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Volume 1164 - Scary stuff

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 Monday  Sept 29, 2003


"Rumsfeld and Cheney are trying to close down access to government."
  -- Wesley Clark, Rolling Stone Interview

 The GOP is throwing everything they have at Clark.
 His candidacy is a big, big threat to the hundreds of billions yet to be stolen.

 John Kennedy Jr was a threat to them - as was Paul Wellstone.
 We live in scary times.

 Bush's major Meltdown
 White House Denies Leaking CIA Identity

 Click  Here

 As I type this, (11 AM CST) WH spokesman Scott McClellan is being hammered
 by the WH press corps over Karl Rove's narc-ing on that CIA agent to Bob Novak .
 McClellan is losing his cool - this is really fun to watch.
 Wolf the Whore is calling this "a major scandal."
 I believe Scott McClellan is having his worst day at work ever.

 Click  Here  to hear Scott McClellan's Nancy Grace guarantee that Rove is innocent.
 It's just one minute long, but it's music to my ears.
 It's about time the press woke the hell up and got to work.

 It's slightly possible that after being led around by the nose for over three years, the press
 MIGHT get back to doing the job they so gleefully did when the last elected president was
 rumored to have a girlfriend. Unlike that, this is serious stuff with lives at stake.

"I have nothing but contempt and anger for those who betray the trust by exposing
  the name of our sources. They are, in my view, the most insidious, of traitors."
    --George Herbert Herbert Bush,  04/26/99,   Attribution

 This crazy bastard (Bush) has gotten 305 brave men killed and the press helped.
 Maybe the American whore press is finally getting tired of being Bush's cabana boy.


"It seems to be the only weapons of mass destruction they've found all year."
   -- Tommy Chong,  who got 9 months in jail, after Ashcroft caught him with bongs

"Bongs kill, Jesus told me in a dream..."

 Republicans for Hillary, Part 1 
  Why does the GOP yearn for Hillary to run for president?

  Click  Here

 There's a powerful political movement afoot to draft Hillary for president in 2004.
 Its partisans are committed almost to the point of fanaticism, and their number is
 growing by the hour.  This thing is an absolute juggernaut. Even so, the Draft Hillary '04
 forces probably won't secure their candidate's Democratic nomination. Why not?
 Because they're all Republicans!

 France, Bush & Drunk Driving
   by Robert Perry at

  Click  Here

"Bush’s putative allies, the likes of British Prime Minister Tony Blair, may have played the role of enablers,
 the weak-willed friends who lack the courage to stand up to an inebriated pal who is staggering toward the
 driver’s side of the car. One could argue that France and Germany were giving Bush the kind of realistic advice
 that could have spared the United States the worsening debacle in Iraq and saved the lives of more than 300 U.S. soldiers.

 Still, like the drunk driver who won’t admit that the accident was his fault, Bush continues to slur facts and logic,
 blaming anyone but himself for the geopolitical pile-up in the desert. Yet, as his excuses and deceptions become
 more apparent, the disconnect between Bush’s words and reality are also harder to conceal. To walk away from
 responsibility for the mess he's made, Bush needs even more enablers, especially inside the Washington news media.

 Bush's Big  Betrayal
    by Michael Hammerschlag

  Click  Here

 Cheney, Wolfowitz, and co. first tried to browbeat and bully the CIA into perverting and distorting their intelligence
 to portray Iraq as a clear and present threat, making a dozen-odd trips to Langley to coax them in the right direction.
 When that didn’t work, they essentially created their own shadow “intelligence” outfit, though even that word is a stretch,
 the Office of Special Plans (didn’t the Nazis have something called this?). Peopled by right-wing zealots, political hacks,
 and true believers.. they pooled every wild rumor, unsubstantiated report, and generous interpretation that claimed Iraq was
 an imminent danger and presented it to our over-eager President. Unknown and unvetted by CIA, DIA, State Dept., NSA;
 this foul stew was injected daily into Bush’s propaganda pronouncements to the American people, which helped persuade
 our dimwitted electorate that Osama and Saddam were blood brothers, and allowed “patriot” yahoos to shout down objections
 to an unjustified preemptive attack. Other sources of rubbish were Ahmed Chalabi’s group of distant exile Would-be-Kings,
 and a similar secret right wing group in Ariel Sharon’s office, dispensing rumors that the Mossad considered baloney.
 In the CIA’s eyes, Bush has taken their intelligence product, adulterated it with trash and nonsense, repackaged it,
 and sold it like a tacky car salesman as the best estimate America can make. Then he used it to fraudulently launch
 an unnecessary war, a betrayal of the CIA.

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"George W. Bush is a liar. He has lied large and small, directly and by omission....Bush's truth-defying
  crusade for war did not mark a shift for him. Throughout his campaign for the presidency and his years
  in the White House, Bush has mugged the truth in many other areas to advance his agenda. Lying has
  been one of the essential tools of his presidency. To call the forty-third President of the United States
  a prevaricator is not an exercise of opinion, not an inflammatory talk-radio device. Rather, it is backed up
  by an all-too-extensive record of self-serving falsifications. While politicians are often derided as liars,
  this charge should be particularly stinging for Bush. During the campaign of 2000, he pitched himself as
  a candidate who could "restore" honor and integrity to an Oval Office stained by the misdeeds and
  falsehoods of his predecessor. To brand Bush a liar is to negate what he and his supporters declared
  was his most basic and most important qualification for the job... Bush campaigned for the presidency
  as the fellow who would bring honesty back to the White House. ... Bush's promise was a lie.
  The future of the United States remains in the hands of a dishonest man."
     --David Corn,   The Other Lies of George Bush

 Davis to enter Mr. Olympia contest
     by Faun Otter

 In a surprise move today, Gray Davis declared his intent to compete in the Mr.Olympia bodybuilding competition.

 During a photo op at the Steroids'N'Speed outlet in Orange county, Arnold Schwartzenegger commented,
"Dat is absurd. It takes years of training and preparation and many hours of diligent work and a body far above
 average in its ability to respond to the demands of the gym. Gray Davis has jumped in because of his ego and is
 relying on his name recognition and charisma. The sport of bodybuilding has many people with more talent and
 better bodies. It is utterly unfair on the defending champion Ronnie Coleman who has devoted his life to perfecting
 his body for posing almost butt naked while covered in baby oil. Hell, Ronnie didn't even have to tamper with the
 judges the way I did in Essen in order to win."

 Reporter Faun Otter ( asked a follow up question,

"Wouldn't you agree that you are unqualified to be governor of California, based on your own logic?
 To be governor takes years of training and preparation, many hours of diligent work and a brain far above average
 in its ability to respond to the subtle economic and managerial tasks of the office. You entered the race because of
 your ego and are relying on name recognition alone since you don't have an ounce of  charisma. California has a
 great many people better qualified than you for the job, especially Gray Davis who was elected to the position and
 is a brilliant but boring accountant who would have a very real chance of balancing California's budget if the Bush
 regime and the energy companies would stop screwing with his state. Your years of preparing to pose almost
 butt naked while covered in baby oil don't seem to have any relevance to leading the world's sixth largest
 economy out of the Bush recession."

 Arnold: "Fuck you. I can crush you and steal your chick."

 I don't remember what happened next.

 Flowers maybe sent to the Kaiser General Hospital in Orange county
 where I am  in Room 101 recovering from Arnold's debating technique.

Click to Order  Michael Moore's new book


"How loopy is Wesley Clark?
  I fear he's Ross Perot without the emotional stability."
   --Andrew Sullivan,

 The more the right-wing trashes Clark, the more I like him.
 They are scared out of their boots. They can't stand to see a Democratic military man.

 Also, Andrew Sullivan's (R-Bareback) writing appears on
 Sounds like a joke I used to do in my Blue Period.

 Did Eldrick Woods quit the game of golf?

 Each weekend, I look to see how far down he is on the leaderboard,
 but no matter how far down you go - there's no Eldrick Woods.
 Did he just give up?

  Does Wesley Clark read
 Clark Announces Bold Job Creation Plan

  Click  Here

"The most effective way to help an unemployed worker is not to run out and borrow billions
 of dollars to give to millionaires. That's what they're doing when they pass these massive tax cuts
 for the rich that deepen the deficit. They're borrowing billions of dollars to give to millionaires.
 It ought to be obvious by now - it just doesn't work."

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 Sting the spammer

 Have you seen those new AOL commercials featuring Sting?
 Apparently, AOL is very proud of their instant messaging service,
 which now can send unrequested songs, maybe even video, to your computer
 Spam e-mail is bad ebough, but who wants to get full songs - uninvited?

 In the commercial, it showed 4-5 people working at their individual computers,
 when suddenly a Sting song starts playing and they say, "What the fu...?"

 Why would AOL brag about their new spamming capabilities, and why
 would Sting agree to star as the BIG-time spammer who got this technology first?

 Musings from the Heartland
     by Richard L. Fricker

  Click  Here

 As anyone on the planet who has been reading or watching the news knows President Hide-till-its-over
 now denies ever connecting Saddam Hussein with 9/11. Oh really??!!!
 Let’s see. No weapons of mass destruction ready to rain down on democracy in forty-five minutes,
 No Osama connection with Saddam, No bio-weapons, No UN resolution.  Then what the hell was
 all this invasion business about and why are U.S. servicemen and women laying charred in the Iraqi
 dessert and why can‘t the Iraqis have their country back?

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 Sticker placement contest

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Next week, we'll send either a Brooke Burke calendar or Joe Conason's new book
 to the person who sent in the picture with the best real sticker placement.


 Click  Here   for the newest round of stickers

 Somebody is going to win.

 Results of CNN poll

“Do you agree with Wesley Clark that Americans are
 'embarrassed' by the Bush administration’s leadership?”

 Yes    58%  (6396 votes)

 No      42%  (4595 votes)

 September 28, 2003, 2:30 p.m.

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 From: Bob Blooger

 Subject: Who the hell do you think you are anyway?

 I am BartCop.

 What kind of crap are you selling to Democrats in your column?

 What kind?
 It's called the truth.
 Would you like an introduction?

 I have never seen so many lies, bullshit, and vicious attacks.
 You are filled with hate beyond belief.
 Nobody can take you seriously, it must be all black comedy, right?

 No, even though I do the street humor thing, I'm white.

 Are you really a friend of Joe Con-a-son,

 I met him last year at a gig I threw at Carville's restaurant in Washington.
 Me & Jimmy C are closer than siamese brothers. (cough)

 Al the Harvard liar Franken,

 I've never met Al,

 stupid Isaac Peterson from Minneapolis,

 There must be two, because the one I know is sharper than Coulter's tongue

 Molly the hateful Ivins, and

 I've never met Molly,

 Holly Jesus Gene Lyons?

 We've talked by phone, but I've never met him.

 George Bush may be a Chimp or Chump, but the country won't go down the drain with him at the top.

 ha ha
 It already has - you must not be in the stock market.
 Turn on a TV, read a newspaper.

 That's not true of the now ten dumb Dwarves running to ruin the USA spouting gibberish and lies.
 You know none of them has proposed ONE positive new thing for the country.  Not ONE!

 The cessation of fucking up everything is a positive step.

 Heaven help us if the New York Witch Bitch Hillary decides to run.
 I'll move to France or Germany.  Just like all those Hollywood actors.

 I'll bet France could use a guy with your charm.

 As an independent you dorks and doofuses won't get my vote again.
 If Harry Browne and Ralph Nader probably weren't gay for each other I might consider one of them.

 Got a thing against gays?
 That would make you Republican.

 There are some damn good web sites out there to refer people to, but you have a bunch of
 Robot Liberal web sites listed only fools seek for information and advice.

 Anyway, you have plenty of room for a 95% improvement in your product.


 Bob, thanks for ending on a positive note.

Hey Dennis - quess what?
When Bush is exposed as a murdering fraud,
and he becomes the most hated man in politics,
we don't want you back - stay on the loser's side.

 Subject: Bush low poll numbers scare me

 It scares me when Bush's poll numbers drop below 50% because the only things that drive
 Bush's poll numbers up are terrorist events and war. Once the cloud of terrorism and war
 subsides the voters start to notice that the economy is collapsing, the deficit is soaring, education
 and health care systems failing, and the governments wants to spy on everything we do.
 So what scares me is with the presidential election heating up - Bush needs a war or terrorist event
 to distract America from his failed presidency. And I get nervous when Bush needs war.

 Marc Perkel

Marty's Entertainment Page
Baron Dave Romm on 'The New TV Season'
Fresh BAGnews
The debate chicken
Liza Minnelli guesting on 'Arrested Development'
50 Cent bought Mike Tyson's mansion
A meteorite in India injured 5 people
And a bunch of links

 What if God was one of us?

 Years ago, I was watching Dave and an unknown singer came on.
 It was Joan Osborne singing "What if God was one of us?"
 Suspending the argument, I just liked the melody and the way she sang the lyrics.

"What if God was one of us?
 Just a slob like one of us?
 Just a stranger on the bus,
 trying to make his way home."

 At the time, that particular Mitsubishi VCR had a repeat feature.
 I engages it and heard the song, over and over, probably 40-50 times.

 And I thought of the mountain of hatred that comes from the political-religious right.
 If political frauds were really Christians, wouldn't they treat everyone like they were Jesus?
 Have you ever in your life met a religious person who truly cared about other people?

 African-Americans could be God, but they're "less thans" to the conservative Republicans.
 Gays and lesbians could be God, but they beat them, tie them to fences and let them die.
 When Tom Delay introduces a bill to slash federal subsidies that go to unwed mothers,
 isn't he really pulling food from the mouth of Baby Jesus?

 It's all an act to steal money from the gullibles, like a plumber's van with a Christian fish attached to the door.

 Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and Dr Laura hate God's children more than almost anybody.
 Ken Starr sang spiritual hymns at stoplights when he was hunting Clinton, or Jesus, like a dog.
 Bush quotes Jesus when he invades another country - even putting the idea as "from God."
 When has a Republican ever considered God to be in all people?

 Anyway, "Joan of Arcadia" (get it?) premiered on CBS Friday.
 Like the song, God is walking around looking like a cute white guy, a black cafeteria cook, or hardhat guy.

 In the first show, God appreared 3-4 times and did his first miracle, but they had to establish characters
 and that got in the way so maybe next week will be better.  That girl that plays "Joan," can act, too.

 On the other channel, I saw a few minutes of "Miss Match" with Alicia Silverstone.
 I watched a few minutes, and it was bad - but not as bad as last Thursday's "Coupling."
 Hey NBC, give me that 30 minutes for half the money.
 BartCop TV would suck, but not as bad as "Coupling," plus you save half the money.

 The new show by the "CSI" guys,  "Cold Case" seems pretty good - we'll watch or tape that.
 And the premier of "Friends" was funny - I'll hate to see them go, but as George said, "All Things Must Pass.".


"I stand with the mothers of the young men and women who are in the desert in Iraq  and who
  right now are in the shooting gallery without even sufficient supplies to sustain themselves."
    --Carol Moseley Braun, Demo debate  Attribution

 Santoast on Clark's Rolling Stone interview

  Click  Here

 RS: "You call the war in Iraq unjustified. So why was the campaign you led in Kosovo justified?"

 Clark: "Kosovo was OK because Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic was engaged in ethnic cleansing
 that was destabilizing the entire region. By intervening, NATO could stop the killing. We tried every means
 to resolve it, and we ended up using force only as a last resort. But there was no imminent threat in Iraq.
 If Saddam Hussein did all these bad things, we should have indicted him for war crimes, held an international
 tribunal and ordered him to surrender. That's what we did with Milosevic. In Iraq, we just invaded a country
 ten years after the crimes happened, in violation of international law, without charging him with anything.
 It just doesn't work that way."

 On the domestic front as well, Clark's responses show that he's learning how to flesh out his anti-Bush positions
 with positive prescriptions, and to back them up with sound reasoning that will appeal to the "average" voter.

 Timeline of Events Surrounding the US Invasion of Iraq

 January: George H.W. Bush secretly meets with the bin Laden family on behalf of the Carlyle Group.
 Bush denied this meeting ever took place until a thank-you note confirming the meeting turned up.
 (CCR, Boston Herald, From the Wilderness)

 January: An Israeli spy ring begins infiltrating the US during this time. Later called "the art student spy ring,"
 is later shown to have strange connections to the 9/11 attacks. (CCR)

 January 3: An al-Qaeda attack on the USS The Sullivans in Yemen's Aden harbor fails when their explosive-laden boat sinks.
 This attempt is remarkably similar to the successful strike against the USS Cole in October 2000. (CCR)

 Timeline of Events Surrounding 9/11:

  Tons of material, all sourced and linked.

 The most embarrassing picture so far
 Cali-fornia's next governor doesn't want you to see this

  Click  Here

 It's so awful, I won't put it on the front page.
 You have to click to see how embarassing this picture is.

 How can Maria stay with this randy lout?

 Subject: What next?


 With job approval below 50%,what country will Dumbya pick on
 to distract from Iraq and the economy?


 Brian, I'm afraid it's the United States.
 They can make more money scaring us than any other nation.

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"We elected a president we thought was a compassionate conservative.
  Instead we got neither conservatism or compassion. We got a man who
  recklessly cut taxes. We got a man who recklessly took us into war with Iraq."
   --Wesley Clark, Demo debate

 Scary Stuff

 I think something very serious and very scary needs to be addressed.
 The B.F.E.E. has become much more powerful than any entity in history.

 They've stolen hundreds of billions of dollars.
 They gotten the legal power to murder anyone they want.
 They gotten away with their shadow government.
 They have made the Constitution irrelevant.

 They talked the Democrats into surrendering everything to them.
 They are accountable to nobody on the planet.
 They can do anything they want.
 Witht the US military at their command, nothing can stop them.

 I don't think they will ever give up absolute power.
 Their lust and greed won't allow that power to be transfered to Wesley Clark or Howard Dean.
 They will say, "These are dangerous times, and we must retain power for the safety of America."

 They are truly unstoppable, and that scares me.
 Do you think there's ANY chance they will surrender that control in January 2005?

 This is scary stuff.

 They are NOT going to let the Democrats have the power Bush now has.
 They are stealing hundreds of billions of dollars.
 They will NOT let that Niagara Falls of money to be shut off.

 They will use Diebold, the press, their private media monopoly and maybe even
 use the military on us, but they are NOT going to surrender absolute power.

 Stop and think for a second;
 No dictator in history has ever had as much power as Bush.
 No dictator in history has ever truly had control over every country on earth,
 but this illegal gang of thugs has that power right now.

 Do you really think they will surrender absolute power?

 This volume is called Scary stuff because I want people to think about that.

 If  we proceed under the possibility that I'm correct - take the next step:
 What actions will they take (or fail to take, as in 9-11) to keep this power?

 Will they arrange for another 9-11 to keep the populace in line?

 If they order the military to protect Bush, even after he loses the 2004 election?
 Will the military obey their out-going Commander in Chief and crush the uprising?

 They have absolute power.
 Do you think corrupt bastards will surrender absolute power?

 That's a damn scary thought.

 Subject: The theme song for Tru Calling

 Dear Bart,

 The song you were wondering about is called "All You Wanted"
 and is performed  by Michelle Branch. I hope that helps.

 I stumbled upon your website in late 2001, and it has been a must-visit on my list
 of daily reads ever since. It is very good to see that there are some prominent websites
 out there to counter all of that fanatical Ann Coulter,  FReeper, Liberal=Anti-American,
"If you question anything Bush does, you're helping the terrorists", bullshit propaganda
 that is so rampant in American society today.



 Mark, thanks for the info.


"At some point, somebody in the Democratic Party is going to have to
  honestly assess what the Clintons have done to that party since 1993."
      --Rush Limbaugh

 We do that almost every day, Pigboy.

 Subscriber help

 Can't get in?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam

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"During the 2000 presidential campaign, when George W. Bush said he was
  against nation building, I didn't realize he meant only our nation."
     --Al Franken,

 Subject: Please reconsider Clark

 Hi Bart,

 I have to agree with Rob who says to be wary of Clark.
 You seemed to have jumped on the Clark bandwagon way too early to make a clear decision.
 My instincts alone tell me he's one of "them".
 He's a repug in dem's clothing and he's not even good at hiding it.
 He voted for Tricky-Dick and Ray-Gun.

 I don't like the feel of this guy.
 I agree with you about getting the lying monkey out of our White House,
 but aren't we just switching the puppets with Clark?


 Shel, I haven't endorsed Clark - I hardly know anything about him.
 I'm going to go with whover I think can beat Bush, and that may be Clark.
 I read parts of his interview in the new Rolling Stone and I was very impressed.

La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz

 Worst Power Outage Since WWII Hits Italy

  Click  Here

 A storm-tossed tree branch that hit Swiss power lines helped trigger a massive blackout
 in almost all of Italy on Sunday, trapping thousands on trains and forcing the pope to use
 a backup generator to proclaim his new cardinals. The outage, blamed for three deaths,
 underlined the dangers of Italy's reliance on imported power.

 Do me a favor - reread that top line in blue.

"A storm-tossed tree branch that hit Swiss power lines helped trigger a massive blackout."

 Oilman, please...

 They waited until there was a good-sized storm heading their way, then by simply
 cross-circuiting to "B" instead of "A," they shut down all power units in Italy.

 If I had a science and technology point person, I'd ask him or her to compile a list of blackouts
 there have been around the globe since New York went black earlier this year.

 Didn't London have a blackout in the last two weeks?
 Didn't Copenhagen or Stockholm have a recent blackout?
 And now Italy?

 I'm sure it's just a coincidence, and NOT some global energy takeover by the B.F.E.E.
 I mean, if the entire planet suddenly needs a completely-linked electrical infratsucture overhaul
 would it surprise anybody that Bush and his pals are the owners of the energy business?

 I trust Halliburton, Bechtel and The Carlyle Group would have just the right people,
 the just the right tools and just the right expertise for a job this big.

 The only question is do we want the $400 billion "Band Aid on Cancer?"
 Or do we want the $7 trillion "perma-fixed" grid, good until Bush leaves office?

 I'm sure Unka Dick could guide us in this matter...

 CNN is playing a fun-to-watch clip of a soldier who came home unannounced
 and surprised his girlfriend who was at a high school football game.

 Her extemporaneous outburst was damn, damn fun to hear.
 Bush has brought so much death to America and our brave fighting men,
 it's nice to see someone come home alive, and hear his loved one's reactions.

Baseball playoffs
college football
pro football
...and more

Click to Enter

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 It now stands at  310

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  106

  Perhaps 1,200 wounded - missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your peace.

 The vulgar Pigboy

"The debate started at four o'clock in the afternoon. By 4:05, Howard Dean
  had again mentioned my name as one of the people he's running against." 
    --Rush Limbaugh

 Rush, that's because you're the most vile Pigboy in politics.
 YOU are the problem - you get paid by the vicious, untrue personal slur,
 and there are people in America who don't know you're kidding.

          "Stop talking about me!"

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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