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Volume 966 - All guns, no butter

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 Friday     January 3, 2003 


"George W. Bush calling for tax cuts for the rich
  is like the captain of the "Titanic" calling for more icebergs."
    --Paul Begala

 Rumsfeld 'offered help to Saddam' 
  Declassified papers leave Rummy exposed
  You have to read it from an overseas news organization
  because the American whore press is covering for Bush

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 Reagan and his special Middle East envoy, Donald Rumsfeld, did little to stop Iraq developing
 weapons of mass destruction in the 1980s, even though they knew Saddam Hussein was using
 chemical weapons "almost daily" against Iran, it was reported yesterday.

 The details will embarrass Mr Rumsfeld, who as defence secretary for Bush, is one of the leading
 hawks on Iraq, frequently denouncing it for its past use of such weapons.

 The US provided less conventional military equipment than British or German companies but it
 did allow the export of biological agents, including anthrax; vital ingredients for chemical
 weapons; and cluster bombs sold by a CIA front organisation in Chile, the report says.

 We reported this outrage a year ago, but the money-grubbing American media is so intent on
 helping the illegal moron get his stupid oil war underway.
 NBC News reports that Saudi Arabia is shielding and housing Al Qaeda, and Bush knows this
 but he needs the Saudis for his nasty oil war, so Al-Qaeda goes free?

 Bush is letting this go unpunished,

 ...so his crime family can steal Iraq's oil?

 I wanna kill BartCop!
 He's too close to the truth!
 Stirring up trouble, ...asking questions...
 I wanna kill!
 I wanna kill!
 I wanna kill!


 Texas  35
 Okla     7

 No, not football - state executions last year...
 Oklahoma is jealous.

  Dueling Quotes

"I believe the situation with North Korea will be resolved peacefully.
  As I said, it's a diplomatic issue, not a military issue, and we're working all fronts."
   -- Dubya, trying to pretend Iraq's a problem, but North Korean nukes is not
"A psychotic communist dictator with nuclear weapons is not a military issue.
  If that's not, what is?"
    --Paul Begala

 Subject: Presidential Politics 2004

 From:  mike@subversivetalk

  Click  Here

 People vote on contrasts. We don't want any idiots who will campaign on the
 "I supported Bush 80% of the time, but really stood my ground that other 20%" platform.
 The policies, practices and polemics of Bush should be rejected 95% (if not more) of the time.

 Therefore I suggest that we reject out of hand the candidacies of:
 Edwards, Lieberman, Daschle and Gephardt. These men are capitulating cowards.

 Living the Lie

 I sit here in utter amazement that we are about to go to war and it's all such a lie.
 We are on the wrong side of history for the first time since Vietnam. This is a totally
 artificial war to cover up massive fraud on the part of our government officials. America
 is being looted and this war is nothing but a cover for a crime against freedom itself.

 We are a nation that is living a lie and millions of people are about to be slaughtered
 over that lie. I can not live this lie and I will not. We have become the enemy. We are a
 threat to freedom and liberty and we as a nation should stop and resist this and tell these
 people in our government that we will not live that lie and they will not loot our future.
 The time has come for all honest and honorable citizens who stand for the values that
 make this country great to rise up and make our voices heard in a way that the looters
 can not ignore. America is a war - be we are our own enemy.

 It's time to quit living the lie.
 What we are doing is so very very wrong and we absolutely must stop!

 Marc Perkel
 San Francisco, CA.

Today's E! page by Marty
No eye contact with 'Can't Act' on the set.
Bill from  friendsofanimals.org  sent in a song
Kids in Nepal build snow-women
O.J. Simpson treated like a king by USC Trojans
'Sonny Bono Act' is being challenged   plus...



Never surrender!


"You have this huge contradiction. If the Iraqis do anything to impede inspections,
  the administration says it's cause for war. But when the North Koreans eject the
  inspectors and restart their nuclear program, they want us to believe that there's no crisis."
     --Kurt Campbell, former Defense Department and Pentagon official

 What's the difference between Iraq and North Korea?

 Whose side are you on, Mr. President?
    by Helen Thomas

  Click  Here

"The Bush administration has it in for trial lawyers and is planning a big push for "tort reform."
 The public should be wary of this new attempt to curtail consumer protection. And I hope
 Congress will slam the brakes on this White House maneuver to trample on the rights of citizens
 who seek recourse from doctors for malpractice and from big corporations for defective products.
 The administration has co-opted the word "reform" to roll back progress and promote its goals
 of weakening government restraints in a variety of areas.

"This administration has never pursued the corporate chieftains whose greed stunned the nation
 last year with the same energy that it goes after lawyers who are fighting for the consumer."

 Subject: can you believe John Fund??

I'm a scumbag

 He is on Hardball discussing abortion!!
 Can you believe this chutzpah??
 Who rehabilitated this pervert and let him have face time?


 First, Fund insisted that his fiance' get an abortion.
 While she was doing that, he cheated on her.

 He handles women like Gingrich.


"A year ago, the right-wingers at the Heritage Foundation in Washington teamed up with
  deep pocket bankers, some of whom support the Heritage Foundation, to stop the US from
  cracking down on terrorist money havens. I’m not making this up, it’s all on the record....
  The President of the powerful Heritage Foundation spent an hour with Treasury Secretary
  O’Neill, Texas bankers pulled their strings at the White House, and, Presto!, Bush pulled out
  of the global campaign to crack down on dirty money. How about that for patriotism? Better
  terrorists get their dirty money than tax cheaters be prevented from evading national law.
  And this from people who wrap themselves in the flag and sing ‘America the Beautiful’
  with tears in their eyes."
   --Bill Moyers, at the LBJ library in Austin

"Head in the Sand" Journalism
   That's a damn charitable way to put that...

  Click  Here

"Here was irrefutable evidence of cynical GOP operatives engaging in a "Wag the Dog" strategy
 of promoting a war to win an election.  Here was a smoking gun that if it had been pursued with
 the emphasis merited, should have created mass nausea in the American electorate. Instead, the
 mainstream media, unwilling to take on a president enjoying high poll numbers, dismissed it as
 something little different in import than, say, a decision about what Bush should wear in campaign
 appearances. This lack of backbone signaled Republicans that the press would sit back, no matter
 what lies Bush might trumpet to justify hostilities."

 Subject: Party for Susan

 I love this idea.  Susan spoke at the ACLU banquet here in fall 2001 and proved she can draw
 a Little Rock crowd.  I even know of the perfect place to have the party - Doe's Eat Place, a dive
 of a place that serves the best steaks and tamales in town.  It's been a political watering hole for
 many years - in fact, it's where Hunter S. Thompson, Jann Wenner and P.J. O'Rourke met to
 interview Clinton way back in 92.  If I can scrape together the $75 by May, you can definitely
 count me in - and I'll bring friends.
 Little Rock


“There was a time, in South Africa, where people would put flaming tires around peoples’ necks
  if they dissented. And in some ways, the fear is that you’ll be necklaced in the U.S., you’ll have
  the flaming tire of lack of patriotism put around your neck. Now it’s that fear that keeps journalists
  from asking the toughest of the tough questions and to continue to bore in on the tough questions
  so often. And again, I’m humbled to say, I do not except myself from this criticism.”
     --– Dan Rather, who gets millions to be scared, on BBC’s Newsnight

 Subject: Susan Sarandon did NOT help elect Bush...

  by voting for Nader, assuming she voted in either California or New York

 Yes, if she voted for Nader in Florida, you'd be right, but my money is on CA or NY.


 Phil, I meant her support and endorsement for Nader, not her actual vote.


 Get this book!


"Chief Justice Rehnquist, makes $192,600 a year. That is almost five times what the
  average working family brings home every year, and yet, like the Republican that he is,
  the chief Justice is crying poor. He's begging taxpayers for a pay rise... He ought to be
  making license plates. He stole the presidency from the guy who got the most votes."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 01/02/03

 Let Edwards Be Clinton

  Click  Here

 You can't accuse John Edwards of lacking a clear presidential campaign theme.
 Announcing his candidacy on the Today show Thursday morning, Edwards
 answered the first and last questions put to him this way:

 Q. Why are you running for president?
 A. Because I want to be a champion for regular people.

 Q. What's the one reason people should vote for John Edwards?
 A. Because I will be a champion for regular people in the White House every day.

 I don't think enough regular people want a champion.
 America seems to want the super-rich to get richer so the little guy can pay higher taxes.

 Is it cold where you are?

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 A "What did Bush Know" sweatshirt from
BartCop Store No 7  will keep you warm.


“It is scandalous to think we are indulging ourselves at the expense of the elderly....
  How can we look at ourselves in the mirror if we keep shoving tax cuts into our
  pockets while letting poor, elderly people go without doctors and medicine?”
    -- David Gergen, sounding like a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate

 Bush Approval Drops to 55%
  CNN/Time scrub poll to protect Usurper


 "The current Time magazine offers this from a Dec. 17-18 Time/CNN poll:
 In general, do you approve or disapprove of the way President Bush is handling his job as President?
 Approve -55%, Disapprove - 37%. That's the lowest approval rating, and the highest disapproval, for
 Dubya in the Time/CNN poll since 9/11. His approval has sunk 9 points from just one month ago -- a
 stunning drop considering he's coming off of a big election victory.
 But amazingly, no other media outlet has picked up on the poll.

 No wire story.
 No analysis.
 No pundits pontificating.
 Not even Time or CNN offers a link to it on their respective web sites.
 You need to get the print version of  Time.

 Just more evidence that ALL of the corporate media
 - including AOL/TimeWarner/CNN
 - is controlled by Karl Rove and the Republicans.

 Thanks to Larry

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“It concerned me more that Kenneth Lay was meeting secretly with Cheney
  than it concerned me that Clinton was meeting secretly with Monica Lewinsky.”
     --Bill Moyers, on PBS

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“We have an Attorney General that is, I don’t know, how would you describe him, demented?
  We have an Attorney General who doesn’t seem to understand the law.”
    --– New Yorker’s Seymour Hersh to the Chicago Headliner Club

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