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Volume 924 - What price cowardice?

Bart uses it because it's the best!

 Friday    Nov 8, 2002 


"The election may be over, but the terrorist threat is still real."
      -- Pinhead, explaining why he takes month-long vacations

 Can Bush have your kids to fight for oil?
 You may not have a choice

 Click  Here

 But when (the principal) insisted on an explanation, she was in for an even bigger surprise:
 The recruiters cited the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush's sweeping new education law
 passed earlier this year. There, buried deep within the law's 670 pages, is a provision requiring
 public secondary schools to provide military recruiters not only with access to facilities,
 but also with contact information for every student -- or face a cutoff of all federal aid.

 Subject:  How did Pat Buchanan Know?

 The Buchanan article you linked to was dated 11/5, and was written prior to the election.
 YET there is one sentence written in the PAST tense with respect to the outcome:

"Thus, Tuesday night should have been a blowout for the Democrats."

 Should have been?
 Is this just poor writing/editing or is it a Freudian slip?

 Keep fighting the good fight.


 Maybe Pat got word the fix was in.

 From: Podvin

 Subject:yesterday's quiz

 You wrote:

 > His real name is Bill Bailey.
 > What's his stage name?

 Susan Lucci.

 You are correct.


"I have never covered a president who actually wanted to go to war.
  Bush's policy of pre-emptive war is immoral - such a policy would legitimize Pearl Harbor.
  It's as if they learned none of the lessons from Vietnam,"
        -- Helen Thomas, afraid of nobody

 Click  Here  to read more of her speech

 Bush Recession Hits McDonalds

  Click  Here

 McDonald's said it would close about 175 restaurants worldwide and slash up to
 600 jobs, forecasting a shortfall in 2002 earnings as it struggles to turn around its
 U.S. performance and trim worldwide costs.

 More buying opportunities for the super-rich backers of Bush

 Subject: The Real Hell Of It All...

 …is that now the O’Connor and Rhenquist can retire, and will have
 appointed the President who will now appoint their successors.
 We’re just about to get the scariest thing I can think of,

 ...Chief Justice Scalia.


 The Democrats were fools not to pound that message home every day.
 They'll overturn Row v Wade, Miranda, all kinds of stuff and then
 people will say, "How in the hell did we lose our rights?"


"You can see unbelievably rapid loosening of environmental regulations and fundamental
  restructuring or attempted restructuring of both the tax code and the Social Security system,
  and you’re going to see a PAC right-wing federal judiciary, and you’re going to see an
  administration and a Congress that is 100 percent representative of corporate interest.
  You’re going to see a diminution of any protection for workers or anything like that.
  You’re certainly going to see a huge legislation passed and signed to limit products’
  liability, defects in products and medical malpractice. You name it. All of that is coming."
    -- James Carville, in What Went Wrong

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 Brighten Up, There's Always Another Election
      by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

"...the Democrats deserved to lose. What a gutless campaign. It's one thing to point out that
 the economy is a mess; it's another to have no useful plan whatever to offer. How could they
 let themselves be buffaloed by Republicans on taxes, with all the facts and fairness on their side?
 One had only to say, "Every single nickel of tax relief in that package will stay in it, but instead
 of giving 50 percent of the cut to the richest 1 percent of Americans, we're going to put that
 tax relief into a payroll tax cut, it's going to the bottom 99 percent of the people."

 Subject: Picture of Gebhardt offends me

 I am not happy that you chose to portray Gephardt in women's makeup as a way to ridicule him.
 I too am disappointed in the Dem leadership and he deserves much criticism. But are you saying
 that he's as weak and cowardly, or as eager to submit to male power as a woman?

 Or perhaps you are implying that he's just as despicable and deserving of our hatred as a transgender person.
 Either way it's an implied attack against gender that is not deserved and I don't appreciate it.

 Margi M

 Margi, the short answer is that - in a man-vs-woman fair fight - the woman will almost always lose.
 Unless you know of some women who could whoop Mike Tyson, or some women who could play
 lineman in the NFL, you kinda have to agree with me.

 I still get flack for "he wears a pink tutu."   People ask if I really hate the ballet.

 Since  bartcop.com  is now read by dozens, there's something to offend everybody.

 And if Gephardt would stand up and act like a man, and do his damn job,
 the idea for that graphic wouldn't have entered anyone's mind.

 Why did VNS bow out the morning of the election?
  Conspiracy theory by bartcop

  Click  Here

click for more

  Democrats pay price of cowardice

  Click  Here

 Give the Republicans credit. They know what they stand for. Tax cuts. Guns. Bombs.
 Oil. Big business. Old boy networks. Privatization. Plundering the earth.
 Pillorying and padlocking the poor. Party-line votes.

 The Democrats?
 One day they are for peace and justice; the next they are a bunch of brown-nosing Republicrats.

 DNA Identifies Child Victim of Titanic

  Click  Here

 It has taken 90 years, the latest in DNA technology and a television documentary to do it,
 but the "Unknown Child" from the doomed Titanic has finally been identified.

 Magda Schleifer, knew her grandmother's sister andfive sons drowned when the Titanic sank.
 The family's loss became more real when blood tests confirmed the child was Eino.
"It has been more and more a family story and now, it's more like something really happened,"
 she said, speaking through her son-in-law.

 The Marijuana Initiatives

 Hey, you NORML dudes - the next time you write an initiative, call me, would you?
 Why did you ask for a three ounce limit?

 If they had asked for a quarter-ounce maximum, which is enough to make ten joints, they might've agreed,
 but you guys asked for "400 joints," the opponents claimed, like you were dealing at elementary schools.

 It's like beer.

 Nobody is going to buy 50 cases of beer if he knows he can buy another case tomorrow.
 This was handled so poorly, I wonder if it was Democratic strategery.

 As stupid as voters are, I think if you make the maximum a few grams, people would agree.
 Sure, voters are scared, but if we appeal to their fairness...three joints a day for a chemo patient, it would pass.

 People need to listen to my advice because voters are stupid and I speak stupid - can you?

 Yahoo put the wrong picture with this story.

 Thanks to tpoh.org

  General Strangefriend
  Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Say Newkyooler
   By Ulysses S. Taxpayer

  Click  Here

 And further East is North Korea, who of late has been testing missiles
 over our finest Pacific ally Japan. Now with real nuclear bombs, they
 can strike our bases in Okinawa, ensuring another Pearl Harbor, but this
 time in Japan. You can see why I am confused here. I read that North
 Korea is building missiles that will be able to reach Alaska, even perhaps
 Hawaii! Then that would really be another Pearl Harbor, wouldn’t it?

 Bring Me the Head of Terry McAuliffe!
     by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Memo to Terry, Dick and Tom: That wasn't the problem. The problem was that you failed
 to have anyone out there delivering a galvanizing message. And it's not as if there weren't
 plenty of urgent issues to choose from: the hobbling economy, the soaring deficit, corporate
 corruption, the insanity of Bush's tax cuts. Well, I guess that last one would have been kind
 of hard since 12 Democratic senators had sided with Bush on it, including those two
 about-to-be-former senators, Jean Carnahan and Max Cleland.

 Guest Editorial
   by withheld

  Click  Here

 Taxes seemed to be the focal point of Bush's campaign, much like his father.
 However when studying both plans in Economics class it became obvious that
 Clinton's plan was an almost perfect ramp on rich taxes compared to poor taxes
 where as Bush's plan gave the rich the biggest tax cut in years yet actually ADDED
 a tax bracket to a group of Americans so poor that they used to not even have one.

 The Truth about Microsoft and XP
   by MadSatyrist

   Click  Here

Animals are more helpless than Democrats

 Was it fixed from the start?

 How did the election results, in almost every case in the formerly close races, skew so wildly
 from pre-11/5 predictions, and always to the Republican side? Why is no one asking this?

 All night long, NH, GA (2x), CO, FL, TX, the alleged results seemed to have no relationship to
 what pollsters had suggested we could expect. Once or twice I understand, but all night long?

 I know that GA and FL switched to the highly suspect voting machine/black box technology -- others?
 We already know They Will Do Anything (note where I am writing from).

 And on behalf of my state, I am so sorry. It makes no sense to me. We did not deliver.

 Laurie in Minnesota

  Nader - American hero or spawn of Satan?
  A follow up from yesterday

  Click  Here

 Betty Bowers Christmas 2002 Newsletter

  Click  Here

 Praise the Lord that the GOP is so powerful that we can ruin the economy and threaten to spill
 the blood of American soldiers for no reason other than to keep our approval rating aloft – and still win!
 Need we have any more proof that our glorious regime is a miracle? Praise!

 From: withheld

 Bart, your piece from yesterday would have been even more effective if you'd said:

> That's the room where Bush talked Reagan into giving missles to Islamic Jihad.
    --if only Bush had gotten a blow job instead.

> That's the room where Reagan signed a document that funded bin Laden.
    --if only Reagan had gotten a blow job instead.

  and so on...

  Think Hard
  Take a careful and critical look at mass media -- and fight back
        by Jeff Koopersmith  as seen on AMPOL

   Click  Here

 "...neither McAuliffe, nor any Democrat party chief, had a chance against the New American Media
  -- controlled by a handful of men, the mandarins of mass media -- all conservative, all corporate thinkers,
 and all committed (either willingly or kicking and screaming) to news that is in reality "unfair and unbalanced,"
 as is the case with Fox News prescript. They broadcast not actual news but unrelenting propaganda
 calculated to expand the power of ultra-right-wing policy leaders..."

From: Ron Henry

Subject: Truman Quote

Among the many memorable quotes attributed to Harry Truman....

"If the voters are given a choice between a Democrat who acts like a Republican
and a Republican they will choose the real thing and vote for the Republican!!!!"

That might help explain the dismal showing for the Dems Tuesday!!!!
Even so, I can't believe the people in this country who claim to be Democrats.
...and there are more registered Democrats than Repugs..either don't vote or they vote Repug.

Well, two more years of  this crap....watch your 401's if you haven't already cashed in!!!!


 You Say "Terrorist", Washington says "Shuttup"
  America’s Dangerous Chechnya Game Aided 9/11 Terrorists

  Click  Here

 Buried in the middle of the June 6th Washington Post article “Hill Probers Upgrade
 Evidence Gathered From Moussaoui” was proof that the failure to uncover the
 terrorist plot was not just a matter of poor coordination, but rather a direct result
 of deliberate U.S. foreign policy.

 Got a complaint, suggestion or
 something to get off your chest?

 Bush Lies, Media Swallows
   by my good friend Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

 Is Democracy too much trouble?
     by James Higdon

  Click  Here

 Democrats have knelt down before an illegitimate president hoping to blend sufficiently with
 Republicans to avoid the media attacks.  That hasn't worked, and it won't.  This class of the
 elite is perfectly happy to have tamed Democrats around in order for the poor, the middle class,
 minorities, labor, and the elderly to feel that there is hope in a two party system, so long as the
 Democrats know their minority place.  And what we have left is a shell with no remaining parties.
 We have corporate representatives, a few valiant survivors, and many who hide in the hallways
 of the capitol, hoping not to be noticed.  For the latter, a political career is all they have or know,
 and when weighed against that, democracy is just too damned much trouble.

 Circus Circus blacklists Marc Perkel

  What was his crime?

  Click  Here

  Stop that man!


"It's not what you don't know that scares me...
  It's what you 'know' that just isn't true."
     -- Mondale, to Von Reagan, 1984 debate

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 Subject: Paul Wellstone was a sap

 Paul Wellstone was a sap to put his life on the line for liberals, most of whom still
 dwell in a happy little dreamworld where there's no such thing as a political killing.

 Hit a prominent Republican and you can be damn sure his friends will make you pay,
 but when they hit one of ours, we just look the other way and pretend it didn't happen.
 And then we whine that no one will fight for us.

 In the 1960s, our enemies gunned all our most effective leaders.  Each time, they framed a patsy
 so that we could all pretend together, like children clapping to save Tinkerbell, that another
 obvious and effective political killing was just the mad act of a lone nut.

 When that charade wore thin, our enemies started staging vaguely plausible airplane accidents and suicides.

 Until liberals quit playing "let's pretend" and start looking the harsh realities of life in the face,
 the vast right-wing conspiracy will keep disposing of each and every effective truth-teller.

 This is not a question of intelligence vs. stupidity, but of a sensible adult outlook vs. a Peter Pan mentality that
 still clings to happy little lies.  George W. Bush may be a bonehead, but he knows how the world works.

 Until we grow up, we can never be free.


Bush promised to get bin Laden.
He vowed "to bring him to justice or bring justice to him."
That's why his approval numbers went to the high eighties.
That was 411 days ago ...and counting

Ho, ho, ho!

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