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Volume 968 - Circus of lies

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 Mon-Tues   January 6-7, 2003 


"It's not true that this tax cut is only for the rich.
  About 92 million taxpayers will get tax refunds, which would average $1,083 each.
    -- Ari Fleischer, spokesman for the Uber-thieves

 Did you notice how Fork-tongue Devil explained that tax cut?
 We're going on "average" on this tax cut?

 That means the 2,000 richest people will get a hueueuege tax gift
 ...and the 92 million rest of us split whatever's left, about $74 each.

 Think I'm lying?  Do the math.
 The average check will be for $1083, just like Fork-tongue said.

 This is the B.F.E.E.'s "broad-daylight" gang performing another rape of the Treasury.

 The press doesn't care...
 The Democrats don't care...

 Doesn't anybody care?

"Again with the hysterics!
 Bush is a good-hearted man.
 He would never mislead us.
 You're making us look bad.
 Now get in line - be polite."

 Democrats blast Bush on economy, push wimpy plan
  Tax refunds up to $600 per household, they promise

  Click  Here

 In their alternative plan, Democrats called for taxpayer rebates,
 similar to the fraud the Illegal Usurper pulled on us in 2001.

"This time it will go to everybody who has earned income," said Spratt.
"You will be able to get up to 10 percent of $6,000 in earned income paid back to you by the Treasury."

 Dude, in Oklahoma, that's called $600.
 A piddly-ass $600 isn't going to turn anything around.

 We need The BartCop Tax Plan, with $1500 going to each taxpayer!
 That's $3000 per couple.  $6000 if two kids are working.

 ...and it only costs $1.3 trillion,
 which is 80 percent cheaper than Smirk's original giveaway!

 Reagan vs Clinton
 An economic comparison
   by Paul Kienitz, he lives in a dome

  Click  Here

 Why has the economy done so much better in 1993-2000 than it did in 1981-1989?  What is it about
 the Clinton program, with its compromises, backing down, lack of focus, and shameless pandering to
 the dominant interest group of the moment that has been so much more beneficial than the Reagan
 program with its bold successes, clear sense of noble purpose, and strong popular mandate?

 ha ha

 I think the answer is quite simple: Clinton raised taxes in the upper brackets.
 In my opinion, that one factor is why the economy of today is delivering what Reagan promised.

 Tutu condemns Blair over Iraq
  'Bush's puppet' Blair creates worldwide scorn

  Click  Here

 The Nobel peace prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu today added his voice to
 the growing numbers of church leaders, trade unionists, politicians and members of
 the public in condemning Tony Blair's support for America's stance on Iraq.

 The archbishop said Mr Blair's support for the Bush administration, which yesterday put
 its troops on a war footing, was "mind-boggling". He said he was saddened to see the US
 being "aided and abetted" by Britain. "I have a great deal of time for your Prime Minister,
 but I'm shocked to see a powerful country use its power frequently, unilaterally," he said.


"...that makes 1.8 million people out of work, out of benefits and out of luck
  under Bush's clueless conservativism. Millions more 'discouraged workers'
  who have given up looking for jobs are no longer counted as unemployed."
    --Ted Rall, Bush's Clueless Conservatism,

 Welcome back, Media Whores Online

 They're asking readers, "Who was the 'Whore of the Year' for 2002?"

 Nominees are:

Margaret Carlson
Bob Woodward
Frank Luntz
Tim Russert
Dick Morris
Michael Beschloss
Mickey Kaus
Howard Fineman
Chris Matthews
Ron Rosenbaum

 Go there and vote!

 The winner loser is to be revealed Wednesday.


"The Bushies told the North Koreans that they either had to shape up or we'd take them out.
  Now the North Koreans have called our bluff. And the administration -- as signalled by Powell's
  comments over the weekend -- has caved, enunciating a policy which is now substantially more
  dovish than the Clinton policy.  Tough talk sounds great until your opponent calls your bluff
  and everybody sees there's nothing behind the trash talk. Then you look foolish. That's where
  we are right now with North Korea. "
    --Joshua Micah Marshall,

"Republicans and Democrats - they bow before me.
 I deserve it, ...cause I'm smart, ... not stupid, ...not like they say...
 How come Saddam and Kim Sum and that China guy ain't bowing?"

 If you weren't able to check in over the weekend (or Monday)

 Click  Here  and see the bang up issue you missed.

 Have a job opening?   Need a job?

  Now with 30 resumes, but under occupation, nobody is hiring.

  Visit the resume page

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  Send him whatever details you want published.

  Guest Editorial
 "It's totally immoral"
   Bart, here is a rant I posted to the forum re: a NYT article:

  Click  Here

"...we didn't have these difficult choices when my hero Bill was president. There was peace breaking out
 all over the world and the world really was becoming more democratic. I seriously doubt if 9-11 would
 have happened on Bill's watch, but if it had, you can be sure that, by now, the entire world would be
 united in tracking down these creeps..."

Marty's Tuesday E! page
The great Michael Dare
A McMillan & Wife trivia question
Christopher Reeve on Smallville
Spielberg gets a star on Hollywood Blvd
Hollywood doesn't like Joe Lieberman
(Nobody does)
Julianne Moore is engaged
And satellite tv your car?


 Saw this ad...

 Talker needs AM host

 Talkradio 1170 KFAQ in Tulsa is in search of a morning talent
 that can join Beck, O'Reilly, Savage, and a strong local afternoon host.

 Do you have great energy, desire to inform, memorable perspectives,
 good sense of humor, strong phones and excellent interviewing skills?

 If so, please rush a demo and resume to:

 Michael DelGiorno, PD
 4590 E. Monkey Lane
 Knuckledrag, OK

 ha ha

 Notice the code words?

" search of a morning talent that can join Beck, O'Reilly, Savage..."

 He means "who can join..."


 We need a right-wing handjob.

 No liberals, centrists, Rockefeller Republicans or Goldwater Republicans need apply.
 We need a religious nut to spew that flag-waving, God-fearing, 100% pure Nazi venom at Hillary.


"Mr. Bush's recent attempt to hype the Iraqi threat by saying that an Iraqi
  attack on America - which is most unlikely - "would cripple our economy"
  was embarrassing. It made the president look as if he was groping for
  an excuse to go to war, absent a smoking gun.
          -- Tom Friedman, New York Times, January 5, 2003

 How could they stand for this?
 How could Democrats be so timid?
   by LJBK

  Click  Here

 Well, we did have the Civil Rights movement - but it is totally amazing, after two world wars where
 the United States fought for "liberty" and "freedom," Blacks in the deep south still had neither!

 And, twenty full years into the cold war, it took the video images of our war "for freedom"
 in Vietnam, juxtaposed with images of police dogs attacking Black women and children, before
 President Johnson was finally able to overcome Thurmond's "Southern Rights" filibuster.

 Speaking loudly without any stick
    by  Michael Hammerschlag

  Click  Here

 President Bush has taken the worst course, talking tough about the deranged dictator, reneging on
 our agreements, isolating them by equating negotiation with appeasement; … then rolling over and
 conceding everything as a fait accompli. Nothing is worse with psychotics than inconsistency, because
 they will be spurred to greater outrages, but nothing can be allowed to interfere with our unelected
 President’s grand plans for Saddam. On a 10 point scale of imminent threats, North Korea is a 9,
 Al Qaida an 8, China a 5, and Saddam perhaps a lowly 3. But don’t expect the facts or shifting
 strategic reality to interfere with Bush’s feet or mind, which are implacably set in August 2000 concrete.

 VCR Alert - The Shield, starring Emmy-nominated Michael Chiklis,
 who nobody ever liked because first he was Belushi and then The Commish,
 but he really rocks as Vic the bad first-impression cop, tonite on FX.

 If you've never seen this show, you should start with tonight's premier.

 In last year's premier, Vic, a cop, murdered (extra-cold blood) one of his partners.
 It's not that I like seeing cops being shot, but the idea they'd do that means anything can happen.

 It's not like other cop shows.

 Subject: hahaha!!

 You wrote:

 > Quotes
 > "Brett Favre is Brett Favre,
 >  and he's going to do what he's going to do."
     -- John Madden, showing us why he gets the big bucks

 When  Madden said that, I said to the husband, "He's going to do what he's going to do??"
 Hell, give ME the 10 million a year, I can come up with that!

 I think he must have misplaced the 'Favre falls on his ass' script pages
 and was buying time till he could find them.

 Even so, Madden's a lot better now than he was on Fox...well wouldn't anyone be?


 Portugeuse Survey On War On Iraq

  Click  Here

 Will America go to war?
 Yes: 91%
 No: 9%

 Without the United Nations?
 Yes: 94%
 No: 3%
 No Opinion: 3%

 Which country is the greatest threat to world peace?
 Iraq: 3%
 North Korea: 5%
 Great Britain: 4%
 USA: 71%

 This is how the rest of the world sees us under the Illegal, Idiot Warmonger.
 Like Japan and Germany after WWII, we're left with one excuse:
"It wasn't us! Our unelected dictator did that."

  Click  Here

 Who said it?

"The hammer is the most important tool a builder has."

Tom DeLay

 I know what you're thinking...
 This issue would be perfect if it had a 

 Click  Here  for perfection.

Subject:  Visit to Pink Taco

This is the window of the Las Vegas Pink Taco!
Photo taken 1/4/02!

I know you were there in spirit.....

Helena M

 Democrats need route from political trap
  Must reading by Sam Parry at

  Click  Here

 And so it begins, as predictable as clockwork. Just hours after Sen. John Edwards said he is
 setting up an exploratory committee as the likely start of a presidential run, the right-wing attack
 machine was already in gear, grinding out a caricature of the North Carolina Democrat, an early
 glimpse of what's to come not just for Edwards but for all the Democratic hopefuls.

 On the same day, talk show host Rush Limbaugh clipped together an attack montage for his radio
 audience belittling Edwards’s desire to be a "champion for regular people."  Limbaugh devoted a
 chunk of his three-hour radio show to explain to his millions of listeners that Edwards was really
 just using "code for you’re a helpless little ninny who can’t do anything without me helping you."

 I predict the Democrats will once again lay there and moan, "Please don't hurt me."
 We're not going to win any elections until we start fighting back.

 Should we give up?
 Or should we resist?

 If we had BartCop Radio, supported by 25 cents a day subscriptions, they couldn't shut us up.
 There's nothing they could do to make us stay quiet.

 We don't need no stinking license.
 We don't have to answer to some stinking mobbed-up FCC

 No better-then-thou Footloose preachers telling us we can't dance.
 No censorship, no politically correct "net nannies" barking "You can't say that."

  Is  worth $5 a month?

  Is  Bartcop Radio  worth $10 a month?

 Is the freedom to say anything we want worth five or ten dollars?

 They own the TV networks, the major papers and talk radio.
 The Internet Resistance is all we have.

 Click  Here   to get BartCop Radio sooner rather than later

  Guest Editorial
 "Foreign Screwicy"
          -by Houston Wade

  Click  Here

 A country as large and as regulated as the United States should not have a 400% increase in oil imports
 from a “rouge” state in less than two years unless something illegal is going on.   Therefore there must be
 a conscious and considerable effort not to enforce UN sanctions and US policy since the last administration
 left office.  I personally feel that it is treasonous to be doing business with Iraq when the President is so
 intent on spewing rhetoric as to the country being in danger from Iraq  and that Iraq is nothing if not
 an enemy of the United States.

 Get this book!


"I resolve to switch TV channels every time I see Ann Coulter, the venomous
  conservative, who resembles a two-legged Pez dispenser with blonde mop at the top."
    --James Warren's New Year's Resolution , stated on the McLaughlin Group, 01/05/03

Old news to Bartcop readers


 Check out this animation I put together about the recent corporate scandals.
 Some of the folks that post at Salon's TableTalk forums helped me research
 some of the content. Hope you like it:

 A brief introduction to America's corporate scandals

  Click  Here


 JC, that was gooder than hell.
 Wish I could do that fancy stuff

 NFL admits - Ref muffed call

 A day after squandering a 24-point lead in a devastating 39-38 playoff loss,
 the New York Giants received what is essentially a useless apology from the NFL.

 Mike Pereira, the NFL's director of officiating, informed the Giants and 49ers on Monday
 that a defensive pass interference penalty should have been called on the final play of
 Sunday's game, which would have allowed the Giants to attempt a potential winning field goal.

 For more, visit the all-new 

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