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Volume 969 - Too much smoke

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 Wednesday   January 8, 2003 


"The Democrats say only two percent of Americans get stock market dividends,
   but the truth of the matter is about fifty percent of Americans get dividends."
     -- the vulgar Pigboy, lying again

 Rush, please specify which Democrat said that, would you?

 Bush renominates cross-burning klansman
 Kennedy says he will filibuster

  Click  Here

 President Racist said he was renominating Charles Pickering of Mississippi
 to a federal appeals court, a step that will almost certainly set off a Senate debate
 over racial issues reminiscent of those that toppled Trent Lott as majority leader.

 Bush did this because Rove told him the gelding Democrats will cave in.
 Kennedy is threatening a filibuster?

 ha ha

 What a crock!
 Kennedy wouldn't filibuster a bill to outlaw scotch.

 Kennedy applauded when they nominated Ashcroft.
 Kennedy applauded when they nominated Olson.
 Kennedy applauded when they nominated Norton.

 Democrats run and hide when controversy starts, and Rove knows that
 I'm so disgusted with this party of scared wimps.

 I need a drink.

  Give 'em Helen Thomas
 Press Briefing by Ari Fleischer

  Click  Here

 Thomas: My follow-up is, why does he want to drop bombs on innocent Iraqis?

 Forktongue: Helen, the question is how to protect Americans, and our allies and friends --

 Thomas: They're not attacking you.

 Forktongue: -- from a country --

 Thomas: Have they laid the glove on you or on the United States, the Iraqis, in 11 years?

 Forktongue: I guess you have forgotten about the Americans who were killed
                       in the first Gulf War as a result of Saddam Hussein's aggression then.

 (Good move, Forky - remind us how many men died the last time a Bush bungled in Iraq.)

 Thomas: Is this revenge, 11 years of revenge?

 ha ha

 Worse than that, when Jeb steals the White House, he'll have to send even
 more troops to avenge the men who died under Dim Son's bungling.

 From:  mark crispin miller

 Subject:  Blacklist Grounds American Passengers

  Click  Here

 Under the rubric of airline security, the US government has established a No-Fly List
 to harass, frustrate, delay, and forbid the travel of more than 1,000 citizens.
 Will you be added to the List?

 Note: Mark is the author of.. 

 Don't let the name fool you


 Media Whores Online

 Click  Here

 They're asking readers, "Who was the 'Whore of the Year' for 2002?"

 I voted for Margaret Carlson, the back-stabbing, Clinton-hating turncoat.

 I think she's earned the tile, 'Judessa Maximus.'


"Giant tax cuts were responsible for Reagan's twenty year boom.
  The Democrats can't refute those simple facts."
    -- the Doctor of Disgust on his Excrement in Broadcasting network

 Rush - two things:
 1. They damn sure can't refute that on your show because you don't allow anyone
      but ignorant Ditto-Monkeys to speak because open phones would prove you a liar.

 2. Reagan's twenty year boom?
     That would be from 1981 to 2001?

     I thought you said the Bush recession started under Clinton?

     ha ha

     Rush lies are so easy to refute - I could do it on tequila.

     And if Reagan gave us a twenty year boom, why did the voters fire Bush 41
    (R-Arms to Terrorists) for doing such a lousy job with the economy?

 Hey BC,

 I was mad about my bonus this year, until I realized that I
 could INVEST my money in 12 months of Bartcop radio.

 Benefits include me and my kids future health, democratic freedoms, economic
 well-being, national security, and the America our Fathers fought and died to preserve.

 How could I afford NOT to subscribe?

 As promised a month ago, here is a $10 a month subscription for one year in advance.
 Get on the air soon. . .

 Prodigal Son

 Prodigal Son,
 You have moved BartCop Radio closer to the goal line  (...what?)

 You are now an official BCR subscriber.
 I'll try to make your investment pay off.

 More from (see above) Helen Thomas
 Does Helen Thomas read

 Forktongue: Helen, if you think that the people of Iraq are in a position to dictate who their dictator is,
                       I don't think that has been what history has shown.

 Thomas: I think many countries don't have -- people don't have the decision -- including us!

 ha ha

 Go, Helen!
 She's not afraid of Karl Rove...

 The women are willing to fight back - but where are the men?


“I'm not aware that FDR was ever challenged by the press to make up his mind
  whether Japan or Germany was a greater threat during World War II because
  we couldn't do both at the same time. He was never forced to choose.”
     --Rush the truth Molester

 Pigboy, the stuff you're not aware of could fill up the Internet.
 Second, both Japan and Germany were clear threats.
 We weren't lusting for one's oil after being attacked by the other.

 Christ, you're stupid, or lying or both.


 I know the cowards send you lots of hate-mail.
 It's because they fear you.

 Your Friend,
 Iron Yuppy

 IY, thanks for that.
 I know that's particularly true of my stalkers, C-Rox, Lanny, The Bird, The Anti-Bart etc.

 They live to get my attention for three seconds.
 They would volunteer to do trash pick-up in Tyler, Texas every summer for a glance or a nod from me.
 They live and breathe
 If I stopped publishing tomoro, they would be hurt the most.

 It's spooky when ignorant, religio-wacked ditto-monkeys want to be you.

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  Now with 30 resumes, but under occupation, nobody is hiring?

  Visit the resume page

  Click  Here  to e-mail your resume to Ed.
  Send him whatever details you want published.


 I think you missed (slightly) the point "T" was trying to make regarding the clamor
 for a "Left Wing Rush."  I predict that within a year or two there will be one.
 It will be someone like Alan Colmes who will fail miserably.  Then the corporate
 whores will say, "See!  The public just isn't interested in listening to some 'left wing wacko!'"

 The whores have learned, long ago, that all they have to do is mollify the "Moron-Americans"
 (as MWO calls them).  The whores need only to make the most intellectually lazy Americans
 believe that "no one really trusts them libruls."  That's right out of the Sun Tzu and Goebbels playbook.

 When BartCop Radio becomes reality, we all have to get the word out that the real "Anti-Rush"
 is the one and only BC!  We also need to find the way to make it as universally accessible as possible.

 Jim H.

(Good morning, Mr. Poindexter; Mr. Ashcroft…)
 Sorry, BC, but I always like to acknowledge others who are reading my e-mails.

 On Rush's Tuesday show, he replyed Dim Son's speech.
 Every time Bush said he was going to cut taxes, Rush screamed "Hubba, hubba!"

 You know why?

 Because Rush with his hundreds of millions is one of the few actually getting a tax cut.
 You and I aren't getting much, if anything, but Rush will make millions from this.

 Tell me, how many people will Rush hire with those millions?
 None, I guarantee it.

 Do me a favor, if it won't get you fired, ask your Republican boss if he got a tax cut last year.
 I'll bet you real money he didn't, because if he did, he probably is so rich that you don't see him at work.

 ...and the Democrats continue to cash their paychecks as tho they did some work.

Check Marty's E! page


 Subject: Here's the 2004 Democratic ticket:

 The King of all Israel (and true ruler of Palestine) and I have it all figured out.
 Are you ready?


 Kerry is a bad, bad, bad idea. A Northeastern liberal?
 Yeah, we'll take the South with that one.

 Edwards is young, energetic, beautiful, folksy and Clintonesque.
 Plus he's a southerner and therefore won't alienate some of the
 middle-of-the-road soutehrners, and he could potentially carry Carolina.

 Bob Graham would almost certainly put Florida in our column, and would
 remind people of 2000, a campaign advantage we lost when Gore bowed out.

 So that's our pick: John Edwards/Bob Graham.


 How long since you've been to

 How did America go broke?
 Bush giving our money to his contributors.

 And how many people did Colgate hire?



"Bowling for Columbine" continues to roll on across the country in a way no one ever imagined.
 It has more than doubled the all-time box office record for a documentary.

 Wouldn't it be cool if Lyon's & Conason's "The Hunting of The President"
 did even more business than Moore's "Columbine?"

 Subject: TIME Magazine

 As luck would have it, I subscribe to "TIME," or at least I did until the phone call I just made.

 Me: (After the ID process) I want to cancel effective immediately, and I want a refund.

 Operator: I'm sorry to hear that. Is there any particular reason?

 Me: Yes. I read,  and I find the site much more reliable than your magazine.

 Operator: Oh.

 Lawrence of Cali

 ha ha

 Watch that whore TIME contact us with an apology...

Teddy bears, shirts, coffee mugs, caps etc


 I like your attitude, Bart!
 I'm a Vietnam vet, forward observer, infantry attached to artillery.
 I hate what's happening here, makes me feel like emigrating, but I'm going to stay and fight back.

 Nam was for opium, this one is for oil, and too many of our kids just don't seem to know any better,
 they don't realize what's at stake. I like anyone who tells it like it is and promotes the truth,
 and you seem to be able to do that and keep a sense of humor.

 Please keep it going!
 [donation enclosed]


 Migs, ...wild horses...

 Incredible, But True
     by Christian Livemore

  Click  Here

 But we are motivated. I mean, this is meaning of life stuff we’re talking about here.
 And we’re a little short on that in my family. My mother gave me three pieces of
 advice in my entire life: Always eat the green vegetabes, Never go anywhere you
 have to wear a bra, and Only ask questions you already know the answers to;
 that way you can impress people at parties.

 W. and Karl, Going to a Garden Party
    by Modo the Dragon lady

  Click  Here

"But at their convention in New York, they can produce a hip-hop show that camouflages
 their hip-G.O.P. policies. Just as they did in Philadelphia in 2000, when they put on a
 minstrel show for the Babbity white guys in the stands.

 A black woman sang "The Star-Spangled Banner," a Latino activist yelled "Puerto Rico, I love you!"
 Hispanics wore sombreros and Miss America spoke with an insulin pump under her evening gown.

 This urban pageant was meant to signal suburbanites that W. was not scary, even if he had made]
 that pilgrimage to Bob Jones U. — where the minorities on stage wouldn't even be allowed to
 hold hands with the white delegates."

When you're young and in love, only one thing matters.

 From:  Marianne

 Subject: Australian jargon for the Religious Right


 Just thought you'd like to know some Australian slang.
 The correct term for religious zealots is "God-botherers".

 I love your website!


 Check out 'Thinking it Through'

  Click  Here

 High Plains Bungler
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

"... it’s a cliché to mock President Junior’s drug store cowboy act. The role itself was already
 threadbare when Ronald Reagan played it. Besides, the average Clint Eastwood western is rich
 with nuance compared to the two-dimensional melodrama of Bush foreign policy. (In “Pale Rider,”
 the villain is a claim-jumping, strip-mining tycoon who’d be a GOP donor in 2003.) Melodramatic
 clashes between pure good and absolute evil are more apt to be found on the fantasy and science
 fiction shelf these days—films where the bad guys aren’t even human.

 Subject:  Secret U.S. Torture Policy


 I've been following the story that was broken in The Washington Post about
 the secret policy of torture that is being used against the captives being held overseas.

 The original story in The Post was very illuminating.
 This is a link to the editorial that followed the next day

 I'm hearing the press reporting a few denials of the story but no real reporting is going on.

 How can ..  the Bush administration makes torture an official practice?
 Is there anything Bartcop can do to bring this out into the open?


 Amy, I think you have the wrong impression.
 Bush announced over a year ago that we're holding the Taliban/Al-Qaeda in
 Guantanamo in Cuba so we can torture them without breaking any laws on US soil.

 Everybody knows they're torturing those goat-herders.
 The problem is the scared bunny Democrats will do anything Bush wants.

 As far as what I can do, I've been running this for over a year:

"Who can I secret torture next?
  I'll call Frist, maybe he has some kittens..."

 Should we give up?
 Or should we resist?

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by 25 cents a day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they could do to make us stay quiet.

 We don't need no stinking license.
 We don't have to answer to some stinking mobbed-up FCC

 No better-then-thou Footloose preachers telling us we can't dance.
 No censorship, no politically correct "net nannies" barking "You can't say that."

  Is  worth $5 a month?

  Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later

 Welcome, GOP. Now, please leave
    by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 "Choosing New York means that Mr. Rove intends to pursue the "national security" strategy
 that served his party so well in the midterm elections. He will continue to exploit the memory
 of Sept. 11, as any politician would be expected to do. But that approach has its risks.
 The conclusions of the independent commission appointed to investigate the terrorist attack
 may be deeply unflattering to the Bush administration, despite White House efforts to bury
 the subject. And the leaders of the gang responsible for that atrocity may still be at large
 two years from now.

 Perhaps Democrats should plan to decorate the neighborhood around Madison Square Garden
 with posters of that bearded Islamist gangster, with a phrase the President may remember:
 'Wanted: Dead or Alive.'"

 No, they won't do that.
 It makes too much sense and it would take a quarter ounce of courage.

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