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 Diebold Magic?

****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution/WSB-TV of 800 likely voters on Nov. 1 For Georgia Governor

Roy Barnes (D)      51%  up 11
Sonny Perdue (R)  40%

** "Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines' on Nov. 5

Roy Barnes (D)      46%
Sonny Perdue (R)   51% up 5 - that's a 16-point pro-Bush swing - was it magic?


****Poll by Atlanta Journal Constitution Nov. 1 for Georgia Senate

Max Cleland (D)         49% up 5
Saxby Chambliss (R)  44%

**"Official Results" from the 'Diebold Electronic Voting Machines'

Max Cleland (D)        46%
Saxby Chambliss        53% up 7 - that's a 13-point pro-Bush swing - was it magic?


****Poll by MSNBC/Zogby on Nov. 3 for Colorado Senate

Tom Strickland (D)  53%  up 9
Wayne Allard (R)     44%

** "Official Results"

Tom Strickland (D)  46%
Wayne Allard (R)     51%  up 5  - that's a 14-point pro-Bush swing - was it magic?


****Minneapolis Star-Tribune Poll on Nov. 3 for Minnesota Senate

Walter Mondale (D)  46%  up 5
Norm Coleman (R)   41%

** "Official Results"

Norm Coleman (R)   50%
Walter Mondale (D)  47%  up 3  that's an 8-point pro-Bush swing - was it magic?
                                 Did they let this one stay close because they knew MN loved Mondale?


****Poll by St. Louis Dispatch/Zogby on Nov. 3 for Illinois Governor

Rod Blagojevich (D)   52%  up  7
Jim Ryan  (R)             45%

**"Official Results"

Rod Blagojevich (D)  43%
Jim Ryan  (R)            44%  up 1 that's an 8-point pro-Bush swing - was it magic?


****Poll by Concord, NH Monitor on Nov. 3 for New Hampshire Senate

Jeanne Shaheen (D)   47%  up 1
John E. Sununu (R)   46%

**"Official Results"

Jeanne Shaheen (D)   47%
John E. Sununu (R)    51%  up 4 that's a 5-point pro-Bush swing - was it magic?

 Isn't it amazing that all six surprises went to the Republicans?
 Did they let Hutchison lose Arkansas because he was dead meat, anyway?

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