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Volume 962 - All you need is oil 

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 Friday    December 27, 2002 


"Trent Lott did not do anything wrong, he did not say anything wrong, his heart was not full
  of malice when he got up there and made that honorable statement, or rather that benign
  statement for Strom Thurmond. The President of the United States stood up and stuck a
  knife in his chest... the heart and soul of the Republican party is working class, middle
  class white folks, males, who don't like what was done to Trent Lott."
   --Pat Buchanan, MSNBC, who seems to be admitting the GOP is for only white men

 America tore out 8000 pages of Iraq dossier
  as seen on takebackthemedia.com   (Is this our friend American Stranger?)

  Click  Here

 Funny, it's not the the American media - could it be they're covering for Warmonger?

 The US edited out more than 8000 crucial pages of Iraq's 11,800-page dossier on weapons, before
 passing on a sanitised version to the 10 non-permanent members of the United Nations security council.

 A UN source in New York said: 'The questions being asked are valid. What did the US take out?
 And if weapons inspectors are supposed to be checking against the dossier's content, how can any
 future claim be verified. In effect the US is saying trust us, and there are many who just will not.'

 It's as clear as the racism in the Republican Party:
 The HAD to edit out all references to Reagan, Bush and Cheney arming Saddam.
 "Hitler" got his oilfield equipment from us, "Hitler"  got his anthrax from us, "Hitler" got his bio weapons
 from us, he got all the WMD from us - because the B.F.E.E. armed Saddam, just like they armed
 the original Hitler, Noriega, Bush's friend Osama, Islamic Jihad, Ayatollah Komeinie and the others.

 That's how the B.F.E.E., Halliburton and the Carlyle Group make their money.


"...in Louisiana, supporters of the Republican candidate were sending mailings to African-Americans,
 telling them a wrong date for the voting...We have to stop these kind of things, and I think that Bill Frist
 is one who can do that...hes going to have support of both Democrats and Republicans if he will do that."
     -- Sen. Pat Leahy (D-Wimp), always working for the other side

 Hey, Pat!
 Why don't you the the GOP do publicity for Frist, the abortionist.
 Why is it your job to make life easier for the Republicans?
 Have you ever considered working for OUR SIDE?

 Isn't it time you retired and let a Democrat take your place?
 Don't you have a Batman movie or something to be in?


 Subject: The "Frist is an abortionist?" musing

 Dear Bartcop,

 I'm amused at the conclusion that no one would possibly anger Mr. Rove,
 thereby incurring his rath.  Hell, he can have them legally killed, but surely
 he can't legally eat them, can he?  Life's a risk and no one lives forever,
 so what's the big problem?


 JP, I get your point.
 Those stupid, stupid Democrats gave Bush and his outlaw gang of thugs the legal power
 to murder anyone they goddamn want - for any damn little reason they can think of.

 Has any American, president or not, had that power?
 How could they give that to the Unelected Fraud and Moron?

 Geez, when Tony Soprano wants to whack certain people,
 he's supposed to get permission from the other family heads.

 But all Bush the Minor has to say is, "I don't like that guy,"
 and he can murder him without ever having to answer to anyone.

 This isn't America.
 It's more like Cuba or North f-ing Korea.

"I wanna murder BartCop!
 I can do it, too, thanks to
 Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt.
 I'll shut his smart mouth.
 He's not even a skuller.
 We don't need his kind in my America."


"Do you know what the difference is between Beverly Hills and Louisiana?
  In Beverly Hills, the jewelry is real and the people is fake.
  Where we come from, the jewelry is fake and the people are real."
     -- James Carville, Crossfire 12/26


 What a book!

 Maybe if you order two books you get 30% off?
 So consider buying two books, or buy Susan's book and..

 Letters to the Editor

 War rhetoric chilling
 What in the world is wrong with the Bush Administration?
 Rumsfeld says we can take North Korea and Iraq at the same time.
 Is he mad?

 Funny, he's doing it with Clinton's "decimated" military, too.

 Gas hike not appreciated
 It isn't enough that Bush caused the worst economy, unemployment and stock market
 decline by trying to get us into a war. Now he and his rich petroleum friends gave us
 a Christmas present by increasing gas prices 16 cents a gallon on Christmas Eve.

 Frist career move questioned
 Why on Earth would Bill Frist leave an honorable profession, such as heart surgeon,
 (and abortion provider) to enter the sleazy world of politics?

 UN should demand evidence
 The United Nations should make George Bush produce his evidence
 before we let that man lead us into a path of total destruction.

 Note: These are from today's conservative Tulsa World.
           When the Okies aren't behind a ditto-monkey president, he's in trouble.


"A study published recently in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine analyzed
  the health records of 6,525 Californians over a 31-year period. The data showed that non-churchgoers
  were 21 percent more likely to have died than those who regularly attended religious services - even
  after adjusting for factors like smoking and preexisting medical conditions. They were twice as likely
  to die of digestive diseases, 66 percent more likely to die of respiratory disease, and 21 percent more
  likely to die of cardiovascular disease."
    --Jeff Jacoby, Religion is good for the spirit and good for the body, boston.com

 Jeff Jacoby is telling another big, fat lie, or he's quoting a liar.
 What utter horseshit!

 Medical science will NOT back this up.
 The scared Cloudminders want others to be scared, too,
 so they spread horseshit like this in an attempt to scare people.

 I guarantee, all things being equal a senior owning a cat will outlive a superstitious senior,
 but notice he frames it as "churchgoers."   Sure, seniors who get out bed once a week to
 attend church will outlive a senior who never does, but that has nothing to do with the
 invisible, non-existent entity they believe lives in a place called Heaven.

 Jeff Jacoby co-wrote BartCop Issue 61  and  Issue 65.

 Troops get billed for equipment wear
  Lowered tab doesn't end hard feelings
    by Estes Thompson

  Click  Here

  They put aside their civilian jobs and marched off to help in the war on terrorism.
  And when the North Carolina National Guard's 211th Military Police Company
  came home after seven months guarding detainees in Afghanistan, they were
  welcomed with outstretched arms, a parade ...and a $13,000 bill.

  Is this what Smirky meant by "Help is on the way?"
  Thanks to Ann Philly.

 If you're the praying kind, include Jack Whitaker in your prayers tonight.
 His whole life just turned to crap - he won $113M in the Powerball lottery..

  I'm screwed

 If he's married, he'll probably be divorced in a couple of years.
 The odds of him dying of old age just went way down.
 The odds went way up of him dying of liver problems, STDs or from violence.

 His kids will disown him, and he'll be tricked and swindled by people he calls "friends."
 His blood pressure will never be as low as it was Christmas morning, before he won.

 Pray for Jack Whitaker - he just lost his life.


 "No excuses. If the president can make the time to exercise every day, anyone can."
    -- President Game Boy, who never worked one day in his entire life.

Marty's Friday E! page
Ted Koppel is fighting with his neighbors
CNN is turning Japanese
J.Lo's fine being the 'new' Liz
Japan's fake fish require no care


 The Rich Have Reason to Rejoice

  Click  Here

 In Dickens's "A Christmas Carol," Ebenezer Scrooge was forced to view his own death
 in order to gain self-awareness of his life as the epitome of cruelty and selfishness.
 This Christmas it's unlikely that George W. Bush, will be transformed by any ghostly visits.
 Indeed, since the November 5 election, Bush and his cronies seem to believe they have a
 mandate to outdo themselves in rewarding the corporate class that helped bring them to power.

 Yes, this holiday season--even as Bush prepares the nation for war--selfishness is back in style
 for those at the top of the economic pyramid. Sacrifice and "compassionate conservatism" are out.

Bruce Yurgil

 Subject: Holiday Spirits

 You still manage to impress me.....who the fuck are you and where dooo you find the time?
 You just kept swinging (as in roundhouse) right through the Silly Season.
 From the "Just Call Me Duane" section.....


 I have this recurring fantasy of finding myself alone in an elevator with Rush The Pig Boy.
 I attempt engaging him in conversation, so I could Headbutt him every time he says something stupid.

 ha ha
 I've had that dream, but his beating was rhetorical.
 I made him cry - lotsa times.

 I the first (and most enjoyable) butt would probably come after he says "Excuse me?" to my first question.
 Head butts number two, three etc. would punctuate every other word uttered thereafter.

 ha ha
 Can I either buy you a drink or nominate you as Senate Minority leader?

 Technically, I could nail him on every word, but he tends to talk fast and I would need time to recock

 ha ha

 He said "recock."
 Would you like a weekly column on  bartcop.com?

 This more or less illustrates my state of mind this Holiday Season.
 Fucking Fascists,  ....they ruined another holiday for me.
 I know that violence is not the answer but not having your gifts I must communicate
 with these fucks on a more basic level. I'll let God sort it out later.....

 My gifts are Mrs. Bart, outrage and a modem.

 Anyway, here's something for Xmas.
 Spend it on drugs, booze, whatever. You deserve it.


 Dude, an 8-ball of coke and two really hot hookers!
 (if it was 30 years ago, I could...)

Friends  let friends EAT FARMED SALMON
Support Alaskan wild Salmon fishermen!


"Look folks - imagine you're dealing with your DMV.  Imagine Flunky #1 messes up your
  driver's license application and tells you to come down to the office. Then, when you do
 go down to the office as requested Flunky #2 notices you drove there AND you don't have
 your driver's license (because, well, they screwed up your application). Flunky #2's boss
 recently decided they now had a no-tolerance policy on such things and he has you arrested
 and thrown in jail. Then, of course it doesn't stop there. The special DMV judge operates his
 own special DMV court which has its own rules. Speedy trial? Nah. You could be there awhile.

 Who will support your family? Who knows. Chances for appeal? Not really. The DMV judge
 deports you back to a country you haven't lived in for 10-15 years. Your American children
 wave goodbye, as does your wife."
   --Atrios, (the man who brought down Trent Lott)
      on the Muslims who were arrested in So. Cal. for routine visa irregularities

 I'm unsure about this deal.
 Don't we want a check on Muslim men who are here illegally?
"Routine visa irregularities" sounds benign, but aren't we asking for trouble
 letting those people run around America without valid papers?
 I'm asking because I'm ignorant of the situation.
 Maybe someone could explain why this is a bad thing.

  Joe Strummer tribute by TheNation.com
 'The Politics Were on the Street in Front of Us, Man'

  Click  Here

 More than any other punk star, Strummer argued that the movement itself needed to be
 remembered as a radical break not just from increasingly pompous musical norms of the
 early 1970s but from a conservative mindset. "I will always believe in punk rock,
 because it's about creating something for yourself," he said in a July, 2002, interview.
"Part of it was: 'Stop being a sap! Lift your head up and see what is really going on in the
 political, social and religious situations, and try to see through the smoke screens."

 Joe's politics reminded me of Frank Zappa.
 I wish more people heard his message.


"One of the strongest proofs of the media's liberal bias
   is that liberal journalists deny its existence."
     --George Neumayr, Neo-Objectivity, theamericanprowler.org

 ha ha

 This idiot just said "Telling the truth is proof that the lies are true."
 He must be a graduate of Bob Jones University or Pigboy's EIB College

 But wait, let's test his theory:
 So, if I called George Meumayr "a simpering wimpering c-word,"
 and he denied it, ...that would be proof that I was right?

  ha ha

 Ditto-monkey logic is so easy to destroy.

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"Clinton is a national embarrassment, a bored and bitter politician whose weekly routine
  is a mixture of lucrative (and usually incoherent) speeches around the world, socializing
  with celebrities and criticizing Bush with an unprecedented zeal, demolishing the tradition
  of an ex-president keeping mum, at least for several years, about his successor.
   --MUGGER, aka Russ Smith, Ditch Bill Clinton...,jewishworldreview.com

 Hey, asshole!
 A national embarrassment is a moron stealing his way into power after losing the election.
 Clinton is bored and bitter? ...are you a friend of Jeff Jacoby?

 And just because YOU can't understand the most intelligent president we ever had doesn't mean
 his speeches are incoherent - they probably are to small-minded ditto-monkeys.

 Clinton can speak extemporaneously (look it up, Putz) on any subject, wheras President Jackass
 can barely read his lines and he has no idea what the words in his speeches mean.

 Clinton gave us eight years of blissful peace and we'd-give-anything-to-have-it-back prosperity,
 and the only way you can claim war and recession are preferable to peace and prosperity is to fabricate
 lies about the best president we ever had.  Then you whine about "celebrities?" You're just jealous because
 the biggest "celebrities" Bush can hang with are the Oak Ridge Boys and Lee Greenwood.

 And that "several years tradition" you speak of is ONE year, which Clinton honored, even though Bush
 reversed the Clinton Miracle and crashed the stock market and drove the economy into the ground.

 By the way, did you get the name "Mugger" for what you do to the truth?

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