest levels of Corporate and Government Offices are determined
 to overthrow the Constitution and our Precious Democracy.  While this essay is a very brief
 statement,  check out these names and websites and do your own research.


"In many states there were propositions on the ballot.
  In Oklahoma the voters banned cock fighting.
  Well there goes my weekend!
  Now if they’d just ban it in West Hollywood."
          -- Leno

 Update: A judge put a hold on the cockfighting ban.

click for more Pieman

  What to do now
      by Greg Rose

   Click  Here

 Stop all the talk about how the Democratic Party ain't left enough.
 That's not the problem.   A left wing party in this country will never
 win elections in the current political environment.
 The US is a conservative country, like it or not.

 Well, I can agree with some of that.
 If we move too far left, we'll be as successful as Dukakis and Mondale were.
 Clinton showed us the winning formula, why can't we use the trail he blazed?

Ho...                 ho...                  ho!

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