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Subject: Ten reasons I don't like Obama

Dear Bart, here are some of the reasons I don't like Obama.  
You don't bash him on your site, contrary to some complaints, but I will.

1. Unity is Overrated: Working with Republicans has meant Democrats get bent over on a regular basis and the Repubs have their way.  On everything.  I say threaten, bully and force them to submit or else.  We need to run over the Republicans and get some GOOD and PROGRESSIVE things accomplished. The problem is not a "do-nothing" Congress, the problem is that the GOP has done plenty and it is all bad.  

2. The Obama message is Not Partisan Enough: Is Washington" really the problem? The "old" ways, is that it?  Both parties?  No. The GOP is the BIG problem (although Dem tutu weakness is right up there).  It's like Obama is saying 'let's not blame anyone let's just magically change the way 'Washington' works'  - never happen.  He suggests that vehement opposition to GOP ideas is just "trying to score political points."  Obviously, politics is an ugly business. We need to stop the GOP agenda, not change Washington.

3. Obama's message is Egomaniacal:  He thinks he has some special quality that will transform not only Washington but all people in America.  He thinks he can wave a magic wand and everybody will get inspired. It's hogwash and self-agrandizing beyond all reason.  He won Idaho and Utah so maybe he can win them for the Dems in the general election? Ridiculous. 
They pump him up and say he is the second coming of JFK - I think he might actually believe it.

4. Obama's message is Unbearably Vague: We are supposed to be hopeful about something but we don't know what.  Change can happen with him but what will that be? How will it happen?  He insinuates that Hillary is corrupt but won't specify.  I know I'm not supposed to compare him to any other Black folks but his message is practically "can't we all just get along?" The answer is no, we cannot, by the way.

5. Obama's message is Generic and Boring: He isn't saying anything new.  He is presenting the same "message of hope and change" that 10,000 other politicians have for decades in campaigns at every level.  The new guy says we need change and the incumbent is part of the broken system.  Yawn.

6. The Race issue is Hypocritical and Unfair: we are not permitted to dwell on his ethnicity but it is precisely his race that makes everyone swoon and view him as something so new.  His message is more or less like Edwards in 2004 (and many others, see above) so what is so different? We all know the answer - but don't mention it and don't remind anyone or
you'll be playing the race card!  On this note, it is also disappointing to me that Obama has not used his powerful microphone to bring attention to African -American issues.  Of course, that would be a political mistake for him because he has to pretend he is not 'Black' or white folks will run away from him - oops, that's old style politics I forgot he is so pure and uncalculating.

7. The Corporate Media/GOP Love him.  This is because he is pretty much unelectable in the general election.  I'm sure this issue has been addressed but I still can't get over how people don't see this as frightening and beyond suspect - it's a dead giveaway.  He is using the media adulation to stay in contention and it is sickening.  Put this guy up against McCain in the general and we have a disaster - he'll be lampooned as a naive Muslim child bumbler with no foreign policy experience.

8. Obama is Not Qualified to be President.  His resume is very thin.  So he organized some communities, big deal.  He was in the State Senate for a while.  He showed up to Congress and immediately started running for office.  I'm not impressed.

9. Obama is Not truly an Anti-War candidate.  The Big Dog was correct to note that Obama has not been actively opposed to the occupation of Iraq.  It's pretty easy to give a speech against the invasion when you take no political risk in doing so.  Try voting "no" when the Anthrax is flying, the post-9/11 GOP bloodlust machine is in full effect and more experienced Democratic colleagues are urging you to take the safe road
with your vote. Obama voted for funding so he reauthorized the occupation.  We all forgave John Kerry for his vote but we should condemn Clinton for not being pure enough to vote no?

10.  Obama uses all the Cheap Political Tactics that everyone else uses while claiming to be Mr. Pure.  He distorts the image and policies of Clinton and acts like she is the same as Bush.  He presents false dichotomies like "change v. experience" or, worse, "judgment v. experience."  As if there would be no change when Hillary took office and as if Hillary has no judgment.  As if experience is a dirty word - after all, Cheney had experience so that makes Hillary the same as Cheney
right? It's disingenuous nonsense and rube logic.

Yeah, of course, I'll support him if he is the nominee because I'm partisan (unlike some). 

Anyway, thanks for reading my rant.  You're the man, Bart!

Jeff B.
Rochester, NY

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