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Volume 923 - The world is not enough


 Thursday    Nov 7, 2002 


"Everyone knew this election would come out like this, didn't they?
  The party of the elected president always loses out in the midterm right?
  I don't see what's so shocking about all this.
        -- chris in law skool florida

 Oklahoma outlawed cockfighting Tuesday - accidentally

 How did that happen?

 There was a slot for "yes" and a slot for "no" and the subject was cockfighting.
 The actual question on the ballot read, "Should cockfighting be outlawed?"
 but I think Oklahoma saw "cockfighting" and clicked on "yes."
 Oh, they loooove their cocks in Oklahoma.

 If I had a radio show, I would've taped and played the pro-cock commercials.

 They said,
 "Are we gonna let some 'California liberals' come to Oklahoma and tell us our traditions are bad?"
 Then they said that the "California liberals" wanted to outlaw fishing, hunting and rodeos.
 ...and it showed some typical braindead Okie redneck rubbing his 5-year old kid's hair.

 Dadgummit, those California liberals just don't want a man to bond with his son, I guess.
 That's how life is in Oklahoma.
 Here, the priorities are football, then God, then cockfighting, then the KKK, then families.

 Oklahoma is a sick-ass place to raise children.
 Oklahoma is so retarded, they sent Jim Inhofe (R-Pissquik) to the senate.

 Under the new law, any man caught with a cock would be subject to arrest.
 (Larry Klayman would be the only guy who was certain to be arrest-free.)

 Canadian Citizenship Application Forms

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 White House 'Bonesman' leads nation into the dark
        by Alexandra Robbins

  Click  Here

"My senior year (at Yale University) I joined Skull and Bones, a secret society,"
 President Bush wrote in his autobiography, "so secret, I can't say anything more."

 He doesn't have to. He's practically turning the government into a secret society
 - an old-boy, throwback establishment that even holds its secret spy-court proceedings
 in an elaborately locked, windowless room that sounds similar to the Bones' elaborately
 locked, practically windowless "tomb," or campus clubhouse.


"Last week, Jesse Ventura said the Democrats everywhere should lower their heads in
 response to PaulWellstone's memorial service. And this week I'd like to say the same thing
 to supporters of Ventura. He used Wellstone's death to further the cause of the Independent
 party and his appointment of an independent to Wellstone's seat is a disgrace."
      --Letter to Crossfire, 11/04/02

 Subject: DFL is...


 DFL stands for Democrat-Farmer's-Labor Party.
 It is the Democratic party in Minnesota.


 The state of American politics, 2002
       by Pat Buchanan

  Click  Here

"In Y2K, George W. Bush became the first man in more than a century to win the White House
 with fewer votes than his rival. Since his victory, 1.7 million workers have lost their jobs and a
 bear market has ravaged the savings accounts and pensions of millions of families.
 Thus, Tuesday night should have been a blowout for the Democrats."


"Mattel is going to make a Barbie-type Shakira doll.
  They're also making a blow-up doll that looks like Christina Aguilera."
       -- Conan


 I'm visiting some friends in DC and we're supposed to go to Crossfire tonight.
 Any suggestions on questions in case I get to ask anything  ;-)

 Gary G

 How about, "If the Dems are just going to rubber-stamp Bush ideas,
 how can they justify cashing their paychecks? And if they're just going
 to agree with everything Bush wants, why do they need an office or a staff?"

 A Question of Character
     by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 So Miss Randi (Hutchison) gives a speech to a bunch of church ladies saying nobody should hold
 her husband's "personal life" against him, and I'm supposed to pretend she's talking about stamp
 collecting or model airplanes? Only Mr. Anonymous could fail to see how ridiculous he looks
 invoking tastefulness and decorum after spending a decade focused on Bill Clinton's zipper like
 a laser beam. Sen. Hutchinson and his editorial page chums went out crusading for a showdown
 on the "character" issue. Now they're shocked and horrified that they got one.

 Diebold - The face of modern ballot tampering
      by Faun Otter

  Click  Here

 You can't vote them out if....
 You never voted them in.

 The lack of any exit polling on November 5 has been oddly ignored by the media. Those pesky tracking polls
 leading up to the elections have been explained away by a ‘late surge to the Republicans’ caused by.... hmmmm,
 how about sun spot activity? With no exit polls, there was no other feedback to conflict with the "official" results,
 this allowed the Diebold touch screen machines to change the way election fraud is carried out.

  Click  Here

 Why does President Bartlet have better speech writers than Al Gore had?
 Can Sorkin loan his writers to the Demo nominee for a few days in 2004?


"Jesse Ventura is a charming guy, but he's done a lot of flaky things.
  The guy has more flakes than a box of Post Toasties."
       --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 11/04/02

 Bush Crowd Needs Pitt to Stay Put
     by Joe Conason, written before the Tuesday massacre

  Click  Here

 The letter warned all Harken directors not to sell if they had "significant negative information
 about the company’s prospects." But with suspiciously perfect timing, Bush attorney Robert
 W. Jordan didn’t turn that critical document over to the S.E.C. until the day after the agency’s
 staff determined that the then-President’s eldest son should not be prosecuted for insider trading.
 (Mr. Jordan now serves as the U.S. Ambassador to Saudi Arabia.) The Harken law firm’s
 opinion, according to a securities-law expert quoted in The Washington Post, was "the most
 important piece of evidence."

 Geez, to this crowd, can there be a more important ambassador than to the Saudis?

 The No Party System

  Click  Here

“The president now has a clear mandate...to expand this,
  the greatest nation on earth, to its next logical level where
  even more people just plain don't bother to vote,” Mr. Fleischer said.

 Why was Ronald Reagan famous?

 No, not for being president.
 He became president because he was famous.

 No, not for being governor of California.
 He became governor because he was famous.

 No, not for hosting Death Valley Days.
 He hosted that show because he was famous.

 No, not for Bedtime with Bonzo.
 He starred in that because he was famous.

 He became famous playing George Gipp in the Knute Rocke story.

 ...and what was his most famous line?

 "Some time, Rock, when the team is up against it, when things are wrong
  and the breaks are beating the boys - tell them to go in there with all they've got
  ...and win just one for the Gipper."

 So, Saint Reagan became famous for urging his team to win by quoting a dead guy
 so Notre Dame could beat Army in some meaningless, bullshit football game.


 ...if you quote a dead guy urging your team to win so the poor can have a safety net,
 ...if you quote a dead guy urging your team to win so the middle class has health care,
 ...if you quote a dead guy urging your team to win so the people can have a voice in their government,

 the GOP and the good puppy press will make the accusation (a thousand times, from sea to shining sea)
 that you are a spineless, uncaring, manipulative whore - but only if you're a Democrat.

 Funny, the most sainted man in the Republican Party got famous doing exactly what they did at the Wellstone
 memorial, but that wasn't about some damn football game.   Wellstone fought his heart out so the little guy could
 get a break, and it was the crime of the century to use his memorial to spread his message a little further.

 I wonder if Rush would agree?

           That's not fair to Reagan!
        Everything Bart says is a lie!

 Seen on Salon.com

 Why did the Democrats lose so badly?  Is it because they...

1. Agree that we must fight terrorism, but delay intervention in Iraq through obfuscation.

  What does Bush's lust for oil have to do with terrorism?
  Even the CIA admits they can't link Saddam to September 11th.

2. Call for an end to dependence on foreign oil, but vote against drilling in Alaska.

 Why not drill in Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana, instead?

3. Point out that workers deserve a higher standard of living, but vote against tax cuts.

  Tax cuts for the super rich gives workers nothing.
  I recently asked how many new jobs BIG OIL created with their billions in tax releif.
  Did they hire new workers?   No, they took that money and bought companies that Bushonomics
  bankrupted, cut them up, sold the pieces for cash and told the employees to go to hell.

4. Warm the cockles of retirees' hearts by assuring them you're for retirement security,
    but campaign against Social Security reform.

  ha ha
  Bush-style Social Security reform means "fuck the poor."

5. Agree that our kids deserve better education, but don't permit even the mildest test of school vouchers.

  How does bankrupting the public school system educate anyone?

 I wrote that before I saw that the sender, Jeff, answered them, too.

 Click  Here  to read Jeff's answers


"Iraq says they want to boost tourism. They say Iraq gets 50,000 tourists a month.
  Next month there will be about a half a million Americans visiting Iraq, carrying M-16’s."
         -- Leno

 Subject: Johnny Boy Ashcroft

 I read with great interest where Johnny Boy Ashcroft has a file on you, keeping tabs on your site.

 How nice.  I feel so much safer knowing that the DOJ is keeping tabs on you,
 a private citizen, rather than on Coke Head Boy.

 Here's a message for John: Go fuck yourself...sideways!

 D in Philly

 Yeah, no reason for him to be concentrating on Al Qaeda.
 All they did was murder 3000 people and rearrange New York's skyline.

 He's too busy busting working girls in New Orleans, California cancer patients with pot,
 over-riding Oregon state laws and tracking internet comedians he doesn't like.

 Keep it up, Funnyboy!
 I got a cattleprod with
 your name on it!

Subject: what now?


Who are you going to blame now?
Are you going to blame the Greens for your pathetic, corrupt, dumbocrat party disaster this time, too?
C'mon, Bartcop, let's hear you whine about the Greens "handing the election to the Bushies" some more.

You flatter yourself.
The Greens were a factor in 2000, not the factor.
This time I blame the Democrats for giving Bush Monica and running Gore-like campaigns.

Or are you going to see the light and join a GROWING party?
Your dumbocrats are dead, Bartcop. Oh, they'll nibble around the edges for a few more years,
making little peeping noises and caving in on everything important, taking money from their enemies,
and stealing votes from the Greens, but that dog has had it's day, man.

I don't mind Democrats taking money, I just want them to fight the fascist B.F.E.E.

Will it finally penetrate the thick skulls of the dumbocrat faithful that when the dumbocrats take money
from rich guys and corporations that they are being paid off by the very people and organizations they
are supposed to be fighting? Hello?

Name a successful candidate who didn't accept big money - go ahead.

For the left and the progressives, like it or not, the Green Party is the future.
Face the facts, Bartcop.

PS. Please do me a favor and hide my name?

ha ha

Sure, I'll do that - cause you're such a good friend.
The Green Party peaked in 2000 with three f-ing percent.
If that's our future, we're screwed worse than I thought.

 His real name is Bill Bailey.

 What's his stage name?

 Subject: Dennis Miller sucks!

 On Leno:

 Miller: What are the democrats going to do, send in Macguyver to solve the energy crunch?

 No, you fucking moron, you're going to send in the B.F.E.E.  to show us what a real energy "crunch" looks like!

 Thanks, I feel better now.

 It's still hard to believe "we" voted for war, Alaskan oil drilling, $3 a gallon gas,
 another California energy rape, tax cuts for the super-rich, screw-the-poor programs etc.

 The Four Horsemen of the Republican Party



"Jeb Bush won re-election in Florida.
  President Bush is so happy, he’s drinking again."
         -- Dave

 Subject:  The real GOP agenda

 Well at least there's one RethugliKlan who is honest about what that party is all about.
 Was listening to Howard Stern - one of his guests was Klu Klux Klan leader Daniel Carver.

 He was delighted to note that "white people were finally waking open
 and voting for more Republicans so that they could get behind homeland security
 and "throw all the niggers and the rest of them" out...

 God how I fear for the republic..

 Hal Burton.

 ha ha - love that name

 The KKK guy is my favorite Stern guest.
 He's always saying "niggers are animals," yet Robin sits there with at least
 a hundred IQ points on the stupid Republican - laughing her ass off at his ignorance.

 But I agree - GOP fascism is no laughing matter.

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