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Volume 1055 - The Rise of Evil

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 Tuesday April 29, 2003


"Liberalism isn’t assaulting anyone these days. It’s barely alive.
  It’s a bubble boy on life support in the coma ward.
  Liberalism a threat? To whom, Bambi?"
     --Knute Berger,  Conservative Crybabies

"Liberals caused the war in Iraq."

 No More Whistlin' Dixie
 Diane Sawyer with the Dixie Chicks

  Click  Here

 Sawyer spent an hour trying to bend the Chicks with a combination of false sympathy and crass sensationalism.
 Time and again, she cut back to a typeset insert of Maines' original remark, as if Maines had called for the
 pillage of Crawford. "Ashamed?" Sawyer said, incredulously. "Ashamed?" In the tradition of a Stalinist show trial,
 the women were forced to affirm their patriotism and their support for the troops. At every point they were thoughtful,
 modest, and firm. At every point Sawyer tried to force them into a crude, Manichaen choices. "Do you feel awful
 about using that word about the president of the United States?" she asked at the start of the interview—in a prime
 example of the sort of leading question no self-respecting first year AP stringer would ask. ...I'm embarrassed that
 Diane Sawyer is a member of my profession.

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 the new Dixie Chicks CD

One who believes that the New Testament is a divinely inspired book admirably suited to the spiritual needs of his neighbor.
One who follows the teachings of Christ in so far as they are not inconsistent with a life of sin.
    --Ambrose Bierce,

Visit  The Devil's Dictionary   (2003 SXSW Finalist, Weird/Extreme Category)

 De-Reg Demons
  Clear Channel builds conservative airwave monopoly

  Click  Here

 What Clear Channel knows is that media is powerful, and having a conservative political agenda piped onto
 the airwaves with increasing saturation is going to have an effect on people's attitudes. And that's what the
 Bush Administration is banking on. While it's true the 1996 de-reg came during the Clinton administration,
 and earlier "reforms" came during Carter's time, the ties between Clear Channel and George Bush, Jr.
 cannot be overlooked. The Texas buddies are the merger masters: Politics and business make great bedfellows.
 Clear Channel execs Hicks and Mays have contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Bush's gubernatorial
 and presidential campaigns, as well as more than $100,000 to Republicans from 2001-2002 "

 Clear Channel is all-GOP, all day.
 FOX News is the top-rated cable news network and
 the vulgar Pigboy has the highest rated radio show ever.

 Yet all three constantly complain that they don't have a voice in the liberal media.

 From: Georgevi2002

 To: webmaster@revoketheoscar.com

 Subject: revoketheoscar.com

 I finally saw Mr. Moore's film, Bowling for Columbine. It is my opinion that it should be
 required watching for anyone considering the purchase of a firearm. I believe the Academy
 Awards dedided to award an Oscar to Mr. Moore because the members of The Academy
 recognized a quality product when they see it. Mr. Moore pointed out that the blood of
 reckless gun ownership is on the hands of all Americans, not just Republicans or Democrats.

 If you feel so compelled to create a website dedicated to revoking an award from someone
 who earned it by producing and directing a quality piece of  informative and accurate work,
 then why not revoke the presidency from a man who lost the election by over half a million
 popular votes, who screams about the evils of rich trial lawyers, but was the first to employ
 such evildoers to argue his case before the courts, and who has sacrificed over 100 of our
 brave military heroes and killed over 1,000 citizens of Iraq, on a claim that Iraq has WMD,
 none of which have been found to this day.

 Our economy is in a shambles, unemployment is soaring, and all Mr. Bush can do is offer
 more tax cuts for the rich and propose more devious plans to invade other sovreign nations.

 By the way, in the past Bart has asserted many times that he has an I.Q of  less than 70!
 This should be a cake walk for you.

 Please, be a real compassionate conservative and take up that wonderfull instument of freedom, debate.



ha ha
 ...the look on the Usurper's face.


"The analogy is that if this were an operating room,
  they disinfected everything but the scalpel. The scalpel is left dirty."
     - Scott Cleland, commenting on a settlement between prosecutors and Wall Street investment firms.

  Report on Ebertfest

  Click  Here

 I attended Roger Ebert's 5th Annual Overlooked Film Festival this past weekend in Champaign, Illinois.
 "Medium Cool" was one of the films showed, which was shot in Chicago during the '68 Democratic Convention.
 The movie was planned and written in advance, but then the film makers just sort of fell into the whole event,
 and the riots became an important part of the film.

 The writer/director Haskell Wexler spoke after the film.  He and Roger just went to town on the current sad
 state of political and media affairs in the U.S.  Wexler demonstrated against the war in Iraq, and urged us to
 continue to do so.  He said that the forces which were at work during the 60's (calling war protesters anti-
 American, marginalizing their views, etc), are completely in control now and that we've got to fight back.

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 There's some good stuff at   http://mwowatchwatchwatchwatch.blogspot.com/

 There's some good stuff at   http://leftwingwackos.com/rewrite.html

 Rolling Back the 20th Century
  by William Greider at  thenation.com

  Click  Here

 George W. Bush, properly understood, represents the third and most powerful wave in the right's long-running assault
 on the governing order created by twentieth-century liberalism. The first wave was Ronald Reagan... Reagan unfurled
 many bold ideological banners for right-wing reform and established the political viability of enacting regressive tax cuts...
 The second wave was Newt Gingrich, who...gave Republicans control of Congress for the first time in two generations.
 Gingrich flamed out quickly, a zealous revolutionary ineffective as legislative leader.

 George Bush II may be as shallow as he appears, but his presidency represents a far more formidable challenge than
 either Reagan or Gingrich. ...Bush's governing strength is anchored in the long, hard-driving movement of the right that
 now owns all three branches of the federal government. Its unified ranks allow him to govern aggressively, despite
 slender GOP majorities in the House and Senate and the public's general indifference to the right's domestic program.

 if you don't mind me asking, would you please run a link to



 Well sure.
 When you're that nice, how can I refuse?


"As the controversy surrounding Sen. Rick Santorum continues to rage, the leadership of the GOP is AWOL.
 Beyond a few tepid statements of personal support for Sen. Santorum, no prominent national GOP leader seems
 willing or able to mount a spirited, principled defense of marriage and family. The question naturally arises:
 Have Republican leaders been so intimidated by the smear tactics of the homosexual lobby and its Democratic
 attack dogs that they are cowering in silence? If Republican leaders cannot mount a vigorous defense of marriage,
 then pro-family voters perhaps should begin to reconsider their loyalty to the party."
     --Ken Connor,  Family Research Council, Where Are the Republicans?

 If the GOP was so worried about "defending marriage," they'd call for Rupert Murdoch and
 the FOX Network to stop selling marriages for ratings on their stupid reality shows.

 ...but they don't, and their selective, left-only outrages prove they are whores.

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 Badmouthing Bush's Chances
   By Howard Kurtz, on the B.F.E.E. payroll

  Click  Here

 Bush has gotten a bump from the Iraq war, just as he did after the rumble in Afghanistan.
 It stands to reason that he'll be subjected to the forces of gravity sooner or later.

 At the same time, the Democrats' 2004 crowd will be getting more attention in the coming months,
 and some of them will start building a national following. Their Bush-bashing will fill the vacuum that
 the opposition party has allowed to develop. The ailing economy will take center stage, and the
 president will find that he can't use military force against a recalcitrant Congress — especially one
 controlled by his own party.

 I have yet to figure out this man.
 He's either lying to get that B.F.E.E. bonus or he's as stupid as Cokie Roberts,
 and that would be really damn hard to believe, so I guess he's just lying..

 Chicks against the machine
  The Dixie Chicks are patriots we can be proud of

  Click  Here

 With the Chicks not following the preset P.R. script for smoothing over a public brouhaha, it was up to Diane Sawyer
 to provide the pornography.  "Freewheeling ... high-spirits ... the famously untamed lead singer ... the rebel daughter
 of a renowned steel-guitar player ... the refined sisters ... in that friendly, country way, we know all about their lives ...
 There would be frightening threats, towering rage, in the words of another of their hit songs, a landslide." The pornography
 came from the way Sawyer, frustrated in her attempt to offer the band up for ritual sacrifice, chose to stand in for the bullies.

 Since Maines' comment, the band has received death threats and had round-the-clock security posted at their homes.
 The threats haven't just come from yahoos, like the caller to a radio show heard during the "Primetime" interview who said,
 "I think they should send Natalie over to Eye-rack, strap 'er to a bomb, and just drop 'er over Baghdad." A San Antonio DJ
 claimed to know where Maines lived and said a posse should go over to her house and straighten her out.

 Oh Cheeses!

 I just found a whole lot of outgoing mail that was buried.
 Bills, thank you-mail, tons of stuff.

 It'll go out today.

"Are you prone to remain uninformed? Why bother changing things?
If real news coverage makes you fret, then come chew the fat with FAUX's Juvenile Friends!"


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 Tonight Del Castillo live and free!

 TONIGHT, April 29th - KLBJ Local Licks Live Taping - 10:00 to 11:00pm CST  live and free
 It's tough to beat live and free.

     Rick Del Castillo
         Bad Axe

 Newest U.S. colony ruled by air power
  America (The B.F.E.E.) now controls the Mideast's second largest oil producer

  Click  Here

 Don't for a minute believe Pentagon leaks about an "unnamed Iraqi scientist" who says
 he knows where all the nasties are buried and, what's more, ties Saddam to Al-Qaida.
 American fans of Rush Limbaugh may swallow this pap; most Brits are too cynical and
 worldly to accept such crude propaganda; many Brits and Europeans believe the
 U.S./UK will eventually plant fake evidence.

 What's one more fabrication in a war of lies?

"We didn't lie - we emphasized a non-truth.
  There's a difference."

 Salting the Claim
 When Saddam asked Osama out on a date
   by Bryan Zepp Jamieson

  Click  Here

 Amid reports, now going into their eighteenth or nineteenth cycle, of conclusive evidence of biological
 and chemical weapons being found in Iraq, there came sensational reports that the US had obtained solid
 evidence that Saddam was in cahoots with Osama bin Laden.

 You see, they found Osama’s passport in that building they bombed....

 No, wait.  They’re saving that for the next slow news day next week.  That one hasn’t happened yet.

 The reports are that journalists going through the bombed out Intelligence building in Baghdad found
 memos documenting a planned 1998 meeting between Osama and Saddam.

 By itself, the story was hardly worth mentioning.  There were plans made for a meeting, which apparently
 never came about, and nothing occurred after that.  Plans.  Putsch was planning to use the surplus to make
 the edumacation pie higher, too.


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 Well, Well, Well
  Army Sec/Enron Exec Thomas White Is Fired -- But for All the Wrong Reasons
     by Tamara Baker  as seen on apj.us

  Click  Here

[White is] a big backer of the privatization gospel, of course. That's why he got picked
 to be Secretary of the Army in the first place.

 Which is why it's sad for me to report that his firing is a black day for the US military.


 Because he -- and Army chief of staff General Eric Shinseki -- aren't being fired for being
 corrupt moneygrubbers. They're fired for being right, and for being in Donald Rumsfeld's way.

Marty's E! page
 Michael Dare & Disinfotainment Today!
Ashleigh Banfield not pleased with network coverage
The 'Rock Bottom Remainders' play as good as Metallica writes novels
'Public Enemy' not afraid of any 'Son of a Bush'
Norah Jones in a free NYC concert
Apple, Macs & music
An all 'reality' tv channel
And, John Steinbeck's widow.


 Diebold Exec Dies in Ohio Plane Crash
  Loose end in the B.F.E.E. takeover?

  Click  Here

 The pilot killed was a top executive with automated teller maker Diebold Inc., the company said Monday.
 Wesley Vance, 45, had been Diebold's chief operating officer for about two years.
 Bush's National Transportation Safety Board was investigating the crash.


"It was the president or the game and the game won out."
    --Mary Pickering, mother of Pfc. Patrick Miller (an Iraqi POW for three weeks),
       who chose to present the game ball to team captains at KState University's spring
       football scrimmage, over an invitation to meet the unelected warmonger  Attribution

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