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Volume 1084 - That grinning monkey

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 Friday   June 6, 2003


"Bill O'Reilly wins almost every argument in the Fox News environment created by Roger Ailes,
 who manages more fixed fights than the mob ever did. But venturing forth from the Ailes-controlled
 arena can be quite perilous, as O'Reilly discovered last Saturday afternoon when he showed up for
 a panel at the L.A. Book Expo with Molly Ivins and Al Franken. The moderator was former Rep.
 Pat Schroeder. (Tucker Carlson was unavoidably absent, leaving O'Reilly to cope with the kind
 of odds that liberals invariably face on Fox.)"
   -- Joe Conason, speaking the truth

 ha ha

 O'Reilly is like all GOP bullies - a loser in a fair fight.

 Bush: War Vs. Iraq Over Weapons Justified 
  Good puppy pess buys his lies by the ton load.

  Click  Here

 Bush insisted anew on Thursday that war to rid Iraq of WMD was justified, and he said
 the truth about Saddam's ability to create and use deadly germs and bombs would come in time.

 What a clumsy liar- and the press just looks the other way when he lies about life and death matters.
 Before the war, he and Blair said Saddam's weapons program was so advanced, he could launch an
 attack against the US with a mere 45 minutes notice, and that's why we had to murder Baghdad.

 Now the brainless bastard claims Saddam had the ability to create WMD?

"I only lie when it might make my entended family a few million."


 "Bill and Hillary were on 60 Minutes talking about Gennifer Flowers,
   so it was no surprise to anyone that Bill would cheat on her again."
    Dave, with Barbara Walters

 Dave, your good friend Marv Albert was arrested and sued for biting a woman on her back.
 By your definition, it would be "no surprise" if he assaulted another woman?

 How can you be friends with such a man?

 Subject:  Arianna Huffington

 Did Arrianna Huffington have an epiphany that drove her to become a ranting liberal?
 Do you know what happened?
 This was an extreme rightwing pundit until when, a couple of months ago?

 We need to know what happened.  Can we bottle it?
 Juliet A

 Juliet, in person, she jokes that she changed when she got to know Gingrich.
 But she explains it on her page

 Subject: The Scott and Laci Peterson Saga

 Hi, B,

 I've been following this case pretty closely, and am almost certain (without having been there)
 that Scott Peterson is guilty.  The main evidence is circumstantial.

 M, one reason I wanted to get into this is because the only stuff we know about Peterson
 is what the cops have chosen to leak - at least until Geragos came on board.
 Now, at least, the other side is seeing some light.

 His wife's body was found only two-to-three miles from where he supposedly fished that
 Christmas Eve (some sixty miles or so from their home).

 I don't know the area. Are there hundreds of nearby places to dump a body?
 I assume if he owns a TV or ever watched Perry Mason he'd know that would look bad.

 Before his wife went missing, he had a girlfriend (plus two others on the side) and lied about it to the press.
 He only admitted it after the police found the mistress and questioned her.

 Lying about sex?  Has that ever happened before?

 He took out a $250,000.00 insurance policy on his wife's life two months before her death,

 I've heard that, too. Is it true?

 ...traded in her SUV a few days after she was reported missing, and put the house they shared on the market
 long before her body was found.  It seems he knew she wasn't coming home (surely a loving husband would
 have wanted to keep the house in case she one day found her way back).

 I think that proves he wasn't husband of the year, but not much more.

 On the day the police found her body (and the baby's), Scott Peterson didn't even bother to present himself
 at the police station to inquire of the details.  When he was arrested a few days later, he was in transit (no one
 knows to where), had dyed his hair blonde (he was originally a brunette), and was in possession of  his brother's
 driver's license and $10,000.00 in cash.

 "Failed to present, died his hair, was in possession," are not admissable pieces of evidence.

 I happen to like Geragos, too; mainly because he successfully won Susan's release.
 I am not angry at him for taking this case.  A win for him, though, would mean that a murderer goes free.
 Okay, I'm through fighting now -- still love your site . . . and,

 Don't print my name . . .

 One other reason I wanted to get into this was the partisan zeal with which people are attacking him.
 I think it was Tuesday, Grace and a judge and a prosecutor all three said there was nothing wrong
 with Peterson's house being ransacked and looted by Laci's relatives. Can you believe three
 "women of the law," would take that position?

 They said the mother was so distraught at not being able to hold Laci's wedding dress and sit in her rocking chair,
 that she just couldn't help herself so she went to their home and filled THREE pickup trucks of "precious memories,"
 even tho Geragos says they had a date to meet and get the stuff a week later.

 All three women said that was"perfectly understandable," and they repeated about a dozen times what a
 nightmare is would be for Peterson & Geragos if they filed burglary charges against the burglars.

 It's possible Scott is 100 percent guilty, but they want to hang him before the trial.
 I was hoping this was still America, but we lose some of that every day.

 The Enronization Of Public Policy
    by Arianna Huffington

  Click  Here

 Has there ever been a clearer, more irrefutable example of our political leaders' lack of
 a moral compass than the clandestine, eleventh-hour elimination of a promised child tax
 credit for almost 12 million of America's poorest children?

 It's a move that is so cold-hearted and so profoundly dishonorable that it could only
 have been made by people who have lost all moral direction.

 A magnetic compass should always point north; a moral compass should always point out
 what is moral -- and immoral. Heaping billions on the rich while ensuring that one out of six
 American kids doesn’t get a penny is dead wrong.

 Sammy Sosa - guilty or innocent?

  Click  Here

 I like Sammy, but I vote guilty.
 Picking up the wrong bad is about as believable as picking up the wrong wife.

 Sammy suspended for seven games.

 Attack of the savage Weiner

  Click  Here


 sorry to bother but i don't see a 'members section' anywhere on the page!

 i am a member, aren't i?  when you asked us to write you to remind you
 what we donated and when, i did that,  but there was no response.

 also, #3, only worked today (6/5/03) for me.

 just don't want to miss out, ya know?!,


 SB, there is a "Members section," but there's nothing in it until June 20
 so we haven't been advertising it. On June 20, the 30-day cycle of subscribers
 will have run its course, so we will begin then.

 Very confusing about your not getting parts one and two.
 I, of course, know nothing about it - have you checked with a tech?

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 All the kids have them - it's what they put sound and music on these days.

 If you can't hear Shirley vow to tear some guy's soul apart (don't piss her off)
 then Click  Here  to see the new and improved troubleshooting tech page.

 E-mail someone on that list and tell them what kind of system you have.

 Our first goal is to assist people who can't get BartCop radio satisfactorily.
 If YOU are having trouble, contact a tech and if the two of you work it out,
 have the tech contact us with the answer so we can post it.

 Beginning June 20/21, we will be posting radio shows in the "members" section.

 Charges Against Martha Stewart Include Twist

  Click  Here

 Prosecutors tucked a highly unusual twist into their indictment of Martha Stewart
 — a charge that she committed a crime simply by declaring her own innocence.

 Geez, it reminds me of Hardon Kenny Starr charging Julie Hiatt Steele with
 obstruction for answering questions posed by Larry King.
 Can't they get her on any legitimate charges?

 We don't want to see Martha Stewart in jail, do we?
 I mean, I hate the super rich as much as the next guy, and as a former billionaire she qualifies,
 but the idea of Martha Stewart behind bars, eating prison food, wearing prison clothes and
 the endless Dave and Leno decorating jokes just don't do it for me.

 Bush's friends at Enron stole hundreds of millions and they're not indicted - why?
 As far as I know, Martha didn't wipe out the savings of thousands of families.

 The tax cut: how to make this program work for US economy
   by Der Voron, author of Starcraft

  Click  Here


 Remember last September, at  I mentioned that The Rio had water pressure problems?
 Well, problems No Mo.
 Bull Conner would love a hot bath with this water pressure.

 My fascination might stem from the fact that when I was a little smart-ass, when we went on vacation
 we'd stay at a motel with a pool, but instead of getting to go swimming on our vacation, we'd get
 dragged to some museum or something that wasn't anywhere near as fun.

 Chemical Ali said to be alive
  Why can't the Bush team tell the truth?

  Click  Here
 Chemical Ali, not be confused with Chemical Ari,  is now thought to be alive.
 Rumsfeld had said on April 7 they believed an airstrike on a house in southern Iraq
 had killed al-Majid.   They showed reporters video of laser-guided bombs obliterating
 the house where a tipster told coalition forces al-Majid was staying.

"We believe that the reign of terror of Chemical Ali has come to an end. To Iraqis who
 have suffered at his hand, particularly in the last few weeks in that southern part of the
 country, he will never again terrorize you or your families," Rumsfeld said at the time.

 That's what you guys promised about bin Laden and Saddam, too.

"Mr. Rove told the press not to print that story..."

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Smirk tried to give his dad Saddam's head,
but he's never accomplished anything.


 "Bush/Cheney 2004!  Why pull out in the middle of a good screw?"
   -- EnderW in the chat room

Marty's E! page
A Disinfotainment Today/Michael Dare Special
Nick of got another award
ABC/Disney canceled Janeane Garofalo's show before filming started
Dwight Yoakam got a star on the Walk O'Fame
Hugh Jackman hosts the Tony's on Sunday
Men are throwing their underwear at Mick Jagger
Gwen Stefani is Jean Harlow in Scorsese's 'Aviator' with Lenny DiCaprio as Howard Hughes
Jon Stewart' is the front-runner in nominations for the TV Critics Awards
Phil Spector hasn't talked with LAPD since 3 February
Arnold will change careers if his latest film tanks
35 years ago yesterday Bobby Kennedy was murdered



 I know you must receive tonnes of mail, and you probably won't read this, but I just wanted to say
 your site has helped raise my opinion of Americans. Your site is intelligent, funny, and tells the truth,
 which is something the retarded American media monkeys seem to have forgotten, if they ever even knew it.

 I stopped reading the regular news and now read your site instead to know what's going on in that
 ridiculously insane country of yours (not that we're much better, of course -- we do have Blair, after all).

 So here's to you! (raising two shots of tequila).
 Don't let the bastards get you down and keep telling it like it is.

 London, UK

 Call  918-493-1500- you have two minutes to rant away.

 Did anything make you mad today?

Tell us about it!


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 On the laci petersen thing....

 laci's family taking 'valuables' out the house, perhaps you may accept the fact that the items in question
 were brought to the marriage by the wife and since Scott had already gotten rid of the car, maybe the family
 would like to have some of her possesions

 I'm not questioning that her family might want to have some of her possessions,
 but burglary is not an accepted practice no matter how aggrieved the family finds themselves.

 Geragos says they had a deal to get the stuff a week later, after the premises was videotaped.
 The "Why bother with a trial?" monkeys CNN has hired to entertain America think a deep personal loss
 is an excuse to burglarize a private residence - that's crazy. That's the key to my main point - America wants
 Scott to fry, and CNN has Nancy Grace on every other night to guarantee that he's guilty. CNN isn't trying
 to get to the truth, they're selling air time.

 One other point about the burglary: IF Geragos can eventually prove Scott didn't do it,
 what right did the family have to load up three pickup trucks with his personal property?. far as scott being the guilty party, well the odds are that he is the perp...

 Could be, but all we know about the case is what the DA has selectively leaked.
 Scott's story hasn't been told.

 and for a quick piece of unasked for advice, try not to let your media success go to your head,
 pride goeth before a fall and all that shit, don't count the chickens before they are hatched, etc...

 Mrs Guy

 That's always good advice.

 I say we fight them with BartCop Radio.
 They can't shut us up if we are subscriber-supported.

 Building  into a powerhouse must be a worthy goal.
 Click  Here  to subscribe.

 Help build the anti-Bush network into something the media can't ignore and can't dismiss.

 Have a good time today - that's an order.

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