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Volume 922 - First, you drink


 The Day After    Nov 6, 2002 


"I've said many times, people won't elect a party to defend America
  if they refuse to defend themselves. The Democrats have a timidity problem."
     -- James Carville, at the end of prime time last night

 But fighting is wrong!
 It's not right for doves to fight
 It makes us just like them.
 We'd rather sing 'Kumbaya,'
 than call Bush on his crimes.

 What I heard America say last night

We want the rich to have more money
We want Bush to have more power and more oil
Women can't be trusted make sound decisions on abortion
We need a war with Iraq no matter how many dead it costs us.
We really didn't need the Bill of Rights, anyway
We should leave the important decisions to God
We like what Bush has done with the economy
Black Americans would rather have an all-Republican government
Rush and Fox News are telling the truth
We need more oil men in government
Blacks, gays and women need to take a step back
They want the Supreme Court stacked with "what Bush wants" judges

 Of course, none of that is true, but the Democrats refused to fight, just like Gore in 2000
 If they continue to wear the pink tutu, we'll lose 2004, and then Jeb will win in 2008.

 Bag o' Hairspray finally won an election

 "Jesse Helms in high heels..."

 One of the comments in last night's chat room.
 For a good part of the evening we had over 100 chatters.


 "This is great - now we can retire. With the GOP controlling the Judiciary Committee,
   we'll be sure and get "what Bush wants" judges for the next decade or so."
      -- three Supreme Court judges

 Bush's Life of Deception
      by Sam Parry  at consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 Bush’s self-certainty appears unshaken despite obvious and costly misjudgments,
 including his failure to heed warnings about the al Qaeda terrorist threat in the first months
 of his presidency and his rejection of advice that his tax cut would throw the government
 into deficit. Rather than admit to flaws or reassess situations, Bush digs in his heels (as with
 the tax cut) or moves to block public disclosure of the full story (as with stopping the
 proposed independent commission on the Sept. 11 attacks).

 Subject: Bush owns everything

 Can you believe it?

 Bush now owns the white house, congress, the judiciary and the media.
 This is the WORST thing that could happen to this nation. We're fucked.

 I expect that soon we will all be forced to do a lot of things we don't want to do--accept a lot
 of things that are truly repugnant to our very nature as Americans--perpetual war, right wing judges,
 faith based programs, further inequality in the economy, assaults on the rest of the constitution,
 a coronation for the new 'king', and everybody gets a tattoo and an ID card.


 Gully, the bottom line is... they wanted it more than we did. We weren't willing to make the effort.
 Oh sure, if it was handed to us we'd accept it, but the Democrats, just like they did in Florida in 2000,
 had "other, more important things to do," than fight for what they believe in.

 The Republicans were Pete Rose last night, we were Randy Moss.

 Things that went right last night

Hutchison the religiously-insane Republican adulterer gave us a senate seat.
Steve Largent (R-Jesus Twin) lost the OK Gov's seat by 7,000 votes, but so far, Largent had refused
    to conceed as this was written. How is it possible that a football player lost in Oklahoma?
    Ther guy that beat him, Brad Henry, was endorsed by former OU coach Barry Switzer
Gray Davis is still California governor...

      ...there's gotta be more good news than that, right?

  Jesus, there were 435 House races, 36 governor races and 33 senate races.
  Over 500 races and I can only find three important elections that we won?

 Subject: CNN Whores

 Dear Bart -

 At the EXACT MOMENT I was reading about Jeb's list of who's who in Florida - Clinton, Gore,
 Jackson and Sharpton - Judy Woodriff was playing a clip of Jeb running down the list.

 But guess what!?
 They edited out the Jackson/Sharpton part.

 Good God.
 Let's not make Jeb look bad.

 Key West

 Well, sure.
 If they played what Jeb said, voters would know he's a racist.

 Now we go to War!

 The Democrats lost last night because they made the mistake of being suckered in to supporting Bush's war.
 Most of America had no real choice and decided not to vote. The choice was between a Republican who
 supports Bush's war - or a Democrat who supports Bush's war. Why bother to vote?  When the Democrats
 decided to support a war for political reasons they lost the respect of their supporters.

 And now - since war seems to work so well for the Republicans that there is no doubt now that we will go to war.
 And we will have a civil war as well because there is no one in either party who represents the Will of the People.
 America is on the wrong side of history. We are a threat to the world. Our allies fear us - as they well should.
 The America we have known is over. From this time forward we face war and the distruction of freedom and liberty.

 Marc Perkel

Seen on a park bench in Montreal.
Thanks, Deb


“This ought to be slam-dunk on both sides. Just with the tradition of off-year elections,
  the Democrats ought to be talking about winning12 to 20 seats in the House this election,
  and in the Senate, who knows? It shouldn't be nip and tuck as it is.”
      -- Rush, accidentally veering into the truth

 Hey, Fuzzball, don't be so smug.
 I could beat up Mike Tyson if he refused to fight back.

Fighting is wrong!
 Mr. Rove said so.

 No Excuses: The Democrats Have Only Themselves to Blame
     Joe Conason's Journal

  Click  Here

 A party that will not criticize the incumbent president cannot defeat him,
 now or two years from now. A party that has nothing to say about unfair tax breaks,
 a vanishing surplus and a looted economy cannot expect anyone to listen when it asks for votes.
 A party without passion or vision is hardly a political party at all.

 Does Gore Vidal read  bartcop.com?

"We know what they want. They want Caspian oil.
  Every important player in the administration is from the oil and gas business, mostly Texas.
  We conquered Afghanistan in order to put in a pipeline.
  We captured Afghanistan because that is the gateway to Caspian Sea oil.
  An hour and 20 minutes passed (on 9-11) before any plane goes up.
  And we have nothing but fighter planes up and down the United States.

 Why didn't the president do anything?

 The same people own the media that own the White House and the Congress and the oil fields.
 They all work together to give a false view of the world to the American people."

 Read it yourself

 AMPOL's Pundit Pap featuring Jon Stewart 
 on Howie the Whore's Reprehensible Sources

  Click  Here

 KURTZ [seemingly amazed]: You hold CNN to a higher standard (than Fox)?

 Here Stewart finally asks what so many have wondered since CNN surrendered to the right wing juggernaut.

 Jon: Exactly. I expect that from them. From you guys. I'm upset -- what I don't understand is
 why you guys, with the talent and  the credibility, would want to take a page out of their playbook.
 Why wouldn't you want to take a page out of the more credible?
 Why wouldn't you go towards the other -- why would you go louder when you could go smarter?

 ha ha

 Jon Stewart is the best,
 and Howie is one of the worst.

 Subject: We Will Rule the World

 Hey Bart,

 Just a friendly reminder that Ashcroft *is* reading your site.
 Having buddies in the DOJ, I asked this question, and yes, there is a file on you.
 I don't think they'd like me telling you this, but I am all for a fair fight.


 Any friend of Marc Perkel's
 has gotta be Al Qaeda.

 Subject: Well, then...


 Now that the House and Senate have become cabinet departments,
 it may be time to consider a format change.
 You're pretty good at expressing your joy in music and musicians.
 Perhaps all Garbage all the time is in order now.

 There's nothing to prohibit them from doing exactly as you've been
 warning these past two years.

 Take care.

 Peter Young.

 Pete, there's always a senate filibuster to stop some wild Bush action,
 but that would take Democratic courage - something in very short supply.

 Mail Bag

 Dearest Bartcop,
 In the days leading up to the mid-term elections, my hubby and I spent our time preparing to do battle
 (gladiator style), against the fascists republicans. We voted today, and hopefully our ballots were not
 cast in vain, but wanted to let you know we had the spirit of Bartcop with us in our preparations.

 We the faithful here in Florida are still fighting the good fight against the likes of Katherine (cough) Harris.
 I know I am a lady and should not curse like a sailor, but when you slog through the trenches fighting
 history's most vile female creation, one tends to get dirty.  Enclosed is a pic of our handmade sign,
 one of several we toted, stumped and waved around Sarasota County trying to raise the hammer higher
 - and I must say the response to them was awesome.

 Yours in Bartcop spirit.


“When you go in the Oval Office and see the door leading off to the private area
  where the Clinton and Monica stuff happened, you get incensed. You're incensed
  that in this room where so much greatness has been and so many great things have
  happened and so much responsibility exists, that that thought even occurs to you.
  It makes you mad.”
     -- Rush

 Hey, Pigboy!
 That's the room where Bush talked Reagan into giving missles to Islamic Jihad.
 That's the room where Reagan signed a document that funded bin Laden.
 That's the room where Reagan signed a document that funded Noriega.
 That's the room where Reagan signed a document that funded Saddam.
 That's the room where Reagan signed condolence cards for the 240 marines he got killed.
 That's the room where Bush pardoned the Iran-Contra criminals to bury his crimes.
 That's the room where Reagan demanded the Challenger shuttle be launched early.
 That's the room where Reagan took his damn naps.
 That's the room where Dim Son signed a document that gave $43M to the Taliban..

 It's also the room where Clinton signed his budgets that turned deficits into surpluses.

Bruce Yurgil

  Mail Bag

 Bart, did you see this headline today?

 Sources: U.S. kills Cole suspect
 CIA drone launched missile

 Tuesday, November 5, 2002 Posted: 1:50 AM EST (0650 GMT)

 Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it Dim Son who stopped the Predator
 program because he didn't want to just send a missile up some camel's ass,
 or words to that effect? Didn't the ditto monkeys deride Bill Clinton for the
 Predator program and the Cruise missile strikes? Haven't we spent a number
 of months blundering around in Afghanistan, bombing civilians and devastating
 an already devastated country, with no results to show for it? And now, one
 Predator drone knocks out a wanted Al Qaeda suspect and five of his troops
 without the loss or wounding of a single American, or, for the matter of that,
 without the loss of a single Afghan wedding party.

 Surprise, surprise.

 Ann Philly

 Can't find what you're looking for?
 Maybe it's in today's 

  Click  Here

 Including some Monkey Mail

  VCR Alert

  Guess who's back?

    She's bigger than country

 Shania opens tonight's CMA, which is great news.
 That means I can be done with country music at 7:05


"The New York City Marathon was held last weekend.
   It’s the only time you see guys running and smoking at the same time.
   I didn’t make it through the marathon. Around mile 13,  I pulled a
   hamstring when I jumped off the couch to get a root beer."

 I got an e-mail from PayPal saying someone had sent in $20,000 with a note that said,
 "Bigger hammer - higher pie. Let's work together to take our country back!

 PayPal can't handle a transaction that size, so they're going to mail it directly
 to my bank instead of sending it electronically.

 Just kidding.
 If we were Republicans, we'd be drowning in money.

 However, I did find a $5 donation in the PayPal account this morning.
 For that I'm very grateful.

Get ready for lots of angry Bush gouging

 A Father's Tale

 Click  Here

 Subject: Now We'll Never Know The Truth About 9/11

 Give Bush credit for helping his party win back control of the Senate.
 He fought so feverishly because his future also depended on it.

 Now the investigation into 9/11, about what Bush knew and when he knew it
 will be buried forever.

 Greg W


“If you knew what the Democrats really thought and said about Bush in private,
  your ears would burn. You wouldn't vote for another liberal Democrat the rest
 of your life and half the Democrats in this country wouldn't, either, if they could
 actually hear these people talk about Bush and Republicans in private.”
     -- the vulgar Pigboy on the EIB

 First, behind closed doors we sound like bartcop.com
 Second, how do you talk about blacks when Uncle OJ Watts is not in the room?

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 Subject: Repubs take Senate

 Hey Bart,

 Can you recommend any good German language courses?

 Allston, MA

 John, thanks.
 Laughs are in short supply today.

Thank you, God, for giving me EVERYTHING!

Ho, ho, ho!

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