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Volume 963 - Oily and untrustworthy

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 Sat-Sun-Mon    December 28-30, 2002 


"When Robert Kennedy ran for president, we supported him. And if he had lived
   and been elected, we wouldn't have had all these problems over all these years."
      --Bill Clinton

 Reagan/Bush/Rummy/Cheney armed and aided Saddam
 Wash Post catches up to a story we had years ago

  Click  Here

 Thus, on Nov. 1, 1983, a senior State Department official, Jonathan T. Howe, told Sec of State
 George Shultz that Iraqi troops were resorting to "almost daily use of CW" against the Iranians.
 But Reagan had already committed itself to a large-scale diplomatic and political overture to
 Baghdad, culminating in several visits by the president's recently appointed special envoy to
 the Middle East, Donald H. Rumsfeld.

                        Isn't it sad when old friends fight?


"I don't believe that Bush is a true Christian. He's a hypocrite because a true Christian
  wouldn't be a warmonger. Would not push for the destruction of countries and killings
  of people. A true Christian would not send tens of thousands of his own young men and
  women to a war which does not serve the real interests of the United States as a peaceful,
  loving nation and which is contrary to the basics of the Christian faith."
      -- Tariq Aziz to Tony Snow of Fox Whore News

 Yes, You Are Being Watched

  Click  Here

"If it feels like Big Brother is watching you, it may really be your boss, or a big bank... or your own big brother.
 With the Internet, they can take a snooper's photo, such as digital pictures that have been taken of women
 entering family-planning clinics in the U.S., and put that in the hands of any Web surfer.


 Small Cell, Long Journey
 Susan McDougal Speaks Out in a New Book

  Click  Here

"The book's funny, in my opinion. I can lighten up. Then you get me started
 on this feeling that I have about the independent counsel and there is a
 residual resentment, I think, for that lost time and the hurts caused to people.
 Still, there are entire months when I don't think about it."


"When I was first doing the roundtable, I thought it was important not to come out on one
  side or the other on any particular issue, and it wasn't a partisan thing as much as it was
  just you were covering the issue and people shouldn't know exactly how you felt about it.
   --  Cokie Roberts, lying to Howie Kurtz, another liar on Reliable Sources

 Cokie, you're a liar and a woman of ill repute.
 Do you remember that hate column you wrote against Al Gore during the 2000 election?
 You said Gore was so stupid that he claimed Love Story was about him and Tipper and since Tipper
 was still alive you said that was proof that Al Gore was a serial liar and not worthy of the office.

 Cokie, you're the stupidest whore in Washington DC, and you have been for years.
 Nobody is as stupid as you, Cokie and nobody holds their liquor worse than you.You were a disgrace
 to ABC News, which houses a collective of disgraceful harlots ranging from Barbara Walters to
 John Stossel to George Will and The Queen of Them All - Diane Sawyer.

 You managed the impossible - you stood out as extra-stupid and extra whorish in that crowd.
 I can't fathom what kind of sluttish buffoonery it took to win that contest.

 A shot of Cuervo Gold  in a dirty glass from a bottle that was left open all night to you, Cokie.

   "I'm a disgrace"


 What a book!

 There's this one part in the book about Susan's first days behind bars. She was worried
 and nervous and all the things you'd expect when entering jail. Thankfully, most of the guards
 and staff were pretty nice to her, but there was this one ditto-monkey Republican who enjoyed
 taunting her, saying, "The Clintons are happy to let you rot in here, you should cooperate
 with Starr, nobody cares about you, you're a forgotten nobody who doesn't amount to anything,"
 and crappy lies you'd expect from "Christian" right-wingers.

 But then the mail came - two duffel bags full of mail.   There were too many to read by herself, so she
 passed them out to her new friends and they'd sit and read and when someone had a good one, they'd read
 it out loud.  Hundreds of letters saying, "We're with you" and "Hang in there," and "You go, girl."

 That meant the whole world to her, knowing hundreds (or thousands) of people knew she had been
 railroaded by a crooked son of a bitch who wanted only to reverse the election results.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo tequila (the world's finest) for the brave McDougal woman.
 I look forward to possibly sharing a shot with her, someday.

 What a book!
 Get this book!
 Maybe if you order two books you get 30% off?
 So consider buying two books, or buy Susan's book and..

 Letters to the Tulsa World

 How long does the GOP blame Clinton?
 How many more Republican administrations are going
 to blame their mistakes in foreign policy on Bill Clinton?

 US for freedom of religion
 The United States was not created as a Chirtsian nation.
 It was created as a nation that promotes freedom of religion.
 This means you can be a Christian or anything ekse you want.
 Don't try to change history.

 GOP in pockets of companies
 We got our new insurance rate for this year and I'm $107 shorter on
 money this year than last year. The Republicans are in the pockets of
 all the pharmaceutical and insurance companies. As soon as people
 realize what's going on, we will vote differently in the next election.

 I especially like that last one.
 If the Democrats had any brains or the will to fight (a big if) when they run
 in 2004 they should ask in every speech, "Did you enjoy spending Bush's big tax cut?"

 People will say, "What big tax cut? I didn't get no damn tax cut at all!"
 That'll remind them that President Oil Slick only serves the super-rich.


"With its totally tasteless Wellstone memorial, Democrats killed Walter Mondale's chance
  of winning that seat and hurt Jean Carnahan in Missouri as well. Why didn't the Clintons,
  instead of clapping and laughing, send word backstage to tone it down?
    -- Margaret Carlson, (R-Backstabber) blaming everything on Clinton AGAIN, this time
        calling Wellstone's Memorial the most outrageous thing that happened in politics all year.

 Here's an incomplete list of things that outraged Carlson less than Paul Wellstone's Memorial.

the continuous assault on the Bill of Rights by President Oil Slick and his religiously-insane AG
the upcoming war against an oil-rich nation disguised as a "war on terror"
allowing BIG TIMBER to rape the country at will, just to get more donations in 2004
allowing BIG POLLUTERS  to poison the country at will, just to get more donations in 2004
rolling back the standards on clean water
rolling back the standards on clean air
allowing BIG OIL to secretly write America's energy policy
giving the crooked CEOs less than a slap on the wrist for stealing billions
Cheney doing commercials for Arthur Anderson, "a company you can trust"
the insurance lobby and BIG corporations paying Bush to limit their liability damages
the religiously-insane Ashcroft running from nudity on statues and calico cats
Ted Olson preparing for his inevitable appointment to the Whore Supreme Court
    (Gee, I wonder which way he'd rule in the next vote-counting dispute)
Smirky McWarhardon using "Let's roll" as a rallying cry at the damn Olympics
the crooked voting machines that gave GOP candidates the same number of votes
   (If numbers could fall that way naturally, there wouldn't be a Vegas)
appointing "bloody hands" Kissinger to investigate 9-11
a president so incredibly stupid, he actually said "Fool me once, ...won't be fooled again"
Bush saying the Palestinian/Israeli conflict should be worked out "on their timetable, not ours."
the Catholics methodically and systematically protecting child rapists.
   (That didn't outrage Catholic Carlson at all, but rallying Democrats? Now that's an outrage!)
Bush and Cheney helping to overthrow Venezuela's government to get better oil deals for the B.F.E.E.
The Carlyle Group getting ready to make billions from their Lil' Puppet's oil war
Karl Rove being the second most powerful man on the planet, his pet Chimp being the first.
the possible murder of Paul Wellstone - not a problem, Carlson can look past that possibility if there's
   a chance for her to get in another shot at Clinton who was not in charge of Wellstone's service
The most powerful man in the senate waxing nostalgic for the great days of segregation
the Clinton-hating pundit monopoly which Margaret Carlson seems to have joined.
   (Margaret, do you have kids entering college? Is that why your turned whore? For the kids?
    How expensive is Harvard these days, Margaret? When are you moving to Fox?)
Max Cleland (D-War hero, tri-plegic) losing because he was painted as "unpatriotic."
    (There's certainly nothing for Margaret to be outraged about there...)
Bush lying about not having made up his mind about invading Iraq.
    Just like with Clinton's impeachment, they're going to do it no matter what the evidence shows.
the tax cuts that have thrown 31 states into near-bankruptcy, but then again, maybe Carlson
    is now making enough money to qualify for one of Bush's windfalls for the super-rich
Al Gore not running for re-election because he knows people like Carlson and Cokie will
   spend the entire year of 2004 lying about him, fabricating quotes and praising President Dumber.

 There are hundreds more, but the internet is only so big.
 Margaret Carlson has joined the dark side and now sits squarely on Karl Rove's lap.

 Margaret, if you wanted to beat up the Democrats, why not attack them for giving up?
 Why not attack them for creating a one-party system to praise the never-elected oil stooge?

 ..and since you've learned that attacking Clinton is the most profitable industry in America
 after prosititution and drugs, it can only mean one thing - you have a book coming out and
 you need to boost sales by appearing on Hannity, O'Reilly and the vulgar Pigboy's show.

 Thanks to Barry Crimmins, whose year end review  assisted in this rant.

 Subject: Bartcop radio blows?


 Everyone blows at first.  I remember when Conan was soooo bad that it was painful to watch,
 SNL stunk at first (still does from year to year) and Letterman was so awful it hurt to watch him.
 Watch the pilots of any successful tv show and while you can see bones of what became some
 of the best shows on tv, they still were not very good at first.

 Keep the faith, and you will do OK.
 Even if it blows, it will still be Bartcop, and that can never be bad.


 A short piece about Fox's Jillian Barberie and anal sex

  Click  Here


"Now I know why the most devoted wing-nuts call themselves "ditto-heads." Over the past
  few days, a fair amount of e-mail has arrived from people who simply repeat the partisan
  arguments voiced by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh in defense of Trent Lott: Robert Byrd
  once uttered the phrase "white niggers," and once belonged to the Ku Klux Klan. Sam Ervin
  Al Gore Sr., both deceased, cast votes against civil rights 30 years ago or so. And Jesse Jackson
  said "Hymietown. And then there is the contingent that persistently traces every American ill
  back to Bill Clinton's libido."
     --Joe Conason, probably from Joe Conason's Journal on

Marty's Monday E! page
Baron Dave Romm's Auld Lang Syne
Free Stones concert in LA - it's a benefit & a lottery
Ozzy's Beatles
JK Rowling makes more than the Queen or Madonna
Barbara & Jenna on a Disney cruise with the BFEE
Urban Cowboy to be on Broadway


 Watching For The Signs

  Click  Here

 Subject: Privacy advocates strike back in Portland

 Portland had a big stink about police going through your trash.

 The Police chief, Mayor and DA all came out in favor of it, saying trash is no longer
 private some reporters picked-up theirs and published what they found!

 Needless to say, the officials position on privacy took a dramatic change!

 Kelley K

 Click  Here

"...the mayor went nuclear. When we confessed that we had swiped her
 recycling, she summoned us to her chambers. "She wants you to bring the
 trash--and bring the name of your attorney," said her press secretary, Sarah Bott.

Friends  let friends EAT FARMED SALMON
Support Alaskan wild Salmon fishermen!


“Despite the sob stories, there are many jobs going unfilled at Christmastime,
  when families on unemployment could benefit from a paycheck.”
    -- Rush, telling jobless people to "knock it off."

 Great Tom Tomorrow toon

 Click  Here

 Subject: Anglosaxland

 Hi Bart:

 I propose to rename USA to Anglosaxland, basing on the following reason:

 As everyone knows, our "great" leader Richard Cheney told, after GOP "won" the elections,
 that finally this is the land of Anglo-Saxons, and therefore the stolen election was not stolen at all.

 The Raven


"I have been following your legal problems for a long time and I think what they
  have done to you is a travesty. My father was a long-time prosecutor in Los Angeles
  before he began to practice defense work. He knows how a prosecutor is supposed to act
  and he believes what Starr is doing to you is criminal.

  I told him I had been asked to talk to you, but I also warned him that if we agreed to
  represent you it could cause the firm enormous financial difficulties. He told me
 'After what she's done standing up to that bastard, someone should stand up for that girl.'
  We agreed that someone should help you."
    -- Mark Geragos, introducing himself to Susan McDougal in the LA jail.

 A shot of Chinaco Anejo for Mark Geragos.
 I'd like to share a shot with him, too

 Remember, when Ashcroft comes for me - get me Mark Geragos!

 Tax advice - only two days left in 2002!

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 I had to work Saturday.
 I'm really looking to reduce my hours, not increase them, but the good news is ...I sold my first car.
 Vic the Racist didn't feel like working so the boss drafted me, which killed the weekend issue.
 I told the customer, "I don't know anything about cars, I'm the finance man. If you want a car,
 I'll write up the papers, but don't ask me any questions about anything," and one guy said "Yes!"

 Sunday I told Mrs. Bart I'd take her to a movie and the K-Drag Zoo to see the African Penguins.
 Usually we go in the summer when it's hot enough to bake potatos*, but we had a high of 60 today.
 It must've been the weather, because the tigers and lions were as perky as Katie Kouric.
 Instead of just lying there like a Strom, they were walking around and even running,, that's my excuse for the poor output this weekend.

 Should we give in and let them roll over us?
 Or should we fight back?

 If we had BartCop radio, supported by $5 and $10 subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they can do if we don't have to depend on them to stay on the air.

  Is  worth $5 a month?

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  Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

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 Catch me if you can

 Boy, was I wrong.

 A month ago I predicted they wouldn't use the Cheryl Tiegs story in this movie.
 Not only did they use it, her character was "Cheryl the model."

 Plus, they cheapened her down to a $1000 "date," when the real figure was $10K.
 Plus, in real life she was trying to raise money for charity when she met Frank,
 but in the movie she was simply selling sex.

 Why would they take situation "X," involving a real former supermodel,
 and then use her first name and then add cheapness to it?

 Spielberg needs more lawsuits in his life?

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“The long-term political ramifications of this Lott business is somewhat silly,
  because the Democrats don't need to shore up the black vote. They already have it.
  What they're going to need is southern white votes.”
       -- Rush, explaining that the GOP has rhe racist redneck vote to themselves

 Dec. 17-18 Time/CNN poll

 Do you approve or disapprove of the way President Bush is handling his job as President?

 Approve -- 55%
 Disapprove -- 37%

 That’s the lowest approval rating, and the highest disapproval,
 for Dubya in the Time/CNN poll since 9/11

 Reminder: During impeachment, Clinton was at 72 percent approval,
 and President Oil Slick has that 9-11 sympathy working for him.

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