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Volume 967 - Give 'em enough rope

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 Weekend     January 4-5, 2003 


"...our reporting - which is not at all like  bartcop.com's  clearly anti-Republican,
  sensationalistic one-or-two-liner journalism - is thorough, carefully researched
  and as informed as we can make it. That is our only bias.
     --Gloria Hammond, Editorial Offices, TIME Magazine (R-For sale) explaining in a
        letter to a just-cancelled subscriber that they weren't really gushing with praise when
        fawning over the unelected fraud and his puppetmasters in the November 18th issue

 "How they Aced
   their Midterms"

 Ms. Hammond also said if you want to cancel your subscription to TIME
 call 1-800-541-2000 and tell them you want a refund.

 Thanks to Steve and Aletta

 Top Ten Conspiracy Theories of 2002
  by Mike Ward, PopMatters

  Click  Here

 For these reasons and hundreds of others, the year following September 11 has seen
 probably the most staggering proliferation of "conspiracy theories" in American history.
 Angry speculation - focused mainly on government dirty dealings, ulterior motives, and
 potential complicity in the attacks - has risen to a clamor that easily rivals what followed
 the Kennedy assassination. Some of these suppositions are patent balderdash. But many
 others are coherent and well argued, and cite disconcerting reports from the U.S. corporate
 media and respected overseas news desks to support their claims.

  Tonight on CBS
  Rich Account Of Moral Bankruptcy
  'Crooked E':  The Enron Story  As a Parable for Our Times
      by Tom Shales

  Click  Here

"The story wouldn't be worth telling in such detail, the movie makes clear, if it weren't emblematic
 of a wider regulatory permissiveness -- which the movie implies was largely the work of the Reagan
 and first Bush administrations -- that allowed corporate pirates to run riot. Corporate rights suddenly
 superceded the public interest, and the fat cats feasted."

 Fade to White

  Click  Here

 Sometimes in the halls of Congress, a clueless colleague would make a point of introducing him
 to a black constituent, as if the constituent and Watts had to be long-lost friends, members of
 some club who might slap-five. Watts would grin and bear it.

 Far more damaging were Watts's tangles with Tom DeLay, his frustration at his lack of clout
 within the Republican leadership and his growing sense that he wasn't being treated with the
 same respect as other House leaders."

 I know something Uncle OJ doesn't know...
 I know how the GOP talks about him when he's not in the room.

 ...or maybe he knew, and just got tired of it.


"Brett Favre is Brett Favre,
  and he's going to do what he's going to do."
    -- John Madden, showing us why he gets the big bucks

The double standards, dubious morality 
 and duplicity of this fight against terror
  Meanwhile, we are ploughing on to war in Iraq, which has oil,
  but avoiding war in Korea, which does not have oil
          by Robert Fisk

  Click  Here

"I think I'm getting the picture. North Korea breaks all its nuclear agreements with the United States,
 throws out UN inspectors and sets off to make a bomb a year, and Bush says it's "a diplomatic issue".
 Iraq hands over a 12,000-page account of its weapons production and allows UN inspectors to roam
 all over the country, and – after they've found not a jam-jar of dangerous chemicals in 230 raids – Bush
 announces that Iraq is a threat to America, has not disarmed and may have to be invaded.

 So that's it, then...

 Why do we tolerate this?

 Why do Americans?

 The Washington Post has at last decided to tell its own readers a bit of what was going on. The reporter
 Michael Dobbs includes the usual weasel clauses ("opinions differ among Middle East experts... whether
 Washington could have done more to stop the flow to Baghdad of technology for building WMD"), but
 the thrust is there: we created the monster and Mr Rumsfeld played his part in doing so.

 It's about greed.
 You can make more by lying than reporting the truth.

 The Washington Post made $150M last year.
 They could have been an honest paper with integrity and only made $148M a year.
 Those hundreds of employees sell their integrity so the stockholders make a few more dollars.

 ...and TIME Magazine - there's another gaggle of soulless prosititutes.

 2001 had a news event that changed America overnight, and the person, for better or worse,
 who had the biggest impact on America tast year could only have been Bush's buddy Osama.

 But TIME Magazine is run by Republican bean-counters. Why should they have any integrity?
 They don't get paid to have integrity, they get paid to increase net profits, and they have.

 I think  bartcop.com  has more integrity than TIME Magazine.


“We're told this is going to be a cakewalk if we do this war.
  Cheney and Bush ran against the Clinton military, saying it
  was at the lowest readiness since Pearl Harbor.
  So I guess Rumsfeld is a genius.”
    --Al Franken, on Rummy's bragging he can handle two major wars at once

 George W. Bush's Constitution
  I'm so old, I remember when the Constitution meant something

  Click  Here

'In addition to Mr. Mobbs's pieces of paper, the government prosecutor
also told Judge Doumar that the Defense Department had to hold Hamdi
for interrogation. And since the war on terrorism has no defined end in
sight, he must be "detained" indefinitely.

Said Judge Doumar: "How long does it take to question a man? A year?
Two years? Ten years? A lifetime? How long?"

Under this intensive fire, the prosecutor, Gregory G. Garre, assistant to
Ted Olson, had only this response:  "The present detention is lawful."

As Judge Doumar said after he had denounced the two-page declaration:
"So the Constitution doesn't apply to Mr. Hamdi?"'

 Subject:  Bush Protest, Ljubljana, Slovenia Nov. 9, 2002

 Dear Bartcop,

 This picture was actually taken the day after on a Sunday morning,
 outside the main cathedral. Slovenia is a beautiful country.


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  Send him whatever details you want published.

  Guest Editorial
 The Ultimate Wargasm
    by Dragon5

 What is it that our illustrious commander in chief has always fantasized about?
 What does George W. want more than anything else ?
 He wants to experience the ultimate wargasm.

 All he thinks about is thrusting deep into Iraq.
 Come on George, there are plenty of other countries to obliterate, playing favorites just is not fair!
 By the way George, is that Tony Blair lurking in your shadow waiting for sloppy seconds?
 Lets face it Iraq is not exactly virgin territory! Saddam Hussein has done things to Iraq and its people
 that you have not dreamed of! If you want to know about those sordid activities; ask your dad,
 George the first. His hands are not exactly what I would call sqeaky clean.

 I know that George is only doing what any self-righteous born again, and again, and again,
 hypo-christian would do.You after all must do everything within your God given power to save these
 wretched unAmerican heathens from themselves and such foolishness as living one's life according one's
 own beliefs. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is not and should not be strictly limited to Americans
 andGod's/George's chosen ones! After all, America created its God in its own image.

 Like Santa Claus being brought to us courtesy of Coca Cola and Madison Avenue, the new and improved
 all-American GOD has been created to help hypo-christians get safe and restful absolution.

 Warning: May be habit forming.
 Note: Prolonged use may cause abnormally high self-righteous delusional states and a false sense of superiority.
 Prolonged use has also been linked to moral, spiritual, and intellectual impotency and constipation.
 To avoid harmful side effects do not take with other subverted, perverted and or hypocritical ideologies, theologies.
 Not recomended for the few true Christians who still inhabit this small planet. If they haven't been, they should be
 listed as an endangered species.  George, my hypocrisy goes only so far;  but yours is obviously limitless.

 Even if GOD doesnt bless George's great jingoistic crusade with the holy underwriters seal of approval,
 I am sure that you will boldly march onward into abyss.

 Just remember kill, kill, kill them all and God will sort them out!

 Thanks a Lott, George

Marty's Sunday's E! page
Censored Mummers - nuns in go-go cages not allowed
'P. Diddy' vacationing with Brooke Shields
Sammy Sosa is pregnant
Willow Bay's show canceled (husband is Disney CEO Bob Iger)
Will the plug be pulled on 'Voter News Service'?
HBO airs the first episode for the last season of 'Oz'


 Growing up is hard to do
  Boys who kill animals soon move on to people

  Click  Here

 "...when he was a kid, George W. enjoyed putting firecrackers into frogs, throwing them in the air,
 and then watching them blow up. Should this be cause for alarm? How relevant is a man's childhood
 behavior to what he is like as an adult? And in this case, to what he would be like as president...
 George's childhood friend, Terry Throckmorton, openly and laughingly admits, "We were terrible to animals."


"Bush is working for the American people, unlike Clinton.
  Bush sees the office as a form of responsibility.
  Clinton got in office with cigars and said, 'Let the good times roll. "
    --Bill O'Reilly,  s-p-i-n-n-i-n-g  for the Republicans again, State Theatre in Easton, 01/04/03

 Hey, Bill - suck on this:

 Bush is an incompetent and arrogant prick who is always on vacation.
 After 9-11, how can you say Bush takes responsibility?
 He read the damn catterpillar story for another 25 minutes after the second plane hit.
 Lastly, the cigar reference was real cute, Bill.
 He's been gone two years and you still can't let go of Clinton's penis.

 A special shout out to "Petaluma," for saving my sanity.
 I was adrift, and you threw me a lifeline.

 Write to me so I can thank you in person.

 Just when you thought Rush couldn't get any worse...

 Click  Here

  Click  Here

 Who said it?

"The hammer is the most important tool a builder has."

Tom DeLay
Harry Truman
Bush, nursing a bloody thumb


"The American people expect and deserve the members of Congress
  to find our common ground where we can for the American people.
  But where we cannot, they expect us to stand our ground."
        -- New House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)

 Since we have no testosterone in this party of pink tutus, let's try some estrogen.


 If Smirky is an unelected fraud, how did Ralph Nader help him win the election
 by stealing votes from Gore?  If the BFEE controlled the Florida election apparatus,
 the media and the Supreme Court, then how is Nader responsible?

 Saying Nader was responsible simply because he campaigned convincingly
 enough to get 2 million people to believe that he could do a better job is
 to let everyone else off the hook.


 Eric, you only read the short version of that rant. We've been over it many
 times in the last 26 months. There were many reasons for Gore's loss,
 and Gore's ineffective campaign would probably be factor Number One.

 Nader was a factor, not the factor.

 The paid-for riots that shut down the counting was a reason,
 the Democrats wanting Thankgiving off instead of countring votes was a reason,
 the Republicans wanting it more than we did was a BIG factor,
 the whore court, intervening to favor their unelected candidate,
 Daley and Torricelli calling for Gore to concede didn't help, of course...

 The worst part about Nader is he's offering to help Bush in 2004, too
 (I'll believe Michael Moore learned his lesson.)

 Get this book!

 I sent an e-mail to my good friend Michael DelGiorno.
 He's the angry, white, Clinton-hater and former 700 Club religio-nut
 who does afternoon drive on one of the Clinton-hating AM channels..

 In his defense, he's had the stones to read some of my faxes on the air...
 I wonder if he'll read this one?

 Mike, how have you been?

 I had a question or two:

 Your new promo says "abortion is murder."
 If that's true, your president married a woman who is in favor of murdering
 innocent unborns, just like Dubya's mother.

 Could you comment on that?

 Second, I heard you say that George W Bush is a man of honesty and integrity.
 If that's true, why can't he answer the question,
"How many times have you been arrested?"

 Going back twenty years to investigate Clinton's love life was our business,
 but Bush's arrest record is not?

 I listen every day, at least until you start in with the religion.
 Wish you could limit that to just half of your show.


 Of course, he can't read that on the air.
 People might expect answers those two easy questions, but he can't answer those questions.
 How could he?

 Since Pickles is pro-choice,
 DelGiorno's logic tells us she supports murder.

 And what can he say about Bush's arrest record?
 Nobody can say anything because nobody knows anything because that's the past,
 so it's none of our damn business so just shut the hell up, got it?.

 Ken Starr rooting thru Hillary's panty drawers was very important three years ago,
 but the number of felonies committed by President Dim Son is a private, family matter?

 How do we stand for this?
 How can the Democrats possibly be this timid?

 BTW, you conservatives - send in your questions.

 Stump me


"The Iraqi regime is a threat to any American
  and to threats who are friends of America."

   -- Much too stupid to be president, Fort Hood, Jan. 3, 2003

 Black Conservatives, GOP Visibility
 Ways to Make African Americans More Integral to Party

  Click  Here

"This is serious," Williams said. "There was a tide of change after Trent Lott. I asked if I should
  look at him as majority leader, and I said, 'No, he's a man who just made a very racist comment.'
  I believe in this party, and it can never, ever give the impression that certain people are not welcome.
  And this Trent Lott thing created it in black people's minds."

 horse shit

 Armstrong Williams is an Uncle Tom sellout, stabbing his own people in the back for money.
 He's lying so whitey will like him and reward him for being "one of the good ones."

 Lott didn't "create" any impressions in the minds of black Americans.
 What a damn stupid thing to say!

 He reminded them how openly racist the Republicans (and many Americans) still are.
 Williams is at least 55, so he remembers segregated drinking fountains and bathrooms.
 Maybe he thinks every black person over 40 forgot they were once treated as objects?

 Why would he tell such a clumsy lie - that Lott created this impression?

 Visit the all-new

 Should we give up?
 Or should we fight back?

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by 25 cents a day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they could do to make us stay quiet.
 We don't need a license.
 We don't have to answer to the FCC
 No standards and practices committee to outwit.
 No censorship, no politically correct "net nannies" barking "You can't say that."

  Is  bartcop.com  worth $5 a month?

  Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

  Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

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"We are engaging in scapegoat foreign policy.
  One minute it's bin Laden, the next minute it's Saddam.
  As long as we're looking for the boogeyman, we won't see
  what's going on in the country he's not dealing with.''
    --Rev. Al Sharpton, at a Boston rally, 01/04/03

 Geez, how weird is it when Sharpton starts making sense?

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