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Volume 965 - Free your mind instead

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 Wed-Thurs     January 1-2, 2003 


“I’m constantly amazed when people complain about the so-called liberal bias in the press,
 and there are still people making a living complaining about the liberal bias in the press.
 Brent Bozell, who run the Media Research Center, and I keep wondering ‘When are you gonna
 declare victory?’... Sooner or later I think we’re all going to have to acknowledge that the myth
 of liberal bias in the press is just that, it’s a myth. May have been true at one time, but it’s been
 beaten out of ‘em.”
      -- Time's Jack White on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal

 Bush gets his pipeline
 $3.2 Billion Gas Pipeline Project Signed

  Click  Here

 Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan on Friday signed an agreement for a
 US-protected $3.2 billion gas pipeline project passing through the three countries.

 The agreement defines legal mechanism (...are you ready for this?   )
 for setting up a consortium to build and operate the pipeline.

 ha ha

 Can Bush or Cheney come up with any oilfield equipment?

 The B.F.E.E. is the consortium, and also the link between the pipeline and US-military protection,
 and Halliburton will build and operate the pipeline and factor in a favorable cut for the B.F.E.E.
 Federal cost overruns usually run at 300 percent, so that's a $10 billion payroll they're stealing.

 Doesn't anybody care?

 Of course, Bush will make sure this black-budget project will get that money up-front,
 and with Cheney's friends at Arthur Anderson handling the books, a few billion will slip
 thru the cracks and Bush will denounce "simple mistakes that making all people do,"
 or however he'll manage to mangle the English language that day.

 I wonder how many American lives will be lost securing Junior's new toy?
 What we need is 100,000 people in the streets of Washington chanting,
 "What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?  What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?"
 "What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?  What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?"
 "What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?  What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?"
 "What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?  What's Bush's cut of the pipeline?"

 Bush will be remembered as the president who left office 1,000 times richer
 than when he wasn't elected.

 I wanna kill BartCop!
 He's too close to the truth!
 Stirring up trouble, ...asking too many questions...
 I wanna kill!
 I wanna kill!
 I wanna kill!


"So, there's a sect for every religious nut."
    -- Jack McCoy, explaining how religions get started on last night's Law & Order

 By the way, Pop Quiz

 To which band does Jack McCoy have an almost obsessive attachment?

 And now for something completely different...
 My mother's visit   by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 My mother once got kicked out of Boston. Yes, I mean the entire city of Boston, Massachussetts.
 She doesn’t remember exactly what she did. (Those were my mother’s wild years.) All she knows
 is that one minute she and her friend Barbara Papasefakis were in a local McDonald’s and the next
 minute they were being escorted to the city limits by Boston Police, who agreed not to press charges
 on the condition that my mother never come back.

 The Case for Drinking

  Click  Here

 Thirty years of research has convinced many experts of the health benefits of moderate
 drinking for some people. A drink or two a day of wine, beer or liquor is, experts say, often
 the single best nonprescription way to prevent heart attacks — better than a low-fat diet or
 weight loss, better even than vigorous exercise. Moderate drinking can help prevent strokes,
 amputated limbs and dementia.

 St. Louis man claims Rush Limbaugh affair

  Click  Here

 A 46 year old music store owner from the St. Louis area, Elliot Sanders, is claiming that while
 a college student at Southeast Missouri University in 1971, he had an affair with Rush Limbaugh.
 Sanders claims that he and Limbaugh, the well known talk radio star, had an affair that went on
 for about 3 months in the fall of 1971...



“Even if Democrats pull together on some big issues, they’ll still have to overcome GOP
  bully pulpits in the White House and Congress – and a new reality: conservative bias in
  the media. ‘You’ve got Fox News banging for Republicans every day,’ says a senior
  elected Democrat. ‘They’re No. 1 in the ratings, and they follow everything the
  President does all the time. How do you get around that?’”
      -- Time's Josh Tyrangiel

 How do you get around it?
 Well, you could run and hide like a scared little bunny like you've been doing since January 1997


 You stand up and fight back, stupid!

  An African Editorial
 Trent Lott Must Go
   from December 12/12/02

  Click  Here

 "Southern racism is the original sin of the modern conservative movement.
  That's [why] the Republicans attract bigots the way Paraguay attracts Nazis":

 Outflanked Democrats need to catch up in media wars
  A nation cries out for BartCop Radio

  Click  Here

"...recent Republican gains have perhaps set the backdrop for the emergence of an angry liberal
 who could claim the same outsider status that worked so well for Mr. Limbaugh in the early 1990's.

 ...that means beefing up our capacity to communicate with the public in all forms of media,
 not just through obscure web sites but on television and radio.".

 Damn, if we could only find some angry liberal willing to do a radio show...

 The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk
    by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 Maybe exhibiting her like Hannibal Lecter wasn't the dumbest thing Starr ever did. He did so many dumb
 things. But in retrospect, the image of Susan McDougal in her simple checked skirt and black stockings,
 draped in shackles and shuffling off to prison with her chin held high, told millions of Americans all they
 needed to know about the prissy Torquemada who ordered it done.


"Iraqis, I think, feel that if we drove smaller cars,
  maybe we wouldn’t have to kill them for their oil.”
      -- Bill Maher, telling the truth again

 The band Indigenous is coming to Tulsa to play at our famous Cain's Ballroom.

 I heard they were good - can anybody confirm?

 From: Nativeson

 Subject: Radio show funding

  Hi Bart:

 Quote of the Day

"Most liberal talk shows are so milquetoast, who would want to listen to them?
  Conservatives are all fire and brimstone."
    -Harry Thomason, Hollywood producer.

 He was that friend of Bill/Hill.  He's rich.
 Why won't he fund you or Mike Malloy and get you on real A.M. radio across the country ?

 You should write him and ask him, maybe we all should.
 Hey don't use my real name or contacts, buddy.

 your friend,

 PS - ...and yes, I am scoring lots of chicks with that red corvette I won in the IRC chatroom.
 Just what I needed at my age.

 ha ha

 About the radio thing, I'm leaning towards a different direction than that.
 I don't really need a Hollywood partner with a ton of money and a list of demands.
 In the big leagues, partners and sponsors tend to be very "needy," and have lots of
 suggestions on which targets need to be hit harder and which ones I should go easy on.
 Na ga da.

 What I need to do is get some sample shows on the net and invite people to listen free.
 Maybe I could generate enough interest to compell enough people send in $5 or $10
 so I can remain independent of some rich sponsor who has a big, fat checkbook.

 BTW, a shot of Chinaco Anejo for Marc Perkel, who I don't thank often enough.
 He put  on the web back in ...1998?

 Remember early this year when the LA cops threw Perkel in jail without bothering to list any charges?
 ...and we thought it was, "...Tin soldiers and Ashcroft coming. We're finally on our own."

 Turns out that was just a fun little surprise from his too-sweet-to-be-believed ex-wife* and the lying cops
 and the crooked, unconstitutional judges who call themselves 'Officers of the court,' in Springfield, Missouri.

 "Screw the law - this is Springfield, Missouri - we ARE the law."

 Click  Here  to read Marc's views on the Sacrament of Marriage.

 "She got the Ring ... I got the Finger"


 "...for the court to order me to give my wife more than 100% of everything I own is rather steep."

 Visit  where marriage advice is only a click away...

 Are There No Workhouses?
   by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

"Bush must also be heartsick when he realizes that his party and his own administration are also
 moving backward. Having extended so much budgetary largesse to the richest taxpayers that the
 nation can only anticipate enormous deficits, his supporters and advisers are now suggesting that
 taxes on poor and middle-class families should be raised...

 Is this how the President plans to express his "love" for those who have so much less than he
 and his friends enjoy every day? If so, he risks being remembered as Robin Hood in reverse,
 a parody of charity—and as a conservative who mocked compassion."

 Vic did it again

 He brought another feast.
 This time is was a turkey he smoked on one of his 3 outdoor grills, cheesy sausage balls,
 black eye peas with giant chucks o' ham, three kinds of pasta salad I didn't get into,
 Rice a la Vic and for desert, homemade Devil's Food Pie with Oreo Cookie crust.

 We eat better than any car dealership in this city.


“Let us find a way to resist fundamentalism that leads to violence – fundamentalism of
  all kinds, in al-Qaeda and within our government....Our fundamentalism is business,
  the unfettered spread of our economic interests throughout the globe. Our resistance
  to this war should be our resistance to profit at the cost of human life.”
    --Actress Susan Sarandon, who helped elect Bush with her support of Nader

Today's E! page by Marty
The Muhammad Ali Center
Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne renew vows
Fireworks in Vegas!

Jeff Gordon hosts SNL
J-Lo video had a nipple tweaker (with photo).
(I'm so there!)
Sin Eater has funny special effects
Barris, Clooney & the CIA
The Shield is back
Kiefer & 24
Diana Ross has 100 excuses


 Bush making it a rocky new year

  Click  Here

"Bush got a free ride in 2002. Men like Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld looked competent.
 They were tough-talking grown-ups, seasoned and tested in the worlds of government,
 business, and making war. They were the kind of people you wanted in a national crisis,
 and they usefully upstaged comic opera yokels like Ashcroft.

" some point the public has to notice the threadbare economy, the assaults on privacy
 and liberty, the homeland insecurity, and the reckless foreign policy. At least you have
 to hope that it does and that we get through the year intact."

 Subject: Chalk up another one

 Chalk up another sale of Susan McDougal's book to
 Also, did you know that you can get both "The Woman Who Wouldn't Talk"
 and "The Hunting of the President" at for only $27.17 including free shipping?
 I already ordered both books at the same time.  Sounds like a deal to me.


 Number of McDougal books sold thru so far 84
 Get this book!
 So consider buying two books, or buy Susan's book and..
 ...and free shipping!


Blair: Since I joined The Carlyle Group
war has become my highest priority.



"When using words as weapons, a leader must be prepared to back up his rhetoric with force.
  The president's nomination of North Korea as a member of the "Axis of Evil" now looks
  like a bluff that is being called."
     --Leon Fuerth,

 Unka Dick, can you explain something?
 You said Korea was our friend,
 so why are they trying to nuk-u-ler us?

 Why, ...don't cry Unka Dick.
 Did I say something sad?

 The Psy-Ops Option

  Click  Here

 Dear Bartcop,

 I want to thank you for the time you put into bringing humor and enlightenment
 to those of us who so desperately crave liberal intellectual stimulation.

 Unitl I went to Missouri for college this fall, I lived in Wyoming. In right-wing Wyoming, It is often difficult
 to find thinkers whose views are at all inline with my own. Thankfully, one of my favorite people told me
 about As a result I have been able to keep up with a more straightforward and entertaining
 side of current events.

 Carol Ann



"Where's the beef? If I had the ear of the president, that's the question I would ask him
  about Iraq because I don't think it has yet been answered. In fact, I am terribly disappointed
  in the Bush administration's public case for the war against Iraq. And I am not some left-wing loony.
  I served in the administration of Bush the father. I'm a white guy who is inclined to support this
  president. But the administration needs to show me something before I can buy into the need to
  risk American lives to take out Saddam now. And if I have my doubts, it says a great deal about
  the poor public-relations face being put on the impending war."
       --Michael Smerconish,

 It pays to advertise on

 Spending money on advertising is a business expense.
 Advertising on  makes good business sense.

 If you send money to PO Box 54466  Tulsa, OK 74155,
you'll make the pie higher,
you'll grow your business bigger
you'll make big money like a soulless Republican.
you'll probably go to Heaven

 Remember - it pays to advertise on - read by dozens.

They say Clintonomics was bad for America?

So why did they all file bankruptcy under
Presidents who were "good" for America?


"This whole thing about not kicking someone when they are down is bullshit.
  Not only do you kick him - you kick him until he passes out - then beat him
  over the head with a baseball bat - then roll him up in an old rug - and throw
  him off a cliff into the pounding surf below!!!!"
   --Michael Scanlon, Press Secretary to Tom DeLay

 This is the enemy we are faced with.
 We're busy playing by the rules and trying so hard to be polite to these bastards.
 Meanwhile, they're beating our head in because we want to have good manners.

 Visit the all-new 

 Should we give up?
 Or should we fight back?

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by 25 cents a day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they could do to make us stay quiet.
 We don't need a license.
 We don't have to answer to the FCC
 No standards and practices committee to outwit.
 No censorship, no politically correct "net nannies" barking "You can't say that."

  Is  worth $5 a month?

  Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

  Click  Here   to go crazy and get BartCop Radio on the air

 The price of the 'liberal media' myth
      by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

"How did conservatives grasp the concept of the "war of ideas" and the crucial role of media
 in that battle while liberals were lulled by the dream that some pendulum would swing back
 and return the news media more to the center or left?

 Whatever the answer, the "liberal media" myth has proved so useful to conservatives that they
 continue to promote it even after mainstream news organizations - including the New York Times
 and the Washington Post - joined in "press riots" over Bill Clinton's Whitewater investment and
 Al Gore's supposed exaggerations, trivial issues that paved the way for Clinton's impeachment
 in 1998 and Gore's loss of the White House in 2000, respectively...

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  Visit the resume page

  Click  Here  to e-mail your resume to Ed.
  Send him whatever details you want published.


"It seems more apparent with each passing day that American foreign policy is being run
  by the Wizard of Oz, hidden behind the curtain using smoke and mirrors, and anything
  that comes to mind, in articulating its position and place in the world. It is high time that
  American citizens pull back the curtain like Toto, to uncover what is really going on."
        --Ben Roberts, US foreign policy: A comedy of errors,

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