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Volume 1166 - Incumbentory Advantitude

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 Wednesday  October 1, 2003


"With 7 days left before this historic recall vote –now is the time to take back Cali-fornia."
    -- Rhetoric from Musclehead's campaign bosses.

 Yes, the Bush White House wants to take Cali-fornia back from the Democrats.
 If you want Cali-fornia to be run by Bush, Cheney, Rummy and Rove, vote for Musclehead.

 Accusation of Leak and a Bush Memo Come at a Bad Time

 Click  Here

 "...the accusation itself does political damage, at a minimum giving new life to last summer's
 investigation into whether the White House cherry-picked evidence about Saddam Hussein's
 unconventional weapons and buried dissenting views.

 It could hardly come at a worse time. Just when President Bush's job approval ratings are slipping,
 when his would-be Democratic rivals are stepping up their criticism of his rationale for war in Iraq
 and his handling of the aftermath, and when Mr. Bush would prefer to focus on winning support
 for rebuilding Iraq — and a second term in office.

He must be a Democrat...


"There's a cancer somewhere in the Bush administration. Two officials revealed national security
   information to embarrass or scare critics of the administration's mishandling of Iraqi intelligence...
   It's illegal for government officials to reveal the identities of CIA  operatives who have worked
   overseas within the preceding five years...The White House has said it doesn't condone leaking
   an agent's identity.  But the administration must try to identify, fire and, possibly, prosecute those
   responsible. Abuse of national security for political aims is wrong.
     --Seattle-Post-Intelligencer Editorial Board,

 "But Karl Rove is my best friend..."

 Agent’s ‘Outing’ A National Outrage 
   by Smoking Jo Conason

  Click  Here

 The retired diplomat severely embarrassed the White House on July 6, when he revealed his findings
 in an Op-Ed article for The New York Times. He believes that the administration officials quoted in
 the Novak column sought revenge on him and his wife as a warning to any other diplomats or intelligence
 officers who might dare to dissent from the official line.

 On Sept. 28, press secretary Scott McClellan told reporters that he and the President "know" Mr. Rove
 isn’t guilty. The following day, he declared that the President holds his appointees to "the highest standards"
 of behavior, which wouldn’t include leaking names of C.I.A. agents. (Condoleezza Rice has also offered
 such comforting reassurances.) Yet Mr. McClellan also said that while administration officials will
 cooperate with any official investigation of this matter, they won’t be conducting an internal probe.

 Advice to Bush: Quit While You're Ahead
   by Gene Lyons

  Click  Here

 But the story that has Washington journalists all worked up is what some see as Tenet's revenge:
 the CIA's insistence upon a criminal investigation to determine which White House operatives
 fingered Ambassador Joseph Wilson's wife Valerie Plame as a spy to columnist Robert Novak.
 The proverbial "senior administration official" told the Washington Post it was done "purely and
 simply for revenge" over Wilson's role in exposing the administration's phony claim that Iraq
 sought to buy African uranium. At least six other journalists were also told.

 Limbaugh Blasts Black Quarterback on ESPN 

  Click  Here

 On ESPN's "Sunday NFL Countdown," Limbaugh, the outspoken conservative radio talk show host,
 said he didn't think McNabb was as good as perceived from the start. The quarterback's career has
 included two straight NFC championship games and MVP runner-up.

"I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous
 that a black quarterback do well," Limbaugh said. "There is a little hope invested in McNabb, and he
 got a lot of credit for the performance of this team that he didn't deserve. The defense carried this team."

 McNabb told the Philadelphia Daily News: "It's sad that you've got to go to skin color.
 I thought we were through with that whole deal."

 No, not when ABC/ESPN hires a man known for telling black people to "pull the bone out of your nose,"
 Rush, like the Unlected Pinhead, has never been held accountable for anything he says.

White Q-backs are better.

 He's made hundreds of millions of dollars by telling rednecks it's OK to hate black people.
 Like Reagan, Rush makes cavemen comfortable with their hatred of blacks.
 ESPN knew exactly what they were doing when they hired this race baiter.

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"They wanted to make war. They needed an argument. They found one.
  Niger was an ideal choice. We cannot defend ourselves easily."
     -- Niger Minister of Energy, Rabiou Yari, on Bush's fake documents      Attribution

 "Kill that guy, and jail his kids..."

 Subject: 'Mission accomplished' my ass

 Can't believe the repukes are telling us that the soldiers themselves
 draped the banner when Shrub was playing dress up...

 Simple question, where in the HELL would they find/make the banner on an Aircraft Carrier?
 Do they have a printing shop on board where they can make giant banners?
 I really think not...
 That was a completely bullshit spin.

 PP, I have the slightest of disagreements - let's put it in poker terms.
 I'd say it's possible that the soldiers did make the banner.

 I might bet they did, but I wouldn't go "all in" with that bet.

 But I would go "all in" on the lie that the White House didn't want that banner there.
 Smirky McWarhardon was all-too-ready to strut the victory walk like a he was George Patton.
 For them to suggest this wasn't their doing is a bigger lie than anything Clinton said in nine years,
 and we always have to mention - nobody died from Clinton's "lies."

 Another reader comments:

 Of course it was the sailors who put up the banner.  It's their ship!
 There are places on her that are off limits to regular shmucks like you and I
 and chimpy's propaganda and decorating staff.    Team Bush handed the banner
 to the sailors, said "Here, put this up there" and, in the course of doing their job
 and following orders (regardless of how they felt about those orders), the sailors put
 the banner up where they were told to put the banner.

 That's a technicality that doesn't take the White House staff off the hook for it's existence or placement.
 Go home tonight and try this experiment on your wife  "But honey, I can't be faulted for that lipstick
 on my collar.  I didn't put it there.  My secretary put it there."

 (Sorry Dude, I lost your address)

Click to Order  Michael Moore's new book


"Once upon a time in America two presidents in succession were caught with their fig leaf at half-mast.
  One suffered from an overactive libido, the other from irritating vowel syndrome. The first lied under oath,
  and the second broke the pledge he took at his inauguration. The second covered up a government meltdown
  coupled to the 9/11 attacks and deceived Congress, America, and Iraq. He created the great American farce,
  divided our nation into patriots and those who disagree with George W. Bush, and alienated half the world.
  He started a war, broke the bank, and drove a stake through the heart of the American economy.
  Do we need George W. Bush for anything else after 2004?"
      --James Harrington, Nantucket,  Attribution

 "Kill that guy, too..."

 Arianna quits CA recall race
 She must've found out we dropped her link

  Click  Here

 Arianna dropped out of the California recall race Tuesday, saying it was her
 best hope of preventing the sex-crazed Musclehead from becoming governor.

"I'm going to concentrate all my time and energy in the next week working to defeat
 the recall because I realize that's the only way to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger,"
 Huffington said as she made the announcement on CNN's  Larry King Live.

"That's right, she did."


 Rove's up to his old tricks again?

  Click  Here

"Sources close to former president George H.H. Bush say Rove was fired from the 1992 Bush campaign
 after he planted a negative story with columnist Robert Novak about dissatisfaction with campaign
 fundraising chief and Bush loyalist Robert Mosbacher Jr. It was smoked out, and he was summarily ousted."

 Thanks to Mary Beth F

 The Secrets Clark Kept

  Click  Here


 I can't find an excerpt for this because I don't understand what the guy is saying.
 The way I read it, his big complaint is that Clark "heard discussion" of a five-year plan and then,
 as a retired general, he should have called a press conference and ratted out the Pentagon?

 Is that what this guy's primary bitch with Wesley Clark is?  in you have a clue

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 Subject: Bart vs Kerry

 The dark side of my dual-personality friend Wal in Australia wrote again.

 Bart of course did not publish the whole of the note, but published Kerry’s statement out of context.

 I wish people would write this down and tape it to their monitors:
 If you send me a very long letter, I am NOT going to publish it.
 My choices are to post the interesting parts or delete it.

 Why can't people understand that?
 Most people think they get points for extra pages - it's not true.
 If you can't make a point in 200 words, then write a book about it.

 Chris, can you tell me why bart is publishing a lot of pro-Clark comment, but is slagging Kerry down?

 There's no telling who "Chris" is, maybe it's a third personality.

 Bart’s article on Kerry belonging to the Skull and Bones was worthy of Murdoch!

 That's pure horseshit.
 Kerry has secrets about the "secret society" he's in with Bush.
 I don't like that.
 It's my opinion (I can't have an opinion?) that Kerry needs to decide:
 Does he want to be president?
 Does he wants to keep the very sacred and holy Skull & Bones secrets?

 If Kerry chooses loyalty to S&B over the United States, he'll only get my vote if it's Bush vs Kerry
 A Kerry-branded president is better than a Bush-branded president.

 How is it that Clark, a noted Republican who jumped on the anti-Bush wagon only when Bush
 was vulnerable is given the red carpet, while Kerry, who is a Democrat Senator with decades
 of good work on the record, is getting trashed?

 Wal Cooper

 The GOP has trained all their guns on Clark - that means he scares them the most.
 I believe we will have another terrorist attack before the 2004 election, so some people
 and going to vote for a military man as a defense against big attack number three.
 I don't want that to be Bush, the can't-think deserter who always gets a pass.
 Plus, Clark seems to have Clinton's backing - that's good enough for me.

 Note to all readers:
 We can't all be for the same guy in the primary - it's just not possible.
 Everybody has a favorite, and they get very, very upset if someone fails to agree.

 Wal is very, very passionate for Kerry, and that's fine.
 But I'm still on the right side, even if I don't share his passion.

 Bush to enter eye of British storm

  Click  Here

"Bush will face a series of embarrassing snubs and potentially violent protests when he
 makes his first full State visit to Britain, prompting fresh humiliation for Tony Blair over Iraq.

 Downing Street has already begun a damage limitation exercise ahead of the planned trip in November.
 Officials vetoed a Bush address to Parliament, fearing he would face a mass boycott from Labour MPs."

 Plus a lot of booing and throwing of rotten tomatoes.
 You see, in England they have a free press.

 September ticker placement contest winners!!

 We had co-winners!

 First winner: Mindpilot won for his hard-to-get picture with Joe Conason.

 Not only is it tough to get celeb pics, but Mindpilot has gotten pics with Jim Jeffords, Arianna Huffington and more.
 Like a dumbass, I asked Mindpilot if we wanted the Conason book or the Brook Burke calendar.
 He said, "Dude, what's in my hand?   It's a book autographed by Joe Conason - send me the calendar!"

 Special thanks to my good friend Joe Conason for having the stones to agree to the picture with the sticker.
 He could catch hell for that.

 Second winner:  Walto for indoctrinating an entire class of fourth graders into Bartcopism.

                                  The youth of tomorrow, learning their foundational Bartcop dogma.

 Walto decided to get Joe Conason's book

 How to win:

 To get your stickers, send a self-addressed envelope to:
 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK 74155
 OR, you could PayPal a small donation and get your stickers within 48 hours.

 The stickers are free, but donations are accepted.

 Get yours, then send in a digital photo of where you put it.
 (Please don't vandalize anything with these stickers)
 Click  Here   for the last round of September stickers

 We need a different calendar for October - any suggestions?

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"The people of California simply cannot afford to have Arnold Schwarzenegger as their governor.
  He has spent millions of dollars crafting and selling a political persona that is completely contradicted by reality.
  He got into this race promising to take no special interest money, then turned around and raised millions from special interests.
  He painted himself as an outsider, then surrounded himself with Pete Wilson operatives and a Who's Who of GOP insiders.
  He went on Oprah to appeal to women, but didn't include a single woman on his team of economic advisors."
    -- Arianna, who's back to fighting for democracy

 That song I asked about, the theme song for Eliza Dushku's Tru Calling program?
 Turns out it's Michelle Branch, who I've always heard was good, but I've never heard her work.
 It's called All I Wanted, and there's a whole lot going on with that.

 I drove to Best Buy yesterday and bought her CD.
 As I do with a lot of songs, much to Mrs Bart's horror, is when I fall into a song, I fall deep.
 I made an MP3 of that song and played the endless loop over 50, 75, 100 times in the last 30 hours.

 The song's "Where do you go when you're gone?" theme is big with atheists.
"If you want to, I can save you," is what every atheist wants to hear, right?
 Songs of salvation and redemption are always emotional (all good music is).
 and they work so much better without superstitions about the I.C.B.

 Atheists are cursed with the truth. We know there's no pot of gold at the end of the imaginary rainbow.
 No cloudy Heaven where we'll get to see Uncle Gus or my first dog, Jor-El.  Believers know where
 they're going - but they're not.    Non-believers are smart enough to realize that there is no life after death.
 We carry that burden.

 In the "Tru Calling" TV show, (premiers Oct 30 on FOX ) Eliza Dushku is a funeral parlor worker who,
 (it's not supposed to make sense, it's science fiction/religion) has the power to talk to the dead,  then go back
 24 hours and help them avoid the mistake that killed them, like a Star Trek or Twilight Zone, and that's the
 premise of the show, kinda like "Hack," but with space monkeys and a much better looking star.

 Plus, "All I wanted" has the chiming, ringing guitar scales that my good friend The Edge invented.
 The song sounds like a second U2 encore on a good night.
 I suspect we'll hear it on the next BCR show.

What Britain thinks of Bush

For Deception, Fraud, Mass Murder, Crimes against
Humanity, Environmental and International Law.
This Man is Heavily Armed, Unpredictable and Highly
Dangerous, posing a Grave Threat to World Peace.

10,000 people marching, chanting,
"George Bush, Uncle Sam,
Iraq will be your Vietnam."

 Subject:  Revenge-gate foolishness

 This could be over tomorrow.

 Bush has the power to release all reporters from their confidentiality agreements
 with regard to Wilson and Plame tomorrow and let the chips fall where they may.

 He won't.
 He's dirty.
 He knows it.
 We need SOMEONE to point this out.


 Evanart, that wouldn't change anything for the individual reporters.
 Once they rat out a confidential source they'll never get leaked to again.

Marty's Entertainment Page
The Wall Street Poet
Fresh BAGnews
Kevin Bacon, the 2238th star on the Hollywood Walk O'Fame
Howard Dean was on Leno
Is Dave Letterman married?
Maria Shriver plans to return to 'journalism' after the election
Elton John's auction
Louie Anderson is in the hospital
Rosie O'Donnell's going to court (again?)
Tim Sizemore's in rehab
And, an unusual Texan halftime show


“I've always questioned why it is the Democrats salivate to the Clintons,
  and why it is that Democrats just continually bow down when it's the
  Clintons that (he means who) destroyed the Democratic Party.”
        --Rush, the vulgar Pigboy

 Rush, you say the Clintons "destroyed" the Democratic party.
 Is that why we've won every presidential popular vote since 1992?

 Subject: Desperate hours

 Hey Bart -

 Have you noticed that your monkey mail is having an increasingly desperate tone of late?
 The pathetic 27-year-old Grant Mullins of  is an example.

"We republicans have a rule if you hit me I'm gonna fuck you
 and your hole family out of whats considered a happy life."

 Is that a cry for help or what?

 It's a request for a boot in his ass.

 It actually reveals the gangster mentality behind bullshit artists like Ann Coulter and other aggressively hostile repubs.
 The more backed into a corner these people feel, the more you'll see such lashing out blindly.

 Of course, Mullin is a waterhead, or a fool, because he set himself up for a fall by obviously reading Bartcop at work,
 then lashing out with company email. I wonder what has happened to Mr. Mullin in the last couple of days since you
 de-pantsed him, Tucker Carlson-style.


 Mark, I received a very nice note from Grant's boss, with a CC from their attorney.
 He said those vulgar views do not represent his company and asked if I would take
 his campany's name off that page. He was nice (and innocent) so I did.
 Perhaps this will be a "learning experience" for young Grant.

 Joe Conason's Journal

  Click  Here

 Elevated to the New York Times Op-Ed page from the dank, Murdochian stable of the Weekly Standard,
 David Brooks seems eager to cleanse himself of old habits and nasty associations, while affecting an air of
 wistful, evenhanded semidetachment. (Eventually, these ostentatiously hygienic columns will annoy some of
 his old comrades.) In today's offering, he laments the increasing meanness of presidential politics, particularly
 as reflected in the "hate" expressed toward George W. Bush by certain liberals.

 Brooks is concerned that several left-leaning books, none of which he seems to have read, are appearing on
 bestseller lists. To him, a single confessional article in the New Republic suggests that everyone on the left
 simply despises the president for reasons that have nothing to do with dishonesty, incompetence and horrific
 policy. He frets that "the hatreds have left the animating ideas far behind and now romp about on their own."
 He detects in the haters a "threat to democracy."

 His handwringing is hokum

 Note: Joe is in Massachusetts signing his copies of his book Thursday and Friday in Boston, Cambridge and Shrewsbury.

       Click to Order
 Invisible Sidebar:
 We've sold almost 200 "Big Lies" by Joe Conason from the BartCop portal, below

 So now he's a color analyst, too?

  Click  Here

 Can't we have a league
 with just white players?

 ...if you disagree, if you think McNabb is a better player than Limbaugh does,
 he says it must be because you are somehow blinded by the color of McNabb's skin.

 With that, you can only wonder about what's sadder: that Rush Limbaugh insists on
 living in such a world, or that he insists on dragging Donovan McNabb into it with him.

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 TV Notes

 Last night's Frasier was better than usual, but that bar isn't set very high.

 I also had the misfortune to catch Good Morning, Miami.
 The show is so horrible, all of the laughter is canned - the laughs are sound files,
 (like when the vulgar Pigboy plays the applause file to open Friday's show).
 If it was filmed before a live audience, their mics were turned off.

 How can a show this bad make it into prime time?   Hey, NBC, give me this hour, too.
 What I replace it with will suck, certainly, but it will suck less than GMM and I'll do it for half price.
 Hell, give me a full hour (This and Coupling) instead of two halves and I'll do it for 40 percent.

 If nothing else, I'll buy a quart of Jack Daniels and have Quentin Tarantino as a guest.

 ha ha

 Did you see him on Leno Monday night?  As a twice-gone-broke former club owner, I can
 spot a drunk person a mile away.  But Tarantino isn't much on subtlety - whatever he's doing.
 He was a classic train-wreck, drunk out of control.  The good news is he's a happy drunk

 Leno knew he was hammered, so to relieve the pressure in the room he asked Tarantino
 if he'd had a chance to visit the open bar backstage, which drew a pretty good laugh.

 On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart, made a great point that I haven't heard before.
 Jon suggested to Joe Scarborough (R-Dead girl) that his charge of "liberal media"
 actually made righties pull stronger, thereby vaporizing the "fair & balanced," myth.

 It's like when Pigboy said, "I am equal time," what he's doing is promising to load up
 extra hard on the right wing in an attempt to balance the perceived left-wing bias.

Karl, can you handle 5-10 years in prison?
Maybe we could get you a cell near this man...

Then you could borrow his basket.

 What is it with camera software?

 Back at the car lot, the boss bought a brand-name digital camera and asked me to
 install the softeware on my computer.  I did everything right, apparently,  but when
 I rebooted, the damn software had changed all my fonts and reset my preferences
 and it permanantly disabled my Outlook Express and I haven't used it since, the bastards.

 So I recently got a little Kodak digital camera, and the software is taking over again.
 My computer keeps locking up, so I alt+control+delete and call up the task manager.
 Once I disable the Kodak software, the computer runs fine again, but every time I reboot,
 which is over a dozen times a day, I have to alt+control+delete and call up the task manager
 and turn off the damn software and I'm a busy man!  I don't have time for that crap.

 Why the hell can't somebody produce some software that's compatible with Windows?
 Is Gates punishing me for not buying a Windows camera?

 Subscriber help

 Can't get in?

 Click  Here  to reach Sam

 Subject: Pagans


 I'm not going to rail at you or Phil, but while his conspiracy theory that W may be the
 next "terrorist" target was interesting and not without merit, I take exception to his statement
 that these "establishment types" are part of Pagan secret societies.  As a Pagan, I can assure you
 that we, as a whole, do not support Mr. Bush or his ilk (if only because they don't recognize Wicca
 or Paganism as valid religious choices) and the Freemason Society association with Pagan gods is
 a bunch of crap propagated by right wing Christian freakazoids.

 Thanks for listening to yet another side of the debate on who has the better invisible friend   :-)


 Cris, it's my understanding the Skull and Bones people put on a mask with horns when they
 do the sex thing to make you take the sacred Skull and Bones oath - maybe that's what he meant.

La Cucaracha by Lalo Alcaraz


 In  2/02, we had x  hits.
 In  9/02, we had x = 41/36 hits
 In  2/03, we had x = 57/36 hits
 In  9/03, we had x = 81/36 hits

 That's 45/36 APONPTCG. (Annual percentage of net profits toward capital gains)
 Where else on the internet can you get a APONPTCG of 81/36?


 Two or three years ago, TIME Magazine (R-ForSale) made that dude
"Man of the Year" and his company lost like $25,000,000 that year.

 Compare that to
 We've never lost even one million in any fiscal year has been in business.


 ...we cut ad rates by 18/36

 If you want dozens of people to see your advertising banner,  to help your business make it
 thru the Bush recession,  nobody can give you a 81/36 APONPTCG  like

                   Click to have your ad banner seen by dozens.

Baseball playoffs
college football
pro football
...and more

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 Subject: (no subject)

 Your all full of shit

 At least he didn't use his company's e-mail address.

 Bush's American soldier body count in Iraq
 Last issue it was  311,  ....this issue it's  313

 Soon, we'll be at 400.
 How long before we hit 600?
 How long before we hit 1000?

 Total deaths since President Frog-blaster said, "Bring 'em On":  107 109

Over 1,400 wounded - with many missing arms, legs and eyes.
 How much more are we willing to tolerate?


Something on your mind?
 Call the

You have two minutes to speak your peace.

 The Truth is Puttin’ on its Shoes:
  An Inquiry Into the "Innocent" Mr. Rove

  Click  Here

 Rove’s temper has always been his weak spot. He cannot seem to control his anger.
 When Ambassador Joseph Wilson wrote in the New York Times that there was no truth
 to the allegations that Iraq had tried to purchase yellowcake uranium from Niger, Rove is said
 to have gone "ballistic." No one who has known Rove for any period of time doubts that Rove
 was the one who orchestrated the leak, which "outed" Ambassador Wilson’s wife as a CIA agent.
 Rove has always made sure that his enemies knew he will strike back, and swing with deadly power.

 The Democrats certainly are scared to cross him.

 Have a good time today - that's just a suggestion...

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